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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Is D S Kulkarni Developers offering 25 per cent discount?

DSK घ घरांचा उत्सव आनंदाचा! - 10 am to 8 pm - October 12 - 16, 2016 at Gharkul Lawns, Riverside D P Road (Raja Mantri Road) - Mhatre Bridge to Rajaram Bridge - Karve Nagar, Pune:

Is D S Kulkarni Developers offering 25 per cent discount?

Even after doing so much for thousands & thousands of flat buyers in Pune, D S Kulkarni wants to do something more!

Something more for some 100 flat buyers in Pune. First 100. Of course.

Now, DSK wants 100 Pune flat buyers to profit. From 6 to 83 lakh rupees profit.


By paying 25 per cent less for a flat in DSK projects!

And, you know what?

DSK is going to achieve this in just 5 days.

One day has already over. Means only in the 4 days.

Today - 13th, 14th, 15th & 16th of October 2016.

Isn't this wonderful?

But, why is DSK doing this? - I asked myself when I visited Gharkul Lawns yesterday evening!

But, why is DSK doing this? - I asked myself when I visited Gharkul Lawns yesterday evening!

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  1. DSK once again, what is the trick this time ?
    This builder has cheated DSK Vishwa buyers left, right & centre & still shamelessly keeps launching something or the other. 12+ years have passed & still promised amenities not built, conveyance deed not done. DSK is also notorious for very high loading, will show less rate per sq feet but cheat by giving less carpet area & very high saleable area.

    DSK builders booked for ‘cheating’ ex-cop -

    DSK’s zero interest home loan offer: Are real estate developers innovating products or rolling out gimmicks?


    The discount offered of 25% if is even without any conditions is still peanuts to what actual price should be based on statistics. Good thing is when some builders offers discount, then rest of the builders will be forced to follow discount route.

    And if builders think they can make buyers ulloo under the garb of festive offers, they are wrong.

    This is latest news showing how builders & Lashkar-e-CREDAI tricks are failing to make more ulloos.

    Festive sentiment not enough to drive property sales anymore :

    Nearly two-thirds of the prospective home buyers, as many as 62%, will not buy their dream home this festive season. Expectation of a price correction, is the biggest deterrent for these home seekers this year

    These are the findings of a pan-India survey by Track2Realty, a real estate think-tank, in eight real estate markets Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore and Chandigarh.

    A majority of the home buyers (78%), are very clear that the emotional impulse of buying a house during the festive season, may land them in a wrong project. Reasons for not buying a house: 38% of home seekers expect a price correction; 36% fear job uncertainties; 26% have other financial issues, including economic uncertainties, affordability, stages of construction and not finding a house of one’s choice.

    The unsold units in eight large cities in the country have already hit an all-time peak of 1171 million sq ft, up by 22 per cent from last year.
    If the current rate of sale persists, it will take more than three years to exhaust the existing inventory. Experts say that buyers should stay away for a few more years.

    If I buy a house now and tomorrow the prices crash, then, all the auspicious sentiments will go for a toss. I do not deny the importance of muhurats but the market dynamics have to be considered, for a high value purchase like a house. It is not wise to get carried away, by the festive spirit alone.


    1. The discount offered of 25% if is even without any conditions is still peanuts to what actual price should be based on statistics. Good thing is when some builders offers discount, then rest of the builders will be forced to follow discount route.

      Monk true: but problem is it also pinches small builders like me who operate on lesser margins ):
      Part of game; problem is why they dont launch with the discounted rate itself instead lowering later, that will keep peoples faith in rate policy!

    2. " but problem is it also pinches small builders like me who operate on lesser margins"
      - But you also gain when these builders hike the prices too. So it acts both ways.

      "problem is why they dont launch with the discounted rate itself instead lowering later"
      - Greed has no logic, no limits.
      DSK is one such super greedy builder who now gives cheap quality, doesn't fulfill promises on amenities, infra inside the project, doesn't transfer land ownership to flat buyers & doesn't deliver on time.
      Don't fall to sweet talks of DSK. Often the person who talks sweet the most, is also the most poisonous.

  2. I used to receive cold calls from developers regarding property purchase. Those sales people were deliberately pushing me towards purchase.

    Recently, while having conversation with one of them, I asked him flat 40% discount on the current rate to count me in. Since then I didn't get any call from the same chap.
    hehehehehe ;)

    These people always try to fool potential buyers with their confusing schemes like the one by dsk. Are these rates justified given the public infrastructure condition in Pune?

  3. I once been to DSK festival back in 2009. I was just out of Engineering school, and had a good package in my hand. I sort of liked the Kondava flat they showed me, despite its south entry. But the entire 2 BHK flat was East West, costing 41 lakhs at the time. As just out of school I requested their representative to give me some window for down payment. But without negotiations or any good word of understanding, she responded 'NO'.

    Now some economic analysis, if I go with above price appreciation of 58l for Kondawa, I guess she did me a great favor. However, I experienced this initial payment problem at home in Mumbai as well. Appreciation in Mumbai was great as the flats costing 45l in 2009 experienced the jump till 1.25cr by 2012. Since 2012 prices are flat (no where else in the world, prices can stay flat for that long). And I really miss my that chance.

    Ground reality: Current Indian economy (lets say this decade) has less potential for growth compared to that of the last decade. And this decade has passed almost 60% by now, so what we are seeing in terms of discounts are just the beginning.
    Real kick can come in if accidentally inflation goes out of control (it is out of control, but yet to realize as Marathas are still keeping peace), and RBI must raise interest rates. Or bond investors demand the same after figuring out the growth numbers India reports are not really right. Either way this is eventual.

    Still life demands can't be pulled forever. Thank god there are enough people out there who can buy DSK flats to rent out to people like me :)

  4. Hello Bushman

    So are you saying that we are nearing the end of a flat period or that this is just a beginning of a what seems a prolonged lull?

  5. Hello Mr. Deshmukh,

    You have a good question of timing, I am seeking an answer for it myself. What one needs though is 'data' and more importantly data w/o noise. I like this blog as it presents data both qualitatively and quantitatively. And I think, premise of its origin is about the noise in real estate markets.

    I said its eventual, but good data can help markets to see how persistent the underlying noise really is. Hope it makes sense :)

  6. But, why is DSK doing this? - I asked myself when I visited Gharkul Lawns yesterday evening!
    RAvid da did u find the answer ? :)

  7. Deshpande saheb! i know u very well as u and mr. kedar vanjape were directors of that company and u were looking after engineering dept and i am one of the earlier flat buyers of DSK vishwa where they had committed multiple amenities and none of them have been given even after 17 years. the construction quality has become third grade after u quit. there is nobody to look after! his launching rates are more than other builers rates at the time of possession and quality worse than others. he came up with no interest scheme some months back and now 25 % discount. that means his earlier scheme failed miserably and thats why he launched this one because there are no new projects seen anywhere. i think he is in a distress of lifetime as customers have been intelligent now and u cant fool them years on with emotional blackmailing advt.

    1. yes satish, thanks for kind words about quality, i always remind myself I am an engineer first then a builder(though now i have become a builder, earlier i was employee in form of director). The amenities at visva, yes they should have been provided by now I wonder why they are not doing it?

  8. Instead of giving 25 % discount builders should reduce the loading from 30 % to 15 % . Or else such utsvs not be utsav घरांचा...instead such are the utsav लुटायचा. Also the final installment of payment shd at the time of conveyance and not at the time of possession.

  9. This is to inform you that my FDR No.- S0504936 of Rs. 1 Lac has matured of 2nd February 2017, Issued cheque no. 417553 (bank of Maharashtra) dated 02-02-2017.

    As per the instructions received from Shivajinagar, Pune Office I visited office on 23rd January 17 and requested Mrs. Purva Gore to deposit the FD amount to my account. She informed that cheque deposition is not needed and the amount will be transferred using NEFT service.

    After I visited DSk office twice and requested to deposit the amount as I need it urgently for my daughters higher education in any case. I followed up with your officers by calls and messages; but they are not responding to any of my requests.

    I am a social worker and have shared dais with Mr. D. S. Kulkarni in the career expo organized by Tarun Bharat group in Nagpur recently.

    Please find herewith my daughter's admit card mentioning the required finances for her education. I urge you to look into this matter seriously and deposit the maturity amount very soon.

    I did not expect such poor service from DSK group and it is a great disappointment for me to see such poor response; hence, truly dskis BANKRUPT!Not abletopay my1lakhs after maturity.

  10. Similar case for me from DSK. Have visited their office at least half a dozen times. Talked to HDK and DSK to liquidate my FD amounts for urgent medical need I have, but they just don't listen. I am planning to launch complaint to SEBI and Company Law Board and going to question Toyota too if they really check background of the firm when they give dealership.