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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Should I Cancel My Booking in XRBIA Hinjewadi?

Sar salamat to pagadi pachas!

Pune Real Estate Investors at Xrbia - Nere Dattawadi, on Marunji Road, approx 7 kms from KPIT Cummins at Hinjewadi IT Park - 159
Pune Real Estate Investors at Xrbia - Nere Dattawadi, on Marunji Road, approx 7 kms from KPIT Cummins at Hinjewadi IT Park - 159

Most popular question of the month was -
"Should I Cancel My Booking in XRBIA Hinjewadi?"

For me a question about cancellation of booking is not new. From Saturday, October 27, 2007, the day Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge Hinjewadi was launched, you are asking me about the cancellation of booking.

But all these years, I never gave a straight answer - Yes or No. Instead of that, I tried to discuss positive & negative points of the project and let you decide.

But not so about XRBIA Hinjewadi. Generally, throughout the August, questions & answers about cancellation of booking in XRBIA Hinjewadi went like this:

Should I Cancel My Booking in XRBIA Hinjewadi? - You.

No! You shouldn't!! Didn't you read my blog on XRBIA? It's best deal for a stupid investor like you - I.

But, I am not stupid! - You.

OK. But, you are an investor. Right? - I.

Yes! I am innocent investor. I don't have any knowledge about real estate. After reading your blogs on Xrbia, I realized that I should reconsider my decision. What should I do? Should I cancel my booking in XRBIA Hinjewadi? - You.

Yes. You must cancel your booking in XRBIA - I

Are you sure? - You.

Very much sure. Cancel your booking in XRBIA - I

But, If I cancel, I will lose 25,000 Rupees - You

What if you lose all? - I

What if XRBIA completes as promised? I will lose an opportunity! - You.

So what? Sar salamat to pagadi pachas! - I

View XRBIA, Nere Dattawadi, on Marunji Road, approx 7 kms from KPIT Cummins at Hinjewadi Pune in a larger map

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  1. Ravi, I'm so glad that you've published this article.

    From the time you published an article exposing how XRBIA was a part of the builders destroying our eco-system by bringing down hills in the area, I've been against XRBIA and did send across the article to my friends (prospective buyers).

    We are also to blame for this destruction. We're the ones who fund this destruction by purchasing properties in these projects.

    Atleast this way we're doing our part of saving our environment and making Pune a better place to live in.

    Thank you Sir!!

    1. Thanks, AN! Let us save our environment and make Pune a better place to live.

  2. I read your each & every blog, I respect you passion & affection about affordable housing to real end user.

    However, what you have written above is purely an emotional blackmailing.
    You are trying to emotionally harass people who have booked apartments in XRBIA.

    First, You tried to divert people against it by writing spicy blog’s against Xrbia.

    When you realized that XRBIA still has managed 100% Booking, You are trying to puzzle people with advice of cancelling the booking.

    You think, You are the only 1 wise person who knows everything about Pune real estate.?

    It seems you are concerned with your Google Adsense income only.
    More spicier the blog more will be the readers, Which means more income for you.

    Some builder might consider filing a legal case against you for emotional harassment.

    You do Good work, but you pollute it with biased attitudes like in case of XRBIA.

    I am not supporting XRBIA, but I am against your attitude of emotional blackmailing.

    Your previous recommendations (e.g Golden Palms), Non-recommendations (e.g. Woodsville, Celestial City) have been proved against you.

    That also just shows, No one can say I have complete knowledge. It’s always a learning curve throughout life, Remember Mr. Karandeekar.

    1. Ravi I am with you,you are at least speaking for truth what is clearly visisble.
      One fact I would like to mention you Ravi,which i learnt from presidentofxrbia.com contest,it seems xrbia people have hired these software guys who are maintaning everything for them,I mean online marketing..and they are super bugs theya re everywhere they comment to supress the truth,these are hired online professionals,they tries to dtop my voice when I tried to get the truth of presidentofxrbia contest..On facebook these guys commented on me disguised as if they don't know each other but when i checked their profile they all belonged to same company.

      Ravi I am with you and respect your posts......with good work if income is coming so it should not concern your audience coz u r providing crititcal info's and ven not charging them..this should feel lucky for modern technology infact..

    2. Dear Rahul,

      I want to save those who have invested in XRBIA. By requesting them to cancel their bookings in XRBIA.

      Instead of talking about Ravi Karandeekar. Please, join me and help those who have invested in XRBIA, Rahul!

    3. Very true, Abdul! Look at this:

      What made this campaign unique is, for the first time a real estate player in India realized the strength of social media and was ready to face the masses (!)

      XRBIA, 1st Real Estate Player to Engage Huge Audience through Social Media - Moneylife

    4. I completely agree with Rahul

      Ravi: With this kind of posts, You are not helping any end user.

      You are just adding confusion in the society. Is that what you are intended to do as well.??

      Your intentions might be right based up on the information you have.
      But, Your opinion may or may not be correct.

      You are trying do brainwash for all prospective buyers.,(Same way MLM companies like Amway, Modiguard, Bajaj are known for).

      From the way you are writing the blog. It's seems you are just hungry for Publicity, fame, Spicy writing, More page views on the name of educating innocent buyers.

      If you recommend people to cancel the booking, why don’t you write down the list of specific reasons & publish it.

      You mentioned a lot about XRBIA affecting the environment by cutting the hill & so on.

      Same is the case with Paranjape Forest Trails, when you wrote a blog on “Forest Trails”. You purposefully & systematically skipped to aware innocent buyers about same.

      If XRBIA is wrong then other builders who are doing the same are also wrong?, But you never publish about them.

    5. YEs Ravi and after reading the link you provided above....I came across the company name StudioHigh and the sam ewere the guys from same company bugging me disguised as some random commenters on facebook but all were from same company...see Ravi now i can say you are the boon of modern technology and these guys are bane.....people have to decide smartly....

    6. First of all, Pune real estate buyers are smart enough to know what is good or bad for them. People will take their own call after hearing all people's opinion. In fact, more than 90% of reader base is not interested in buying real estate in pune this year (or even anytime in future).

      Ravi has pointed out two points :
      1. sanctions, approvals, legality of project.
      2. Environmental impact of project.

      Anybody from Xrbia or reader base can come clear on point 1 by simply giving a website address which mentions about all sanctions XRBIA has received. If XRBIA can mention project approval number of nationalized bank like SBI, then it will put all doubts to rest. Or it can just start making agreement with buyers for apartments. That will be the best thing to get mouth publicity.

      For point 2, hardly anybody minds cutting down hills or forest for urbanization. This is the only way to go. Instead of letting city prices go sky-high it is better to cut few hills and make space for real estate.

      As a sidenote, it is irrational to buy a property in Hinjewadi at rate of 3000 Rs/sq.ft. when IT companies have delayed joining of many freshers by a year or more.

    7. I have also observed that Ravi does not reply to the comments which clearly states how Ravi has biased opinion.
      As mentioned by few others, there are too many real estate projects which destroyed nature. Ravi didn't say a word about it.

    8. You are spot on Rohit!

      You asked: "If you recommend people to cancel the booking, why don’t you write down the list of specific reasons & publish it."

      I have already given 3 reasons.

      1) Offer - completely focused on collecting money from the investors. No interest in actual home buyers who have limited budget.

      2) Demolition of hill - not having enough buildable land for the special township. Don't forget what happened when Eiffel Olympia did the same thing.

      3) Not having all necessary sanctions & approvals at this point of time.

      These 3 reasons are more than enough to cancel.
      However, I have taken this issue seriously. I am also doing lot of research & investigations. Which I am going to write in coming days. So, please, keep on visiting.

    9. Dear Rohit,

      1) The other projects, you have mentioned, hasn't done anything like XRBIA!

      2) If the first criminal is not caught - why catch the second one - may be your ethics, but not mine.

      I feel sorry for all who don't understand the importance of the crime against Mother Nature.

    10. Dear Ravi,

      Glad to here from you.

      1) Offer - Whether Life Republic which is quoting much higer rates is worth?
      You still wrote good words about it.

      2) Demolition of hill - As I have already mentioned, Forest Trails has also done the same thing. Many builders near Baner & Bavdhan has also done same.
      You never wrote any thing against them. Suddenly you have awaken about mother nature at the time of XRBIA.
      I can't see anything you have written till date about about mother nature except XRBIA.
      However Still, I support this reason. It's better to be late then Never.

      3) Not having all necessary sanctions & approvals at this point of time.
      I strongly support this reason.
      But, You have sweet spoken about Tropica when they were not having all approvals in place. Why ?? (No Non-sense reason here)

      These all are nothing but a very good example of being Bias.

      If the first Criminal is not caught, You should go back & catch him as well. Not only second one or not leave both of them either.

      It is your biased attitude which is a problem,
      I still think, You have pure intentions to educate buyers.

      Take it positively, No one is born perfection. Learning is non-ending process.

    11. Dear Rohit,

      1) What are you trying to do? Are you trying to prove that I am "biased" about XRBIA? Are you trying to prove that XRBIA is as good as any other project in Pune real estate market? Right?

      Go ahead! Try your best.

      Give me an opportunity to prove how "different" XRBIA is from any normal (good or bad) project in Pune real estate market.

      1) Understand, it's not about the high or low property rate. It's about being honest.

      2) No project has done any damage to environment like XRBIA. And of course, like Eiffel Olympia.

      Certainly, not Forest Trails.

      Please, understand that it's not an emotional issue. It's legal issue. There are laws about construction on hill top & hill slope. Action is taken on those projects which break the law. As a citizen it's your duty to inform the authority when you notice this type of crime. And act against the authorities when they don't take any action. So, please, if you know any, go ahead & take action. Don't justify the crime. Prove that you are educated & responsible citizen.

      Environment clearance, to protect the environment from real estate development, is a serious test every big project has to pass.

      3) Yes, I have recommended to consider Tropica and made it clear - why I am doing so though it hasn't received sanctions & approvals. If you learn the difference between the honest & dishonest offers & builders, you will understand the reason.

      4) Being biased is an individual issue. Crime is impersonal. Social issue.

      I feel free to express my bias. In fact, as a blogger, being biased about something is my privilege. For example, Tropica. And I feel proud about it.

      I feel sorry when someone doesn't understand that he has become a victim and try to protect the criminal. I feel sorry for you.

    12. Your advice about cancellation is a valued and well-thought one. Yes, one will lose Rs 25000/-, but will the builder return the booking amount without delay? If he dilly-dallies, what option a customer has? Please advice.

  3. http://myxrbiavisit.blogspot.in/2012/08/xrbiaconfluence-of-nature-and-humanity.html

    I worte on xrbia few months back,I am not in favour of Xrbia,sice it seems to me to be a fake deal,but i like the location,so i wrote on the beauty of place but be cautioned i am not in favour of any1 buying in xrbia at all.

  4. Hello All,

    Don't make fool of yourself by booking any flat in Pune for next 6 month...you will be highly disappointed if you do so.

    As per servey, all big projects are not even 50% sold and good news for buyers is that Real estate recession is already arrived in Pune and homes will be cheap by 10-12 lakhs minimum.

    All builders are panicked now as there are no buyers...so you can see so many prelaunch offers from bilders like Amit for Undri scheme and ready possession home are available every where.

    Only bilders are not reducing rate and next logical step would be crash of price bubble in pune which will happen soon due to global recession.

    So wait and watch...your dream home will be affordable soon:-)

  5. "As per servey, all big projects are not even 50% sold and good news for buyers is that Real estate recession is already arrived in Pune and homes will be cheap by 10-12 lakhs minimum".

    Forget Sandeep...Over the years in a last decade, Pune builders have earned huge money. So, they don't really bother even if their projects are not even 50%sold. They can wait and bear the delay (in terms of money). Secondly there has been no project which was not sold 100% after 3 years of its completion...even the worst project of worst builder. Fatty Builders smile happily and feel proud for their last two- three -ready -possession flats being sold at higher prices. They do not fear the recession. I think Ravi will agree upon it.

    "next logical step would be crash of price bubble in pune which will happen soon due to global recession"....Now the buyers...the real estate investors...These investors have lot of money and due to 2-3 members in a family earning around Rs. 50,000/- per month, they can easily purchase property. Then they proudly say we have recently purchased our third luxurious flat in Pune...so rates and prices do not matter for them..and hence to the builders,too. I pray for you and wish your Bhavishyavani to become reality....But anyway...since real estate business is still flourishing Ravi can write something for us (I like to read his writing) and also earn something for him as a real estate consultant...

  6. Anushka...valid points
    But situation is worse than ever in economy
    And builders are trying their level best to fool Pune investots who will bankrupt in next 4-5 years

    Morgan Stanley on Monday lowered India's growth forecast to 5.1 per cent for the current fiscal, from its earlier estimate of 5.8 per cent.
    GDP growth could slide even deeper -- to 4.3 per cent in 2012-13.

    I am concerned about jobs in IT instead of price appriciation of some dead investment homes.

    I have frds who purchased 2 BHK home of 50-60 lakhs and now nobody is ready to take it for rent and also there are no buyers.
    These frds are repenting and crying and even ready to sell these home at purchased price due to high EMI or even less price.


  7. Hi Sandeep,
    I think you have sellers in your hand and Anushka has buyers in her contacts. Both of you, between yourselves, can make few deals. :)
    India is a nation of savers. whereas USA is a nation of consumers. So India takes a lot of time to deflate a real estate bubble.
    What intelligent person can do is invest in FD and wait for 10 years. These flats would be available at same price (because of no growth in jobs or stagnation in salary increases or no US visa). You can buy flats at that time.

  8. I am reading your blogs on Xrbia from last one month. I am little confused on how we can trust XRBIA.
    I found one of my friends, who had booked a flat in Xrbia, being confused on whom to listen. He also questioned the honesty of Xrbia. He learned that Pune Xrbia sales agent sold 1 BHK smart flats as a non-premium flats. Customer were convinced by sales agents that back view is non-premium view, as those flats come at back side and cannot have premium view with one view balcony except corner flats. Looking at a plan, anyone can be convinced that you will see only boundary wall /open vehicle parking from back view.
    Now after booking, it was surprise for those buyers, as customer executives from Mumbai branch asking for premium value on the flats. How you will react if you are a buyer and made a deal on the booking date by paying (20% amount + Service tax + Vat). At this moment, you have lost the choice of selecting a different flat, if your budget doesn’t allow premium value and that to 230 sq.ft. flat. Another joke was Buyers have received emails with text saying provisional allotment letter, but no attachment of provisional letter. Allotment receipt was sent again in the name of provisional letter. No original hard copy is provided. Buyer has to refer color print-out of PDF document sent through email.
    If you go through xrbia website FAQ, It is confirmed that booking will be accepted only on payment of 20% amount on booking date. So booking was finalized on the booking date itself by Xrbia sales agents.
    Learning these cases, I am worried about those customers.
    Can’t Xrbia exclude the premium amount for them, which may be recovered till date though collective interest of booking amount. Xrbia is claiming that they are selling budget house. Then why the premium amount on back-view flats of 230 sq.ft?
    What do you suggest Ravi, Can those customer go to consumer court, if Xrbia force them to pay premium amount? These flat owners received allotment receipts. They also have signed doc from Xrbia sales agent, which can prove that they paid the booking amount for the flat on booking date.
    Many 1 BHK smart buyer of XRBIA may come with this query.

    1. Dear Jageraho, always remember that you are not dealing with amateurs. These are the masters. Masters who have achieved excellence in this type of operation.

  9. Dear all readers, I am also buyer like you and looking to book a flat in Pune.One thing I have noticed about Ravi's blog is they are very biased and in this blog also he started with launching of Paranjape Scheme Blue Ridge project. Now interesting thing here my friends is Owner of Paranjape Developers is Ravi's Uncle(close relative rather say Ravi's MAMA)....So I guess bhanja is doing his job well.Rest all of you are intelligent enough.After I came to know this fact me and my husband has stopped following Ravi's blog.

    1. Dear Ragini, I admire your sense of humor! You used me to make fun of me!! Hats of to you!!! Look! Mukesh took it seriously!!!

  10. Ravi..Awaiting your reply to Ragini's allegation? Is that the reason you advocating Forest Trail over Xrbia?

    1. Dear Mukesh,

      While discussing "Who is Ravi Karandeekar?" on Page 19 of Indian Real Estate Forum - www.indianrealestateforum.com - you said:

      Ravi Karandeekar - your posted article about XRBIA on your blog. There in one of your post you favour another builder's project over XRBIA, and another girl there questioned you if you are a relative of that builder whom you favoured over XRBIA (the builder is your uncle) I too questioned you the same thing in XRBIA BLOG but a few days later i noticed neither that girls nor mine comments are available in that blog? Do you want me to give you builders name? and could you please clarify why our comments were removed?

      - Since, I can't reply you on forum, I can only request you to correct your statement. These are your comments and my answers!

  11. Please, have a look at this complaint -

    I will finally say that either you give me 15% discount and accept my cheque or else i want to exit from this deal without any loss..i cant bear single rs loss for your mistakes.

    plus i want my whole money back @ 10% interest on amount which you blocked (181758 + 562138+5500) plus additional 1 lakh rs for embarrassing me to this extend..

    I was supposed to tell my other friends to invest in your scheme but now i will not suggest anybody about xrbia...

    As a customer my humble request to you people that please improve lot lot lot on customer service area and don't convey any wrong massage which may leads customer to suffer financially and mentally..otherwise customer have no option but to exit from Xrbia...

    Very disappointed with your services,

    Ashwini Pandit

    Flat with xrbia hinjewadi developers | ConsumerComplaints.in

  12. Please write about Xrbia, Ravi i think your predication of 2012 is wrong........!!!