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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Magarpatta's Nanded City - Pune: Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, MP and Chairman, Pune Vyaspeeth, you too?

Suresh Kalmadi and Magarpatta's Nanded City! Impossible! How can Sharad Pawar and Suresh Kalmadi support and promote the same cause? (Even it is for the betterment of Pune!)

Recently, at a press conference, as per the news in ZDNetIndia, Suresh Kalmadi, MP (Indian National Congress) and chairman of Pune Vyaspeeth, the initiator of Hi Tech Pune-Maharashtra 2008 conference, said:

"This time we thought we will go a step further. We are happy to inform you that this year we are presenting the sunrise industry of animation and gaming under this banner."

Why Mr. Suresh Kalmadi?

Why are you so keen about "animation and gaming industry"? According to experts one of the reason for Pune to be chosen as a natural hub for animation industry is because its proximity to Bollywood. Another is the large student base the city has to offer.

You read Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog regularly. You and i know the truth. It is not as obvious as they say -
First, it was information technology, then came biotechnology and now Pune's heavyweights want to make a mark in the animation sector.
We know this is all about promoting Animation and Gaming Park in Nanded City - Pune. This Animation and Gaming Park, spread over 40 acres, is to be an integral part of the development here ( visit the layout of 700 acre Nanded City - Pune on Flickr). This industry which perpetually needs fresh thoughts and ideas will provide an immense employment opportunity for the young educated genre who will find Nanded City ideal to work and settle in.

Was Mr. Sharad Pawar serious?

You know, when i visited the venue of launch of Nended City - Pune, my co passenger described it as a "Sharad Pawar's company's program!".

I did not pay much attention to him because in Pune real estate market, i meet at least 10 people every day who give me an exclusive news about which politician owns which real estate project.

But on the occasion of launch of Nanded City - Pune, Sharad Pawar, Union Minister for Agriculture and founder and leader of Nationalist Congress Party, himself talked about his "ownership" of Nanded City - Pune!

Mr. Sharad Pawar said, other day in Delhi, he saw a magzine. His photo was on the cover, so he opened it. The magazine said 'Sharad Pawar is launching his 2nd mega township in Pune.' First was Magarpatta, said magazine. On this Sharad Pawar told the audience, "Yes i wish. I would have been happy. But, however, I support! Because these boys are doing something good. Good for the common man. For the farmers!" Then Sharad Pawar started talking about serious issues - farming, employment in rural Maharashtra and urbanization. Great! One more example of great oratory skills of Sharad Pawar, i said to myself.

Hello! Mr. Ravi Karandeekar?

I do not know exactly why Mr. Suresh Kalmadi or Mr. Sharad Pawar are so much interested in Nanded City - Pune. You are free to guess about their role or hold in the 700 acre mega township on Sinhagad road.

But, please, control your imagination when you think of me. I am only a blogger. I blog Pune real estate market news. You can subscribe, express your views in the comments, follow me on Twitter to keep yourself updated about latest Pune real estate market news. You can feel free to call me on mobile 91 98600 44110 to discuss, suggest and consult about any project in Pune real estate market.

But you should never think that i can help you in booking 1 bhk, 2 bhk or a 3 bhk flat in Nanded City - Pune. Whenever anybody calls me, i make it clear that i am not working for or i am not an booking agent or i do not have any 'connection' to Nanded City Pune.

For the official information about the bookings you should call:
Nanded City Pune's office on
91 020 6470 5471 / 72 / 74
in the office hours - 10.30 am to 6.30 pm(IST).

Of course, i wish, i...kidding... sounds politically correct!

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