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Monday, February 8, 2010

Palash+ Wakad Pune - Paisa Feko Tamasha Dekho!

An opportunity to give interest free finance to the builder:

Vilas Javdekar Eco Homes is back with their popular "Green Umbrella" offer! A golden opportunity for those who believe that God has sent them on this earth with a purpose.

Actually with two purposes!

Purpose one - offer interest free finance to a builder, God's favorite son.

Purpose two - offer a 2 BHK Flat on a monthly rent of Rs. 7,100 or a 3 BHK Flat on a monthly rent of Rs. 11,000 to God's not so favorite son in Wakad.

To fulfilling your purpose of life, God has told them to borrow funds from God's Angel on Earth, Housing Finance Company, and keep on paying EMI of Rs. 28,528 for a 2 BHK Flat or an EMI of Rs. 43,144 for a 3 BHK Flat in Palash+.

Your investment in Pune real estate market will add bonus points to your account which might give you an opportunity, in your next life, to be born as a builder in Pune; God has told them while sending on the earth.

"But where should i live while i am on the earth?," someone less fortunate asked God.

"Yes, my son, instead of paying EMI of Rs. 43,144 and collecting rent of Rs. 11,000 per month, you can stay in that 3 BHK Flat!," God said.

"Wouldn't i get any bonus point if i use this flat for my residence?," the less fortunate asked God.

"For paying interest free finance to my favorite son, the builder, you will, certainly, get a few bonus points!," God said.

"Would those point be sufficient to be born as a builder in Pune, in my next life?," the less fortunate asked.

"May be. If you spend your life peeping out of the window of your living room and keep on waving your both hands at me in the sky!," God said.

"Is the window big enough to see you, my God?," asked the less fortunate.

"Yes! My favorite son has taken care of that! He has created glass fronted apartments which offer you panoramic view from your living room. He calls these homes as "Max View Homes". Yes, on earth few human beings call me Max! One devotee has a made film on me too! Mad Max!!," God tried his best to assure.

"But how will i find out this building?," less fortunate asked God.

"You will, my son. You will! My favorite son has put my cross in green color to the name of his project which is in red color," God said.

"But, god, why are you sending me to Wakad? Can't i spend my life in some township in Hinjewadi, while i am on the earth?," the less fortunate asked.

"Karma, my son! You can't look at me from the window of a flat on 20th floor. You don't have that privilege. Remember, you are going down to earth with only one purpose. Purpose to be useful to my favorite son, the builder!," God said.

"God, your favorite son is not at all a friendly person. He doesn't follow the law of the land. Why is he your favorite?," asked the less fortunate.

"He is friendly. With his mother. The earth. How can you say that he is not friendly?," now, God was angry.

"Your favorite son doesn't print the carpet area of his flat, which is the law of the land!," said less fortunate.

"Your Karma! Don't worry. Stop complaining. There is a beautiful facility at Wakad, by the river, which will send you back to me! Whereas, at Hinjewadi you would have remained floating!," said God, and shooed the less fortunate.

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  1. I like the caption line a lot. It is pretty amusing and at the end of the way i find it really very attractive.

  2. What happened Ravi? Looks like you are not very fond of the Javadekars :) The Kumars, Paranjapes and Pride Purple are also crooks. Why dont you expose them?

  3. # Ref: "What happened Ravi? Looks like you are not very fond of the Javadekars :) "

    I am not fond of God. Is he really so stupid? Whatever! Let us focus on Pune property buyers and real estate investors!!

  4. It is funny! It is frank!! and it is fantastic..

    But isn't this blow straight on the face (or shall i say belly)??

    As a buyer, i do not mind that too.. but I have not seen your posting so pointed at any single one?? Can we interpret that this project is more than 'just bad'??

    Anyways, good work! Keep it up

  5. Refr: "Palash+ Wakad Pune - Paisa Feko Tamasha Dekho!"

    Nahi Yaar!
    Pahaley Paisa Feko, Aur Phir Tamasha Dekho!

  6. "Whatever! Let us focus on Pune property buyers and real estate investors!!"

    I agree Ravi..because that is where you make money...After all Business is Business..Right? You should always go with the builder who pays you handsome amount. who cares about right or wrong.....So let's concentrate on property buyers and real estate investors...

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