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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Launch of Vascon-Clover Forest County Kharadi Pune 411 020 - An Open and Shut Case

Layout Plan of Forest County Kharadi:

After bookings of 90 Flats this weekend, 10th & 11th July 2010, at the launch property rate of Rs. 3,500 per sq.ft. + floor rise, Vascon-Clover Forest County Kharadi Pune 411 020 closed the bookings, for a while.

With these bookings, 9 buildings out of 18 are completely booked, announced Mr. R. Vasudevan, Managing Director, of Vascon Engineers (www.vascon.com), that Sunday evening.

For the first time, since 1989, i saw Mr. Vasudevan as happy as a child. After the three cheers, standing in the entrance lobby of the site office of Forest County, Mr. Vasudevan offered to take his staff to Singapore. We should go in the next 2 - 3 weeks, insisted Mr. Vasudevan, who had come out with an IPO on 27th Jan, 2010 and has earned a net profit of Rs 44.2 crore during the quarter ended on March 31, 2010.

Forest County and Zombieland:

A few minutes ago, the site of Forest County was looking like a venue of some elegantly done wedding reception. Roopa Mudliar, vice president of Vascon and her girls were looking radiant and beautiful like the bride and her friends.

However, the cheers celebrating the successful launch of Forest County Kharadi made me shiver in my bones.

Suddenly, i felt as if - i was attending the wedding reception of my ex-girl friend. My teen age heart throb. Kharadi. Darling of young IT professionals in Pune.

Flirting with one and all, young and virgin - first time home buyers - for last 7-8 years, Kharadi has finally ditched them and eloped with a divorcée who can afford to pay more than Rs. 50 lakhs for a 2 BHK, or around 80 - 85 lakhs for a 3 BHK or more than 1 crore rupees for a 4 BHK Flat.

With this Kharadi incident, all my young first time home buyers, who have a budget of less than 50 lakhs for a 2 BHK Flat, have become Devdas. Who can find some Chandramukhi, only out of city limits.

Together they take an extended road trip in an attempt to find a sanctuary free from zombies; in 'aura county' next to Kharadi Jakat Naka, on Nagar Road, in the east and at Mont Vert Belair at Bhugaon, on Paud Road, in the west or at Vastushodh's 2 BHK Flat of Rs. 20 Lakhs Project at Kondhawe Dhawade, Pune 411023, on Warje Khadakwasla Road - the extended part of Karve Road, in the south Pune, and, may be, at WoodsVille, on Nashik Road, at the north of Pimpri Chinchwad! In the cloudy evening, they look at their dear Kharadi, for the last time:

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  1. Forest county is now priced at Rs 4250 . Or it might have increased more in last one week . Is it worth to still invest in this property ? what would it will be , may be , say 5 years ?