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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mont Vert Belair, Bhugaon Pune 411 042 - will be officially launched on 16th July 2010!

Now, Kothrud Pune has 2 options!

1) Vastushodh's 2 BHK Flat at Kondhawe Dhawade Pune 411 023 - 866 sq.ft. saleable - for Rs. 20 Lakhs, all inclusive, up to 12th floor

2) Mont Vert Belair Bhugaon Pune 411 042:

2 BHK Flat - 1050 sq.ft. saleable - for Rs. 32 Lakhs and

3 BHK Flat - 1450 sq.ft. saleable - for Rs. 42.5 Lakhs!
(approximate all inclusive price, up to 4th floor)

Exclusive Pre-launch offer of Mont Vert Belair, Bhugaon Pune 411 042 for the subscribers of Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog:

A few hours ago, Mr. Manish Kaneria, director of - my favorite - Mont Vert Luxury Homes (www.montverthomes.com), told me that he is launching "Mont Vert Belair at Bhugaon Pune 411 042" on 16th July 2010.

Mr. Kaneria also told me that from 11th to 15th July, he is inviting Montvertians - Mont Vert's past customers - for an exclusive preview at the site and offering them an exclusive pre-launch property rate of Rs. 2,599 per sq.ft. + an exclusive gift.

"Mr. Manish, both of us are fond of each other! For me, my readers are as dear to me as Montvertians are to you. Just like you, i also want my readers to benefit for trusting me. Don't you think that, over the years, our relationship has reached to such a level - where - we should stop saying "yours" and "mine' and -- start consider all of them as "ours" and offer the same pre-launch property rate?," I asked Mr. Manish Kaneria.

"Pre-launch property rate of Rs. 2,599 if they book from 11th to 15th July? Sure, how can i say no to you? But, sorry, i can't give them the gift! That's Montvertians privilege!," Mr. Manish said.

"Certainly! Thanks a lot!! My readers will enjoy that privilege next time! I know, Mont Vert Belair at Bhugaon - is just the beginning. Down the line, you will launch many more projects on Paud Raod. Just like you launched on Pashan Sus Road! Right? Congratulations and best wishes!," I said and kept the phone down.

Kothrud & Paud Road = Maa & Mausi:

Those who are born in or have lived more than a year in Kothrud, can't even think of living anywhere else. Right?

However, now, buying a flat in Kothrud has become little difficult for some of us.

Though, it is worth paying 70 lakhs for a 2 BHK Flat in Pethkar Projects' Balwantpuram-Samrajya (www.pethkarprojects.com) in Shivtirthnagar, Paud Road and 102 lakhs for a compact 3 BHK Flat in Darode Jog's Shreeniwas Varad Vastu in Mayur Colony, Kothrud, availability is very less - hardly 20 flats, at this point of time. Same is the situation in Warje - where you can get a 2 BHK Flat for 45 + lakhs - but very few are available.

Thanks to Vastushodh's 2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs Project at Kondhawe Dhawade Pune 411 023 and Mont Vert Belair at Bhugaon Pune 411 042!

Now, we Kothrud-kars have good options within our budget range - 20 lakhs - 30 lakhs - 40 lakhs!

True, not in Kothrud - but on the same roads - we have lived for years - and gone for a long ride with our loved-ones - on Karve Road and Paud Road!

We will be living little away - at Kondhawe Dhawade and Bhugaon - but not far from Kothrud. It would be like staying with Mausi - and never missing Maa! Have a great time!

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  1. Visited Mont Vert office today. the rate quoted is 2599/-

  2. Hi how does the toll naka, affect the pricing of Mont Vert Belair? Won't home-owner's in belair hv to shell out money everyday at the toll ?

  3. you get a sticker from gram panchayat, no need to pay then

  4. i have booked by paying the 15% amount at belair. The construction was supposed to start by now. but the plan is still not sanctioned. and the builders now do not even mention the likely start of the project. i really feel cheated and i had trust in the name mont vert which is totally collapsed now.

  5. My friend booked a flat in Belair by paying 15% amount.It has been 5-6 months and they still say that some document is not through. It seems that there were changes in layout of the project and they need to get the NA again. Really feel cheated..they are earning interest on all the money taken months back. And there's no confirmation when the work is going to start. Montvert has really let down. Mr. Karandeekar, you have always been a promoter of these builders. It's by reading about it in your blogs that my friend came to know about it. With all due respect, don't you think the readers deserve some help from you on this?

    The worst thing is people booked at a time when the rates were best in other projects. And now, who booked in Montvert belair, even if they cancel and book in another project, the price is not the same since 5-6 months. It's really unfair. Montvert has really let people down and they refuse to give a concrete answer.

  6. Mr. Karandeekar , Do you think there's a legal way out of this? to atleast make the builder pay for the breaching of trust?

    Please advise.What should be the best thing to do in this case.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi raj,
    We need to take a collective action.
    contact me @ vinayakkhatri@gmail.com.
    Do u know any more people who have booked.
    I know two of them. lets get them together first.

  10. N.A. is a complicated process. It takes time. In case of Mont Vert Belair it is taking more time.

    I don't see any reason to get upset. You booked at the launch stage of the project because the property rates were low. So, you have to be ready to go through these hurdles.

    Good point about Mont Vert Belair is - your booking rate will never change - even N A takes more time.

  11. Vinayak, I'll contact you shortly. United we stand..Lets tackle this. I hope such corrupt practices were punishable in India.. cheating people off their money when the sanction itself is not there. Wonder how these builders sleep with a clear conscience.

  12. Sir, 7 months is a long time. We were prepared for what we were told..i.e. one month for agreement. We were getting the same rates for other properties as well..which are progressing well currently and the people who bought there are not facing any hurdles. There's a saying in Hindi 'Jispe beeti hai wahi jaane'..that's the case here.

    The mistake is that my friend should have hired a lawyer before putting money into this. Never thought that Montvert will be such a cheat.

    You are taking the builder's side because he's your friend and you don't want to spoil ur relations. But really, not worth keeping such cheats as friend.

  13. Atleast I'll make sure that noone in my friend circle buys with Montvert ever again. Will try my best to bring their true face in front of the public.

    1. I am in the same problem. I have booked an appartment in Montvert Belair and am still waiting for the agreement. Did you continue with Montvert?

    2. Dear Madhav, please, call me on 919860044110 to share your experience on video. Many may learn from you.

  14. Hi I am still suffering from this project. Till now they haven't done with the registration. Will you still be promoting them or helping common men to take further action.

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