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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pleasant experience at Uttam Townscapes Elite at Yerawada

What better way to celebrate Dasara than meeting a satisfied home buyer!

Pleasant experience at Uttam Townscapes Elite at Yerawada

I visited Uttam Townscapes Elite near Pune Airport because I wanted to have a look at a 3 BHK Flat of 1089 sq.ft. carpet & a 2 BHK Flat of 789 sq.ft. carpet area.

For a long time, I haven't seen a 3 BHK Flat (1089 Carpet) which has 2 car parks and comes with an impressive entrance lobby of 7' x 4', Living cum Dining of 23'7" x 12', Kitchen plus Dry Balcony of 10'6" x 8'6" + 3'5" x 8'6", Master Bedrooms of 14'7" x 11'/10'6" with an attached toilet of + 8'x 5'7', and a Common Bedroom of 10'6" x 12'6".

And above all, a 3 BHK Flat in Pune Municipal Corporation limits, for the basic all inclusive price of approximately Rs. 1.38 Crore - in an 8 acre township with clubhouse swimming pool and other amenities - which are not only ready - but are enjoyed by the residents for the last 2 - 3 years.

Nowadays, I rarely I come across a 2 BHK Flat (789 Carpet) with an entrance lobby which has these room dimensions - Living cum Dining 21'6" x 12'. Kitchen with Dry Balcony 10' x 8'6" + 3'5" x 8'6". Master Bedroom 11' x 13'. Children Bedroom 10'6" x 13' and an attached terrace 10'6" x 10'.

You know what is the all inclusive property price of this 2 BHK? Rs. 91.29 Lakhs approx!

The prices of 3 BHK & 2 BHK Flats are including the maintenance charges for the common amenities & your building.

The area statement on the floor plans & the price lists have only carpet area & terrace area. No saleable area. Which is good.

Yes! There are no separate infrastructure / development charges mentioned in the property price list! The price list has only 1) Carpet Area of the flat 2) Carpet area of the terrace 3) Basic price & then the stamp duty, registration, VAT, service tax, building & amenity maintenance! This is very cool. Isn't it?

Most important - possession. The possession of a 3 BHK Flat is in around a year and of a 2 BHK in a one & half or 2 - depending on the building.

After having a look at the actual sample flat of a (3 side open) 3 BHK in the building (only 4 flats per floor) I was really glad. Since there was no furniture in the sample flat - I could enjoy the space in every room. I liked the mirrors & glass partitions in the toilets. I liked the L shaped kitchen platform with double sinks - washbasins with the counters - sanitary & plumbing fittings & fixtures - provision for the inverter. I liked the window with useful broad windowsill in the dining. I liked the folding doors of the attached terraces. And of course the tiles in living cum dining.

Particularly, I liked the water management & the security systems in Uttam Townscapes Elite.

It was quite late. I had enjoyed more than I had expected. I thanked Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh & Mr. Sanjeev Bhargava of Uttam Townscapes Elite. I was ready to go home.

"Would you like to see the flat I have done?," Mr. Dheeraj Kumar of Graffeon Interior Solutions LLP, asked me at the gate.

"Yes, of course!," I said and all of us went to visit a 2 BHK Flat in E Building.

The entrance lobby of the building was too good. The steel lift with the dual glass doors was very good. The floor lobby was lavish. (Only 4 flats per floor.) I had become too curious to have a look at the interior of the 2 BHK Flat in such an elegant building.

The owner of the flat, very senior retired top government official, welcomed us.

You know? Dheeraj Kumar has done the interiors exceptionally beautiful. He has not only enhanced the beauty of the space in every room but he has created very pleasant ambiance in the entire flat.

No wonder the flat owner was so satisfied! The beautiful space of his flat was an assurance of living happily ever after.

I was almost coming to conclusion that the flat owner must be blessed when Sanjeev Bhargava went ahead and offered a welcome gift to the flat owner.

"Oh! What is this?," I asked Sanjeev.

"Expression of gratitude! Token of an appreciation!," said Sanjeev.

"That's great! Very rarely I see these sentiments in the builders!! Please, let me take a photo!," I requested.

'Sure!," said the flat buyer.

Wow! What better way to celebrate Dasara than meeting a satisfied home buyer!!

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  1. Ravi, it would have been nice if you would have put some photos of the project, internal & external.
    "3 BHK Flat (1089 Carpet), 2 BHK Flat (789 Carpet)" - This is actually the minimum required area where particular room can be called as a room & one can sleep in bedroom with his head & legs, both in same room ! Dimension of rooms are better in 3BHK, 4 flats per floor with 3 sides open is what is actually required to have good ventilation in the flat as well as less crowd in building, which normally takes toll on lifts. Builders to save cost put more common walls & less lifts. Crook builder with third class quality, KUL in his project Kumar Kruti has all common walls all across 8 flats per floor!!

    As I don't have much idea of this uttam townscape project, I won't comment on ready flats here but buying flats atleast in under-construction building is big no, no matter how good floor plans are. There are several projects where builder completes some buildings & delays newer buildings, thus delaying total handover of project & delayed possession problems for flat buyers in newer buildings. In some cases, builder then asks buyers to relocate to some other building/project & buyer is then forced to shift or to loose money paid to builder & in taxes.

    BTW, Ravi, do you have any idea what are the prevailing rentals in this project for flats which are complete ? This helps to make decision very easy as whether it's worth buying or renting.

  2. 91 lakhs for that village area? Seriously? I think slum near whole area also add to the cost :)

    1. Nearby slums ensure that you will never face trouble in finding housemaid. This is a big advantage.
      Unfortunately, I have witnessed this project ever since it was a 'nulla' (water water stream), which has now disappeared.

    2. Nearby slums ensure that you will never face trouble in finding housemaid. This is a big advantage.
      Unfortunately, I have witnessed this project ever since it was a 'nulla' (water water stream), which has now disappeared.

  3. Overall project is very nice , also this area is little inside in vishrantwadi but have good connectivity.Also it is around 4 km from airport & 20 minutes drive from JM road.
    You will get 2 BHK on rent in same project for around 20K , also resale flats are available for sale with around 75L.
    Some of my friends are already leaving in this project are happy with quality & amenities.

  4. Forgot to mention that the property is adjacent to yerwada jail land. As a lucky resident, you could see celebrities like Sanju baba, and some tainted politicians working in the fields. Common man can get immense satisfaction to see dignitaries toiling in the jail farms.