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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Amit Enterprises launches Astonia Royale, next to Bloomfield, in Ambegaon Village on Mumbai Bangalore Highway

2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, so affordable...(!)

Click to Enlarge

Amit's Astonia Royale: 2 BHK Flat:
748 sq.ft. Carpet + 65 sq.ft. Terrace:
Rs. 33,34,100 to 37,48,650 all inclusive(!)

Amit's Astonia Royale: 3 BHK Flat:
926 sq.ft. Carpet + 132 Terrace:
Rs. 43,11,650 to 45,81,350 All inclusive(!)

Amit's Astonia Royale: 3 BHK Flat:
931 sq.ft. Carpet + 140 sq. ft. Terrace:
Rs. 43,60,200 to 46,33,350 all inclusive(!)

Royal version of Amit's Astonia at Balewadi?

I was happy to see a full page ad of Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd. (www.amitenterprises.com) in today's news papers. First reason, the ad was not about Amit's Sapphire Park at Balewadi!

Second reason, "Astonia" rang the bell of hope. Remember Amit's Astonia at Balewadi? Though the ongoing property rate of Amit's next door project Sapphire Park was Rs. 3,600 per sq.ft., at that point of time, Amit launched 2 BHK Flats of 685 sq.ft. Carpet + 88 sq.ft. Terrace in Astonia at Balewadi for the all inclusive property price of Rs. 25 lakhs!

Luxurious Affordable Homes In Pune:

Third reason, by adding "Royale" to "Astonia", i thought, Amit is trying to suggest that it's the "luxurious" version of an affordable "Astonia at Balewadi". "Luxurious Affordable Homes" quite an interesting idea! Isn't it? Looks like Amit is trying to set a new trend in Pune real estate market!! Just like Lodha Group successfully set with their Casa brand in Thane, Dombivali and Dahisar in Mumbai!

2nd Phase of Amit's Bloomfield?

Fourth reason, in the ad Amit insists that Astonia Royale is "Next to Bloomfield" on "Mumbai Bangalore Highway".

By associating with their popular and luxurious Bloomfield, Amit tells you that Astonia Royale is an attractive offer. You can't ignore "Affordable Luxurious Homes" at Amit's Astonia Royale if you are looking for a 2 BHK / 3 BHK Flat at Dhayari, on Sinhagad road, Warje & Bavdhan at Chandani Chowk, Baner, Balewadi, Sus, Wakad and even at Hinjewadi on one side and Katraj Kondhwa road on the other side!

Compare and reconsider your investment decision:

Fifth reason, with the help of the powerful visuals Amit forces you to reconsider your decision of booking a flat at any other project in your preferred location. You start comparing the carpet areas of the flats, proportion between carpet areas of flats and their attached terraces, property rates, total all inclusive property prices, specifications and amenities.

In the process, you keep on reminding yourself that you should not forget about the construction quality and reliability of Amit Enterprises! Now, Astonia Royale becomes "sophisticated affordable luxurious homes from the reliable builder who is famous for quality construction in Pune real estate market!" Have a look at these visuals:

"I am going to make him an offer he can't refuse":

Can you refuse to visit Amit Astonia Royale?

Yes, only if, from the 1st standard, you are cherishing an ambition to become a Sarpanch of Sus Village!

Yes, only if, you are God's Free Gift to the builder in Balewadi!

Yes, only if, your Karma is "Paisa Feko Tamasha Dekho" in Wakad!

Yes, only if, you believe that "Life is not a Journey" but waiting and waiting list!

Yes, only if, you believe that your booking can save falling stock market on Dalal Street!

What say you? Am I too happy about the launch of Amit's Astonia Royale at Ambegaon village?

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Congrats Pune real estate investors, for thinking irrationally and paying illogically high price for the newly launched property


Flying visit to Amit's Bloomfield on Mumbai-Bangalore New Bypass, Ambegaon, Pune, India


Amit Enterprises launches 'Bloomfield', real estate project of apartments, twin bungalows and villas at Ambegaon in Pune
Singapore is now here: on Mumbai- Bangalore New bypass, Ambegaon, Pune..(!)

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