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Friday, July 16, 2010

Mont Vert Belair Bhugaon Pune 411 042 Launched!

Launch Ad of Mont Vert Belair Bhugaon Pune 411042:

To Enlarge Click the Ad

Mont Vert Belair Bhugaon Pune 411042 - Location Map:

Mont Vert Belair Bhugaon Pune 411042 - The Next Gurgaon - A Goldmine like Mohali - A Potential Belt like Hinjewadi - and what not!

To Enlarge Click the Ad

Visit www.montverthomes.com to know more about Mont Vert Belair Bhugaon Pune 411042 - An affordable alternative to Kothrud and Bavdhan:

Visit: http://www.montverthomes.com/belair/index.htm

Mont Vert Homes' 2nd launch in 2010 - 1st was on March 6, 2010, Mont Vert Belrose on Pashan Baner Link Road Pune 411 021:


Mont Vert Belrose, Pashan Baner link road, to open booking of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats on 6TH March 2010

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  1. Khoda Pahaad...Niklaa ???
    10x11, 11x12 Bedrooms in a small scheme in Bhugaon???

    My kids will go to ZP schools & Grampanchayat Clinic...I'm truly excited !!!

    My dream come true...@2900+psf all inclusive...beyond Bhugaon...
    Can't wait...Leaving from office just now for booking couple of flats... :)

  2. Are these guys crazy? Comparing their small building complex with Gurgaon? Has the builder ever seen Gurgaon? And who would buy in a place which wont develop for the next 5-10 yrs? No infrastructure at all. Pune real estate is going to the dumps. Builders are assuming buyers are fools really.

  3. This seems to be the biggest joke in Pune Real estate market in last 5 yrs...............

  4. Well to give some credit to builder.... I grew up in a small gud madi-town called gurgaon about 20 years back. Well I could have never imagined what it looks like today even in my woldest dream.
    We can revisit this blog in 10 years from now and see where we stand.
    Having said that I saw the location this week-end.. the site in located in a very scenic surrounding but only one two lane road from chandani chowk to the site.
    These road infra are indeed poor for whole Pune. Kaka, Dada, Mama, Tai, Didi, Bahan, Bhau, Tatya, Saheb, Sir, appa, anna, etc etc should look into the infra problem of Pune and solve it.

  5. If it will take another 10~20 years to become a Gurgaon why to pay the full price today?
    BTW Gurgaon price for residential is only 3200-3500 psft

  6. Is this good for for investors? Lets see...

    If you buy 2BHK flat for Rs. 30L without loan today and manage it to sell at Rs. 1Crore after 15yrs, CAGR of the transaction is just 8.37%.

    Assumption here is that someone will buy a 2BHK in small scheme beyond Bhugaon at Rs1Cr from you so that you make 8%pa profit. Risky?

    If you take loan, this CAGR will go down drastically, since interest by bank will eat up a huge portion of your profit.