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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Megapolis Smart Homes News - flat owners perform Bhoomi Puja

It's all about integrity and integration:

If you have already booked a 1 BHK / 2 BHK Flat in Megapolis Smart Homes and have had performed Bhoomi Puja, i am sure, you must have experienced the integrity of the builders, Kumar Properties & Avinash Bhosale Group.

Inviting you, flat owners of Megapolis Smart Homes, to perform Bhoomi Puja was not a marketing gimmick of Pegasus Properties. Invitation was genuine, from the heart. Purpose was honest, the first step beyond buying and selling property, towards togetherness, mutual respect and understanding. You must have experienced this, last Saturday, 30TH January 2010.

Now, i am sure, Megapolis Smart Homes must have become your project. You are the owners. Builders are facilitators. Together you are going to build a township. Township of integrated families. Right?

How can i tell this to those who haven't yet booked a 1 BHK / 2 BHK Flat in Megapolis Smart Homes? How can i tell them that it's safe and profitable to invest in Megapolis, a project which values property buyers?

Sharing your experience, in the form of photographs, would be better than words, I thought. So, i requested Mr. Hemant Kulkarni, General Manager, to give me the photographs of Bhoomi Puja.

When i selected so many photographs, he asked me, "Ravi, are you going to publish so many?" "Yes Mr. Property Guru! Otherwise how can my readers experience the satisfaction, enthusiasm and emotions of owners of Megapolis Smart Homes? How can i tell them that Megapolis is an integration of infrastructure as well as families!," i asked.

Please, have a look at these photographs. Experience the integrity and integration, of the builders and the property buyers; according to Hemant Kulkarni, assures you a quality of life and an appreciation of your investment in real estate.

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  1. Hi Ravi,
    The photos are great, I can see myself too! Its really nice of u.
    I have booked a flat in Megapolis. Iam disappointed about one thing that the developers are now saying possession in 36 months instead of 24 months earlier and the project sparklet commencement is 25th Jan 2010. That means i would get the possession at 25th Jan 2013. Which is really disappointing.
    What is ur comment on this Ravi?


  2. I think if you have booked in Phase 1 of smarthomes its still 24 months. For next phase its 36 months.

  3. I was told that all the Garden facing 1 BHK flats are sold out . Is that true . Any idea about the possession date and has the work started ?

  4. Ravi,
    i am sad that i didnt talk to u that day, in fact i didnt really know that you are the man whose blog i follow regularly, alas!
    may be next time i will catch up with u somewhere and exchange some views on this proj. thanks to u and pegasus for sharing the snaps on web.

    U have been sounding positive as an investment on this project, but what is ur sense that the builders/developers would meet the timelines they claim for the smart homes. being an investor i am slightly worried abt the meeting the promised time schedules, and no significant amt of work being there to see now..
    your resp would be highly appreciated.


  5. Hi Ravi

    Do you have any further updates on Megapolis Smarthome . Is it as per the plan ?

  6. What is the progress of Sparklet.
    Is there any Garden facing Flat available for sale and in which building
    What are the scheudles for each slab so that finance can be planned accordingly

  7. Hi Ravi, I've heard that builder is planning to cheat the buyers. They are planning to extend the 12 storey buildings to 15. This is real cheating. Could you please get this clearified from builder ?