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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tell me how to make my blog more useful, please!

Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog
1,41,228 Page Views from 1st to 31th July 2012
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Ravi Karandeekar, your blog is not 'user-friendly', some of you complained. 'Location' is the most important criteria for the home buyers. So, list-out the blogs as per the location. Most of you told me.

However, I don't believe that 'location' is the right parameter to search a home, anymore. At least - for the first time home buyer in Pune real estate market. Still, for you - I made a list of blogs on the basis of location. Look at it as a first step towards making it easy for you to read what you wish.

So, as per the conventional wisdom, popularized & promoted by the builders, now, Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog has become 'user-friendly'. Now, in the side column, you can find the location based list of my blogs.

Because of the limited number of pages available to me, I had to combine nearby locations in one list. For example, I had to create one list for all blogs on Amanora Park Town, Blue Ridge, Life Republic, Nanded City Pune & Lavasa and name it as 5 Townships. Whereas, I would have liked to prepare an individual page for each township.

So, to find the blogs at your preferred location, please, take the trouble to visit the listed - nearby & popular - location in the side column. Means, to read the blogs on Rahatani, Pimple Gurav & Pimple Nilakh, please, click Wakad & Pimple Saudagar and visit the page.

Some of you suggested that i make a list based on the Type of the Property and Property Prices. I have already made a list of blogs on Bungalows & Row Houses. In the next few days, I will prepare a list based on the property prices.

So, if you want to suggest some other parameter, please, feel free to tell me in the comments or call me on 919860044110.

Please, accept my thanks in advance, and have a look at the most popular blogs in July 2012.

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6) MONDAY, JULY 05, 2010

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Now is the time to buy a home!

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  1. Stop being vulgar and arrogant for people.

    When a bird is alive.....it eats ants..when the bird dies ants eat it.....1 tree is enough to make a million match stick.....but it only take 1 match stick to burn down a million trees. Circumstances can change at any time...Dont devalue or hurt anyone in this life.... You maybe powerful today...but time is more powerful than you !

  2. Yes, Mr Ravi. It was for u. You are too arrogant to people. I have seen some of your comments are too much arrogant and very offensive. I know, u have better knowledge about Pune real estate market and you work for some of the builders in Pune.

    1. Gaju, Ravi used to work for builders, he does not anymore. He now works for individuals like me, who are the home buyers in Pune. He does not work for people like you, who are obviously paid stooges of builders, trying to post comments on his blog.

      Ravi -> we have encountered such people earlier also, if you recall, like Gaju, who are certainly representing builders of Pune, and trying to confuse other readers of your blog. I suggest you black-list this Gaju and others.

    2. Dear Gaju, Look at your comment! When you write "you work for some of the builders in Pune." - you feel that you are talking truth. But for me this is an insult.

      Same way, when i make my point, I am aggressive. I thrash the other side. You call it arrogance!

      Everyone has his own style of conversation.

      But like you I never lie.

      (Means, to put it politely, I don't make false accusations)

    3. Dear Prasad,

      I can moderate, delete any comment. But I don't moderate the comments or I don't delete published comment which says bad about me.

      Because i believe in free and frank conversation. In fact, I wish that all buyers, including builders, should express their views. Let us argue & fight over the issues and have informed & useful discussion.

  3. your blog is useful ... BUT ... you add too many stories and emotions to it ... why cant you simply put in facts , i really have to read a lot of emotional stories to note down a few useful points ... example your articles on "xrbia"

  4. Please put more properties, more inside news and new launches etc. I hardly see any update per week.
    Also dont maintain too many blogs.

  5. Hi, Ravi,

    You are doing a great Job for people like us who, don't have time for such a big city like pune to travel and search good and affordable flats to search.
    and one request can you please make a one more page which only can tell the
    good and budget homes for people who really wants to buy flats for them and not for investment... thanks

  6. I agree with Gaju , I have seen you ridicule poor people that you take snaps of!
    I used to subscribe to you're blog,then I withdrew from it.

    You look to me like a arrogant person,with some sort of air about yourself.

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  8. Ravi,
    Sorry to tell you but my suggestion for you is that the information provided by you about real estate in Pune is very good but the blog is not that attractive. If a user visits your blog, it will not attract the visitor but you post very good information in the blog. Try to add some colours and make it more attractive.

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