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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

XRBIA Pune - A Few Questions & Observations

God Creates. Man Destroys.

Pandit Jadhav at Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune
Pandit Jadhav at Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune

I told Mr. Pandit Jadhav that in my next life, I want to be like you. So for a few moments, please, let me sit with you.

For the next few minutes, I kept my mouth shut. Went on looking around for a clue which would help me to break the ice. Start a good conversation with Mr. Jadhav. Only to find out what was bothering me about the site of Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune.

Suddenly, Pandit Jadhav shouted at the cow and moved his arm. The cow, i saw, gave up her plan and went on grazing at the same spot near the internal kucha road of Xrbia.

"Your cow obeyed! She understands you!," i said.

"Certainly! All my animals understand what I say! You know what is the difference between you & my cow? My animal doesn't have arms like you & can't talk like you! Otherwise, my animals are as intelligent as any human being - they understand everything!," Mr. Pandit Jadhav said.

"Means, did god create us equal?,' I asked.

"Yes! But the sad thing is we are destroying what God has created!," Mr. Pandit Jadhav said.

"Why do you say so? We are also creating! Look at the builder of Xrbia - he is building houses on this hill. I am here to book a flat," I said.

"That's what I am saying! In the last 2 years this builder demolished half of this hill and now, he is going to construct buildings on it. God Creates & Man Destroys!," Mr. Pandit Jadhav said.

"Really? You mean to say that the builder of Xrbia has cut this hill?," I asked again to confirm.

"All my life I have been grazing my cows on this hill!," Mr. Pandit Jadhav sounded a little angry.

View XRBIA, Nere Dattawadi, on Marunji Road, approx 7 kms from KPIT Cummins at Hinjewadi Pune in a larger map

Being An Accessory to the Crime:

Cut, Demolished & Destroyed Hill of XRBIA Hinjewadi Pune
Cut, Demolished & Destroyed Hill of XRBIA Hinjewadi Pune
Cut, Demolished & Destroyed Hill of XRBIA Hinjewadi Pune
Cut, Demolished & Destroyed Hill of XRBIA Hinjewadi Pune

"Daddy fxxx you," my daughter said and looking at my mother - explained, "It means - Shame on you, Ravi!"

"Then say - shame on you, Daddy!," my mother requested her.

"I can't - I am angry - pissed off - I can't be sweet like Ravi & call all these real estate investors in Xrbia "stupid" - all these real estate investors in Xrbia are accessory to the crime," my daughter said.

"Hold on.....the crime is not yet proven," I tried to calm my daughter.

"Bullshit! Many crimes are not proven in the court of law - but it doesn't mean that the crime is not committed! It's very clear that the hill is demolished - the rocks are cut - only to construct the rows of the 7 story buildings in Xrbia. Sad thing is my father needs a confirmation from the villager. He can't see that the desperate efforts to hide - is the proof of the crime! My daddy is as blind as others and doesn't believe in his own daughter!," my daughter said.

"It's private property....," i tried to argue but my daughter cut me.

"Those who commit honor killing consider their daughters are their private property too! But it's crime against humanity. This is a crime against nature. Against mother earth. At least on moral grounds - for me every investor in this project is a "MF" - even if he is not proven guilty in the court of law. He is fxxxxxx his mother nature," my daughter said.

"Politicians & businessmen stash away their black money in the Swiss Banks & fxxx Mother India. Why should the middle class be deprived of the privilege? They shamelessly become accessory to the crime or turn a blind eye!," my mother said.

"I get your point, but I need to confirm before coming to conclusion. So, please, let us change the topic," I said and started walking towards the so called site office of Xrbia.

Xrbia, What a Beautiful Site!

Cut, Demolished & Destroyed Hill of XRBIA Hinjewadi Pune - View from the site office

There was a crowd of people and cars around the 10 x 10 office of Xrbia. Someone came towards me and said, "I was not expecting to see Ravi Karandeekar at the site of Xrbia. I follow your blog regularly!"

"I was curious to see the 200 acres plot of Xrbia. After selling plots in the first, second, third phase of Silicon City, I was wondering how come builder has so much land left available for Xrbia!," i said.

"Did you get the answer? Would you recommend to invest in Xrbia?," my reader asked.

"You tell me what do you feel?," I asked him.

"Xrbia has found the golden mean of all - location - Hinjewadi - budget - 1 BHK for 9 lakhs - 2 BHK for 16 - 17 Lakhs - small but enough carpet area - unique design by renowned Architect Hafeez Contractor - special township and all - I am impressed! It's an investment opportunity!," my reader said.

"Yes, you are right - those who think like you - I call them "Stupid"! Thanks!!," I said.

"Look around! All are mad about the beauty of the Xrbia & property price!!," my reader said.

"Yes! I can see that! Did you go up to visit the actual site?," i asked.

"Yes! I went into my car and rode both the roads, stopped to look around, it's a beautiful site. I wonder why didn't this builder plan high-end project here! It's too good!," my reader said.

"I assume you are going to invest in Xrbia!," I asked.

"In fact, I have already booked. I gave a check at ICC and came here!," my reader said.

"Good for the builder," I said and took his leave.

"Did you hear our conversation, my dear mother?," I asked.

"Yes! Lust for profit has made him blind!!," my mother said.

"I don't think so. I feel that he is raised & groomed well. Tell me what were you doing when you were breast feeding me?," i asked.

"Mostly, I used to sing a song to you," my mother said.

"That's the root of the problem! While breast feeding his mother must have told him to book a flat by just looking at the land. While breast feeding his mother must have told him to die for the country and live for the builder!," I said.

"There's a sucker born every minute"

XRBIA Booking Venue at ICC Towers, Pune

I enjoy visiting the launch of a residential project. Mainly because I like to observe the home buyers and understand how they make up their mind.

Certainly, the next day after visiting the site of Xrbia, I spent a few hours at the venue of booking shops of Xrbia. And you know what? In those hours I understood the true meaning of the word "Sucker" - One that is indiscriminately attracted to something specified.

Everyone at the booking venue of Xrbia was mad about ripping profits from the property! More than 99 per cent were so called real estate investors shamelessly betting on Xrbia.

Who ever has said it, P T Barnum or George Hull, fact of the matter is "There's a sucker born every minute"

On my way, I called RTI activist Mr. Vijay Kumbhar, one of the first people to bring to public notice the destruction of a hill on the Sahyadri mountain range for profit by Ridhi Sidhi Plantation Society, the developers of Eiffel Olympia., I told him that I am afraid that the same has happened at Xrbia. And needs to be stopped.

Notification of Ministry of Environment and Forests:

RTI activist, Mr. Vijay Kumbhar, Surajya Sangharsha Samiti

When we met, Vijay Kumbhar had already studied the website of Xrbia and had gone through my photographs of Xrbia site.

Mr. Kumbhar showed me the notification of Ministry of Environment and Forests, dated 4th February 2003 about "Protection of Hill Slopes". The notification says that - The construction should not be permitted on the hill slopes.

I was convinced that my daughter was right. At Xrbia, hill was destroyed and flattened so that they can use it for the construction. It means that everyone who has invested in Xrbia is an accessory to the crime. He has violated his mother nature.

"My daughter thinks that investors in Xrbia are MF!," I said.

"That's the perfect description of their crime! They are contributing in destroying the World Heritage Site - the Western Ghats!," Mr. Vijay Kumbhar said.

I received a call, requesting me to meet at Vaishali Restaurant on F C Road, I told Mr. Kumbhar to excuse me for a moment. One of my readers wants to meet me. It will not take more than five minutes.

Questions about Xrbia:

Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune
Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune

"I am Vishwanath Phalke, Vice President - Revenue Operations, XRBIA," the smart guy said.

"You said you are my reader!," I said.

"Yes! I read your blog and thought of meeting you. I am here to answer all your questions and provide information!," Mr. Phalke said.

"Great! Thanks for sparing some time for me. Let us go and talk. I have lot of questions," I said.

I introduced Mr. Phalke & Mr. Kumbhar and we started with the issue about destroying the hill for profit at Xrbia.

Most important concern is about the legal & technical documents of Xrbia. There is too much confusion. Different - conditional - not the final - permissions & sanctions are obtained for different companies. Plans are not approved. Obviously, no bank has approved the project. Is there some plan behind the confusion or is it only mischief?

"That's why - I don't consider Xrbia is a housing project. For me Xrbia is just a concept. Investors are ready to take a risk. Investors are ready to bet their money. Because of these investors the home buyers suffer," I said.

As a true professional, Mr. Phalke noted down the questions and concerns and told me that he will be back with the relevant information.

Meeting Mr. Rahul Nahar of XRBIA Developers Ltd:

Rahul Nahar, Primary Shareholder, Chief Executive Officer of XRBIA Developers Ltd.

Within the next 15 minutes, Mr. Vishwanath Phalke, Vice President - Revenue Operations, XRBIA, called me to ask whether I was free to meet Mr. Rahul Nahar.

"Certainly! I would like to meet!! But would Marriott allow someone wearing chappals to enter in their hotel?," I asked.

"Who can stop Ravi Karandeekar?," Mr. Phalke said.

I had to remind Mr. Rahul Nahar that we were meeting after nearly 15 years. But in no time, we continued where we had left.

Accepting my congratulations for the huge response to Xrbia, Mr. Nahar said, "Yes! The response is beyond my expectations!"

"i find it difficult to believe! Pune real estate investors is the softest target for kill. And your offer & strategy is almost perfect. I thought you must be sure about your success!," i said.

"Come on, investor was never our target. providing affordable housing for the genuine home buyer is my mission," Mr. Nahar said.

"Great! It means that our enemy is the same - Pune real estate investors!," I said.

"Yes! That's why I am meeting you! Let us join hands for the good cause!," Mr. Nahar said.

"I am already with you! I am attacking our enemy - Pune real estate investors on my blog," I said.

Over a Piazza, we discussed about the real estate investors, affordable housing in Pune, and about my blogging.

"Why don't you write on our behalf? Spread the good message!," Mr. Phalke said.

"Sorry, nearly 5 years ago, I stopped working for the builders. I decided to work for the property buyers and started Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News!," I said and told him to keep on updating me about Xrbia. Whatever may be my views, I take my job of sharing information about on going real estate projects in Pune seriously!

Looking at Mr. Rahul Nahar, i said,"When I visited the site of Xrbia, I felt very sad. Why did you cut the hill?"

"I didn't cut the hill. There were stone quarry. Which were used to supply stones for the Mumbai Pune Highway. In fact, I filled up those quarries!," Mr. Rahul Nahar said.

"Really!," I said and took his leave.

Now, just before publishing this blog, I called Mr. Vijay Kumbhar to find out whether he had received the documents from Xrbia, which will answer the questions raised by him. Mr. Vijay Kumbhar said that he is still waiting.

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1) FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012

XRBIA, Exorcist & Phobia

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  1. Ravi ,you are a very genuine person with genuine opinions,I really respect you.Regarding Xrbia it is really asuckers deal which reminds me of a marketing strategy of SpeakAsia,which went into gutter after too much hype and looting a lot of investors and there promoters never brought to justice.

  2. My expectations from XRBIA,

    1. Work should be completed in time and all promised amenities/infrastructure should be in place.
    2. Those who cannot pay 45L for 2 BHK in wakad can get a compact 3 BHK here. But It should be for end use and not to create "Ghost Town" where all are investors and no one living...

    about hills being destroyed...
    Its a FACT that Builders don't have conscious they Only have bank accounts to fill in.
    In Kothrud, Bhusari, Warje, Bavdhan and all around Pune Hills have been taken down by Builders. Its responsibility of Authorities to stop it.
    Pune has developed on its own... there hasn't been any plan or vision for it... Blah blah... I can go on... but every Tom, Dick and Harry know these conditions.

    At the cost of being too optimistic and naive, I want people who cannot afford Flats in Other Money Sucking Apartment complexes in and around Pune to buy and stay here Happily for Ever :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your views, Omkar! We all have "conscious", as well as bank accounts. It's a job of authority. And as a citizen, we all are authority. We wont let anyone destruct anymore. Right?

    2. Dear Omkar, Isn't it logical to expect first thing first? First step is - XRBIA should get all the sanctions & approvals from the authorities and financial institutions before they start the construction.

    3. Agree but as a Common man I would love to know how many Builders get Rejections. What is the rejection Rate? I have always seen you talk about approvals but I think its just a matter of some fake documents and lot of under table money to get the approvals. Again I might be wrong and haven't done any research. In fact I hope I am wrong.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Dear Omkar, in general professional builders in Pune do their business honestly and ethically. That's the culture of Pune. Situation is not that bad. Don't loose hope.

    6. @Omkar,
      it seems like you have decided the conclusion and then proving it.
      so there is no point in taking your comments seriously...
      one need to read it and leave it right there

    7. Well Amol,
      When I wrote comments I thought I was writing my expectation and my Hopes did not try to prove or conclude anything.

      Also I would Love to know at least one Project that was denied sanctions & approvals from the authorities OR financial institution in Pune.
      And this is not a conclusion its just a Request for some unofficial Information from those who have been closely associated with Reality Sector.
      I am sorry but I am not in position to submit and follow up RTI application on this.

    8. Dear ravi why u bother about the plan sanction of xrbia ? some one has already taken care.

    9. Dear Nihar, every property buyer bothers about sanctions & approvals

  3. Ravi..you have been talking a lot about destruction of mother nature. After reading this, i went to search for your blog about Lavasa...oy o Boy..not a single negative comment and there they have destroyed full sayadhri hills..is that good only because they are building for the riches....have you tried to ask the environment ministry why they passed the resolution in lavasa's favor?

    1. Thanks Harshal for pointing out the similarity between Lavasa & Xrbia!

      Yes, I agree with you. We have to request the environment minister. There should be the same law for the rich, as well as, middle class citizens of India.

      Thanks for admiring improvement in my blog. You are right. I haven't visited Lavasa and blogged about their destruction of Sahyadri.

    2. @Harsh: good finding. But its not possible for a single man to take care of all issues.
      Though I have been a reader of Ravi's blog for almost 2 years now, I have seen him bashing some builders and then praising others and I can confirm at least upto 80% of his views are just right.
      Also a blogger's views are his own views and you have to consume the contents cautiously as per your perception.

      I was definitely very interested in Xrbia (cost and location) and probably could have gone there and certainly booked one flat but I was too lazy to go there.
      I think pune city is too small to accommodate the growth and it might happen that people will start living on the hills. Its no different than US or other countries where a majority of the population lives in the outskirts of the city.
      India has so much land and so many other problems that I do not think there is much to worry about builders cutting hills to make residential projects. Again this does not mean I support Xrbia or similar projects. But if they can offer better living space, there is no harm in building projects there.

    3. becoz ravi can't speak a single word about lavasa or nanded city,he knows very well who is behind these projects and waht will happen if he will open his mouth.Dear ravi please be fearless and unbiased.

    4. Dear Nihar, you are fearless & unbiased. You go ahead & write about Lavasa.

  4. Hi Guys,Thanks for making us aware about Xrbia.

  5. What was the Magarpatta city land
    what was Nanded city land
    what was Lavasa - sahara city land.
    What is happening in Panvel

    where is the govt when the constructions are happening in River area - is anybody - even common man thinking about Nature?

    There is No limit for city so out-skirt is going into city's skirt

    Law can not change someones mind - feeling towards Motherland always comes from inner soul. which is not possible in profit world -

    we should not forget all investors reading these blogs to search for profit area.

    Nothing is in our hand. its the Goverment who should strict the rules and it is not possible. Lets book the profit.

    1. You have the power, Vikas.
      You are the government.
      I trust you.
      You can save your motherland.
      And mother nature.

      You can survive only if you protect your mother nature.

    2. Goverment - its all currupted Ravi - All Money/Power Game.

      It is impossible at this stage to create the "MY OWN GOVERMENT".

      I am travelling mumbai pune from my childhood. I have seen Wakad / Baner / Hadapsar / Nanded city as Green field area.

      I feel now that I did the mistake and not taken any plot in this area. why we should ask people to follow our mistakes by showing all Motherland emotions - Let them play in investment market.

      Current formula is More rules / approval = More Bribe / curruption

      Just my childhood wakad/Hadapsar moved to XRBIA site. Now they destroyed. No one can stop it.

      Your suggestions are really helpful to people like us. I would insist you on not using bad words in your blogs.

      Keep blogging.

  6. Bravo... Bravo.. for the efforts & bold writing.
    Hope some gets the message...

  7. I really appreciate your analysis about XRBIA project. Actually there's nothing wrong in building low budget homes when its under 'proper approval' from Govt. In case if its not under 'proper approval' from Govt, then I would say its totally illegal even if its being constructed within City itself.

    Thank you taking such a great effort. I truly believe that you are doing all this just because to save our Mother Nature. If that's the only intention, I really salute you and I must say that 'If one cannot do it, One must not stop one from doing it'.

    Keep it up Sir.

    1. I agree with you, Niraj.

      We need legal budget housing. For a fact, only private builders can fulfill the need of affordable housing.

      As a Pune real estate blogger, I consider it as my duty to provide more and more information about these projects.

      That's why I write so much about "Anandgram" Township of Rs. 4 to 15 Lakh Homes and "Urbangram" Township of Rs. 15 to 30 Lakh Homes by Vastushodh Projects Private Limited.

  8. Ravi, I must appreciate your courage to write such thing and even sharing your bold opinion upfront with Mr. Nahar. Bravo ! People like you and Mr. Kumbhar needs support and encouragement from all of us.

    1. Yes, your support is very necessary.
      Thanks for the complements and encouragement, Ashok!

  9. Ravi, thanks for posting this. I have had a bad experience with Eiffel builders and its surprising that they have now changed name.
    Still I was thinking that this is a good living option considering that Pune city will be too crowded and polluted after 2-3 years. I had invested in Gurgaon and the project is not yet delivered after 5 years of launch, so comparing to that Pune builders are more reliable. but if you prove it right that its a illegal land, then certainly I would not like to go for it. Thanks for the eye opener.
    It would be better if you can write more comprehensively about the problems of a buyer. Like recently TOI published an article how builders build designer show flats to lure customers and what they deliver is way less than what shown. I have just bought one flat after 2 years of search.

    On another note, I think the whole Pune real estate is a thug market.

    1. Thanks for sharing your views and experiences, Vij!

      However, I don't agree with your last statement. I will say that Pune builders are good.

      But, for your generation of buyers good is not enough.

      You expect a lot better service and quality form them. Your message is "Pune Builders, Improve or You Will be Out of the Market" Right?

    2. Well I would say that its not that only our generation needs more than good. I know expecting more than good will come at a cost. But even a good project should deliver what they commit. I would say our generation has more means to speak about the problems and find solution. Otherwise any buyer whether from current or past generation would expect value for each rupee he is spending. So when I say the Pune real estate market is a thug market, I mean to say that its no more a value for money market. Ofcourse the economy is going to grow and the prices of the property will keep on increasing and giving returns to existing property holders, but this will always keep on increasing stress and burden on the current and new generations.
      and let me tell you , builders in north are much less trust worthy than Pune builders so its still lot better here in Pune.

  10. Ravi,you have given positive views on projects like nanded city .magarpatta blue ridge ,forest trails ,lavasa where these builders have diverted the flow of rivers,used public money to build roads for their projects acquired huge mass ie 700 acres for their project ,destroyed hills etc.but still they earn your praise,then why this grudge against xrbia.I appreciate that you have tried to make people aware of the harm these projects will be causing to the environment,but i feel u shd be a bit unbiased.

    1. Dear Manish,
      I write for the property buyers.
      Even in this blog I am talking about investors becoming an accessory to the crime.

      Even while giving information bout the project, please, understand that I look at the project from the buyers point of view. Builder is not my focus.

      It's difficult to understand, I know, that real estate blog is not about the property but about the property buyer. Please, try to look at my blog from my angle. Thanks!

    2. I remember that in your blog you had mentioned that buying a flat in "Megapolis" as investment is not a social crime. Now you are telling that buying a flat in "Xrbia" as investment is a social crime.
      That is called biased opinion.

  11. Thanks for your suggestion about this project.

    There is one question in my mind from pure home-buyer's point of view, How banks like SBI or ICICI approve such things , if they are illegal in nature ?

    ICICI advertising this project as their referred project.
    If they are also not trustworthy then on whom to belive ?

    1. Dear Vyankatesh, since the floor plans of Xrbia are not sanctioned, no bank has approved Xrbia.

    2. Don't you think your credibility is on stake when you say no bank has approved Xrbia? Do you check your facts or just opine?

    3. What SBI has mentioned is "Title of the Project is clear"

      That dosen't means that the Floor Plans are approved by Town Planning/ PCMC (whichever repective authority).

      Also, Does Xrbia has clearance from Environoment commision.
      This is a must factor now.

      APF is genearated only after title clearnace, does not assure all approvals in place

  12. Wow no papers no sanctions yet all the 1-2 BHKs booked, and new bookings will begin again in 4-5 months.

    Congrats Pune real estate investors

    - sincerely Pune home buyer

    1. MR PAWAN ,WHO TOLD U THAT PLAN IS NOT SANCTIONED ? IT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY ALL THE MAJOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTE (NEARLY 10 BANKS,INCLUDES SBI,LIC,BOM,AXIS,ICICI......).I personally verified it.Bank likes SBI ,LIC & BOM never giv u the ADF untill & unless ur all legal & technical are clear.

    2. No, Nihar. No bank has given technical approval. No bank can. Because the plans of Xrbia are not approved. Somehow, Xrbia manged to get the permission of using the logs of a few banks in their ad.

    3. http://www.xrbia.com/site/PDF/SBI-APF-letter.pdf

    4. I personally seen the approval letters of SBI as well as AXIS,no banks will allow them to use their logo becoz its not a joke.Plz be ensure ,don't pass the wrong messages.Yesterday i got call from HDFC for loan and they told me that ours in process ,will be done in this week.

    5. Dear Liwyd,

      What SBI has mentioned is "Title of the Project is clear"

      That dosen't means that the Floor Plans are approved by Town Planning/ PCMC (whichever repective authority).

      Also, Does Xrbia has clearance from Environoment commision.
      This is a must factor now.

      APF is genearated only after title clearnace, does not assure all approvals in place

  13. Hi Ravi,

    Can you please suggest some reviews about good projects in Punawale, Tathawade, Talegaon, Chakan Area?
    I want to buy a home for myself and thats the majot reason, didn't liked XRBIA.
    Budget - 30-38 Lacs.

    Saurabh Maheshwari

    1. Yes, Saurabh! I write about the project in these areas.

    2. I know you write or will write about some projects. I am just requesting you to suggest some if there are any projects you know currently in process or launching soon.

  14. Courageous blog I would say :). I've shared it wherever I can.

    Its still unanswered whether Xbria is doing good or bad reading Mr. Nahar's comments. Investor's who have lot of money are the main culprits is what I felt from this blog. If the authorities are not capable then definitely someone has to help us out.

    I have recently started living in a society and was a committee member. I've realized that people are in a habit of blaming, firstly they blamed the builder then the authorities :) but soon realized that its us who are the responsible persons. Then we found out that we are in short of time as full time working in office and every decision/implementation is delayed. But well its a after story and after buying a home :), just shared because its always people who are "the responsibles". whether its before or after buying a home.

    The property investor's should understand it and stop investing in this area.. It does helps them out in making good amount of money, but people who are in need, who need a home to live, who need to have their children grow with sufficient aids are required to live on these invested flats. They keeps on giving rent which increases every year or even before, and does not make enough money to buy a home for themselves. If people stop investing, the rates will come down as its a supply/demand problem and needy people will be able to afford a home. Builder's will not build unnecessarily and destroy our mother earth.

    Even in our society more than 25% flats are investment only :(

    Why do investors want to make more money or easy money,, if they have more of it then they should enjoy with it. Roam India, its a beautiful place.

    Thanks Ravi for writing this blog and use of bold words is somewhat necessary I think.

  15. Hi Ravi, Have you visited XRBIA site? Have you turned to a trekker from a blogger? :)

    1. According to me constructing buildings on farms land should be a severe crime than constructing on hills. Farms are destroyed and inflation increases due to lack of production.

    2. Yes you are right Ravi people should try to book only ready/nearing possession flats.

    3. If someone books flat then there should be a condition that purchaser himself will stay in that flat... or something to block investors.

    4. If XRBIA has really launched this project for buyers then they should block investors.

    I can't say XRBIA will be hit or flop but both XRBIA blogs are super hit. Congratulations RAVI.

    1. You made me trekker, Sachin!

      You know? After reading your last comment, though I had realized that Xrbia is not a housing scheme, I decided to visit the site.

      So, credit for finding the illegal activities at the site of Xrbia goes to you, Sachin.

      Yes, construction on fertile land is for sure more serious issue. Right use of the right type of a land is necessary.

      Yes, Xrbia blogs are super hit. This time, I am not only writing. I am taking action too. RTI activist Mr. Vijay Kumbhar has taken this issue. Relevant government departments and agencies are informed. Keep on visiting. This is just a beginning.

    2. Yes correct , because it should not start like trend to be followed by any other builder

  16. Hi Ravi,

    many thanks to you for providing such a eye opener info.
    Its true that in pune and mumbai, peoples are having ready to throw money / bank balance , that's why in hope of profit / returns on investment, as and when a new project comes, they are the first to book there and reaching first there with their chech leaves.

    1. You are right, Suresh. You know what? Out of 3 calls I receive, 2.5 are from "investors"!

  17. Hello Ravi Sir,
    Very nice blog. thanks to you for providing such a useful info.I must appreciate your courage to write such thing and even sharing your bold opinion upfront with Mr. Nahar. Bravo.

  18. There are a few things where I am in complete agreement with you. There are few where I go beyond you have ever gone and question us humans. All the problems of this country, give me any, can be tied down to the stupidity of our forefathers and us, who procreated and exploded the population to the levels where encroachment remains the only option. That, my friend, is the real problem of this country. Population. Everything else is derived out of it.

    1. I feel sorry for the ever increasing population of mindless middle class in India.

  19. i think xrbia is same as any builder in pune.
    Ravi has some agenda. May be he is on payroll of other competitor builder.
    I never believed him but it is intresting to read comments and how people get fooled by him.

    1. not sure about ravi but you are also on payroll of XRBIA :-)

    2. hi amolw
      I am like every other home buyer in Pune who seeks decent accomodation in my budget.
      I think you already have one. So you have time to worry aboy cows.
      Cant you see this is propaganda. This may be true. But then it is also true for Lavasa(hill), Life republic, Megapolis (farm land). He is writing this blog because he always writes on behalf of builder. If he is writing against a buider then because it is for some another builder in vicinity. He is shrewd punekar.

    3. Dear Unknown,
      Feel free to say anything about me.
      But, please, never say bad about my readers. Including you.
      You all are intelligent. Including you.
      I respect all my readers a lot. Including you.
      You all have your own views. Including you.
      No one can fool my readers. Yes, including you.
      To have your own views, you need brain.
      Which all my readers have. Including you.

  20. You have rightly said. I have been to ICC and saw the show flat. A decent sized bed in the bedroom is all that can be accomodated. Its just a feel of buying an apartment but in reality its a piece of crap. People are running only after the price without getting into details and find out the reality.

  21. Hello,

    I was asking same question as how anyone can use bank names or contacts in advertise if it is not properly approved .
    I have one mail From: ICICIdirect.com which advertise this project also please check below:


    Is there any legal threat behind this ?
    If yes, then how any normal home-buyer can avoid such risk in future ?

    Also my second point is about their paying scheme 20% percent from buyer & 80% coming through bank. Is any builder can insist on such thing legally ?

    Please suggest.

    1. Dear Vyankatesh, you have hit the nail on the head! Answer needs a special blog. Keep on reading, please.

    2. Thanks,

      I will wait for sure to understand legal things behind such process :)

    3. Loans have got approved from SBI. A friend just got his approved today.So now I am sure that Banks have approved this project.
      Insurance done too from SBI :)


    4. Dear Liwyd,

      What SBI has mentioned is "Title of the Project is clear"

      That dosen't means that the Floor Plans are approved by Town Planning/ PCMC (whichever repective authority).

      Also, Does Xrbia has clearance from Environoment commision.
      This is a must factor now.

      APF is genearated only after title clearnace, does not assure all approvals in place

    5. Hi Rohit, the loan has been approved by SBI for a friend who has bought a flat in the A-5 block. I have myself seen the cheque and the insurance from SBI.

    6. "the insurance from SBI" What is this, Llwyd?

      You are right, Rohit. Floor plans of Xrbia are not yet sanctioned by the Town Planning. Obviously, not a single bank has approved Xrbia.

    7. Hi Ravi - what I meant is The long term home Insurance provided by SBI.

  22. Ravi,

    excellent job! With this type of true work, real home buyers will remember you for decades...I feel proud for you.
    Regarding the subject, Mr. Rahul Nahar will certainly make sugarcoated stories to push his false facts to make them feel right by hook or crook.
    These crook people are so much into money, profit, targets, royal life that they have almost lost their civic sense and sentiments...
    Its so much of pain to see that we are killing our mother nature day by day.
    The farmer Pandit Jadhav will not be able to take his cows to the same hill after few months...
    We the people, who are so greedy and mentally sick that we think of everything in terms of money. There is a beautiful world beyond money...like our nature...we need to preserve it..
    there will be time when people will have lot of money but will be hunting for seeing hill, river, clear water...and much more

    1. I completely agree with you, Amolw! Thanks for the complements!!

    2. Hi Ravi,
      When did you become environment activists? When you are planning to write about forest land lost in dams and mining?
      The farm land or forest land lost in this residential project is minuscule than land lost in dams and mining.

  23. Even if we presume that Greed is God in a capitalist society and that we are not moved by any other considerations, still just consider this : XRBiA works out to Rs 3033 psqft if you include the Rs 3 lac fixed charge. If pone opts for a ground,corner,raod or amenity facing flat , it is 10% extra. Even Megapolis, the most succesful among the townships in pune due to its innovative smart home project cost on only 2400 psqft in the launch phase of smart homes. No floor rise or amenity facing charge in the launch phase.Plus megapolis had all approvals etc at that stage also along with track record of kumar properties.
    I cant understand the herd mentality of property buyers as if its the last good deal on earth and if they loose out then they will have to pay a premium.
    Builders are great psychologists!!!

    1. Hi Ashok,
      Let me know if Megapolis is offering rates below than 3033 Rs/sq.ft. Many people would be ready to buy it. :)

    2. @Ajay,
      Even if XRBIA is selling it at 3033 Rs/sq.ft. as they says "shit is always shit"... start practicing living in matchbox at your current resident by shrinking the space if you have bought a flat(light years away)

  24. If we can to see all legal documents related to persmission, constuction plan, funding documents etc may be we can come to some conclusion?

    Is there ne way builder is binded to show some documents to customers?

    They need to get NOC from plot owners whom they have sold land plots as per plotting scheme.

    I personally feel raising discussion of construcion on hill slopes is not taking us away from main point.( then we will have 100s construction to talk about)

    1. I am not only talking about destruction of hill slope. I have taken action too.

    2. What about documents? Do we have to check some documents before investing in some property like xrbia?

      It is gr88 about taking actions for Hill slope, do u ahve a link of that bill!


  26. RAVI ALSO MENTIONED THAT THE INVESTOR OF "TANAJI MALSURE" @karjat HAVE LOST THEIR MONEY.Yesterday i have called them and asked about the project,they are now taking the booking @2700/- sqft.which was booked @1000/- sqft in 2009.So i don't know how one can say that investor lost.Only thing that project get delayed a bit,which again depends on the builder profile.

    1. Dear Nihar, you called. I have visited Tanaji Malusary City Karjat.

      For the last 4 years, I had talked to more than 3,000 property buyers in Tanaji Malusary City.

      However, good you called. In the next couple of years you will get the same answer and post the same comment about Xrbia.

  27. guys... this is a complete new concept... ur negative publicity is also good for us.. we have booked a house there and are proud about this... and please stop putting comments like "God creation destroyed by man" tell me was pune this big in 1980? was bombay this big in 2000? I am put up in navi mumbai.. you guys will say that we have destroyed gods beauty entirely... come and see the palm beach... please shift your focus on some other project... the phase 1 booking is all done.. and we all believe that we will get d flats in 2015. Ravi I will surely invite you to my place for a drink :) move on guys... chill...

  28. Ravi,

    I really appreciate your thoughts about XRBIA. 100 booking in such a small timeframe shows that either its a trap by builder or there are too many investors in pune. But I must say that true homeseekers will consider them lucky even if they missed this fraud opportunity.

    I have one question for you as well. Don't you think for the past couple of months you haven't suggested good flats for homeseekers. After vastushodh you havent posted anything like that.

    I really hope you have something to say.


    1. You are right, Dainik. In the last 3 months I haven't written much. In June I was resting after an operation in May. I prepared tabs listing blogs as per location. I had planned to prepare property price list in August, but Xrbia came out of the blue.

      As it is, in the current slowdown in Pune real estate market, there are a few new launches, worth writing about.

    2. Ravi,

      Aura-solis is a project going on at the end of Salunke Vihar road, by eminent spaces. Could you please visit and write about it once you get time?

      Secondly, there is Kolte Patil's Margosa heights at Undri too. Kindly visit that too if possible.


  29. capitalists are not goverened by moral police (here builder and investor together). everyone wants a quick cash and good. there is gonna be only one loser, and thats pandit jadhav and his family of cows. Others are mere speculators including you ravi. yes you have taken steps to move further and lets see where it goes.
    there are other countries which are crashing (or crashed out already) with this kind of attitude.
    read this for fun
    I was once upon a time a budding investor (never materialised) and stopped after reading your blog about blue ridge (the first one I read in your blogs) about 4 years ago.
    Tired of these kind of investment and I am currently contemplating idea of investing in land and creating forest and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

  30. Crowd at ICC tower is dismaying. No one can save Pune with people herding such as this to buy a flat.

    PEOPLE, WAKE UP! stop being slaves of bank - builder combo. Buy ready possession properties to minimize the risk! And XERBIA's carpet area indicate its not at all worth living with your family, will you be able to live all your life in such congested space?

    LEAVE SOME HOUSES TO BUY TO LOW INCOME GROUP PEOPLE. I wish Xerbia had put some limit on income statements, people with earning less than 5 lakh per annum could only get house in there, it would have made sense then

  31. Hey guys , here nobody is really talking about the sizes of the rooms in the plans,... 1BHK - Bed room -7'-7" X 6'-7" ---guess how you put double bed in this room and also have some space for moving around? Do you don't need atleast 5'-0" X 6'-0" size bed for couple? Next Living Hall- towards balcony the size of hall is 4'-7" --less than size of a small bathroom in normal flat. Plz Imagine space available, where sofa and TV set placed. You don't have more than 5 to 6 feet ..Out of that you need atleast 2'-6" space for Sofa then you have only 4 feel left between your TV and your eyes..Just Imagine.... Lets Talk about Kitchen- 4'-7" width--you need at least 2 feet for kitchen otta..then you left 2'-7" in which woman have to move...Imagine if any woman have little extra pounds ...Same is Case with 2BHK and 3 BHK fltas..... Ohh my god ..first phaze have been sold out.... It proved that how stupid we Indians are.


  32. @global_friend ... agree with you, dont think these flats are "comfortably" livable ...

  33. Hello Sir, it was nice talking to you over the phone regards to XRBIA project Information. Also want to inquire about Goodland & Olympia project where they are only selling plots. and i think it is 10-15km inside from Hinjewadi IT Park.

    Details of plot : 2200sq feet for 650rs per sq ft & if full payment option its 450rs per sq feet.

    We visited the site but i was not getting positive feeling for that property. And they saying possesinon is after 4 years. they say now book the plot & forget for 4 years.

    1. So it's not legal ????

      And also if you call tell me any good property in Karjat, where i can buy & give for a rent. my budge is 12Lac.If you have any property or any good contacts so please let me know. :)

  34. This is something which I should say beyond the truth. Thank you Ravi for penning down the facts.

  35. Cool Ravi, No words to express. U hold the nerve of a true citizen. People became so selfish in making money that they don't realize unknowingly they are becoming part of the crime. Ur article is an eye-opener and I truly appreciate ur efforts. U r a gem in this field. Kudos to u for ur great efforts. U deserve a gift atleast from my end. When ever I return to Pune, will join u in ur movement. Best of luck and stay well and charged and don't spare the criminals. I remember the dialogue from Aamir Khan's movie Sarfarosh....
    "Chan Rupiyo ke liye apni Maa Tak Ko Bhech diya....."

  36. Very informative blog indeed. I like the way Ravee Karadikarji writes....aggressive yet humorous....well doing....keep it up....!

  37. Dear Ravee,
    Can you pl. write about upcoming projects near Manjri, Kalepadal or Fursungi or nearby Hadapsar area....1 BHK Budget homes....I am genuine first time home buyer...

    1. Yes, Anushka! I will try my best to write about the projects in the areas you have mentioned.

  38. Dear Sir,
    You are really genuine person.Buyer should understand your point of view.
    Thanks for all your information regarding Real Estate.
    HATS OFF TO Mr. Karandikar.

  39. Dear Mr.Ravi,
    Than you for your efforts in explaning this part of Social Responsibility! Very informative and eye opening Blog. I would like to give you reference of "NIRMAL LIFESTYLE-KALYAN PROJECT", where two of my friends booked flat almost 2.5 years back with 20% downpayment and still no work has not been started because of Forest/Envionmental authority clearance. There are many others who are suffering.
    Sir, I am big fan of your Writing Skill. Reading your blog is Treat n food for Thoughts!
    I would also request you to write something about "Alankapuram Project" near on Alandi-Bhosari road.

    Sachin Malusare (Vashi, Navi mumbai)

    1. Sure, Sachin.
      I will write about Alankapuram on Alandi-Bhosari Road.
      Thanks for the complements.

  40. xerbia site says that they have approval from STATE BANK OF INDIA BUT SBI mumbai says we dont give loan on ADF ...........XRBIA SAYS WE ONLY OFFER ON ADF ....WHAT IS THIS ...WHAT IS THE USE OF APF NO.

  41. Dear Mr.Ravi,
    Thanks for providing the flats with affordable price. Hats off to you.:) I want to know is there any other project is going on in Pune ?
    Thanks :)

  42. I am reading your blogs on Xrbia from last one month. I am little confused on how we can trust XRBIA.
    I found one of my friends, who had booked a flat in Xrbia, being confused on whom to listen. He also questioned the honesty of Xrbia. He learned that Pune Xrbia sales agent sold 1 BHK smart flats as a non-premium flats. Customer were convinced by sales agents that back view is non-premium view, as those flats come at back side and cannot have premium view with one view balcony except corner flats. Looking at a plan, anyone can be convinced that you will see only boundary wall /open vehicle parking from back view.
    Now after booking, it was surprise for those buyers, as customer executives from Mumbai branch asking for premium value on the flats. How you will react if you are a buyer and made a deal on the booking date by paying (20% amount + Service tax + Vat). At this moment, you have lost the choice of selecting a different flat, if your budget doesn’t allow premium value and that to 230 sq.ft. flat. Another joke was Buyers have received emails with text saying provisional allotment letter, but no attachment of provisional letter. Allotment receipt was sent again in the name of provisional letter. No original hard copy is provided. Buyer has to refer color print-out of PDF document sent through email.
    If you go through xrbia website FAQ, It is confirmed that booking will be accepted only on payment of 20% amount on booking date. So booking was finalized on the booking date itself by Xrbia sales agents.
    Learning these cases, I am worried about those customers.
    Can’t Xrbia exclude the premium amount for them, which may be recovered till date though collective interest of booking amount. Xrbia is claiming that they are selling budget house. Then why the premium amount on back-view flats of 230 sq.ft?
    What do you suggest Ravi, Can those customer go to consumer court, if Xrbia force them to pay premium amount? These flat owners received allotment receipts. They also have signed doc from Xrbia sales agent, which can prove that they paid the booking amount for the flat on booking date.
    Many 1 BHK smart buyer of XRBIA may come with this query.

  43. Kindly provide your answer Ravi...
    OR Please write a blog on this

  44. Please, have a look at this complaint -

    I will finally say that either you give me 15% discount and accept my cheque or else i want to exit from this deal without any loss..i cant bear single rs loss for your mistakes.

    plus i want my whole money back @ 10% interest on amount which you blocked (181758 + 562138+5500) plus additional 1 lakh rs for embarrassing me to this extend..

    I was supposed to tell my other friends to invest in your scheme but now i will not suggest anybody about xrbia...

    As a customer my humble request to you people that please improve lot lot lot on customer service area and don't convey any wrong massage which may leads customer to suffer financially and mentally..otherwise customer have no option but to exit from Xrbia...

    Very disappointed with your services,

    Ashwini Pandit

    Flat with xrbia hinjewadi developers | ConsumerComplaints.in

  45. Hi ravi , I see some logos of SAP in Ads of Xarbia. I wonder what is SAP doing in builder's posters .

    But must say xrbia has put the art of sucking ppl's money at a new level.

  46. If any one buy their flats he cant be happy as mother nature will be upset with him..

  47. Ravi Request you to not use the slang language in your posts, otherwise you hit the right spot.

  48. Kindly giv feedback about aura solid in wanoworie

  49. Hi Ravi,
    First of all thank your for these blogs. Its great to see someone who is actually communicating about the situation on ground. However, I'll also say this that I will always take your opinions 'with a pinch of salt'. After all one should also do his own research. Unfortunately people like me dont always have the, legal or otherwise, know-how to ask the right questions which is (also) when we turn to your blog.
    Coming to the point, My brother is looking for a flat in Xrbia and I was against it after reading your blogs. It seems they have put legal project documents on the website - http://xrbia.com/pdf/xrbia-hinjawadi-project.pdf. Would you still have concerns after looking at those?

  50. Ravi Sir,
    I had talked to you about 2 projects: Xrbia and Commanders Aayush Park @ TALEGAON.
    Can you please research and throw some light on XRBIA project @ TALEGAON.
    Please suggest any other good/best project at TALEGAON.My budget for 2 BHK is 27 Lakh.

    Jignesh Kyada

  51. Hi Sir,
    Thanx..for putting the truths regarding xrebia.

  52. Hi Ravi,
    What do you say about your "mama`s project --Forest Trails" ---which is built above hill
    Also what about Lavasa, Amby Valley ,Wildernest, Oxford golf, Girivan ,Song birds ,Mount Vert Belair ,Megapolis & Whole of NDA road --Bavdhan projects??? I think Bhanja is selective about writing reviews or want to promote luxury projects and don't respect projects for AAM ADMI as they have nothing to offer to mediators.

  53. Hi Ravi,

    I really liked your blog and found it very genuine. I respect your work for the nature and for people like us.

    I'm a mumbaikar since birth now 24, residing in suburbs with my family (mom, dad and sisters) in a rented house. It has been my dream to buy a house for my family.

    Looking at the project of Xrbia and costs for 1 & 2bhk I and my friends were looking to invest in it after collecting all the required information.

    I work at TCS and buying a house even at such low cost is still a challenge for me along with taking care of my family.

    I would appreciate your inputs and guidance whether it would be wise to invest my hard-earned money in Xrbia.

    I await your response Ravi.

    Tausif Mahadik

  54. I dont know what place you are staying at, bet it would have been built the same way of destroying nature and building something over.

    This has been done for ages. Where will our ever increasing population go and stay ?. People cannot live on trees. We can only try to balance the ratio with planting more trees and alloting space for animals.

    Profit is portrayed in a sick manner in your blog with people wanting it called as stupid and suckers. Not everyone can afford to sit down so easy and write a blog of this kind.

    People have families to support, kids to look after, to upgrade to a better life & many more things to do before they die.

    Profit is needed and matter of fact is a part of everyone's life unless one is a Sage, Politician ( where money flows irrespective).

    Really do not understand this blog and the kind of word MF used here for buyers, This word suits everyone who uses this word in this blog.

  55. Hi,
    Please make a note ...the franchisee of ERBIA is sold by Elixir Group ...who have already cheated people in the name of POGO MAD, showing rosy pictures....

  56. Hi Ravi,

    Wanted to with you about any new development on the project? Also did you mean that if all the approvals as required are there in place one should go and book a property? Request your advise as this will be my first investment.