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Monday, December 10, 2012

The wise old man

Want to invest in Pune real estate market? Call Ravi Karandeekar!:

Sub-registrar office, Hinjewadi
Sub-registrar office, Hinjewadi

Last Friday, on my birthday, I became older & wiser too. Becoming older - was quite natural. But, me, Ravi Karandeekar, becoming wiser was not. For this unnatural change in me, credit goes to Mr. Kishor Pate, Chairman & Managing Director, Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd.

Mr. Kishor Pate told me that in 2012, only 40 per cent of flats in Pune real estate market are booked by "home buyers" - actual end users. Rest of the 60 per cent flats are booked by the "investors". Out of these 60 per cent flats - 35 - 40 per cent flats are "investment properties" for renting out. And the balance, 15 - 20 per cent flats are bought by NRIs for their future self-use. And by the real estate speculators - by the investors to earn appreciation.

Mr. Pate's analysis of year 2012, told me that there is no point in my taking the side of actual home buyers who are in minority. It means that I should stop writing about sufferings of actual home buyers.

If I keep on sharing how Nalini & Swapnil are suffering because of the water seepage & leakage in Sangria Towers - Megapolis Hinjewadi Phase 3, the investors would keep on writing bad comments about me. Because, the truth about Sangria Towers may affect the investors' rental income & appreciation.

At the same time, if there are less number of actual home buyers, why will any builder bother about reasonable property price, good construction quality, timely possession & responsible customer service after the possession?

It means that if I keep on taking the side of actual home buyers, I may hurt the majority property buyers in Pune and all the builders. Which could be quite risky, as some of my builder friends are suggesting me for quite a while.

Instead of that, if I stopped taking the side of 40 per cent minority, the actual home buyers in Pune and focus on the majority, 60 per cent investors, NRIs & speculators, my blog would be more popular. If my blog becomes more popular, I can earn more advertising revenue from Google. More number of NRIs will call me on 919860044110 and will pay me more for advising about investing in Pune real estate market.

Not only that! As some of my readers write in the comments, all builders in Pune will start paying me loads of money for writing about their projects. As some brand consultants have suggested, some builder will sponsor my blog and will send me on a world tour to promote his project.

Thanking Mr Pate, I decided to be wise. You know which project is the most ideal to start taking the side of majority property buyers in Pune. Xrbia Hinjewadi. Pune real estate investors' dream!

I called Tushar of Gadgil Capital Services. Xrbia has outsourced the work of 'registration of agreement' to this P N Gadgil group company. I told Tushar that, now, I am changed. On his birthday, Ravi Karandeekar has become wise. Now, I feel proud that Dajikaka Gadgil's company has joined hands with Rahul Nahar. Now, ethics & business opportunity don't put me in a dilemma. I want to write positive blog on Xrbia. I want to meet the investors and share their views.

Then I called Mr. Sachin Kulkarni, M D, Vastushodh Project Pvt. Ltd. I told him that from today, I am not going to admire him anymore. He asked me why. I said, "Sachinsaheb, I will call you 'my dear friend' only if you stop developing UrbanGram & AnandGram. Now, every builder who develops projects for the 60 per cent property buyers in Pune is my friend. And the builder who focuses entirely on investors is 'my dear friend'. If you want to become 'my dear friend', you have to become Rahul Nahar!"

"Birthday wish! Let us meet and talk. When can you come?," Mr. Sachin said.

"Only after meeting investors of Xrbia. My first priority!," I said and left for Hinjewadi. When I reached Chandani Chowk, there were no tum tums. That day, no six seaters were running between Katraj to Wakad on Mumbai Bangalore Bypass. Because of the wedding of Avinash Bhosale's daughter and Patangarao Kadam's son at Balewadi stadium. Someone in the crowd at Chandani Chowk said.

"But why stop only six seater tumtums?," looking at the traffic of cars, buses & trucks on the road some other fellow said.

"It's nothing but a fight between the auto rickshaw walas & tumtum walas. Some people never forget their past," someone said and explained that at one point of time, Avinash Bhosale was an auto rickshaw owner.

Stranded on the expressway, I was late reaching the Sub Registrar's office. All ten investors had already gone. No one was there. Except an executive of Gadgil Capital Services. So, I called Tushar and explained the delay.

"I had personally come with a birthday cake to Sub Registrar's office! I wanted you to cut the cake and celebrate the change!! But, since you didn't turned up, I thought you must have changed your mind - gone back to your old ideology!," Tushar said.

"No! No going back!! Now, I am with 60 per cent!!!," I said.

"In that case, you should have called me! I would have sent a car for you!," Tushar said.

"Look! Ravi Karandeekar. Cake. Car. Being wise is really good!," I told myself.

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  1. Dear Mr. Karandeekar,
    That is a wise decision. You may be this side or that side .. you have an art to express the views of common people mind ..
    Thanks and regards,
    Milind Khole

  2. Ravi Sir,

    Awaiting for ur Post on Songbirds-SKYi Pune

  3. The faith and love that the 40% has for you weighs much over the car and cake of the 60%, Ravi, you are a wise man and will choose what is in the best interest of your conscience.

    Deepak Deshpande

  4. No problem if you ahve changed...we have to change as well and read your reviews other way round :)

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Ravi!

    I don't understand why investors are potrayed as villians on your blog? why are they always shown in a negative light? An investor might not live in the property himself but always aims to invest in a livable property. So everything about the property is of as much concern to him as a person who wants to live there.

    As an investor my heart goes out to Nalini and Swapnil, I wish no one ever has to go through the hardship they are facing. Even a person who buys a property for personal use hopes that his decision will benefit him in the longer run, he hopes too just like his neighbour 'the investor' that the construction quality will withstand time and weather conditions, that the area will develop and prosper, that they'll be happy to own a home in that locality in the coming years. I geniunely think that more than the investors its the builder and its management that are against you highlighting the problems faced by Nalini and Swapnil. An investor on the other hand would want someone to check on how the problem is being resolved. Property investments are mostly long term investments so the short term impact of problems faced by Nalini Swapnil will not impact investors as much as it will impact the bookings of next project put up by the same builder.

    You might want to rephrase that builders are building only for investors. I think builders are building for people who have money - these people may be investors or not is not a concern to them.

    1. Because, similar to food, clothes and home are termed as necessities of humans. If anybody uses speculation food, stores food in order to increase it's price, it is called black marketeer. People who speculate in clothes and homes and purchase something to increase it's price at the cost of end user should be called black marketeers. From a socialist viewpoint the general rule is that the black marketeers should either be hanged or should be shot in the head. So don't be naive. What investors are doing is a sin. And sins have to be paid. Either by themselves or by their next generation. So if something happens to your kin, you know why god might have done this to them.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday Ravi!

    I love your articles, writing style.
    Keep it up


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Wish you a happy Birthday !
    I would reckon that 40% would be on the higher side. The genuine home buyer proportion has to be lower than that. Having seen the situation degrade to the levels they are at right now in Mumbai, we can expect the proportion of genuine home buyers in Pune too declining further and rapidly at that. Thanks to the investors - speculators should be the correct word.

  9. Hey Ravi belated birthday wishes..
    We know how genuine you are. And really appreciate the efforts you are putting everyday for those 40%. We will continue to trust you. Do continue to keep up this good work. Cheers..

  10. wish you very happy birthday and nice way of saying which side you are :)

  11. ravi sirji....aapko 40% ya 60% ki chinta nahi karni chahiyen..chinta toh sirf pet puja ki honi chahiyen..lagey raho..kamaatey raho..

    1. Why should I worry, when I have friends like you Mr. PuneRE!?

    2. Mein bhi aap jaisa koi business model soch raha hoon sirji..inspiration dhoondh raha hoon.."consultant" ban na chahta hoon..hat key kuch karna chahta hoon..phir heen thodey theek thaak paisey kama paaonga..lagey raho..kamaatey raho..

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