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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oval Nest Warje, Kothrud Annexe - All 2 BHK Flats & Day and Night Cricket Ground facing 3 BHK Flats Booked!!

Available only few east facing 3 BHK Flats! Property Price Rs. 53,67,260!!

View Warje Pune in a larger map

I was not surprised when, yesterday, the civil engineer at the site office of Oval Nest Warje, Kothrud anexe, told me that all 2 BHK Flats and "Day and Night Cricket Ground" facing 3 BHK Flats, in E1 & E2 Buildings, were booked. However, i was surprised to hear that east facing 3 BHK Flats were available for booking!

Oval Nest Warje - Day and Night Cricket Ground Surrounded by Five Star Homes:

"Let us go and visit these flats!," i requested him. Internal finishing work of these 3 BHK Flats was going on. Even in that condition, the available light, space and a shape of the flat, successfully created a feel of a "good home" in my mind and i started fantasizing my family living in this 3 BHK Flat in Oval Nest Warje!

Big Boys Play at Night!

Layout Plan Of Oval Nest Warje:

Odd & Even Floor Plans of Oval Nest Warje:

East Facing Available 3 BHK Flats in E1 & E2 Buildings in Oval Nest Warje:

These 3 BHK Flats, in E1 & E2 Buildings in Oval Nest Warje (www.srkdevelopers.in) , have attached terrace - to the living or the dining - facing East. Every bedroom of a 3 BHK Flat has a big East facing window. And the good news is - there is no high rise construction opposite these big windows and the terrace! Because of this, these bedrooms and, of course, living and dining rooms, have complete privacy. (Which "Day and Night Cricket Ground" facing flats don't have at all!)

It means that, in this east facing, available, 3 BHK Flat in Oval Nest Warje, after a hot bath at night, i can come out in my birthday suit and dry myself in the bedroom and directly jump to bed.

In the interval, if i felt like having a coffee, without bothering to put on anything, my wife can walk in the kitchen. And who knows, next session could be in the living or even on the terrace attached to the dining.

Not exactly tired but quite exhausted, we can lie down on the bed in the master bedroom which has a 2nd window - which opens Southwards and brings in a rejuvenating cool breeze, hoping that we didn't disturbed our tired little Sachin, who had scored his first half century today. (Master bedroom with 2 Windows - My favorite feature of a flat in Oval Nest Warje. I can't imagine how any human being can remain alive in a single window bedroom!)

Om Suryaya Namah:

I am not into chanting Gayatri Mantra. Like my neighbors, I don't perform a pooja and offer water to the Sun, standing on the terrace facing east at sunrise, chanting mantra "Om Suryaya Namaha".

But, yes, i believe that "Surya Namaskar at Sunrise" keep me healthy and happy. I have experienced that practicing touching my forehead to my knees and controlling my breath at sunrise, makes me more creative, boosts my productivity, and increases my stamina at the worktable and in bed.

Realizing the importance of privacy at home, Sun and East in our lives, i said to the civil engineer of Oval Nest Warje, "Problem is, you have done a great job. Your Day and Night Cricket Ground is damn attractive! But, remember that, the other ball in the sky is more popular than a cricket ball! I don't think these east facing 3 BHK Flats will be available next weekend!" What say you?

Visit Oval Nest Warje, Kothrud Annexe, Pune PDF Brochure:

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  1. you've lost it!!!! looks like you are going to add a soft porn blog to your repertoire...

    there will always be some buildings around, today or tomorrow...

    this seems like an ovr populated hub, next to the equally over populated garden city...no shops or other amenities around here and it is overpriced, to say the least !!!

  2. No shops or other amenities around here?! Have you ever been here? Visit my other blogs on Warje to see the photographs of the shops, hospitals and restaurants in this part of Warje!

  3. Ravi, the east facing flats will also get to hear regular flush sounds of the 203,303,403,202,302.... flats !
    Also smell from the toilet ducts of these flats will directly flow into the kitchen of the east facing flats.
    So the only problem in the ground facing flats are the vertically FITTED bedrooms which may not even have good privacy and ventilation !
    I agree with your comment on the shops in that area