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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Teerth Realties' Teerth Towers at Baner Sus Pune 411 021 - pre-launch group bookings open!

Teerth Towers - 10 acre township of 2 BHK, 3 BHK Flats, and Fully Furnished Studio Apartments with VIBGYOR High School - by the developers of Aarohi at Sus, Group Housing Project of IT Professionals Welfare Association Pune (ITPWAP)

View Teerth Towers - 10 acre township of 2 BHK, 3 BHK Flats, and Fully Furnished Studio Apartments with VIBGYOR High School - by the developers of Aarohi at Sus, Group Housing Project of IT Professionals Welfare Association Pune (ITWAP) in a larger map

Teerth Towers, behind Mercedes Benz Show Room, Baner Pune:

After visiting Aarohi at Sus, Mr. Prasant Gaikwad, Vice President Marketing, Teerth Realties (www.teerthrealties.com), took me to the site of Teerth Towers. Which is located just behind the corporate offices of Kirloskar Brothers at Baner.

This is not the Pancard Club Baner of Pride Platinum! This is other part of Baner. Baner on the other side - Hinjewadi side - of Mumbai Pune Expressway. But, Thank God! We didn't go by the road on which Rohan Leher, Aditya Shagun Developers' Green Zone and upcoming Rachana Bella Casa is located.

From Sus, we took the service road, starting near Pashankar Auto, and went up to B. U. Bhandari’s Mercedes Benz Show Room. (Famous for : 115 Mercedes Cars Booked In A Day!)

"Our site, Teerth Towers, is closer to main Baner Road!," pointing at Sadanand Hotel on Baner Road and Mumbai Pune Expressway junction, Prasant said.

"How sad! It means that residents of Teerth Towers will not have the privilege of using the tunnel under the expressway! Their life would be somewhat boring than the life of the residents of Rohan Leher and Green Zone!!," i said.

"Yes! But the residents of Teerth Towers will not be considered as poor cousins of Baner! In fact they will feel proud to tell their address - Teerth Towers, Just behind Mercedes Benz Show Room!," Prasant said.

We had a look at Teerth Realties' under construction IT - ITes Park Technospace, located just behind the Mercedes Benz Show Room. Took a left turn and stopped at the site. Of course, while turning, i didn't forget to look at Puranik Builder's Aldea Espanola which has the main entrance opposite Orchid Hotel of Balewadi Stadium. Teerth Towers is on the left side of this road and Kirloskar Brothers' Corporate Offices on the right. This road is the border of Pune Municipal Corporation and Sus Village.

Teerth Towers, behind VIBGYOR High Baner Pune:

"So, this is the site of Teerth Towers! It is actually not in the PMC but in Sus. Right?," I asked Prasant.

"Yes and No! Aarohi is, really, in Sus. Teerth Towers is, technically, in Sus. But, actually, on the border of PMC & Sus. But, if you look at it practically, Teerth Towers is in Baner!," Prasant said.

"You mean to say like Aloma County is in Aundh! Right?," i said.

"Yes! Thanks to the entrance road from the MediPoint!!, Prasant said.

Prasant told me that they are going to construct this road upto the site and started talking about upcoming VIBGYOR High, affiliated to the ICSE(New Delhi) &
IGCS (University of Cambridge, England),
in the first 2 acres of Teerth Towers!

This would be second VIBGYOR School (www.vibgyorhigh.com) in Pune. First one is in Mohammad Wadi. VIBGYOR is known for it's infrastructure (air-conditioned class rooms), individual attention (smaller classes - 1 teacher for a group of 12 students), inclusive education (every student is an unique learner!), sports and performing arts facilities!

"Children of the residents of Teerth Towers can walk to the school!," Prasant said.

"And then your project would be know as - Teerth Towers, behind VIBGYOR High Baner! Right?," i said.

"And Aarohi, near Vidya Valley Sus!," Prasant said.

Teerth Towers, Cycle to Hinjewadi IT Park Pune!

We went into the residential part of the Teerth Towers. I saw a few construction machines working at the site. This made me very emotional.

Vijay Raundal, owner of Teerth Realties, was my client when I was in advertising. In fact, i have named his company "Teerth". In the last 15 years, i have visited his land bank, of more than 200 acres, many times. At a different point of times, I have heard Mr. Raundal discussing different concepts of a real estate developments. But, school was always the center of his development. Today, i was happy to see that, on a smaller scale, in a small part of his land, like a trailer of a film, his dream is turning into reality!

However, for Prasant - Vice President, Marketing, Teerth Realties, more than the realization of a dream of Mr. Raundal, concept of Teerth Towers and it's strategic location was important. So, pointing at the under-construction towers of Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge Hinjewadi, he started explaining how residents of Teerth Towers would be able to cycle to work when the upcoming bridge on the river would be ready!

"Cycle to Work! Good!! Prasant, you mean to say that if you love "walk to work" go for Blue Ridge or Megapolis in Hinjewadi. And book a 2 BHK / 3 BHK Flat at Teerth Towers - if you enjoy "Cycle to Work"! Right?," i asked Prasant.

"Yes! And, only for the property rate of Rs. 3,200 per sq.ft., in the pre-launch offer for group bookings!," Prasant said. If you want to know the details of Teerth Towers, please, contact:

Prasant Gaikwad,
Vice President, Marketing,
Teerth Realties,
Office No. 102, 1st Floor
Sai Empire, Near ICICI Bank ,
Baner Road, Baner, Pune - 411045.
Ph: (020) 27207200, Fax: (020) 27207199
Mob: +91 90499 87234
Web: www.teerthrealties.com

Latest Updates:


Teerth Towers, 9 acre township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, behind Mercedes Showroom, at Baner-Sus Pune 411 021, launched!

Teerth Realties office on Baner Road:

Layout Plan of Teerth Towers Baner Sus Pune 411 021:

Teerth Realties' Technospace, IT & ITes Centre at Baner Pune 411 021:

Site of VIBGYOR High in Teerth Towers Baner Pune 411 021:

View of Kirloskar Brothers' Corporate Office from Teerth Towers Baner Sus Pune 411 021:

Approach road of Teerth Towers Baner Sus Pune 411 021:

Entrance of Teerth Towers Baner Sus, Pune 411 021:

Engineering site office of Teerth Towers Baner Sus Pune 411 021:

Site development at the site of Teerth Towers Baner Sus Pune 411 021:

View of Aarohi at Sus from Teerth Towers' site at Baner Sus Pune 411 021:

View of Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge Hinjewadi from Teerth Towers Baner Sus Pune 411 021:

Upcoming 100 + acre township of Teerth Realties, Sai Empire, Baner Road, Pune 411 045:

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  1. Official stand of IT Professional Welfare Association at Pune (ITPWAP) on Aarohi at Sus
    Ravi Karandeekar ✆ to ITPWAP-owner, aarohiwelfare, bcc: anna
    show details 10:16 (2 minutes ago)
    IT Professional Welfare Association at Pune (ITPWAP),

    On my blogs on Aarohi at Sus couple of Anonymous readers have posted negative comments about the builder Teerth Realties.

    They claim that they are the members of your group!

    One Mr. Anna Subramanium has wrote me on this issue. But he hasn't replied to my mail asking whether it's his personal opinion or he represents your group.

    Please, confirm that comments posted on my blogs does not represent the opinion of IT Professional Welfare Association at Pune (ITPWAP) and does not describe actual facts.

    If you have any other opinion and want to share your experience about your group housing project, please, feel free to write.

    As i am asking this to you, i have also asked the builder to give me an interview to share his views and experience of developing Aarohi at Sus.

    Here are the links to my
    1) Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog &
    2) Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog
    on which you can find the comments posted by "Anonymous" readers
    as your group members:

    1) http://ravikarandeekar.blogspot.com/2009/10/aarohi-at-sus-tirth-developers-eco.html

    2) http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/now-96-it-professionals-can-buy.html

    3) http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/teerth-realties-teerth-towers-at-baner.html

    4) http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/teerth-realties-aarohi-at-sus-group.html

    Sorry to bother you!
    However, i am very much thankful to you!
    From today, I am not allowing "Anonymous" comments on my blogs!

    So, now you can send me a mail or post IT Professional Welfare Association at Pune (ITPWAP) official stand on my blog which all can read!

    Ravi Karandeekar,
    9198600 44110
    Follow me on Google Buzz at:

  2. Someone from the managing committee of ITWAP has send this SMS:

    "Ravi i am pushing our communication team hard to forward u a FACT SHEET. Intention is public awareness. We respect your decision on whether to publish or not! Good Night!"

    Dear ITWAP Group, thanks for the SMS!

    However, i was expecting an email.
    At least, the receipt of my email.
    At least, an email informing that you are taking an action on my email.
    Email which i can publish here on my blog.

    Aren't you worried that some people are spoiling your image by posting wrong information on behalf of ITWAP?

    Don't you think that these comments create an impression that you all have failed in developing your group housing project?

    I am very proud of you all ITWAP Group Members. I admire your initiative. I wish more property buyers should follow you - ITWAP - and develop their own group housing schemes. So, i feel sad when someone posts above comments on behalf of ITWAP group.

    That's why i approached you. I request your official acceptance or rejection of these comments. But you are not even officially giving receipt of my email!

    I was not expecting this from ITWAP Group. Was it my mistake to publishing these comments?

    Good! I can correct myself and delete all these comments at any moment.

  3. Dear M/s Anonymous,

    I have posted Aarohi Co-op Housing Soc.'s writeup which, as per the claim of Aarohi's Communication Team, throws light on pure facts -

    (you can visit the blog here:

    So, in the interest of Aarohi Co-op Housing Soc, I am deleting your comments which express pure "emotions" and may violate Indian laws of Information Technology and Criminal law of Defamation.

    (Please visit this link to know more about Defamation On Social Networking Websites:

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  7. While deciding about buying one here, I hear some disturbing facts about Teerth (Tierth) builder. - Source his own employees

    - He is in debts and unable to complete any of his projects.
    - He is harassing his employees.
    - He has no qualified architect.

    I think facts are right, I see work at his first ambitious project Aarohi is stopped. And almost no sell for other projects.

    I think this builder is not worth your hard earned money.

  8. Hi Ravi,

    Do you agree with Sangrams post? I am not looking for any investment but want to live there so want to be absolutely sure before putting my money into it.
    I am absolutely convinced with Teerth tower plan,layout ,amenities but the only doubt is with the credibility of the developer due to AAROHI issue and the negative comments.

    Since I have been following your blogs I am interested in knowing your views about Teerth Tower builder.


  9. Hello,
    Can someone please shed some light on this. I am planning to buy property in Teerth towers.
    As I am planning to buy it for actually staying and not investement. Please let me know your serious credible comments on this.

  10. Dear Nachiket, go for Teerth Towers! Good decision.

    If you shade some more light on - 'why are you considering Teerth Towers" - i can say how right you are about each aspect.

    Your most important reasons, i assume, are - 1) location and 2) property price.

    Yes, Teerth Towers can give you satisfaction of living in - near - Baner and close to Hinjewadi.

    Property price is competitive too - of course, if you compare with the projects on the Baner Road - Pancard Club side of the projects.

    For me, planning is the most important reason to go for Teerth Towers!

    You may be aware that Aarohi Sus issue is resolved.

  11. Dear Buyers, please talk to some of the Aarohi members before investing your hard earned money. You will get to know the reality of this builder and save your self from trouble in your life.