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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Is Nanded City, Pune all about real estate development?

No!, Satish Magar says, no, 'Nanded City' is not about only real estate development. It is a re-enactment of the "Inclusive Model" of Magarpatta City which has been based on the participation of original farmer - land owners.
At the same time, it is not only 'A farmers' co-cooperative - real estate development project.'

You know well, how one Sunday morning, while coming back from Sinhagad, i realized that everybody in Pune is talking about Magarpatta's upcoming township Nanded City. From that day till i meet Satish Magar and his devoted team, i have realized that Nanded City is more than a real estate project.

Magarpatta Model:

Of course, i knew the importance of Magarpatta and how it has become a Model of development. I knew, Indian and International economists, thinkers, experts and business leaders were studying and recommending "Magarpatta Model". But, i also knew, for a fact, no body was implementing it! No body means, nobody in the last ten years, has even started a single project based on the Magarpatta Model. Not even Mr. Satish Magar!

Ratan Tata:

On this back ground, for me Nanded City, first of all, is a personal victory of Satish Magar. An achievement as an inventor of Magarpatta Model, leader of the farmers in Maharashtra, promoter and developer of integrated township, Chairman and Managing director of a public limited company. Like Nano, 1 lakh car, is a personal victory of Ratan Tata.

Good thing is, this personal achievement of Satish Magar and Ratan Tata, is also going to make a huge difference in our personal life as well as our life as a nation. On a simple level, in Nanded City our children will 'walk to school' and all of us will drive safely in our Nano on any rainy day.

Old Man walking:

On a bigger level, some times directly but most of the time indirectly, Nanded City, first project based on the Magarpatta Model, is going to play an important role. At this point of time, we may not imagine the impact of the launch of Nanded City. Because most of the time we fail or do not bother much about many important events when they actually take place. For example, 61 year old man walking 241 miles in 24 days.

Learned decision:

You may be wondering, why you are reading all this on Pune real estate market news blog. If Nanded City really has any kind of economical, political or social importance then this should be written somewhere else but here. You are absolutely right and agree with you. However, as a real estate salesman and blogger, i believe in assisting my clients and readers in making a learned decision. I believe it's my duty to make you aware about what you can and can't expect when you are buying a home.

You must have realized when Nanded City is the topic of conversation invariably few terms are often used again and again. These terms are what we call in search engine marketing 'keywords'. Keywords which will give you clear idea about the importance of Nanded City on a larger canvas, Indian and international level.

Emotional Intelligence:

I am only going to list the keywords which you can Google whenever you feel like. For sure, i know, you will not only Google them but you will give serious thought to these issues. Because I have seen, most of the time when you almost make up your mind to book a particular flat, you go beyond the convenience and comfort, specifications and amenities. From materialistic rational person you become spirituals, philosophical and emotional intellectual.

You give some thought to at least basic principals of Vastu, Fengshuai, Bio architecture, Organic Architecture or something on these lines. In the same fashion, i am sure, you will consider the social - economical - political relevance of Nanded City when you are serious about booking a flat in an integrated township or even in a single building. Here is a list -
1) Urbanization
2) Indian tire 2 cities
3) Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
4) Land acquisition
5) Inclusive development
6) Indian framer
7) Indian Infrastructure development
8) SEZ policy
9) Indian IT industry
10) Investments in emerging markets
11) Sub-prime crisis
12) Hedge funds
13) Foreign Direct Investment In India

Of course, this is not a complete list. I am sure, you will add few more keywords in your comments. However, please, let me know in the comments, how much importance you are going to give to these points when you will make up your mind to book a 2 bhk, 3 bhk or even 1 bhk flat in Nanded City - Pune. I am sure, it would be a hot Pune real estate market news!

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