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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ravi Karandeekar's Top 10 Most Popular Blogs
- January 2013

Should I Stop Criticizing Pune Builders?:

Mr. Kedar Vanjape M. D. Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt Ltd Pune
Mr. Kedar Vanjape M. D. Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt Ltd Pune

Instead of criticizing the builders, Ravi Karandeekar, you should focus on educating the buyers. Mr. Kedar Vanjape, M. D. of Dajikaka Gadgil Developers, suggested to me at VITS Hotel.

So, nothing is free! I have to listen to you as the price of the lift you gave me. Opening the door of his car, I said.

By criticizing you can hurt the builder or his project - but can't change the builder. Can you? Kedar asked me.

I write for the home buyers. If I ever want to try - I will try to change the home buyers! By criticizing a builder or a project - I alert the home buyers - for example my blogs on Xrbia. I said.

Creating awareness - is good - but not enough. You need to do more - if you really want to help your readers - you must educate them. Kedar said.

Why should I do more? While sharing information about Pune real estate market - I entertain my readers too! Isn't it enough? I asked.

A builder is a villain - bad man - like a Hindi masala movie - bashing & blaming a builder is an entertainment. Right? Kedar asked.

For me, a builder is not a bad guy - look at you - you are good - there are many good builders in Pune. However, let me admit - bashing & blaming a builder is an entertainment every home buyer enjoys the most. I said.

Grow up - take the next step - do something meaningful - the only way to change - improve - the real estate business is to change the buyer - and you can do it. Kedar said.

Yes. Since Pune real estate runs on home buyers' money - only Pune home buyers have the power to change it - I agree with you. In fact, I don't understand why some home buyers are so frightened of their builder - are so desperate to book - feel so helpless about rising property prices. I said.

That's why educating a buyer is important - do it. More than - reliable - trustworthy - reputed - builders - we need better buyers - assertive buyers - who are aware and knowledgeable about real estate business. Empower them with education. Kedar said.

What say you? Should I focus more on 'educating & empowering' than entertaining you by blaming & bashing a builder or a project? Share your views in the comments, please!

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  1. Ravi,
    You are already doing it. While bashing builders you are educating buyers too. It's like multilevel information. At first level you try show ral face of the situation / project and while doing this you do educate buyers on how to avoid traps.

    So as I said you are already doing it it just need to refine more & that's it. Mr. Kedar Vanjape will be happy man then.

  2. Hi,
    I follow subodh. I feel you creating the awareness/basing to both side of it. I mean to builders & buyers as well. much required.

    Good keep going !!!

  3. Would love 3:1:1 ratio 3 posts reviewing projects,bashing builders & ill practices.1 weekly post on new developments around pune and at least 1 post weekly for educating new buyers,posting fair value to pay for areas(according to you)
    I always enjoy your sarcastic posts!

    1. Good idea, Vivek. I will plan my blogs as per your suggestion. Yes, I will cover the development of new - upcoming - areas too. Thanks a lot!

  4. I think Blaming builders is itself creating awareness or educating buyers on malpractices done by builders. This is the max that one can do i.e. making them aware of fact that builders are looting. I think Govt is one which should take next step like to open up large land banks for residential projects.. like creating high supply so that demand looks meagre. Like they create Hinjewadi as SEZ.So they should create REZ and then SEZ and then again REZ....so on so forth...


    1. I agree with you, Pritam. Creating awareness is always my intention behind criticizing a project or a builder.

      Yes, it would have been better if we had a government for the people and by the people.

  5. Mr. Kedar Vanjape .. why are you so worried about bashing builders? If you are clean and law abiding true man...you won;t be criticized..right? so whats the problem in bashing bad ppl? Buyers are very well aware of most of malpractices you and your bros are following ..the only thing is .. buyers tend to forget and forgive ... if they stop doing this ...you will see and realize your real place ...you think you are the only intellectual on this planet and rest are all dumb who can not understand your motive behind this? see the mirror Kedar!

    1. Dear Vinay, Kedar's motive was not to stop or divert me from criticizing the builders.

      He wants me to be more constructive.
      Crating awareness among the home buyers, he believes, is a positive contribution. And I completely agree with him.

      Kedar not only suggested but offered to help me in creating awareness. So, soon you can read more blogs on rules & regulations.

  6. @Vinay__dear vinay..u r getting me wrong!! i have no issues about abusing builders at all..i told ravi to educate the buyers more as even bad builders too do business!! and about me, i have never worried about such things as everyday i look into the mirror first and then go out of home!! and about my motive...there is nothing..if u r talking about business, i do it very well and my work speak for itself and the data of my entire client list at anybody's perusal..if not the most intellectual, but certainly most transparent and ethical u can say..and for your info....and go..visit my all the sites and be a critic..u r welcome..

    1. Thanks for the reply, Kedar!

      Vinay's comment reflects mistrust about the builders.

      For me, Vinay's comment means that I should write more about good - ethical - business practices of the builders like you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Kedar
      There is a saying "every dog has its day..." In the current time "Builders(and people like you)" are having your day...so Kedar enjoy your time...but believe it or not these "days pass on"...
      your confidence("maaj" in correct words) will find its way soon...

  7. @ kedar,

    Never forget buyers are feeding builders & all builders exploit them...
    Never forget what was pressure in Reality Index in 2008 / 2009.

    Ravi,I suggest you continue ,the way you are writing your blogs.

    Mr.Kedar's contribution is zero compared to what you are contributing to Pune Property Buyers.

  8. Yes I also agreed. please educate buyer, so buyer is know what is wrong and what is good? So ultimately the people are choosing right developer.
    In your blog, please guide us which thing is need to check before buy a flat. Please add some case study how the people are harsh due to the flat purchase from wrong builder with wrong documentation.

  9. Nowadays what exactly is going that the buyers are contacting the brokers for the property dealings as they do not know much about real estate market, so educating buyers is an awesome idea that they can directly deal with the builders or developers with full of their own knowledge.....

    If looking for property in Thane Mumbai visit www.proptiger.com

  10. HAHA... Dajikaka Gadgil Developers.... Just as GOLD AND SILVER IS CRASHING....SO WILL REAL ESTATE....I have bought a lot of gold and silver from your shop. Next time I will buy from Ranka. Pune people are extremely ignorant about the fraudulent practices of builders. You will find plenty of idiots who will buy your leaky pigeon holes for crores. But if someone is doing a good job, shut your mouth and let them do it.