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Monday, April 26, 2010

KDS Aangan & KDS Dham Wadmukhwadi Charholi, PCMC - open bookings!

1 Room Kitchen Flat - 300 - 333 saleable - for Rs. 5.4 to 6 lakhs

1 BHK Flat - 450 - 540 saleable - for Rs. 8.1 to 9.72 lakhs

2 BHK Flat - 675 to 720 saleable - for Rs. 12.15 to 12.96 lakhs

3 BHK Flat - 999 - 1190 saleable - for Rs. 17.99 to 19.98 lakhs

Wadmukhwadi Charholi - upcoming residential location in Pune and PCMC:

The other day, when i was with Mr. Shailesh Shah of Shree Kalyaanee Krrsna Builders, developers of Solitaire on Dhanori Lohegaon Road, he said, "Very soon, Dhanori would become VimanNagar!"

"Agreed! At some point of time, VimanNagar was going to become KalyaniNagar! And yes, it has already became better than that. Now, you claim that Dhanori will become VimanNagar. Sure, it will. But, tell me Mr. Shailesh, when that happens, where would middle class go?"

"Middle class will go to Charholi!," Mr. Shailesh said.

I agreed with Shailesh, but, till i saw an ad of KDS Aangan & KDS Dham, at Wadmukhwadi - Charholi, in Sakal, i never thought that his "very soon" would be this weekend!

Wadmukhwadi Charholi - better than Chakan!

K D S Infra Buildcons is developing KDS Aangan & KDS Dham, 2 townships of total approx 1,100 flats at Wadmukhwadi - Charholi, near Gokhale Mala - Chandraful Gardens, off Alandi Road.

From Bhosari, this location is nearer than Chakan. "Most important, KDS Aangan & KDS Dham are in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation!," insists Mr. M. B. Kadhale of K D S Infra.

View Vishrantwadi - Dhanori - Lohegoan - Kalas - Dighi - Alandi Raod in a larger map

Wadmukhwadi Charholi - Homes for middle class and government employees!

"Sample flat is ready at the site! Already more than 400 flats are booked!!, " said Mr. Dhillon, one of the partners in K. D. S.

"Oh..God bless...Builders in Pune!! Isn't this your first ad?," looking at the two persons, who were not at all looking like "Builders", I asked.

"After taking "VRS", i thought that i should do something for my colleagues, central government employees," said Mr. Kadhale, when i visited K.D.S. Infra Buildcons' office (18, A Wing) in Shoppers Orbit at Vishrantwadi (020 4674 7177 / 4674 7077 kdsinfrab@gmail.com). Mr. Kadhale has already roped in his colleagues and now, he is offering membership (Non Refundable Fee, Rs. 1,001) to middle class Punekars.

Shoppers Orbit Vishrantwadi:

K.D.S. Infra Buildcons' Office:

Wadmukhwadi Charholi - Multiplex, Shopping Mall and 3,000 flats!

Once, at Tanish Homes in Dighi - Vishrantwadi Annexe (!) - on Alandi Road, i had an opportunity to chat with two visiting property buyers. One was, originally from Bhosari, but working as a teacher in PMC school on Sinhagad road. The other person was a real estate investor from Yerawada. Both had convinced me that Dighi on Alandi Road is the best location for the middle class home buyer in PCMC & Pune. However, this Wadmukhwadi Charholi was looking like some remote area near Alandi Town.

"Your colleagues in the central government must be very brave! Or they must be repainting for their sins! Otherwise, who will book a flat in some remote area near the holy place, Alandi?," i asked Mr. Kadhale.

"Remote place! Mr. Ravi Karandeekar, meet me after 2 years. Here you will find Multiplex, shopping mall and all. Lunkad has already started his 2,000 flats & Multiplex - Mall project!," Mr. Dhillon said.

"Does Credai Pune conduct some secrets crash course for the 'would be' builders? You sound like Mr. Pharnde!," i asked Mr. Dhillon.

"Yes, Marathi is like my second mother tongue!," Mr. Dhillon said.

"He was talking about Multiplex and Shopping!," Mr. Kadhale explained and requested me to visit the site of KDS Aangan & KDS Dham. Certainly, which i would have done anyway.

Holy Angels and "Sinful" Actual Home Buyers:

Have a look at the photographs of my visit to Wadmukhwadi Charholi, where i actually had an opportunity to meet and chat with Mr. & Mrs. Pramod Surve. Mr. Surve works in a central government institute in Shivajinagar, Pune and owns a gunthewari bungalow in Navi Sangavi. Surves were visiting KDS Aangan & KDS Dham because they want to invest in a 1 BHK Flat or if possible in a 2 BHK Flat in the upcoming residential area in Pune real estate market.

Now, tell me, in this case, how can i tell Mr. & Mrs. Surve that by 'investing' in a flat, they were committing a 'social crime' of helping the builders to hike the property prices of affordable homes? I know well that, sinful actual home buyers in Pune are not free to seek happiness but are forced to be happy, in this life. And it takes a hell lot of time! I told Surves that they were holy angels. By investing in the upcoming location in Pune real estate market, they were advance booking a place for themselves in haven!


Alandi Road - Work in Progress:

Tanish Homes Dighi, Alandi Road:

Shri Saibaba Mandir, Alandi Road:

Expat Group's Residential Township on Alandi Road:

Amba Bus Stop on Alandi Road and Wadmukhwadi Phata to Alankapuram, KDS Aangan & KDS Dham:

R K Lunkad Group's Upcoming Township of 2,000 Flats - Alankapuram:

2 Klms to KDS Aangan & KDS Dham:

Sample Flats at KDS Aangan:

Views of KDS Aagan & KDS Dham Sites and Surrounding area:

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