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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Undre Unleashed!

1,848 Flats - Ready for Possession in 15 Months!

Prithviraj Undre
, Mr. Prithviraj Undre, Partner, Shree Laxmi Associates, Aluform Shuttering Contractor, Nanded City Pune

Mr. Prithviraj Undre, Partner, Shree Laxmi Associates, claims that he can construct 22 story tower in 12 months.

It means that at the rate of 6 units per floor, Shree Laxmi Associates can construct 132 Units of 3 BHK Flats in just 12 months.

Add to it 3 more months to activate the infrastructural services like lifts, water supply, drainage system & solar & electrical power supply and security systems.

It means that Prithviraj Undre's Shree Laxmi Associates can give possession of 132 units of 3 BHK Flats in 15 months flat!

Considering the current size of his team - 2,500 workers - Prithviaraj claims that at the speed of 132 flats in 15 months, Shree Laxmi Associates can construct 7 Towers of 22 Stories in 12 + 3 months. Means, he can give possession of 132 x 7 = 924 Units of 3 BHK Flats in 15 months flat!

Certainly, Shree Laxmi Associates can add 2,500 more workers to their force and can deliver 1,848 Flats in 15 months!!

But ultimate target of Prithviraj Undre is to streamline the entire process and give possession of 1,848 units of 3 BHK Flats in 12 months!!

Kumkang Kind Aluminium Formwork System:

Stating his claim, Mr. Undre asked me, "Sounds possible?"

"Once, while talking about the construction progress of Nanded City Pune, Mr. Satish Magar told me that - now, we have mastered the new construction technology, for sure, can build the structure of 22 story towers in 11 months - still, your claim of delivering ready for possession 22 story tower in 12 months is difficult to accept!," I said.

"Yes, difficult but not impossible - in fact - very much possible - because Kumkang Kind system is developed - designed - to build fast - lot faster - than I am claiming," Prithviraj said and showed me this video:

"See - the Kumkang Kind system is built for a 4 day cycle - my claim is very moderate - based on a 8 days's cycle for a floor - means, I can build one floor in 8 days - plus, streamlined finishing work - means, while I am casting the 3rd floor - my 1st floor will be ready for possession - ready with tiles, windows, doors, electrical & sanitary fittings. Means, my entire 22 story tower - would be ready for possession in 12 months. It's very much possible!," Mr. Undre said.

The King and His Army:

Nanded City Pune - Ad - TOI - 30-11-2012

Looking at his partner, Mr. Subhash Ghule who is in charge of Nanded City Pune site, Prithviraj said, "Why not take him to the top of one tower and show what we have achieved?"

"Let him see the biggest residential construction site in India!," Mr. Ghule said.

"Construction of Nanded City Pune is a sort of "National Record"!," Mr. Undre said and explained - Construction of Towers in the 1st phase of Nanded City Pune is almost over. Only a few towers and the finishing work - internal work - is going on.

In the first phase of Nanded City Pune, there are 81 towers of 11 stories and 21 towers of 22 stories. In these 102 Towers there are 7,788 flats. (1 BHK Flats: 1,848 + 2 BHK Flats: 3,388 + 2.5 BHK Flats: 792 + 3 BHK Flats: 1,760).

Nanded City Pune has 13 sets of Kumkang Kind Aluminium Formwork Systems (www.kumkangformwork.com). Out of that 7 sets were given to Prithviraj Undre, Subhash & Vinay Ghule's Shree Laxmi Associates.

Looking at amazing view of Nanded City Pune, very proudly Prithviraj said, "Ravi Karandeekar, we have built 50 per cent of Nanded City Pune!"

"That's awesome! You know? Considering that 400 acre Magarpatta took 10 years to complete - some used to say that 700 acre Nanded City Pune would take 20 years!," I said.

"That someone must be you!," Prithviraj said.

"No! I was never worried about the completion - initially - after the launch - my concern was the beginning - when the floor plans would be ready - when the construction will start! You know? Nanded City Pune may be the only project in the wrold - in which nearly 5,000 property buyers booked - applied for a flat - without knowing the plan & property price - everyone just believed in the concept - in Mr. Satish Magar!," I said.

"For us - Satish Magar - we call him Dada - is our King. We all are his army! You know who is our 'Senapati' - commander in chief of the king's army?," Prithviraj asked.

"No! Who?," I asked.

"Umesh Magar! He is our chief!! I am his lieutenant!!! Umesh decided for Kumkang Kind Aluminium Formwork System and ordered us to master the technology and train the team. On 26th March 2010, we broke the coconut and started the aluform shuttering work. Before that we were POP contractors in Magarpatta!," Prithviraj said.

Sangria Towers, Megapolis, Hinjewadi Phase 3:

Mr. Vinay Ghule, Partner, Shree Laxmi Associates at Sangria Towers, Megapolis, Hinjewadi Phase 3, Pune
Mr. Vinay Ghule, Partner, Shree Laxmi Associates, at Sangria Towers, Megapolis, Hinjewadi Phase 3, Pune

When Prithviraj told me to get into his car, I asked him, "Where are we going?"

"Megapolis!," Mr. Vinay Ghule said and added that, now, he is constructing 2 towers in Sangria.

"Don't tell me! Whenever I look at Sangria Towers I think of 4 people - Rajas Jain, Amit Bhosale and, of course, Nalini & Swapnil! In April 2008, at the launch of Megapolis, Amit said - about 5,800 apartments — will be completed in 5 years, and Rajas said - we are - will be - constructing 2 apartments in 3 days! Do you want to know why I think of Nalini & Swapnil?," I said.

"No. Not at all. But take my word - if things go well - I can construct rest of the 6 clusters of Megapolis - in the time frame Rajas & Amit had in mind!," Prithviraj said.

"What about me? Will I get a chance to write a next blog about the next Nalini & Swapnil?," I asked.

"You will be out of business, Ravi Karandeekar!," Prithviraj said.

Ravi Karandeekar gives up blogging!

"Why did you take Megapolis?," I asked.

"Because, Umesh Magar gave us permission! Our work in the 1st phase of Nanded City is almost over. 2nd phase will take time to start. We have a team of 2,500 workers. Plus, instead of only constructing aluminium formwork - my ambition is to take 'turn key jobs' - 'lock & key' - complete - finished - building. So, I was exploring and stumbled on Megapolis," Prithviraj said.

"Good for Megapolis - bad for me! You know? If you are let loose - and given turn key jobs - and if you really start constructing & delivering possession of 1,848 Flats in 12 months - I will have no option but to stop blogging! Because, houses would be available in abundance - there would not be pre-launch offers - grand launches - and delayed possessions to write about! No one will pay me for advice whether to book a flat for his 7th grade son's college education in Pune - no NRI will pay me for his retirement home in Pune! Yes, Ravi Karandeekar will be out of business - along with many builders - who profit from the scarcity of housing - and those real estate investors - who earn from the gap between demand & supply. What is Mr. Umesh Magar's mobile number?," I asked.

"Sorry. I can't give his number," Mr. Prithviraj Undre said.

"In that case, I will tell all Credai Pune Metro members to export you to Gujarat! Narendra Modi wants to build 50 lakh affordable houses in the next 5 years!! Mr. Prithviraj, choice is yours. Either you or me - only one of us - can survive in Pune real estate market," I said.

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  1. Fantastic... something new technologies are being used.. buyer will get timely possession.. certainly supply will increase and may be chance of affordable home can be available in the market.. Good news for Pune home buyers...

  2. kya u-turn maara hain ravi sir aapney phirse megapolis pein...mujhey toh lagta hain yeh bahut badhiya strategy hain..mahol kein hisaab sey apney aachar aur vichaar badlo..ussi mein faayda hain paapi pet ka....what an idea sirjee..aur yeh blog toh ek teer sey teen nishaney type ka hain..Nanded City, Megapolis aur shree laxmi associates sabki publicity saath mein..unda strategy hain..lagey raho..kamaatey raho..

  3. Ravi

    The title spells everything. (Rats unleashed). . . .Why would you come up something like that....

    1. Many believe that "scarcity" is good for business. Abundance - an extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity or supply - of housing is not.

  4. Thanks alot for sharing information with us !!!!!
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