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Friday, July 23, 2010

Parag's Jambhulwadi Lake View Bungalow

Law of Attraction:

When Parag offered me a bungalow in his compound, over looking Jambhulwadi Lake, at Ambegaon Khurd, Pune 411 046, i said this is what is called "Law of Attraction" - I believe and practice in my personal and professional life. Otherwise, why someone i don't know, who lives in Seattle, WA, USA, would offer me exactly what i am dreaming about?

Do you know? When a property buyer calls me on my mobile 919860044110, for a 3 minutes free consultation about investing in Pune real estate market, and asks my opinion about a certain project or demands a comparison between the two projects, i always request him to focus on himself. "It's not important which residential real estate project is better. At a certain point, stop comparing. Focus on your expectations and ideas about your ideal home. And go for the one which fulfills your most important ideas. Even, though there may be something better or the best!

To illustrate what i mean, i always give the example of my home. My three most important ideas were - 1)Through my Living room i should have a view of Sinhgad Fort and, 2) At sun rise, the rays should fall on the cooking stove in my kitchen 3) My home should have a terrace, where, at night, looking at the moon, i would go to sleep. Certainly, I wanted all these things in my budget. And, you know what? I got one! My home is exactly as i had imagined! Point is, you can attract what you want by focusing on those things!

However, my focus has always been a Flat. A 2 BHK, or a 3 BHK Flat, in a project developed by a builder. Bungalow, has never been on my radar. Personally, i believe that i am a typical metro-sexual male who is born to live in a flat. Bungalow, i believe, is a fancy of a feudalistic mind. Professionally, talking about a bungalow is nothing more than wasting my time and energy. When someone asks me about buying a bungalow plot, declaring that my expertise is a flat, i request him to consult an advocate.

Visit to Viva Sarovar, Jambhulwadi Lake, Ambegaon, Pune 411 046:

But, one day, exactly - on the day i visited Viva Sarovar, i started flirting with the idea of owning a bungalow. Exactly, as i saw on my way. Bungalow, up on the hills, over looking a lake and Katraj Hills, was a fascinating idea. What a romantic life it would be, i started imagining. I was surprised, when i realized that legalities involved in constructing this type of a bungalow didn't bother me at all! Starting from the narrow road climbing the steep hill to my rocking chair in the veranda over looking the Jambhulwadi Lake, I started visualizing my bungalow in detail!

One day, i received a mail from Parag, informing me that he had come down to Pune on a vacation. In this mail Parag announced what i was dying to hear:
My parents have a 16000 sq. ft. plot at a very scenic location in Ambegaon Kh., close from the city, just 10 mins from Bharati Vidyapeeth/Katraj near the under const. Viva Sarovar project. I am presently constructing our bungalow on 8000 sq. ft. and planning to construct and sell 2 bungalows of ~4000 sq. ft. each on the remaining 8000 sq. ft. area.
Immediately, we fixed an appointment and visited his under-construction bungalow at Suncity. The location of the plot and the view was exactly as i had imagined. I thanked Parag's father, who after searching all over Pune, had finally a year ago, zeroed on this plot, instantly. He showed me his bore-well and offered me a glass of water. For the first time in my life, i was drinking water out of Pune city which was as sweet as the tap water of Khadakwasla i drink at my home.

Sitting on the plinth of his bungalow, Parag explained the floor plan of his bungalow and said, "Ravi, i am looking for a companion!"

"I thought, we are here to talk about the bungalow! Looking at you and your job profile, i am sure, your parents must be getting lots of marriage proposals every day!," i said.

"I am talking about the 2 bungalows I am constructing in my plot along with our bungalow! I need more than a neighbor. I need some family with whom my parents can get along when i am in Seattle. So, for me, people are more important than the property price!"

"My father is working. Has his own business. So, i am not looking for a caretaker who can take responsibility of looking after them. We are looking for people we can get along with - culturally and socially. Someday, down the line, say after 5-6 years, i am planning to return to Pune. So, i want some family with whom we all can get along and have a good life!," Parag said very seriously.

I was about to say Parag, look no further! Who you are looking for is sitting with you at this point of time. But, i said, "Yes, i can understand. Now, please, tell me what i can do for you?"

"Please, help me to find the right family! Write about my bungalow on your blog!," Parag said.

"What about you? Aren't you interested in a bungalow?," Parag's father asked me.

"So sweet of you to ask! Sure, a bungalow next to you is a fantastic idea. But, this is not my cup of tea. I am happy the way i am living. In a flat! However, i will write about your bungalow and i am sure, you will find the right kind of a family!," i said.

"You do that, please, and I invite you to be my first guest!," Parag said.

"Yes, i can see myself sitting in a rocking chair...enjoying the view of Jambhulwadi Lake from the veranda of your bungalow!," i said.

Parag and his father dropped me home. I took his contact details for you:
Email paragpandit@hotmail.com
Phone +91 9422001993 (mobile)
While, climbing the stairs of my building, i saw that her flat was not locked. Means, she was at home. Should i go in and ask her to show me the marriage certificate, she claims to have? I wondered for a moment!

Have a look at the views of and from Parag's Bungalow at Jambhulwadi Lake:

View Parag's Jambhulwadi Lake View Bungalow in a larger map

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  1. beautiful location! Ravi, thanks for blogging about parag's bungalow. It is wonderful to read about non builder activities too. great to see parag's family's passion and willingness to realize the dreams.

  2. I appreciate Parag's plans and also his concern for his parents.
    Hope he gets good people as neighbors

    -Dilp Joshi

  3. Last time I checked these folks wanted to sell the 4000 sq ft bungalow for 80 lakhs. I thought that is too much for a such a remote location. Ravi, has the price come down?

  4. Ref: " I thought that is too much for a such a remote location. Ravi, has the price come down?"

    Good question! Thanks for asking!!

  5. Very rarely do you come across people like Parag who wants to take care of their parents from miles away. I wish him and his parents best of luck for finding the perfect neighbors!

  6. Would appreciate some article on developments in Wagholi.


  7. Hello Anil!
    Thanks for the suggestion!
    Do you mean about the ongoing real estate projects in Wagholi or developments as the residential area?
    If you are interested in the real estate projects, you can search "Wagholi" in the search box at the right hand top corner on my blog.
    If you want to know about Wagholi as a residential area, please, let me know your concerns so that i can explore on those lines.

    Thanks for sparing your time to post a comment and appreciating the useful information i share.

  8. Does not this area come under the restricted hill top zone?

  9. Hi Ravi,
    You seem to be avoiding telling the price of this bungalow. It is 1.25 to 1.3Cr!!! Who will pay such a high price for that location??

  10. Sometimes price is a nice way to say "NO! We don't want you!!"

  11. Ravi may be right. They may not want you. My cousin is negotiating the price for 50 laks. Our family fits into the description of type of people they want their neighbors to be. However they are having little trouble to gather 50 laks because of his old age. I will update this blog if this purchase actually materializes. He told me these people are very nice.

  12. Do you not think it's bit dangerous to build anything on a hill which has more chances something of going wrong (i.e. landslide)?

  13. Many of the plots near Jambhulwadi Lake comes under HillTop/HillScope. I have seen many plots in this area (Pushpam, Aanchal, Sai Shrushti,e tc) which are in the range of 3L/4L/5L per 1000 SQFT. This type of plots can not be converted in to NA plots and no bank is ready to give loan against these and the construction according to many advisors will be illegal. Now Ravi please let me know your comments on this.

  14. I was about to buy a plot on the same property. I took a photocopy of the land papers (title and 7&12) from the builder and showed it to my lawyer.

    That specific plot is/was Sun City developed by Swami Developers.
    There is another project across the valley on the opposite hill by the same developer. It's called "New Sun City".

    As per the papers, the land definitely comes under hilltop/hillslope categorization.

    His advice was: "Stay away from all plots or bunglows that are on hilltop/hillslopes".

    It's not something you will get any returns on since any construction there is considered absolutely illegal, it will never become NA and you are likely to be served a notice by the government.

    I did not buy a plot there. I would advice consulting a lawyer before you buy any land or bunglow or even an apartment.

    Basic consultation fees are around Rs.300-500.
    It's money well spent.