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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kolte-Patil Developers - Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

Flat Owners in Kolte-Patil Developers' Ivy Estate at Wagholi are Fighting for Possession & Compensation!:

The flat owners in Ivy Estate at Waghoil are very angry with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd.(BOM:532924) -.

Kolte-Patil has constructed the buildings as per schedule. The flats are ready. But for the last 6 months, Kolte-Patil is refusing to give possession.

As per the agreement, possession was in June 2013. But, even in December 2013, Kolte-Patil Developers haven't given possession of Ivy Botanica, Ivy Apartments, Umang Premiere in Ivy Estate Wagholi.

Not only that! Even after the delay of 6 months - Kolte-Patil is not giving the exact date of possession.

Result is, for the last 6 months every flat buyer in Ivy Estate is suffering financially. They are paying Pre-EMI + Rent for the last 6 months. And they do not know - how much more loss they have to bear.

The loss is not only financial.

Kolte-Patil Developers have disrupted their life.

Those flat buyers who are living on the rent - can't renew or give notice to landlord. Those who have school going kids - are worried about their children's education. Those who are going or coming from 'site' - don't know what to do. Their careers and jobs are stake.

In short, Kolte-Patil Developers have made their life miserable.

Now, what all these flat owners in Ivy Estate are demanding is - the early & firm date of possession and compensation for financial loss & mental agony.

But, Kolte-Patil Developers is giving only vague answers. No firm commitment.

So, ultimately, the flat owners in Ivy Estate Wagholi are planning to go to consumer court.

This is what Mridul, Manish, Divya & Abhay told me, after the meeting of flat owners in Ivy Estate Wagholi, on last Sunday.

"Tell me once again, why Kolte-Patil is not giving possession?," I asked.

"Because of delay in getting completion & occupancy certificate - we are told," Mridul said.

"But there must be some other reasons too - we are worried," Manish said.

"Such as...," I asked.

"We couldn't talk to the owner - or any responsible top manager - for the last 6 months - only customer relations executive is giving the standard reply - the process of getting completion & occupancy certificate is time consuming - this has created doubts in our mind - Is there any other issue - about water line - power supply? Why is it taking so long? What is the real problem?," said Abhay.

"What do you expect from me?," I asked.

"What can you do? All we want is possession of our flats - & compensation for the delay!," Manish said.

"Okay. Let us record your video - explaining your issue," I said and recorded their video.

While coming back, in the bus, I saw the video and started wondering - how innocent we all property buyers are! We don't have slightest idea about who is the true 'devil'.

Kolte-Patil Developers, now, 'Aam Aadmi' is awakened and united.

Better tell the truth & shame the devil.

Happy New Year!

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  1. thanks Ravi for your blog.. this will help us to get thing on place..

  2. Good one Ravi, a friend from Mumbai who visited today read this & simply decided not to invest with Kolte Patil either residential or commercial....

  3. This will make the new buyers to think twice before they do investment with KP.
    This is not expected with listed company which is doing very well in stock and property market.

  4. Thanks a ton Ravi Sir .. I hope your word "Better tell the truth & shame the devil" will have significant impact..

  5. Now that the problems are in public domain, thanks to Ravi, the builders Kolte-Patil must realize one thing, never under estimate the power of the common-man.

    Happy New Year to all !!

  6. Ravi, Thanks for pointing this out. Interesting to note that similar stuff being done for other projects too. I am one of the buyers of Margosa Heights, Mohammadwadi. Possession expected was by Jun’13, but still awaiting. Ravi, if you wish we can talk on this for a new blog. There is a chain mail from my side to the builder since July'13 right from the sales executive to now the Chairman. But with no answers. The only answer they say, as mentioned for the above project is they are waiting for OC/CC.

  7. we have similar experience with kumar builders. society's conveyance deed has been delayed for no reason, some incorrect FSI claim has been made. overall it seems they all like to take customers to ride whenever possible

  8. I am in buyer in Kolte Patil 24K Allura, we were also promised possession in June 2013. We too are getting the same response - waiting for occupancy certificate. Its high time the builder delivers or pays the compensation for delay.

  9. Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning…Bill Gates.
    Unfortunately the real estate in our country seems to be taken only first part of his quote, when it comes to customer service! Read more on the link below...


  10. Thanks god, I haven't booked apartment in Life republic. Last moment changed the decision and its was correct one.

  11. This blog is worth reading. Beautifully written content is giving the precise and imperative information. Proximity of noida to major locations of Delhi is one of the major reasons why you should have a flat in noida.

  12. Never go for pre launch offer. Even with the reputed builders.
    This is what we have learnt from this blog. Wake up pune people

  13. Celestial city Raver,having worst situation than kolte patil.possession delayed almost 1 year.builder is giving silly answers,there are 1000 families suffering.

  14. Celestial city Raver,having worst situation than kolte patil.possession delayed almost 1 year.builder is giving silly answers,there are 1000 families suffering.

  15. Ravi Sir,
    I really appreciate the time and effort you invest in helping the cause of 'Aam Aadmi'.

  16. Ravi you always mention in your blog that " always go with a good ,reputed and ethical builder"..in this case brand like Kolte patil (or so called brand) is also doing this kind of un ethical things....now as being a customer how to decide who is a ethical builder :(

  17. Reminds me a movie 'Arjun', leading role by Sunny Deol. When one poor lady faces problem by his landlord even after paying rent on time, where she get helped by "Arjun". And then "Arjun" goes on solving problem of people fighting for right. The post is right on track sir.
    Such posts are defiantly helpful for all poor guys fighting for their flats against developers, I must say!
    And the point of buying only and only ready possession flat, proved correct here.

  18. Is this because of the change in environmental clearance norms for developments of more than 2 lakh sq,ft? Earlier the clearance was given simultaneously based on an undertaking by Developer to Collector that he will abide by all environmental regulations. This was changed by Jayanthi Natarajan and a new rule was put in place that environmental clearance has to be obtained first. As a part of that, many projects have been delayed. I am not sure if this is the case but this is where I lost out to one reputed developer in a pre-launch in Bavdhan recently (this is going to pain you Ravi, but yes thats the case). I took refund, took a hit of lakhs of rupees because of price appreciation but have now booked in a close to possession construction. I was told project is getting indefinitely delayed because of change in these norms.

  19. Thanks @ Sushrut for sharing the facts, but if this is the case then Builders has to inform customer with proper documnets and return the money which he has taken with standard rate of interest @10.30

    1. This is where every developer is alike. They never share what is going wrong and this just adds to the ambiguity and this is because they never ever plan to compensate. Even the agreement is always totally in favor of the developer. We avoid going to consumer courts to avoid all the hassles and to solve these kind of issues amicably. You really need to reach out to the promoters. Even in my case, the builder did inform about this change in norms with documents but he was not ready to reduce the plot size and go ahead with the project. They are all greedy and there is no sense of business or corporate governance.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. The Pune builder to be shamed on highest priority is Darode Jog :


  22. Ravi, thanks for your post on the above. I must say you truly help buyers of Pune to take well informed, logical and a better decision while buying homes. And shocked to see builders like Kolte Patil are doing this stuff. It’s also clear that they have a poor understanding of CSR, or is this just an eye wash to build a share value. I feel sorry for the buyers of Ivy Estate; their worry looks clearly on their faces. One more thing is clear; if the builder who enjoys by having people’s money is doing such things, why blame only government people as corrupt. No, it’s not true; they too are in the same league. Hope they don’t have sleepless nights by bothering so much of innocent people. I recently got to know through newspaper in Jan.’13 that one of the sales guys in Kolte Patil was so moved with the Delhi Gang Rape on 16th Dec.’12 that he sent Rs.10, 000/- to the victim’s family. Isn’t that interesting, and a duality in itself. When they are so insensitive towards buyers of their own built property, rest all is just a mockery.
    Further, one should not be surprised if they are least bothered. Have a look at their annual Bash in Westin last month. I find a striking similarity between what Akhilesh Yadav did with his Safaii entertainment bash couple of days back at the same time people without shelter suffering in Mujaffarnagar. I find a striking similarity here.
    By the way whose money was it to dance on the floor? Shameless!!



  23. Hi,

    I think that Ravi is the 'Arvind Kejriwal' for Pune folks who are ruthlessly fooled by Pune Builders. 50 lac flats in city like Pune! Comeon, you can get a flat in navi mumbai from this budget!

    I am sure that after general elections, this unrealistic rates are going to fall for sure. Anyone planning to book a flat, my two cents - wait till June 2014!

    Ravi - When are you going to blog on Hadapsar Sasane Nager Handewadi Road projects? I see this locations to be far better then highway projects in Wagholi or Baner Highways!!

  24. Friends there are more stories is coming related to Kolte Patil.... Wait and Watch..
    in next few days builder will relise what they did.. what they are going loose..
    They are loosing their So called Brand Value Kolte Patil..... day by day that will be reduce..

    very soon day will come.. purchser will think about the booking of the flat in Kolte Patil or any builder who... doing .same things..

    Dear Friend please share this bloger to your friend and familry...as much as possible.. so that whole Pune city will know the Builder strategy...
    Builder should not blaim on Govt.. before that should check what they did.


  25. Dear Ravi

    I think you are doing a gr8 job by writing abt all this. I am living in R euphoria and facing lot of problems like the quality of construction and the society formation. The builder says there is no money balance for the maintainance. The money which we deposited at the time of possession is finished. Also the amount of club house membership is his. Can you throw some light on this?


  26. As we can see multiple buyers are suffering with this builder, I would say lets blow this issue. Call media ( TV ,newspaper) Let everyone know about this issue.
    By using the power of media we can help existing people and most import new buyers will get warn they will think about alternate option.

  27. I think it was a bad investment.These guys should have invested in Gold.

  28. i have flat in umange premier c103 i want to joint this group please suggest

  29. i have flat in umange premier c103 i want to joint this group please suggest
    9921101453 - See more at: http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.in/2014/01/Kolte-Patil-Developers-Ivy-Estate-Wagholi-Pune-India-Complaints.html?showComment=1390367086527#c564001967050619205

  30. KP did it again.. now Life Republic possession for R2 sector delayed for 6months...
    KP is not trust worthy...

  31. Hey anybody here from A, B, C building of Umang premier?
    I have a flat there and I found that KP has made a BIG mistake in the blueprint. SBI person brought this to my notice. KP made a tweak while building the flats the exchanged the kitchen and the bed room for all the flats in A, B, C wings of Umang premier.

    I am following up with them for last 1 and half year and I always get typical answers that they have sent blue print for correction and it will take some more time.

    Anybody discovered this issue?

  32. If anyone is planning to invest in Kolte Patil, I request you to take feedback from the existing customers first. I had the worst experience of my life with them. They will be at their best behavior till you make the entire payment, after that they are not even bothered to receive your call. Mr. Akshay Patil is our relationship manager who stopped receiving our call after the payment was done, his number is +91 9049367000. We made the entire payment in Apr'14 thinking that we will get the possession by May'14. But it took 2 months for them to complete the registration and after that when we asked for possession, Mr. Pravin (I still do not know from which dept he is) told us he needs to check if any payment is due or not. I guess, he forgot to use his common sense that if any payment was due, how can we get our apartment registered!!! I have been asking how much maintenance and water charges with tax, we still have not got any revert yet. All I hear is, "give me sometime, give me sometime!!!". His contact number is +91 9765550804. Finally, I spoke to Mr. Shankar, CRM - Manager, who has consoled me and will revert!! I hope I get the possession of my apartment in this life!!!!

  33. Dear All,
    I booked my flat 3BHK in ivy in Apr 2011, I was assured and told by the sales guy that I would get possession in Sep 2012, then they shifted by 3 months each time. Finally they sent completion notice with attachment of certificate issued by PMC/ Collector. Now they asked to pay balance 5% and Water charges Rs.57000/- (odd) maintenance charges Rs.1.20 lacs ( for two years) originally agreed at Rs.2.50 demanded now at Rs.3./- psqft. Municipal tax 4 k and balance service tax 14 k. which comes to Rs.1.90 lacs over and above 5% last balance installment as per agreement. ( 2.26 lac).
    I quickly advised my bank to pay 5% amount (2.26 lac) which they issued by DD in Feb 2014, and asked the builder guy to collect from Bank. They have collected DDs from bank in past for all the other payments.
    I did not get any reverts and receipt for the same. I kept on following up the matter with Ms.Tripti CRM Executive.from Feb 14 to May14. They reverted that they have not received the DD. i contacted my bank. Bank confirmed they have delivered the DD on 8.5.2014. I asked again the CRM. She bluntly said if she would receive the amount then only she would issue the receipt. I contacted the bank and sent her bank's payment confirmation from their system. Then she confirmed that she had received on 8.5.2014. Totally callous attitude. I asked her to complete the unfinished task and confirm to enable me pay the over and above charges. I visited the flat in Apr and May 14 and found that the flat was in the same condition as while receiving last but one installment. She said unless i pay all the other amount she will not carry out completion of the flat. I asked her contact address/ phone/ email of her senior/ ED/CMD she bluntly said she is the only contact point.
    I sent emails to rajesh patil and mr Kolte on their email address. No reply.
    Project overrun for 12-18 months. No compensation. abruptly water charges and said there is clause in agreement favouring the builders do such rise. Loss of interest and no tax benefit.
    Investment generating zero income. no rentals no buyers being poor quality than promised.
    The sample flat and actual flat is very different. BUYERS PLEASE BEWARE.
    Please take up the issue with their business partner if any viz. ICICI Venture. Because ICICI venture being subsidiary of govt entity would be very sensitive about any loss to their reputation.
    Totally unprofessional approach and totally bad and poor reckless customer service. I really frustrated that i have purchased my first flat from KP. Would definitely think twice before venture in to their any new project.

  34. i have flat in IVY E13 702 i want to join this group please suggest ..way or include me in the group

    1. we are creating a group of flat owners in ivy estate wagholi...please mail/sms you number details to 9028055511/easypublica@gmail.com

  35. Never go for pre launch offer. Even with the reputed builders.
    This is what we have learnt from this blog. Wake up pune people - See more at: http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.in/2014/01/Kolte-Patil-Developers-Ivy-Estate-Wagholi-Pune-India-Complaints.html#comment-form

  36. we are creating flat owners group...please mail me your mail id and number to easypublica@gmail.com sms at 9028055511

  37. Dear proceeding with you, can you put more detail about you and your group mail id. Also in ivy their is 6 society.
    So let us your plan

  38. Hello Ravi Sir,
    Could you please put some light on KPDL's Wakad project
    Since the location is so prime it would be a great point of attraction
    Waiting badly for expert review on it.


  39. Hi sir,

    could you please throw some light about the project "sirocco grande" at punawale by benchmark townplanning llp and Natasha constructions? I found some document on the internet about some directions given to them by the Maharshtra Pollution Control Board. The document states "It was decided to grant consent to establish for construction of
    residential cum commercial project, on total plot area of 14,300 sq.
    mtrs. & total construction BUA of 32,086.24 sq. mtrs., after
    verification of stop work from SRO/RO, by imposing following
    (i) Industry shall submit Bank Guarantee of Rs. 5 lakhs towards
    compliance of consent conditions.
    (ii) PP shall submit an affidavit within 15 days in the prescribed
    format towards not taking further effective steps prior to obtaining
    the EC and BG of Rs. 10 Lakh for ensuring the compliances.
    (iii) Industry shall submit Board Resolution from company Board,
    towards starting of construction work without obtaining consent to
    establish from the MPC Board thus violated the provisions of
    Environmental Laws and in future, they will not do such violations
    and BG of Rs. 2 lakh towards submission of Board resolution by
    Consent draft as placed in the agenda is approved with above
    conditions and corrections." does this mean that they have violated the rules? also, I could not find any information about the credentials of the builder. How can we verify the credentials of the builder. Also, how can we know if the builder is an accredited builder by leading PSU and Private banks.

  40. Last week, I checked the KoltePatil website for some projects. Since then, I have been seeing IvyLeague KoltePatil ads non-stop in my facebook feed, in Youtube ads, all over my Gmail and everywhere I browse on the internet.

    I wonder how much money they have paid for marketing. Further I wonder, it is the consumer who will be paying for the ads while buying the flat. So what would we the real price of the flat minus the marketing?

  41. Hi Ravi. Thanks for your write up. Kolte Patil has not changed even now. They had a 11 floor sanction for 24K Glamore in Undri. They created the 12th floor without the sanction. for the last few months they have been awaiting the sanction which is not coming. As a result, they are unable to apply for the OC. Buyers are feeling harassed for everytime they ask the Sales Team they are told that the sanction and OC will be available in a month. The entire year has gone by with the same story. It is the poor buyers who are paying the price of the builder's greed. This is a builder not to be trusted.

  42. Be aware of town ship "Life Republic" where the ownership of land will always with developers. So its not good for flat buyers because you are the owner of flat only and not land. In case of natural calamities flat owners may face lot of issue for rebuilding the flats. Developers want to control the activities forever which is dangerous for flat owners. It may be same for all town ships, please check before buying flat in town ships. They must register a society and hand over the project to society or association of flat owners and leave the place peacefully without keeping any rights over the land.

  43. I request all to do the communication with any builder in writing and with registered AD post. This will help you for legal matter as well as builder developer will either react and complete your request or at least give reply in writing. I am sure. please do the needful. Now a days flat buyers should not be cheated by any crooks.

  44. There is a possibility of getting garbage disposal site near Marunje, Nerhe, jambe. So inquire before buying flat in this area.

  45. Hi ravi
    I booked a flat in Life republib in 2011 , posession date on agreement is dec 2014.
    I am still awaiting the posession of the same.
    on innumerable calls , the crm team says that that have not received posession and oc for R7 , C and D building.........will receive it in 1 or two weeks.
    This is happening for the last 6 month.
    they blame it on PMRDA.
    They maaged to give poseiion of R7 ( A and B) and R6 buildings in aug.
    The flat owners say the quality of worksmanship is very poor.
    for exampkle, they have fitted cardboard doors (with teak finish) to washrooms, main doors ( safety ????)
    washrooms tiles and flooring tiles are uneven....
    have given posession even when there is no proper llectrricity meter installed ( tapping power from construction meter )
    no proper after sales services ......and so on............

    Thios is ver frustrating and we feel the brand name no more stands to we trustworthy........

    Pl provide your lates update and your interaction experience with flat owners ( if you know any of them )


    do you have any update abt why

    1. hi prashant, i am slightly better off than you. I booked in R7 Life Republic in May 2012 (same date of possession, Dec 2014, committed to me). Still waiting for possession. Have been taken for a royal ride. Feel helpless. Only thing I can do is to influence potential buyers not to buy from this builder.

  46. Hi guys,
    I am planning to buy a 2bhk in Ivy Apartment Wagholi. They said the possession will be on June 2017 (original scheduled possession was December 2017).. I asked them about the negative reviews regarding their projects, they said it was in the past & they have improved now & keep their promises. Please advise if I can consider going for Kolte Patil or is that a bad idea..

  47. Dear Ravi sir and all IVY residents.. I am planning to buy 2 BHK flat in umang premier of IVY estate. They have told me that the possession will be on dec 2017.. Please advise me if I should go for it considering all the negative reviews, I will be very grateful for the same.. Umesh(8600029985)

    1. Please do not go for an under-construction flat from this builder. PERIOD.

  48. Is there any reason frustated buyers at KP projects are not going for consumer case?

  49. Same story in Life Republic. I paid almost 90% of the money about 18 months back. Possession delayed already by 19 months, and I do not know how much longer they will take. Frustrated. I have purchased flats 4 times earlier from much smaller builders - each of them was much better than Kolte Patil. Please avoid this builder

  50. Same story with one of my friend at life republic, he paid 95% of the amount and still living in a rented apartment. Possession was promised on march 2015 and still no clear visibility on the possession date.

  51. Same story with 2 of my friend at life republic, he paid 95% of the amount and still waiting for possession. Shall we go legal. Will it help? How long will the case go?

  52. Ravi Sir, a debt of gratitude is in order for your post on the above. I should say you really help purchasers of Pune to take all around educated,

    legitimate and a superior choice while purchasing homes. Also, stunned to see developers like Kolte Patil are doing this stuff.

    I acknowledged and you will make long lasting companions from this.
    I also got one Property Search engine dealer in india :http://www.propertypointer.com/the-leaf/off-katraj-kondhwa-road/pune
    is it good property ??