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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Queen of Xrbia

Conversation with Ms. Smita Monterio Lobo, AVP (Revenue Operations), on the progress of Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune:

Do you know who is the president of Xrbia?

Remember? Xrbia (www.xrbia.com)! An independent republic. Mostly, only on the web. At least, when it was launched. 4 months ago. In August 2012.

The promoters of Xrbia don't consider Xrbia as a real estate project. They claim that Xrbia is all together a different world.

Same with me. I completely agree with the promoters of Xrbia. I also don't consider Xrbia is a real estate project. You know that.

For me, Xrbia is an investment 'idea'. An idea for the stupid people to bait their disposable income.

An investment idea marketed on the web. On the social media. On Facebook + Twitter + You Tube. Passionately promoted on Indian Real Estate Forum.

Xrbai. An idea "distributed" by the third party agents. For the attractive commission. Somewhat like "Multilevel Marketing (MLM)". Like they distributed Japan Life Sleeping System. The magic mattress which promised to bring about wonderful cures while one slept, no matter what ailment the person suffered from. Including cancer.

In the real world, for me, Xrbia means Mr. Vishwanath Phalke. Vice President - Revenue Operations, XRBIA.

Who got in touch with me after I published my first blog "XRBIA Hinjewadi - The Sucker's Deal for the Stupid People with Some Disposable Income". To arrange my meeting with Mr. Rahul Nahar, Chief Executive Officer of XRBIA Developers Ltd.

In that meeting, I made my point. Though I don't like Xrbia and stupid real estate investors, I want to write about the 'progress of Xrbia".

Because, I write Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog to share information about what's happening in Pune real estate market. I may criticize a project but I will share information. Start discussion. Invite Pune property buyers to share their views.

So, Mr. Nahar & Mr. Phalke, please, keep me posted about Xrbia. I requested. And Mr. Phalke agreed to give me official progress regularly.

However, after that meeting in August 2012, I couldn't talk to Mr. Phalke. I didn't receive reply to my eamil and SMS.

However, a few days ago, Ms. Smita called me. From Mr. Phalke's mobile. Told me that now a days Mr. Phalke is mostly in Mumbai. So, I better talk to her.

I was more than happy to talk to Ms. Smita. I had heard a lot about her. About her dynamic personality. She is not only chief executive but the queen of Xrbia. Someone had told me.

And you know what? Yesterday I met the queen of Xrbia. Ms. Smita Monterio Lobo, AVP (Revenue Operations), Xrbia. At Showroom no 7, survey no 403-A, ICC trade tower, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune, MH 411016, India.

Smita & Sonia:

At the end of conversation, I asked Smita, "Can I take your photo?"

"Are you going to publish it on your blog?," Smita asked.

"Yes, of course! I am impressed with you. You are lot more charismatic than I was told. Those who told me about you, might have found it difficult to describe you in words. I don't want to do the same mistake. I want to publish your photograph on my blog!," I said.

"Sorry. My family is conservative. They don't like it. They are against publishing photos on the web," Smita said.

"OK. I respect your privacy. But let me confess. I haven't seen anyone so cool & confident. I will always remember this conversation. They way you told me all those things - particularly - your statement - We are going to construct 1 lakh homes - great!," I said.

"When you have faith in something you are confident about it!," Smita said.

"Yes, and the result is - all believe in you. Even someone like me! So, let me sum up our conversation. You told me 3 things. 1) New marketing strategy 2) Payment terms - ADF or As per the progress of construction 3) Possession of 13 buildings in 3 years. Right?," I asked.

"Yes!," Smita said.

"Thank you!," I said and took her leave. But one question didn't stop bothering me. I can tell you what Smita told me. But how can I tell it to you the way she told me. How about an example? Will it describe the way Smita presented herself? For example, Smita sounded like Sonia talking about how Congress is against corruption & mehangai. Got me?

Earn Rewards - from Pizza to BMW:

Xrbia is easy to sell. At the launch brokers - distributors earned a lot. TV ads are expensive. So, our marketing team lead by Miss Silva has come up with new marketing strategy. Grassroots Marketing. Smita told me.

Miss Silva or Joe Silva. The promoter of Tanaji Malusare City (TMC) Karjat? I asked myself.

To reach small towns in all over Maharashtra & India at a minimum cost - we are going to train our existing investors. And offer them reward points for selling Xrbia. Which can be as small as Pizza to as big as BMW car. Smita said.

Got it? Something like Reward Points (RP) offered by Speak Asia.

Choose Your Payment Terms:

Only 3 banks - ICICI Bank, India Bulls & Oriental Bank of Commerce are ready to offer ADF to Xrbia. All other banks refused to give ADF to Xrbia. Because these banks - for example - SBI - rarely give ADF.

(Refused? Have you taken consent of SBI before publishing ADF scheme in the launch ad of Xrbia? No. I didn't ask this. When Sonia speaks India listens . Don't ask questions.)

So, Smita requested the management to change the terms of payment. Instead of compulsory ADF - 20:80 Payment Scheme - now, you are free to choose your terms of payment. And bank. ADF or slab wise - as per the progress of work.

"Can you mange your construction cost if you get payment as per the progress of work?", I asked.

"Yes! If the payment is as per the progress of work - we don't have to pay 50 per cent of EMI! We save - but, the investor has to pay more - even more, if the project is delayed!," Smita said.

(Catch 22! I said to myself.)

In-House Construction:

For the sake of safety, you are not allowed to visit the actual construction site of Xrbia. But the photographs of construction updates will be published on website. May be live video streams of the construction site.

At this point of time, latest photographs are uploaded on Facebook. Smita said and showed me a few photographs.

"Who is the contractor? L & T was supposed to be given the construction contract?," I asked.

"L & T is too expensive. Instead of that we have appointed some engineers who will get it done from local contractors," Smita said.

"Using Aluminium Formwork System - as said on the website?," I asked.

"Yes," Smita.

"Of which company?," I.

"Mivan! We have already paid a few crores for the shuttering," Smita said.

"Whatever, giving possession of the first lot of buildings in 3 years would be "Guinness World Record"! All townships have taken more time!," I said.

"Second record! 1st - booking 3225 flats in 3 days. Right?," Smita said.

"Yes! The kind of hype you created was also a sort of record! Of course, credit goes to Pune property buyers. When they like something - they go for it without any inhibitions!," I said.

"60 per cent investors are form Mumbai and from other countries in the world. Only 40 per cent are from Pune!," Smita said.

(How shameful. I said to myself.)

"Agreements?," I asked.

"See this number 422 have already registered their agreements," pointing at her laptop, Smita, the queen of Xrbia, said.

(God bless them! I said to myself.)

Here are some the photographs of construction progress of Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune from Facebook:

View XRBIA, Nere Dattawadi, on Marunji Road, approx 7 kms from KPIT Cummins at Hinjewadi Pune in a larger map

Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Construction Progress Updates - January 2013

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  1. L&T was too expensive? And they found this out only when construction started and all advertisements were done naming L&T.
    Wow. Talk about poor planning and "bait and switch" strategy.

    1. Nice to see you, Abeer! Thanks for the comment.

      Did you notice one more change? In the launch ad. completion date was 31st December 2015!

  2. Proper imported marketing strategy :)
    'Gajar dakhavane' in marathi ;)

  3. so r they using the same technology that is being used in nanded city

  4. is there any space between those pillars to use when construction is complete?

  5. @मुक्ताफळे : How about parking a cycle ? ;)

  6. Ravi,

    In true sense, XRBIA is basically creating outlet for those people who have black money or so much of money they want to throw in garbage anyways...

    a real buyer who needs a *home* will never consider such project...

  7. What about this Ravi...




    1. You tell me more about your legal letter!

      Eiffel Developers and Realtors Ltd.
      Represented through its authorized signatory-
      Shri. Vishal Rasiklal Nahar
      Subject- Regarding the Possession of Plot _____ Silicon City as per the Agreement

      Indian Real Estate Forum - www.indianrealestateforum.com - XRBIA Hinjewadi by Hafeez Contractor - Legal letter to Mr. Nahar

    2. Are you representing all "investors" in "Silly Con" City?

      Look at this:

      1) Todays date your plot is Residential NA or is it IT NA ?

      Reply - The plots are now residential N/A but we are not sure how much of the plot is left with us.

      Eiffel developers while proposing township for XRBIA, cut our plot size to only 30-40% and showed remaining area as green/open space.

      He has done that so that he can get more fsi for his xrbia project (as per township rules atleast 50% area has to be open space).

      He has done this without any consultation with plot owners and now he is not giving correct answers, he is trying to take us for a ride.

      We have formed a group and are consulting a lawyer on this matter.

      I would not invest hard earned money with this developer, if you really have extra cash and couple of lakhs is not much for you ..then you might be right customer for these schemes as they are pure gambles...it can multiply 2-3 times in next 8-10 years

      but if there is no permissions, then it will just remain in same condition. check all sairung plots...plots there are sold from year 95 ,,but after 15+ years..investors have not realized anything..

      2) At what stage most of the people booked the plots, I mean was it a proposed NA stage when u guys booked the plot ? Did you guys paid full amount of plot at the time of booking this plot ?

      reply - I have booked this plot in 2005..that time they had got a IT N/A for phase one and phase 2. Mine is in phase 2. We had to pay full amount within 6 months of purchasing the plot

      3) Did you guys got seperate 7/12 extract and sale deed individually or u did agreement and then land will be transferred to the name of common society ?

      reply - no separate 7/12 extract, only sale deed with seller.

      Review on Goodland county NA & proposed NA plots - Page 4 - Indian Real Estate Forum - www.indianrealestateforum.com

    3. I am one of Eiffel's Bakra who is in same situation as mentioned in above comment. I will not even call it a gamble where you have at least some hope to gain something, here for sure you will end up loosing whatever you put in. "ye Eiffel khokle vado par khada hai".

      I've not yet sent above notice only because I am waiting for final deadline to get over , reason behind posting above letter here is just to save others from being next BAKRA, so please 'is kasai se bachke raho'.
      Only + point is Eiffel serve as a medicine to sleeping addiction.

    4. Thanks, WareRealty! I admire you for sharing your legal letter on my blog. I am sure your experience will save a few lives.

      Still, I would like to ask you - Do you think that Xrbia is a 'new remix avtar' of the old Silly Con (City) Game?

    5. No I do not think so, I know XRBIA is loot on large scale where sily con city scam is like traffic police in front of Kalmadi.

  8. Ms. Smita Monterio,

    One question for you.
    In your acadamics when you learn the word "Marketing" what meaning you understood or did take home ?
    I am sure you have understood as "Daylight Robbing".
    There are robbers as we all know who steals or robs from people. But they are truly honest people for the reason that THEY KNOW they are "Robber".
    But people like you do the job of "Robbing" under the sugarcoated word as "Marketing Strategy" and all those bullXXXt words...

    Ms. Smita stop stealing others hard earn money...

  9. i really want to meet mr Rahul Nahar as he associated with other land projects do you think the land project which is offered from him are good to invest or they are fake as you have projected him and his work.

    1. You will find answer in the above comments!
      Best wishes to you - Rambo!

  10. Please, have a look at this complaint -

    I will finally say that either you give me 15% discount and accept my cheque or else i want to exit from this deal without any loss..i cant bear single rs loss for your mistakes.

    plus i want my whole money back @ 10% interest on amount which you blocked (181758 + 562138+5500) plus additional 1 lakh rs for embarrassing me to this extend..

    I was supposed to tell my other friends to invest in your scheme but now i will not suggest anybody about xrbia...

    As a customer my humble request to you people that please improve lot lot lot on customer service area and don't convey any wrong massage which may leads customer to suffer financially and mentally..otherwise customer have no option but to exit from Xrbia...

    Very disappointed with your services,

    Ashwini Pandit

    Flat with xrbia hinjewadi developers | ConsumerComplaints.in

  11. Ravi Sir, God bless u, r doing nice job by educating buyers.

  12. Great blog- really enjoyed reading it. Have bookmarked you and will check back regular. Please feel free to take a look at my blog... Jaycee Bhagtani Serenity

  13. Mr Ravi,

    What about new XRBIA project at Hinjewadi Road (Talegaon). How is the location and prospects from connectivity and development perspective. Whether resale will be easy after 4 years ( if delivered)?


  14. RAVI SIR

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Greetings from Team XRBIA!

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you we would like to inform you
    that we now have a dedicated Customer Care Team to address and resolve all your queries or difficulties.

    To register your complain you can call us on: 022-61320087 or WhatsApp us on: +91 86688 27718 you can also write to us at customercare@xrbia.comwith information of your booking details.

    Our team will get back to you soon.

    Team XRBIA