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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pune Home Buyer, Hurry Up! Make a Fool of Yourself!!

“We are all born ignorant,
but one must work hard to remain stupid.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Launch Event of DSK Aanandghan at DSK Vishwa:

From 19th to 25th December 2013, D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd. (www.dskdl.com) organized launch event of DSK Aanandghan at DSK Vishwa, Dhayari, off Sinhagad Road in Pune.

I visited the event twice. On 20th & 23rd December.

At DSK Aanandghan, Mr. Milind Patange, V P Marketing, explained me the planning & pricing, construction plan & technology, ethical business practices & transparency in transaction, response & number of bookings.

Mr. Milind personally took me to the site of DSK Aanandghan and explained the floor plan of every flat in each wing - drawn to scale - on the open plot. He even gave me a ride in the golf cart - which was kept specifically for the senior citizens.

From the viewing machan - specially erected at the height of an attached terrace of the flat on the first floor of DSK Aanandghan - I enjoyed the view of Nanded City Pune, UrbanGram Kirkatwadi, Khadakwasla Dam, Sinhagad Fort & Sunset - for which you have to pay premium property rate.

Mr. Milind gave me tour of entire DSK Vishwa and showed me all special attractions - Temple, Waterfall, Hospital, Pu La Deshpande Katta & Nature Park, DSK School. He also showed me the previous 5 phases of DSK Vishwa - Chandrama & Rohini, Bhaskara & Vasudha, Varun & Pawan, Saptasur, Meghamalhar, Akash Row Houses, Vishwa Villas & Sayantara Developed Plots.

Mr. Milind did one more interesting thing. He told me all about 'DSK Dream City Fursungi' - upcoming special township of D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd. - but, he requested me not to write about it.

At the end of visit, when I thanked Mr. Milind for sparing so much time for me - Mr. Milind said, "I didn't give you a 'special treatment'. At DSK every visitor is VIP!"

"Yes! I have seen - experienced - that in these 2 days!! Still, I would have liked if you had said - Ravi Karandeekar, you are the most influential Pune real estate blogger - so, entertaining you well was my corporate strategy & duty!," I said.

In short, at the launch event of DSK Aanandghan, I did everything, DSK expected me to do - except booking a 1 BHK or a 2 BHK Flat by giving a cheque of Rs. 2 Lakh.

I took a few photos of DSK Vishwa & the brochure of DSK Aanandghan and reached the bus stop.

12th Anniversary Celebration of Stupidity:

At the DSK Vishwa bus stop, pointing at the brochure in my hand, a senior citizen asked me, "Did you book a flat?"

"No. I didn't," I said.

"Why?," asked the senior citizen at the bus stop.

"I didn't book a flat - because - I am not stupid. I know that 'booking a flat' is a stupid way of buying a home. 'Booking a flat at the launch of project' is the height of stupidity," I said.

"I booked a flat in the first phase of DSK Vishwa. My wife says, that's the only wise thing I have done in my life!," said the senior citizen at the bus stop.

"OMG! Look how stupid you are!! You even don't know that you are a stupid!!!," I said and started laughing.

"Are you mad? I am 'the' retired judge of Bombay High Court!!," said the senior citizen at the bus stop.

"Then, My Retired Lord, - at 8 pm - what are you doing at the bus stop?," I asked.

"I can do whatever I want to do - I live here. Tell me - if booking a flat is stupidity - then - why did you visit?," asked the senior citizen at the bus stop.

"Because, I am Ravi Karandeekar - Pune real estate blogger. For me, this event was more than the launch of DSK Aanandghan, 6th Phase of DSK Vishwa. For me, this was 12th Anniversary Celebration of Stupidity! And you know what? On this occasion, for the first time in my life, I could meet, talk and shoot a photo with Mr. DSK - who conceptualized & popularized 'Celebration of Stupidity' in 2000 - when the first phase of DSK Vishwa was launched!," I said.

"There are more fools in the world than there are people"
- Christian Johann Heinrich Heine

I received a call on my mobile 919860044110, so I couldn't continue my conversation with the senior citizen at the bus stop.

While I was on the phone, one grand father with a baby in a beautiful baba gadi stopped near the bus stop. Grand father lifted the child and went near the advertisement of DSK Vishwa on the bus stop.

The baby touched the face of a baby in the DSK's ad and started giggling loudly. The grand father stood there for a while and let the baby touch & kiss the baby in the DSK's ad.

A young couple came and stood near the baba gadi. The young lady said, "झालं का - आता चला"

The grand father obeyed the young lady. He came immediately and tried to keep the baby in baba gadi. But the baby refused to sit. Crying loudly it started pushing & kicking it's legs. With her tiny hands, it went on requesting her grand father to lift and take her to the baby in the DSK's ad.

The young man - must be the father - took charge of the baba gadi and started walking. The young lady - must be his wife - followed her husband,

"Your baby is lonely. She wants a brother or a sister!," I said to the grand father who was left behind.

"Yes! Very badly!! That's what I told to my daughter. Don't stop at one. It's unfair - not right - for a baby. You know what she said? - If you are ready to pay the EMI of my flat - I will stop working and - start delivering one baby per annum - for the next 20 years!," said the grand father.

"EMI for a Baby - did you accept the proposal?," I asked.

"No! I said - I have already made one mistake - I will not make the second!," said the grand father.

"What mistake?," I asked.

"Paying the own contribution for booking a 2 BHK flat. It would have been better if they had rented the flat - instead of living for a bank - they would have lived for their family!," said the grand father.

"Why did you pay for the own contribution? To protect your daughter from her husband?," I asked.

"No. No. Not like that. My son in law is a gem of a person. In fact, he was against booking. It was my daughter who insisted on booking a flat. There was some special offer. She gave token amount and told me to arrange for the balance in a week. She convinced me that - time is of essence - if not now - then never - they can pay EMI - what they don't have is only the own contribution - if they wait to save the own contribution - and in the mean time if the property prices go up - it may become impossible for them to own a home - In fact, my son in law was ready to take a personal loan - but, my daughter told him - no - instead of paying exorbitant interest rate for a personal loan - we will borrow from my father - so, I said - accept my interest free loan and return whenever you can!," said the grand father.

"I see...you know? This was all planned - scripted - written," I said.

"Means? Who planned? Who wrote?," asked the grand father.

"Certainly, Mr. D S K! Let me tell you the script DSK wrote for your daughter," I said and started narrating -

Your daughter & son in law are already searching - planning - thinking - about buying a flat - but couldn't make up mind - were getting cold feet every time.

But, one fine morning, a big ad in the newspaper - swept them off their feet - Launching Today - Special Launch Offer - Only for 7 Days - Save Rs. 6 to 11 Lakhs.

They rush to the site - a beautifully decorated huge pandal welcomes them - imposing picture of some goddess gives them assurance, courage & confidence.

Someone is sincerely trying to tell them about a flat - about a project - but they are lost in the offer - they are least interested in information - they are only interested in the numbers.

Special Saving for these 7 Days (Rs.): 7,30,000 - Amount to be Paid At the time of Booking (Rs.): 2,00,000 - Payment within 15 Days (Rs.): 10,31,000 - EMI for 20 Years (Rs.): 49,151

All numbers - particularly EMI for 20 Years (Rs.): 49,151 - look within their reach - they are almost on the verge of fulfilling their dream.

Suddenly your daughter hears loud clapping - the salesman sitting with them also starts clapping - mesmerizing voice announces "booking"!

Your daughter also start clapping - son in law gets up to have a look - the property buyer ceremoniously receives booking receipt - at that moment - your daughter says - we are the next - yes, we are the next - words come out of your son in law's mouth.

The End!

"You know what happened after 'The End'," I said and gave him the printed brochure of costing of DSK Aanandghan.

The grand father read the costing table of a 2 BHK Flat carefully - and said, "You know? For the last few days - I was wondering - how can people take an instant decision of booking a flat? You are right. The offer is put in such a way - that anybody can get carried away - lose his mind - and become a slave of a bank! No wonder my daughter was telling me again and again - time is of essence - if not now - then never! Who is this DSK - a builder or ब्रम्हदेव?"

"That's not the question. Question is - Are we fools?," I said.

"DSK knows that we all are! We want prices to fool us!! He is genius!!!," said the grand father.

"Yes! Not only DSK - all builders in Pune know that - there are more fools in the world than there are people. That's why - every builder in Pune spends crores of rupees and organizes launch event of project - with special launch offer - and invites every would be Pune home buyer - "Hurry up, Make a Fool of Yourself!" - That's why a launch event of housing project is nothing but a celebration of stupidity," I said.

Contact DSK Aanandghan at DSK Vishwa, Dhayari, off Sinhagad Road, Pune:

Click to Visit Location Map of DSK Aanandghan at DSK Vishwa

Sales Office: 020 2438 0558 / 2438 1021

Email: sales@dskdl.com


D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd.
1187/60, J. M. Road, Shivajinagar,
Pune - 411 005.

Marketing Dept.:
+91 20 6604 7100, 6604 7110

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  1. What baffles me the most is the simple math that the so called engineers of the IT world cannot comprehend !. You are the ones who cracked the JEEs solving 40 questions in 10 minutes !! whats gone wrong now ? . I get it.. you dont have a coaching class for property purchase training. Ravi i would like to start a coaching class for property purchase. Are you in ?

    1. Thanks, GipsyKing! My new year resolution - "a coaching class for property purchasers!"

  2. I think the articles and the blogger are trying to thrive on the frustration among public.
    Mostly all articles are criticising mode. People like to read criticism.

    Just like we like to hear Anna Hazare criticising UPA govt. Both have succeeded in their agenda to gain public appeal.

    Probably more people will read a critical article and then go to book a flat in DSK.
    Maybe this is the "real" agenda.

    1. Dear Ritesh,

      "We have seen too much defeatism, too much pessimism, too much of a negative approach" (Margo Jones).


  3. Hi Ravi,

    Now recent trend to sell flats with launching offers or price hike fear from builders," its new year ready reckoner rate hike, so save ur stamp duty & registration charge ( as per builder adv)," could you please add your comments/guide new buyers about it ?


  4. You are criticizing Xrbia heavily and now the well know, reputed and respected DSK. What is your point Ravi, I do not understand. I have to buy a home in/around Pune for investment purpose, I will have to stay there after 3-5 years. A very simple question, where-when do you recommend should I book the home?

    1. Dear Sankalp, ask me after 3 - 5 years - not now!

    2. What a reply! I wonder how many will realize that THIS is the EXACT reason for irrational property prices and fleecing that is going on. Hoarding of property. Buying it even when one does not need it. Do we buy a car if we are going to need it 5 years from now? Then why property? Because of this irrational fear that it will become unaffordable after 5 years or greed to make money out of this irrational fear of others. This irrational fear itself feeds the irrational price increase and creates a vicious cycle. Rather a vortex which pulls in more and more hard working salaried people and makes them slaves of banks. The day people buy and sell property like any other commodities based on pure need basis, the prices will rationalize. Good luck to all of us till then.

    3. What a reply! I wonder how many will realize that THIS is the EXACT reason for irrational property prices and fleecing that is going on. Hoarding of property. Buying it even when one does not need it. Do we buy a car if we are going to need it 5 years from now? Then why property? Because of this irrational fear that it will become unaffordable after 5 years or greed to make money out of this irrational fear of others. This irrational fear itself feeds the irrational price increase and creates a vicious cycle. Rather a vortex which pulls in more and more hard working salaried people and makes them slaves of banks. The day people buy and sell property like any other commodities based on pure need basis, the prices will rationalize. Good luck to all of us till then.

  5. Pune-Mumbai is fools paradise.. people by flats as they think they might get costly and the rates shoot as these fools demand and buy...

  6. The points said by you is not 100% acceptable. This is the best time to invest in properties after 3-5 years surely there will be high value on investing here

  7. Hi Ravi,

    What is your view about Pune real estate's current situation. Is correction due ?

  8. Hi Ravi...this time you have not attached Cost sheet in this blog? so at lest we can see it and laught at it....

  9. Dear Ravi,

    I am looking for 2BHK flat, please let me know which is the good deal according to u. I booked one in pre-launch in Centro lushlife before reading your blog. After reading your blog I feel that I might have taken your suggestions before booking it.

    Please suggest some good property in the range of of 40L -50L.

  10. Ben Cass , http://www.livingwellcommunities.com.au/ is a qualified property managers who deliver excellent services in every aspect of property rental management.

  11. Ravi, not sure whether you will reply to this post but in your previous thread of DSK Vishwa (Meghmalhar) you praised D S Kulkarni with many accolades, appreciated their ethical practices and even appreciated pricing offered at the launch of Meghmalhar! And now what made you to call people who booked flats during the launch at Anandghan as 'Stupids'?? Why are you saying contradictory things on your own blogs?? Your previous blogs link as below. http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/1-bhk-flat-in-dsk-meghmalhar-phase-2.html

  12. Hello Ravi Sir,
    I do not have any knowledge on Pune property but I know one thing that land is the only thing that human cannot manufacture or produce. Keeping India's population and its growth rate in mind Megacities like Mumbai/Delhi has to be replicated otherwise it will be difficult to live for so many people in so less area. For example Tokyo. If we consider Pune property rates are just a mirage then also those flats will not be available after few days. The bulging property rates are not only problem of Pune but every other developing city. Navi Mumbai or Chandigarh or Hyderabad Hitech city were not developed in a single day but only sequential growth has taken place. Yes I agree with you that people try to hurry burry and book flats but I think if the EMI comes around 30% of your salary and its managable then its best to take a home in area which has atleast schools,hospitals considering the scarcity of places to live in which is Mumbai's/Tokyo's/Hongkong's current problem.

  13. Ravi,

    We are looking for a good investment in Pune - we are looking for a property that will provide some good value in 10 years - after which we can sell that along with one another property and buy a even bigger one as a retirement home.

    Budget is roughly between 40 to 50L - can you please suggest if this looks good for investment?

    We visited Vishwa on weekend and found that it is very well booked so far - looks like the rates can increase once this booking is full - your opinion?

    What are the top three areas you can suggest as a good investment locations - Wagholi can work as one of the top-3?

    Warm Regards,

  14. Dear Ravi,
    While what you wrote is true, the ultimate reality is if one fool (i.e. one wants to buy a flat) does not book, there are 100 other fools waiting in line to do it. There is no other option but to make a fool of yourself, whether knowingly or unknowingly/

  15. One who praises Dsk for Meghamalhar is criticizing him for Aanandghan is the only wisest person in Pune. Not only Buyers of flat but also bloggers are responsible for making Pune city the costliest in the country.There are two kinds of fools in the world. One who give advice and the other who doesn't take it. The blogger forms the first category.he laughs at himself as well as those who had booked flat in Meghmalar after reading his blog.

  16. Sir, thanks for your posts. This is one way of educating people which can be useful in stopping the exploitation of common man by builders.