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Monday, June 16, 2008

Rohan Mithila at Viman Nagar, Pune - pre-launch bookings of 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats opens at Rs. 4,000 per sq.ft.

June 22, 2008 - official launch of Rohan Mithila:

Do you believe that Rs. 4,000 is a pre-launch offer of Rohan Mithila? Of course, this is a basic rate, plus there are premiums - garden facing and what not. Roughly, the budget of 2 bhk flat of 1,250 sq.ft. (approx) is around 50 lakh. 3 bhk flat of 1,600 sq.ft. (approx) is roughly around 80 lakh.

Do you know where the site is? Rohan Mithila is near Konark Puram, far inside the Viman Nagar, actually near Airport. Website of Rohan Builders is down, under maintenance. Brochures are not yet ready. But there is a site office. And, the sample flat! You can meet Manoj Joshi (91 93730 19141) at the site office. Pay him a token of 2 lakh rupees and take an advantage of pre-launch offer.

Special Discounts?:

I am not sure, but somebody told me. There are special discounts too. After visiting the sample flat if you could perform some simple wonders you become eligible for the discount. I want to take advantage of the discount scheme. I want to save couple of lakh rupees. That's why i postponed visiting the site. I am working on my bottle opening and idli eating skills.

Ravi Karandeekar - "Pride of Pune":

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Rohan Mithila - "Pride of Pune":

For any assisstance please contact:
Rohan Builders (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Pradeep Chambers,
813, Bhandarkar Institute Road,
Pune: 411004,

Tel : 91-20-2567-4413/14/15
Fax : 91-20-2565-1103
Mobile : +919373019139
Email :housing@rohanbuilders.com
Website: www.rohanbuilders.com


  1. Ravi - I haven't seen an update on this yet. Is 4000 still realistic for this property? Have people shown interest in this property? How do you compare Rohan Builders to Paranjpe builders? How do you compare Rohan Mithila to Blue Ridge or Megapolis

  2. Hello anonymous! Rohan Mithila was a totally disappointing experience. As i went on collecting information of Roahan Mithila and doing research of Viman Nagar and Nagar road to blog,i went on writing more and more sarcastically about the real estate development of the area and Rohan Builders. You see, i had spend few years of my advertising career in developing Viman Nagar as a brand for Lunkad Realty, then Lunkad Housing. Rohan Builders were also my client and i have watched their growth closely. If i express my disappointments, become over critical and too much sarcastic in my writing , i thought, i may confuse my readers. So i have taken a short break, i will regain my 'balanced view' and i will restart posting on Rohan Mithila at Viman Nagar. After all, Rohan Mithila is Pune's Pride!

  3. Hi ravi ,

    I also visited and found it to be one of the most amazing sites in Pune.

    Plan is good.

    Does 4000 do justice to the project?

  4. # ref:"Does 4000 do justice to the project?"

    At this point of time, from builders' point of and as well as from property buyers' point of you "Yes! 100%" But after completion of the project?

    "Yes! if 1) Indian government realizes that there is no point in maintaining Indian Air force.

    2) Pune municipal corporation constructs it's own dams and provides 24 hours filtered and purified water free of charge.

    3) Projects has many different plans and room dimensions but, i am sure, you can find lot of people who may be looking for exactly that type of a home with the same room dimensions, on the same floor, in the same corner of the project because they had seen exactly that home in their dream when they were 8 year old.

  5. Thanks Ravi , thats an interesting comment.

    I got the dig in 2nd point as viman nagar has water problems.

    butcouldnt get 1st and 3rd point.("Indian government realizes that there is no point in maintaining Indian Air force")

    Can you kindly elaborate them. I hope your policy towards viman nagar is now balanced :-)

  6. # ref: "I hope your policy towards viman nagar is now balanced :-)"
    Hope so! Thanks for the complement and comment.

    # ref: "1st and 3rd point"

    1st point - close to the air port is not a good location. Close to air force base is bad. The base is going to be there all the time.

    3rd point - Planning is wired. Whatever fits is fitted. Consuming FSI is the only goal.

    Only packaging is good, not the content. "When Magarpatta City or Amanora Park are so close by and offer better product in the same range, why anybody will consider Mithila?" I wonder.

  7. hmm.. I get the pointers now :-)

    But I heard they are giving noise proof double shield windows.

    and Airport at a walking distance could be a benefit or a drawback. depends.

    I also know that a new pipeline is coming to viman nagar in couple months , so water problem could be solved.

    I visited Amanora and Magarpatta , but was not impressed as much as I was by Mithila.

    The 5 star hotel within 300 meters of airport and 500 meters from Mithila residential is Leela , is it true?
    If so , I guess it will appreciate well in 2years

  8. do you think it is wise to buy a house in Rohan mithila though thaey are quoting very high

  9. Hi Mr ravi This is akj from pune.I am intersted to buy a 1 BHK flat in Viman nagar.I m salaried class person.which property dealer shall i approach in viman nagar,must be relable you understand,as the govt salaried class has no other source of income.Is viman nagar a right choice ,currently i stay in lohegaon.

  10. # Ref: "I am intersted to buy a 1 BHK flat in Viman nagar"

    Sorry, i can't recommend any! I can only suggest you to respond to classified ads or give yours and talk to the owner directly!

  11. hi ravi
    do you have any suggations on bunglow plots in pune. which area should i look at from development point of view

  12. Hi Ravi,

    Do you know if there are still flats available in this project, or if the rates have come down since 2008?