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Monday, February 4, 2013

Baap ka maal

Legal Charges to be paid in cash at the time of registration of property agreement at Pune:

Sub-registrar office, Hinjewadi
Sub-registrar office, Hinjewadi

Look what I found in "Pittara" !

While going through the property price lists collected in PROFEST 2013, organized by Credai Pune Metro, I realized that construction service providers - works contractors - in Pune expect us to pay "Legal Charges". Some call it 'Miscellaneous expenses". But, at the time of registration of agreement of your flat, you are supposed to pay this amount in cash.

Don't ask why in cash! Corruption and black money is the life line of those who are in power.

However, we all know that Choron ki bhi neeyat hoti hai.

May be because of that the biggest builder in Pune real estate market, which registers highest number of property agreements - gets a bulk discount. So, "Legal Charges" for a flat in Kumar Properties' any project are only Rs. 3,500.

Whereas, majority of the builders expect you to pay Rs. 5,000 - in cash.

So, if you are booking a flat in UrbanGram Kirkatwadi, UrbanGram Pirangut, UrbanGram Chakan, Nirman Viva - Sai Mystique - Lake Vista at Ambegaon, D' Wisteria Park at Vadgaon, Splendid Square Lohegaon, Kushal Nivriti Kondhwa, Supreme Estado Baner - you have to pay Rs. 5,000 in cash. Irrespective of the price of property!

A 3 BHK Flat in Supreme Estado Baner goes for Rs. 1.01 to 1.07 Crore and a 2 BHK Flat at UrbanGram Kirkatwadi costs between Rs. 32.74 and 35.66 Lakhs - but Legal Charges for both are the same. Rs. 5,000 - in cash. Why? May be, because, all are equal before the law!

Some builders are given special concessions by these "men in power". That's why legal charges of Dwarka at Chakan are Rs. 2,300 & Lakeshore Residency at Talegaon - Rs. 2.500. KUL Nation at Manjri Rs. 4,000.

I have understood 'Modus Operandi' of these "Men in Power'. I was almost convinced. But when I saw that Aapla Ghar at Ranjangaon & Sanaswadi were asking Rs. 8,000 legal charges for a 1 BHK Flat of Rs. 11.35 / 11.88 Lakh and for a 2 BHK Flat between Rs. 16.81 and 17.98 Lakh - I got confused.

What is this? Rs. 8000 for a common-man's home and Rs. 10,000 for IT Professionals' home - this is not fair. Mr. Men in Power, apne baap ka na samjho maal.

You can take Rs. 10,000 legal charges in cash from an IT professional who wants to register his flat in Eastern Ranges Keshav Nagar Mundhwa, BA Vermont Wagholi, 43 Privet Drive Balewadi, Yash Wisteria & Latitude at Wakad. But don't demand Rs. 8,000 legal charges from a common man who is buying a home in Aapla Ghar Housing Colony at Ranjangaon & Sanaswadi or a 2 BHK Flat costing between Rs. 27.82 to 29.56 Lakh in Savali Homes at Uruli Devachi, near Hadapsar.

Never forget that Choron ki bhi neeyat hoti hai.

Mr. men in power, please, be fair to honest & hard working construction service providers - works contractors in Pune. They are not like other builders in this country. They feel shy to ask legal charges in cash from their paymasters - home buyers in Pune. You know what? Most of the time, builders in Pune - pay you from their own pockets.

Point is, Mr. men in power, legal charges in cash is not aapke baap ka maal.

Dear readers, how am I doing? I am not blaming and bashing the builders. Because, builders are innocent. 'System' is the evil. What say you? Please, let me know in the comments.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Very good Ravi Sir...most of the people not even bother to pay this small looking amount comapared to flat price. They even don;t know what are these charges for....they just pay blindly....and that;s where builders get a loot.

  3. I am saying if we know that this money is going corruption purpose even though middle class man( aam admi) will not fight against because he want to purchase the flat and compared to flats prise this is less money and thats this corrupt system get motivated again and again which never ending story.
    After some time they will increasr there rates by 5k still buyers cant do any thing ...its monopoly of corrupt system and arrogant builders and helpless buyer...its bitter truth

  4. Dear Mr.Karandeekar,
    I am buying a flat in Lakeshore and registration is on 13th Feb 13, should I not pay Rs.2500 legal charges ? Please advice me. - Jyotilekha koppikar

  5. In our country "Bhrashtachaar is Shishtachaar"...We should protest against such disgusting practices...

  6. Dear Ravi Sir,
    I am a regular reader of your articles, which I am receiving regularly through email. I am very very thankful to you for your this noble work of making aware a common person about property, which helps a lot. No doubt, your work is commendable.



  7. @Ravi--We don't charge a single rupee for such expenses!!! neither for so called society formation, or legal or miscellaneous or liaisoning!!!!!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I would like to say that this blog really convinced me, you give me best information! Thanks, very good post.
    Jim Zaspel at Linkedin profile

  10. But If one doesnot pay this Legal fees our registry will not be done, And if compared to amount of money involved it seems relevant to pay it. Its a paradox and we are at loosing end.

  11. Dear Mr Ravi,
    this article is very true. But it will stop only when your article gets flashed in registrar offices. At least under table amount will decrease.Because this charges depends on time which takes for agreement execution.

  12. Mr. Ravi

    What about so called One time/5 Yr Maintenance charged in Flat Price which is way high than what Members pay once developer hands over Society to its Members.

  13. Dear Sir,
    This is worth awareness you have created. I commend your efforts. In similar line; can we collectively do some thing about LBT which is recently imposed on properties?? As i understand; LBT is applicable for the imports of goods in the city. I do not understand how land or a flat comes under import? It was always there with in the city limits. Just for raising funds for local body shall we keep paying and sustain unjust??
    I am aware that this is not easy. Can we explore legal aspects of this issue?

  14. Unless people in general are habituated to be curious this BHRASHTACHARI will continue, at least in India.

  15. Hi Ravi..
    Extremely helpful article to raise our voice against these corrupt government workers.. they feel that if someone is buying a house with their hard-earned money then these leeches want their share for nothing.. we all have gone through same circumstances but never reacted..
    We paid worrying that if we deny these negligible charges then builder might keep a note of this and can create hurdles while giving the possession of our flat.
    You are the voice .. !

  16. Awesome blog. Really enjoying reading this very informative and increasing my knowledge about real estate industry and about property deals.