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Monday, April 5, 2010

Chaitanya Platinum, just before Vanshaj Kiona at Balewadi - Available! Few 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats!!

Neighbor of Vanshaj Kiona, Balewadi Pune:

I have seen Chaitanya Platinum (www.chaitanyadevelopers.com) when i visited Vanshaj Kiona (www.ranegrouppune.com), opposite Bharati Vidyapeeth School at Balewadi. I have even taken a photograph of their newly painted, almost ready for possession, 'A Building'. But, i didn't visit Chaitanya Platinum. Because, i wanted to be at Vanshaj Kiona, which opened the bookings on that day.

According to Magicbricks.Com

So, this weekend, when i visited Magicbricks.Com's Pune Western Suburb Property Show, i realized that not visiting Chaitanya Platinum was a big mistake! According to Magicbricks.Com, Chaitanya Developers, builder of Chaitanya Platinum at Balewadi, is one of the "renowned and trustworthy builders in Pune!"

About the Builder:

I tried to find out more information about the builder but i couldn't find anything more than the name of the builder, Mr. Vijay Mundada. However, since 'A Building' of Chaitanya Platinum at Balewadi is almost booked and very few flats are available in the 'B Building', i am sure, some of you may know more about the builder and the project. Right? So, please, share your views about Chaitanya Platinum at Balewadi in the comments and tell me why Magicbricks.Com considers Chitanya Developers as a "renowned and trustworthy builder in Pune"?

About Chaitanya Platinum, Balewadi:

As per the property price and the unreadable brochure - i collected in the Magicbrick.Com exhibition - the 'B Building' of Chaitanya Platinum has 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats and the property rate, for the saleable area, is Rs. 3,400 per sq.ft.

2 BHK Flat in Chaitanya Platinum at Balewadi - 1,162 / 1,165 sq.ft. saleable area (Carpet area is hidden!) - including parking + MSEB + Club House charges goes for Rs. 42,30,800 / 42,41,000.

Whereas, 3 BHK Flat in Caitanya Platinum at Balewadi - 1,475 / 1,478 sq.ft. saleable area (Carpet is not disclosed!) - including parking + MSEB + Club House charges goes for Rs. 53,25,200 / 53,15,000.

Stamp duty, Registration charges, legal charges (Rs. 15,000!), Service Tax, Vat are extra. At the time of possession, you have to pay Rs. 60,000 to Chaitanya Developers as a maintenance charges for 3 years. (I don't know why 3 years!)

Pune Property Buyers' Choice:

In short, i am sure, for an adventurous property buyer in Pune real estate market, booking a 2 BHK / 3 BHK Flat in Chaitanya Platinum would be more "exciting" than in Vanshaj Kiona, which only offers value for your money. Right?

View Balewadi, Pune in a larger map

At the same time, from the response to the newly launched Reflections at Dange Chowk at Wakad i have learned that, an intelligent and practical property buyer from Hinjewadi would "prefer" Chaitanya Platinum, which is on the main Balewadi road, over Vanshaj Kiona, which is inside and comfortably away from the busy main road. Because, at Chaitanya Platinum, an intelligent property buyer will argue, it would be quite easy to buy (or if you feel like, even start a business of selling) "Best Mava Gola, Juice and Sharbat!" Am i right? Please, share your views and insights in the comments!

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  1. Hi,

    Just a opinion i need.
    How much property rates (per sq feet) you are anticipating in Viman Nagar area (Mystique Moods, Rohan Mithila, Lunkad, Clover etc) in the year 2011 ending - 2012 start.
    Assuming the current rates are 4000/sq feet.

  2. I liked the trick of that UP Bhaiya who is selling ice-gola and kulfi...look at the name of his tapri - 'RAJ'
    Couldn't stop laughing :):):):))

  3. I recently did a deal with Chaitanya Pt., and found them to be very reasonable -- the clauses in the agreement were altered so as to have a win-win situation, and the car parking was alloted and registered along with the agreement. I haven't seen any builder in Pune who agrees to do this.

  4. I think almost ALL reputed builders put the parking allotment in the agreement.

  5. did u got the parking nnumber also mentioned in agreement .

    what changes did the builder agreed in the agreement.

  6. Yes, parking was number was alloted as well as marked on the parking blueprint and registered along with the agreement itself.

  7. which apartment u had bought.

  8. I have also booked 3BHK flat in Chaitanya. They did not allot car parking with the agreement. I am surprised to read that to someone they allotted with agreement. Whenever I ask them about it they say they have not yet allotted to anybody.
    I got 3075/sq.ft. rate in the month of Jan 2010. What about others?

  9. I also booked the flat in B building. The parking number is mentioned in the agrrement but I have to agree that many modifications were made in the agreement which were not present in the draft.
    Anybody in bldg A had any problems with possession?
    The brickwork in bldg B doesnt seem to be of the same quality as that of A. I raised concern but did not get any explaination from builder.