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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anant Apartment at Warje, Pune - Ramdas Hagavane's first real estate project, 11 Flats of 1 BHK & 2 BHK, is almost ready for possession!

"Ramdas, you will never become a successful builder!"

Ramdas Hagavane of Kothrud (91 94220 01394 / 98813 66216) has more than a dozen trucks. For more than 20 years, he is supplying sand to real estate projects in Pune. All these years, Ramdas used to visit the construction sites. Observe the ongoing construction. Talk to the site engineers and learn as much as he can.

At the same time, Ramdas was purchasing small plots. Mostly, in the upcoming locations of Pune. Because, someday, Ramdas Hagavane wanted to become a builder. A good builder.

Mr. Radas Hagavane, The Builder
(91 94220 01394 / 98813 66216):

Last year, Ramdas Hagavane formed his construction company "Shri Balaji Developers" and started his first project 'Anant Apartment', on 8,000 sq.ft. plot in Sapana Society. A small society of bungalows by the hills, on Viola - Tejovalay - Cipla road in Warje Pune.

Mai Mangeshkar Hospital, Warje, Pune:

More at Warje, Pune:

Lavasa Office in Viola Shopping Complex, Warje, Pune:

Anant Apartment Warje Pune on Google Map:

View Warje Pune in a larger map

From Cipla to Anant Apartment, Warje Pune and
Proposed D. P. Road to Kakde City on Karve Road in Karve Nagar, Kothrud, Pune:

Anant Apartment, Sapana Society, Warje, Pune:

Ramdas appointed a good architect and an experienced civil engineer. From the day one, every morning Ramdas used to come to the site to supervise the construction personally. As and when he needed any advice, his friends - experienced civil engineers and contractors - were always available for him.

Now, Ramdas Hagawane's Anant Apartment is almost ready for possession. Anant Apartment is a single - stand alone - building of three floors with a lift. Out of 11 Flats of 1 BHK & 2 BHK, now, only, eight 2 BHK Flats are available. Property price of Ramdas Hagavane's 2 BHK Flats is in the range of Rs. 35 to 42 lakhs.

Rahul Park from Anant Apartment, Warje, Pune:

Green Service Road at Warje, Pune:

For a while, very proudly, Ramdas invites his experienced civil engineer friends to visit his almost ready possession "Anant Apartment at Warje Pune". After inspecting the project, experienced friends express their satisfaction and pat Ramdas' back for the well done job. However, they have one complaint.

Ramdas has learned how to construct a good building, Ramdas Hagavane's friends say, but he hasn't learned how to become a successful builder. Anant Apartment is not his personal and private bungalow - where Ramdas is going live with his family. Ramdas Hagavane forgot that he was developing a real estate project to sell!

I completely agree with Ramdas Hagavane's friends. If you visit Anant Apartment, i am very much sure, you will also agree with me.

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  1. flats look really good form inside....guess gud construction....thing worries is proximity to road..
    abt dp road dont think its coming soon...much complex...rates initially 3300/sqft...negotiable..
    carpet to saleable ratio 30% for a single bldg...
    moreover you are very near to service road..yet one has to travel a km to rach service road...once dp road is done...yes for sure gud proximity...
    MR ravi i guess u shld have added above content..coz ppl now follow you..guess these blogs are'nt paid ...

  2. Is there any legal problems with this constructions, still does not have the completion certificate, recently read advertisement to resale a flat from this building.