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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Paranjape Schemes' Madhukosh, Dhayari, Sinhagad road, Pune - booking open!

Your Pursuit of Happyness ends at Madhukosh!

In today's Sakal, I saw an ad of Madhukosh, Paranjape Schemes' township of 1 BHK, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at Dhayari, on Sinhagad road, Pune.

Starting with "What is happiness?", the ad told me where i could find it.

Yes, of course, at Madhukosh!

Besides this, the ad said that, Madhukosh has 575 flats. At this point of time, booking of the first phase, which has 289 flats, is open.

Sample flats at Madhukosh are ready, good news, indeed!

In this ad, for the first time, i also saw the elevation of the building!

Yes, now, i have started feeling that, "Here ends my "Pursuit of Happyness"!

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  1. I heard that more than 200 flats have been already booked.

    People are preferring 2 & 3 BHK more.

  2. had been to the site yesterday itself.. was satisfied with the sample flats but size of rooms was a big turnoff!! plus rate of Rs 3500/- psqft is a bit on higher side..

  3. I also went to the site. The flats are too small plus the rates are tooooooo high.

    May be 1660 to 1800 psf could be the ideal rates.

  4. vasant vihaar tower (baner) and madhukosh (sinhagad road) both quoting 3500/- PSF..
    Ravi what do u think which is better for investment?? which is more risky??

  5. Ravi,
    If I book flat now in Madhukosh, do I need to pay 3.3 % service tax as per announcement in budget 2010?

  6. Mostly, yes! I have heard that it will be on the 1/3 of the cost of your flat + other premiums you pay - like floor rise . Because, service tax is on the service component of the property coast. However, things are not clear yet. But be ready!

  7. Ravi,

    You do a great job advertising the various real estate options in Pune.

    But I am afraid you fail to give an objective assessment of the projects....I have not come across any 'bad' review for any project so far.

    Can all the projects be uniformly good? I am sure they cannot be. Can all projects be called value for money? No, they cannot be.

    You never inform the readers about these points so that they can compare two projects and make an objective decision.

    Case in point your plug for Madhukosh.

    You have praised it sky high, but I have found it to be an absolutely ordinary project for the following reasons;
    1. very disappointing floor-plan for 2/3BHK combinations...very small bedrooms
    2.No amenities like dry balconies
    3. no extras like piped gas
    4. A price of Rs3500 for what ARE budget flats...no value for money

    If I compare it with the nearby Serene County, the Darode-Jog project wins hands down!

    The Serene County project has a much better floor plan for 2/3 BHKs with dry balcony and slightly larger bedrooms and other extras (piped-gas,solar etc) and is a much better value as initially it sold for Rs2800 (a diff of rs700 that's 20% discount!!!!)

    In fact three of my friends canceled their bookings in Madhukosh and booked in Serene County and are mighty pleased with themselves!

    This they did by themselves...without your help or advice.

    Maybe you need to access your contribution in terms of helping people make informed decision by giving them good comparative data....not just pushing them with weasel-words.

    Working like a film-critic instead of a paid advertiser or a propagandist will enhance your credibility as well as that of your blog.

    Just friendly advise.

  8. Ref: "But I am afraid you fail to give an objective assessment of the projects."

    Dear friend, this is a blog. It's conversation. Both of us, all of us, talk about real estate projects in Pune. Everyone has his own perspective. I have mine. You have yours. I think you are doing a great job. You have added valuable views and information about 2 projects, Madhukosh & Serene County on Sinhagad road. I respect and thank for your contribution. "You make me complete!" It was nice talking to you!

  9. But Honestly even i agree madhukosh flats are tiny for rs 3500/- I haven't checked out Serene county yet - intend to do so shortly . if it is realyy 2800 then i would say good! but how come nothing yet on darode jog website

  10. Ravi,
    Do you know how much is the property tax for new properties at sinhgad road for 1000 sq.ft flat.

  11. Ravi,
    Can you add some pictures from Madhukosh site?
    I heard Paranjpe has started work very fast.

    Now, they are getting ready to launch 4 more builds containing around 200 flats

  12. Ravi,
    Can you see my comments?

    Kindly answer on above two comments !!

  13. To view pics of Sinhagad fort, click on the link http://picasaweb.google.com/sudarshan.multimedia/Sinhagad#

  14. Dude,
    Wanna see pictues of Madhukosh site.

    Hey Ravi,
    Are u reading blogs now-a-days.

  15. It seems that Ravi is out of city!!

  16. Hello Ravi,

    I am interested in buying property in Pune. I was told by the builder that 3 BHK flat is available in Madhukosh for Rs 42,00,000 . Does its cost compare with the value it offers?Please let me know.