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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Looking for the People's House

But the economics of India are fast changing and there is a growing awareness of a rising lower middle class. The Tatas have realized this and have just given us the ‘people’s car’; will someone please give us the ‘people’s house’

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  1. Thanks very much Ravi for starting this tread.
    No doubt this is very sensitive issue for many many middle class families. Why not? working middle class is growing with growing economy which is helpless on inflation, TAX trap which is unavoidable, rising educational costs (fees etc). By doing all this, many even dream of having their 1bhk home which is costing anything around 20 L.
    With Nano now, even rikshawala will afford a 1 L car which not actually a basic need but in our country of billionaires, so called reputed business houses and best democratic country a middle class cannot afford a house (actually a flat).
    Shame on all these businesses, selfish multi billionaires and our pro-industry economic policies!!! To be frank I do not have words beyond this...

  2. Thanks for the comment, Anil! I have a hope. Looking at the way all business are changing, i have a hope, real estate industry will also change.