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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aditya Garden City Warje, adjoining Kothrud - Available last 6 flats! Total 1010 Flats of 2 BHK & 3 BHK sold out!!

Aditya Garden City, Warje Pune, improves the traffic on Mumbai Bangalore Expressway:

Aditya Garden City Warje
Aditya Garden City Warje

View Warje Pune in a larger map

During the last couple of weeks, whenever i visited Oval Nest Warje, I made it a point not to visit neighboring Aditya Garden City Warje.

On my way to Oval Nest Warje, because it was impossible to avoid, i was looking at Aditya Garden City, and that was more than enough, i thought. Truck and Private Bus drivers and all Punekars on Mumbai Bangalore Expressway never even do that. To avoid looking, they focus their eyes on the road and drive on this turn as fast as they can. Traffic experts' research has proved that, someone told me, because of Aditya Garden City, last year, this section of the expressway had fewer accidents.

Aditya Garden City and Mumbai Pune Expressway at Warje
Mumbai Pune Expressway at Aditya Garden City Warje

Aditya Garden City, Warje Pune, Improves the Family Life:

Aditya Garden City Warje

Someone who stays on rent in Aditya Garden City, once told me that, from the day they shifted here, his wife changed completely and his family life has improved! Now, in the evenings, his wife anxiously stands on the terrace of their living, waiting for him to come home! As soon as, she sees his car, his wife not only waves but comes down in the parking to receive him. She hugs and kisses him before taking his bag and lunch box and never stops crying till they reach their rented 3 BHK Flat.

For a couple of weeks, enjoying her new way of welcoming his homecoming, my friend asked his wife, "After 7 years of marriage and a son, suddenly, what did inspire you to love me so much more?"

"Every afternoon, when i stand on our terrace, looking at the buildings all around me, i start worrying what will happen, if your start giving importance to beauty and do away with the ugliness in your life?," my friend's wife said.

"You still don't believe that, now, i don't even talk to my secretary any more. Right? You don't trust me when i tell you that you are as beautiful as you were - before we got married. Right?," controlling his disappointment my friend said to his wife.

"I am not talking about my looks. I am talking about Aditya Garden City. What will happen - if suddenly your eyes 'open' and you don't feel like coming home? - this thought makes me nervous all day!," said my friends wife.

"But you know, i work over time, drop my secretary on the way and reach home only by 9 pm! At that point of time, i am never in a position to see anything. So, don't worry. Be happy!," my friend convinced his wife but she still receives him with love, every evening!

Aditya Garden City, Warje Pune, Improves the Spiritual Life of the Flat Owners:

Main Entrance of Aditya Garden City Warje

Besides happy family life, flat owners at Aditya Garden City also enjoy higher level of spiritual life.

As they take possessions of their flats, they start giving more importance to inward beauty, than the outward beauty of the thing and / or person.

Looking at other buildings they never forget that this "life" is a junction. Where they are going to stop, only for a while, but, for sure, going to continue their journey till their "Atman" is set free. In a flat, it may be a 2 BHK Flat or a 3 BHK Flat, everybody is aware that the life is a journey and their home is a compartment of a train. Sadness and happiness are just the stations in this journey which pass by in no time.

Pune Municipal Corporation Implements Aditya Garden City, Warje Pune, Pattern of Housing:

PMC housing for slum rehabilitation at Warje
Slum rehabilitation at Warje

Pune Municipal Corporation also was too impressed with the family and spiritual life experiences Aditya Garden City offers to it's residents.

PMC decided to use Aditya Garden City as a "pattern" for their slum rehabilitation program, and under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission has developed a train-like housing project next to it at Warje. Idea is - the rehabilitated slum dwellers should realize that they are nothing more than unwanted goods which are shunted to the side track, in this life.

Opportunities to Enrich Your Life at Aditya Garden City, Warje Pune:

Layout Plan of Aditya Garden City Warje

But, finally, yesterday i visited Aditya Garden City Warje and found that even now last six families can have the privilege of improving their family and spiritual life.

Out of total 1,116 Flats of 2 BHK & 3 BHK in approx 25 acre township, Aditya Garden City Warje, 1,110 flats are booked but still 6 ready possession flats are available, against nominal charges, for immediate moving in!

For a 2 BHK Flat, of approx 1,140 sq.ft. saleable area, you have to pay approx Rs. 47 lakhs and for a 3 BHK Flat, of approx 1,280 to 1,495 sq.ft. saleable area, Rs. 53 to 55 lakhs, only! Have a look at the typical plan of a 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flat at Aditya Garden City Warje and go for it!:

Life Enhancing 2 BHK Flat at Aditya Garden City, Warje Pune:

2 BHK Flat at Aditya Garden City Warje

Life Enhancing 3 BHK Flat at Aditya Garden City, Warje Pune:

3 BHK Flat at Aditya Garden City Warje

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  1. Hi Mr.Ravi,

    Is the Serene project by Saahil developers in Baner a worth buy? Is it safe to buy the sample flats with the furnishing cost? Please advise.

  2. what a pathetically sad blog post!! get a life man! if you hate it;criticise it. If you like it; praise it. BUT BE CLEAR!

    Your pathetic sarcasm makes me want to puke!

  3. Thanks for the comment Vineet! Now, you must be feeling good.

  4. Hi Ravi , But i am sure about one thing , People how brought flat back facing , Hill Facing have all to gether different story.
    They are bea cheated by Builder stating nothing will come up on Back side , but there came a huge construction on back side , which make all nature beaucty , scnenic views , worst Expericen.
    Even i came to know people started to sale flight , Hope visit the place and cover the story and blog it would be more better .

    Apart from this story , Its great job done by you.

    Good Blog for info , and expect more real and truth will come .

    Thanks .

    Suhas Patil.

    DHL .

  5. Hi Ravi

    I appreciate your efforts of putting info on your blog and to some extent it helps knowing things. But I would really hope to see you having a candid opinions here. I was considering Aditya Garden city project into my shortlisted projects , howerver some blogs on www. immihelp.com made me think again. What is the reality. I request to write more genuine please, as I see you can understand what it takes to buy 50-60 lacs worth a property. for some reason we see in your writting , you are not on either side.

  6. Yes ravi....i have the same concern as Shilpa...we are looking out to buy a flat in Aditya Garden...but came to know about the Water problem.....do u have any information on this?

  7. Ref: "but there came a huge construction on back side , which make all nature beaucty , scnenic views , worst "

    For the huge construction on the backside, please, read this in the blog:
    "Pune Municipal Corporation Implements Aditya Garden City, Warje Pune, Pattern of Housing:"

  8. Ref: "nothing will come up on Back side"

    I admire the people who believe in these claims!

  9. Ref: "made me think again."

    Why? Sorry, I didn't get you!

  10. Ref: " Water problem..."

    Means what? Water tankers is the main source for many areas in Pune!