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Thursday, August 2, 2012

XRBIA Hinjewadi - The Sucker's Deal for the Stupid People with Some Disposable Income

Thanks & Congratulations, Mr. Rahul Nahar!

Mr. Rahul Nahar & Architect Hafeez Contractor at the launch of XRBIA

View XRBIA, Nere Dattawadi, on Marunji Road, approx 7 kms from KPIT Cummins at Hinjewadi Pune in a larger map

A Full-on Money-sucking Operation:

I don't know how to thank Mr. Rahul Nahar, the primary shareholder, & Chief Executive Officer of XRBIA Developers Ltd.

I am completely impressed with his full-on money-sucking operation designed to string together all those so called investors in Pune real estate market for an indefinite time. I hope, Mr. Rahul Nahar will hold them till they are completely sucked dry and will never ever think about investing in real estate.

Mr. Rahul Nahar, by launching this full-on money-sucking operation, you are removing those scumbags - Pune real estate investors - who help the builders to hike the property prices and make housing un-affordable for the actual home-buyers.

"There's a sucker born every minute"

I admire you, Mr. Rahul Nahar, for inaugurating your full-on money-sucking operation at Dubai & London. I am sure you will go to every city on the planet where NRI real estate investors, the biggest suckers of Pune real estate live.

At home, I thank you for targeting Mumbaikars, before opening your full-on money-sucking operation at Pune. Certainly, Mumbaikars are soft targets with deep pockets.

You know what? Mr. Rahul Nahar, in a short period of time, for sure, you are going to replace Mr. Subrata Roy, managing worker and chairman of Sahara India Pariwar. Though, Sahara Swapna City is coming at 366 cities in India, for sure, your XRBIA at 14 cities will suck more money out of Indian real estate market. Certainly, lot more than Tanaji Malusare City at Karjat, Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd., Janaadhar Constructions Pvt. Ltd., Value and Budget Housing Corp. Pvt. Ltd. (VBHC) and Usha Breco Realty Pvt. Ltd.

No. I am not saying this because you are from Pune. I am saying this because I know well that over the years, as a land developer, you have mastered the skills of running full-on money-sucking operations.

In the last 12 years, you have sucked dry more than 3,000 investors in your plotting schemes under different names. Starting with Riddhi Siddhi Developers in a small office in Patil Plaza, near Mitra Mandal Chowk and graduating at Mantri House on F.C. Road as Eiffel Developers & Realtors Ltd.

A Classic Sucker Punch:

In fact, there is no need to look at your track record. Your launch offer proves your mastery in running full-on money-sucking operations. You know? Truly, the launch offer of XRBIA Hinjewadi is a classic sucker punch.

No Pune real estate investor came to know when you blew their brains out with the property prices at XRBIA, at Nere Dattawadi, on Marunji Road, approximately 7 kilometers from KPIT Cummins at Hinjewadi - 1 BHK Smart Flat for Rs. 8,98,000 + Stamp Duty (2.5 %) + Registration Charges (1 %) + VAT (1 %) + Service Tax (3.09 %) - 1 BHK Luxury Flat for Rs. 11,76,400 + Stamp Duty (2.5 %) + Registration Charges (1 %) + VAT (1 %) + Service Tax (3.09 %) - 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 15,48,000 + Stamp Duty (2.5 %) + Registration Charges (1 %) + VAT (1 %) + Service Tax (3.09 %) - 3 BHK Flat for Rs. 21,49,250 + Stamp Duty (2.5 %) + Registration Charges (1 %) + VAT (1 %) + Service Tax (3.09 %).

A Sucker's Deal:

Now these brainless monkeys - who don't understand what a high property rate they are paying and don't realize that it's obscene to pay Rs. 3,00,000 for Club Charges, Meter Charge, Legal Charges and other Infrastructure Cost - are not in a position to understand what a sucker's deal you have pooled of!! Now, as per your 20:80 payment terms, at the time of booking - these stupid people will not only pay you their 20 per cent own contribution but they will give you remaining 80 per cent home loan too.

It means that, even if you book only 100 flat of each type, you will collect Rs. 57,71,65,000. More than what Brick Eagle has invested in XRBIA Hinjewadi. No wonder they are giving you 200 crore. Certainly, not because of your land bank - but because of your skills to run full-on money-sucking operation.

Mr. Rahul Nahar, after you get 100 per cent down payment, please, hold those 10,000 stupid 'real estate investors' on a tight leash for the rest of their lives. As you have hold the plot holders of Silicon City. Since, you announced XRBIA on the 1st & 2nd phase of Silicon City, the poor guys are reading their agreements again and again and wondering what is going to happen to their plots.

Big Fish Eats Small Fish:

Honorable Mr. Rahul Nahar, roping in Architect Hafeez Contractor is no doubt a brainy idea. After the 45,000 Crore Hiranandani Gardens Powai Land Scam, you need guts to use Hafeez Contractor as a bait. After all he has designed those luxurious apartments for the rich where the builder has agreed to built 3,000 flats - 1500 flats of 400 square feet and 1500 of 800 square feet - for the Lower Income Group and Middle Income Group.

Presence of Architect Hafeez Contractor in the ad of XRBIA will keep on reminding all that housing for the financially weaker members of society is a gold mine. If you want to prosper in life, you have to exploit it as much as you can.

Mr. Rahul Nahar, your message is inspiring. If someone can rule India for generation by announcing "Garibi Hatao", why middle class IT Professional in Hinjewadi should shy away from exploiting anyone who is financially less strong than him? Earning property appreciation is not a sin. Big fish eats small fish. Right?

A Dark Side of a Human Mind:

An opportunity to exploit and reap profits - is your product at XRBIA. Like fulfilling basic animal lust for land - was your product in your plotting schemes. A flat or a plot is an incidental byproduct. No builder has ever understood this. There is only one Rahul Nahar who can understand the dark side of a human mind and use it to run a full-on money-sucking operation after operation.

My dear Mr. Rahul Nahar, I am more than happy to know that, in the next couple of years you are going to suck money out of 10,000 Pune real estate investors. In fact, I am sure, every home buyer in Pune real estate market will be grateful to you for eradicating these social-criminals - these so called Pune real estate investors - by launching XRBIA Hinjewadi. So, thanks a lot, congratulations, and best wishes for your full-on money-sucking operation.

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  1. So should we go for a home here or not? What's your advise to people who are looking to buy a property to stay? Is it worth buying and can we rely on builder to complete work on time?


    1. Thanks for your prompt reply.Getting a 2 BHK in 40 lakhs is i think next to impossible now..atleast in city limits..where should such buyers go?


    2. Look at areas in and aroung gothawade phata there are many schemes like nakshatra and some more in those areas, as its close to people who work in hinjewadi.

  2. Good morning sir...even i have heard that its a very silly project ...22 flats on each floor...r we seriously kidding??

  3. Ravi , I usually your posts and was anxiously waiting for this one. Only Agenda was to CONFIRM what I feel from this deal is right or not. I am glad that I didnt get trapped here! I am hoping other Punekars reads this post and stay away from such sucker deals! Thanks once again!

  4. Thanx for your reply sir, one of my friend is keen to book a 1 bhk as an investment option.He is saying even if its poorest quality construction after 2 years 9 would at least become 15lakhs..is he right on his approach.??

    1. In 2007 property rate of Blue Ridge was Rs. 2850. After 5 years, in 2012 it is Rs. 4,500. Builder says he had to increase the sale price because of the inflation.

  5. Mind-boggling views & hope this would help all investors to take their conscious decision.

    I think hardly any one thinks in such a way, the way you explained about the whole project/cmpany/mind-set/mental-model.

  6. Even the homes provided under SRA scheme are better designed than this one. This township is for investors who do not want to give their property on rent. Diagonal homes for IT professionals. :)

  7. I think because of "Life republic" of Kolte patil , this are and obviousley " Xrbia" get good demand in next 2 years.

    1. Though I don't agree with your views, thanks for sharing, Kishor!

  8. Thanks Ravi for writing about XRBIA. This is about builder, money sucking. I want to know about project planning, how they are managing to develop flats with such a small carpet area. Obviously rooms are small but will it be a beginning of future homes? I think all 3 BHKs will be sold out, can't say about 1,2 BHK. Though it is small but who will get 3 BHK in less than 25 Lacs. We all know people will buy as it is pune.

    Can you please provide your comments about flats, location... just curious to know. Assume you don't know about builder, charges etc. You are in sample flat. What do you think will it suffice to live there?

    1. Sachin,

      1) I wont consider this housing scheme unless a few buildings are constructed and occupied by human beings.

      2) About the location. I am not a trekker. I don't like to visit hills around Pune. I prefer to visit civilized & developed part of the earth.

      3) It's not about the builder, it's about the stupid investors.

      4) About room-sizes. I know that I can look presentable in my underwear. But, I put on trousers and shirt when I go to office. Same about the size of a home. Look what slum dwellers are offered & wish:

      - Dharavi Redevelopment Project: Each family will be allotted a self contained house of 225 sq.ft. carpet area free of cost.
      ** Slum Rehabilitation Authority **

      - City Congress leaders have demanded that municipal commissioner Mahesh Zagade withdraw the circular restricting developers from providing 269 sq ft tenements to slum dwellers under Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) schemes. However, some developers have shown willingness to provide 350 sq ft tenements.

      Cong wants PMC to permit bigger homes under SRA - Times Of India

      - About 500 families from the Kashewadi slums, who lost their homes in a major fire that gutted their huts on March 3, 2005, will get flats under the first Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) scheme in the city on Friday.

      Affected slum-dwellers will get 270 sq ft tenements and an attached terrace, measuring 80 sq ft.

      First flats under SRA scheme ready in Kashewadi - Times Of India

    2. ravi,
      this is one of your valuable comment!

    3. amazing....I am sure these buildings will be called IT slums some day!!

  9. Hi Ravi
    Thanks for the post.

    can you please explain in details your following statement

    "As you have hold the plot holders of Silicon City. Since, you announced XRBIA on the 1st & 2nd phase of Silicon City, the poor guys are reading their agreements again and again and wondering what is going to happen to their plots?"

    what are the issues with plot holders in silicon city?

    1. Ravi,
      This group is private and according to the rules of the group if one has bought a plot there then only he can get the permission to read post on this group

      I have also not understood the statement
      "As you have hold the plot holders of Silicon City. Since, you announced XRBIA on the 1st & 2nd phase of Silicon City, the poor guys are reading their agreements again and again and wondering what is going to happen to their plots?"

      We readers will really appreciate if you make it clear to us as to what had happened about silicon city project...

      thanks in advance

  10. Hi Ravi,

    Life Republic is also on same road. Then we had positive reviews of the project and negative of this one. Does this mean that these are wrong people at right place?

    1. If the location of XRBIA had been 'right', you could have seen at least a few bungalows constructed and occupied in Silicon City - on which XRBIA is planned.

      Very few felt that the location of Life Republic was right! Same about even Megapolis and at some point even about Blue Ridge!

      "it's way far from Hinjewadi IT park...approx 5-6 KMs away in no mans land...if you are a family dont think about commuting to and from this place once it is dark...better buy a apartment in Wakad "

      Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog: Life Republic, Kolte-Patil Developers' "Special" Integrated Township at Marunji - Hinjewadi, - First Impression

      Currently Hinjewadi is not at all suitable for living with family since nothing is reachable. For every small need, you need to drive to Baner/Wakad/Aundh.
      It will take at lease 7-8 years more to develop this place and these big society will also take the same time to develop fully.

      As long as it is not fully developing you won't get any amenities for which they are taking money from you right now.

      I have seen Magarpatta city. After launch it took around 7 years to develop.

      Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog: Kumar Properties' Megapolis at Hinjewadi - 3rd integrated township after City Group’s Amanora Park and Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge

  11. They are charging 3 lakhs for development charges...the rooms are tooo small to roam around...what is this???
    Zakir, Dubai

    1. You are right, Zakir. Rs. 3 Lakhs for the development charges is a trick to show that the property rate is less!

  12. Look at it this way : they are selling a 3 BHK with super built area of 740 sqft for 23 L. This means two 3 BHK = 46 L which has a super built up area of 1460 sqft. Megapolis is selling 1460 in "Sexy" Sangria at 71 L !

    Now i am not trying to be sarcastic, but all i am pointing out is that if this project succeeds it will cause an explosion of builders offering exactly HALF the standard house sizes that we had been seeing till date

    This is something Hotel / Resturant owners did a long time ago by introducing the quarter plate chicken masala along with the half and full plate

    1. Yes but instead of a complete hosue you get two incomplete houses!! if you join incompletes to make one complete, you will have to demolish walls errect new ones and have a railway bogey type layout flat. If you are going to have to demolish and build new walls, to builder ko diya paisa fizul gaya!!
      Even a quarter plate chicken masala only whets your appetite and does not satisfy your hunger. You have to order two more plates and you stil have that nagging feeling that yaar khana pura nahi hua!!!

    2. Totally agree. Thats what i am trying to say. If all you want is to eat chicken masala (read : own a house in pune at any cost) you can easily come to xrbia.

    3. I wonder, at this point of time, what makes you think that it's a housing scheme?

      If you visit the site, or talk to the plot owners of Silicon City Phase 1 & 2, you will realize that there is no plotting scheme.

      Like, then, it was not about plotting scheme, now - it's not about housing scheme.

      Please, open your eyes.

  13. Ravi,

    all the points are listed promptly...! great job!

    1. Thanks Amolw! I always take you very seriously. So, your complements matter a lot to me.

  14. Thanks Ravi, I was waiting for your post on Xrbia. Hope this post creates enough buzz to stop the day-dreamers to avail the so called limited offer and book it tomorrow (4th Aug ) and that too online ****

    Just wondering about their claim " The township has received an exemption of 50% on stamp duty from the government which has been passed on to the buyers"

    any comments.


    1. Stamp Duty and VAT is a matter between a property buyer and the state government. No builder has any role in it.

  15. the catch in the Ad is this : Any flats which are amenity or garden or road facing or corner flats will be charged at 200 psqft extra. What does that leave? only flats facing each other. with the close distance between buildings maybe the residents will hold hands and sing the XRbiA theme song together.Ah bliss!!!
    50 sqft SLeeping room. Yes it can accomodate only a bed so they have rightly called it a sleeping room. Bath and toilet 26 sqft. Living 70 sqft. Kitchen 46 sqft!!! Builder is generous , in this kitchen you can bump into your domestic servant everytime and build cameraderie and rapport. But beware your hubby might be temted to join and also get some bumps.
    24 flats per floor. Privacy? All indians are my brothers and sisters. School ke har texctbook ke pehle panne pe padha nahi kya? Lets all break into XRBIA Song.
    But Ravi i hope you dont make my fears come true by suddenly discovering some hidden great points about this project and become a bhakt from a sceptic. :-))

  16. Thanks for sharing the REALITY.
    Hopefully , they would be afraid after:

  17. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your post. I am from Mumbai and had been thinking of investing in a 2BHK in Pune...Aaroung Hingewadi area.....Todays XRBIA ad in the news papaer was quite captivating.....But as its said....anything veryy exceptional raises eye brows....

    Could you help suggest with some 2bhk under dev propertry arnd Hingewadi??

    Mrs Iyer

  18. I have been reading your blogs for past 2 years.. and always find your reviews completely biased .. I dont know why you are emphsizing on 3L for Development charges.. every Guntha Bahaddur in Pune charges more than that as a development charges.. (And i can name those)
    Just becaused Xrbia is from Mumbai.. he gets stick ? I found same review on Monarch Builders ... from you.. Which confirms you are praising Pune Builders ...

    1. Dear PuneInvestor, looking at your name, you must hate my blogs. Because, they are not in favor of the builders.

      Yes, i write for the property buyers. Not for your builders.

      These 3 lakh rupees don't include covered parking charges. Only Club Charges, MSEB, Legal Charges and some other charges!

      Mr. Rahul Nahar, is Pune builder & my old friend.

      Most important, this blog is about Pune real investors - not about Pune or Mumbai builder.

  19. Awesome blog! I was quite fascinated by the launch on Xrbia (on newspaper, there's a National TV ad as well) I visited the site this Sunday. My reaction was the same, as yours! You have validated my point in front of my husband and brother.. Haha.. Thanks!!
    Love the way you use "Money-Sucking" multiple times!!! Still people are asking should we go for it? Even more funny!!!

    1. Yes! Very funny!! Some even call and ask me - should or shouldn't I?

  20. Hello Mr Ravi,

    While writing your blog you might be confused ,so It again confusing a people who are reading this, It is no where clear that to what about you have objections,

    1. The Builder Mr. Rahul Nahar will get lots of money out of this project so you are worried

    2. Or Other builders business surrounding this project will get affected for. e.g. Life Rupublic which you admired open heartily in your last blog.

    3. Or You have objection only with 3 Lakhs Development Charges ..If you go any of the local builder who is constructing single building with no amenities still he will charge 1 Lakh for MSEB Meter , 2 Lakhs for so called land development charges.(If you have time then just have a look)

    4. or You have objection with location if that the case then Its less than 2 KM from your well appraised project Life Republic.

    In that case We would expect very clear , concise,unbiased writing from the experienced people like you which gives clear idea about property with the proofs no superficial writings.

    I am the serious buyer not a Invester with budget of maximum 15 Lakhs, searching for flat from last 1 year in this budget.

    I have seen the sample flat of Xrbia & I am ok with it,I am ok with location too as I am working In Hinjewadi Phase 2. If you can provide me any better solution in this budget in Wakad,Hinjewadi then please suggest.

    We would be happy if you write about the project not about how soon builder will become reach, We like to see some more writing on same project with
    1. Weather project will complete on time or not with this many flats.
    2. weather Builder will complete all the ameneties as mentioned.
    3. Builder will not run away with our money.
    4. Weather 313 Sq Feet Carepte area is really very hard to live for family of 3 persons.
    5. I Dont have any Disposable Money so dont want to be stupid.

    Is It Really difficult to Build 1 BHK in 12 Lakhs in Pune.... Or always we doubt on it ??

    If Builder has serious intention to provide home for every Indian then Why should not appreciate ??

    1. Yes totally agreed with Manoj Mali.
      Very matured &logical comments.

    2. Mr. Karandikar , you have called Brainless Monkey's to Buyers. Do you think you are the only person in pune who understand real estate value for money and all XRBIA Buyers are stupid. You are massaging those who are not able to make their mind to for XRBIA due to there own confusion. The Buyers of XRBIA are going to prove you wrong , wait for an year when 2 BHK at Kolte Patil touches 55 to 60 Lacs , then resale in XRBIA will be the only nearest hope for hinjewadi buyers those who do not have budget beyond 30 to 35 lacs. You have shown how biased you are with bilders and how poor is your knowledge when it comes to spotting opportunity. wait n watch the development arount Marunji - Dattawadi Road in 12 months to come. Stop missleading people who are hunting budget home to settle the life.

    3. Ravi , What are the projects comming in Hinjewadi in next 2 years ? What will be the prises around XRBIA in time to come ? Do you have any Idea about upcoming development near Kolte Patil and Around ? Have you seen XRBIA sample flat yourself before calling it a stupid Idea ? It is hopeless to expect from brainless person like you to understand How Geneus Like Hafeez Contractor thinks about solving real life problems yet making money professionally. sirf hawa me biased teer marte rahoge to bahut jald expose ho jawoge ?? Stop nonsense business.

    4. Dear Manoj Mali, Thanks a lot for making your point.

      1) I am Ravi Karandeekar. I am not like you. I will not insult you.

      I will not answer your points which are written only to insult me.

      Or other points which you have made only to insult yourself. Like justifying Rs. 3 Lakhs & liking the plan.

      2) My focus was basically Pune real estate investors. Not the actual Pune home buyers. Not you.

      I know how helpless & frustrated home buyers are.

      Out of desperation , I see them risking their life by booking a flat at a pre-launch, launch or under construction stage of a project.

      But, I know for sure that the actual Pune home buyer is not a "fool".

      Most are desperate. Some are dumb. But no one is a fool.

      Look at you! You are very much aware about the risks. You know that you are forcing yourself in the danger. That's why you tell me to write about:

      1. Weather project will complete on time or not with this many flats.

      2. weather Builder will complete all the ameneties as mentioned.

      3. Builder will not run away with our money.

      4. Weather 313 Sq Feet Carepte area is really very hard to live for family of 3 persons.

      5. I Dont have any Disposable Money so dont want to be stupid.

      As a home buyer, who has a budget of 15 lakhs, I believe that, Manoj, you deserve better than what is offered here.

      As a home buyer, who works in the 2nd phase of Hinjewadi, I believe that, Manoj, you should not risk your life.

      Manoj, take a trouble to travel more but, please, don't risk your life. For me, Manoj, your life is more valuable than the price of a few litters of petrol.

      To get a good and safe deal, I believe that we all must change the way we buy a home. We must stop booking and start buying a ready possession property.

      Manoj, just ask yourself - why does any bank can give a loan to me but not to a builder?

      Why should I risk my life when it's bank's business to take a risk to earn the interest?

      What is my role in this - a dummy to collect 100 per cent down payment?

      Problem is desperate & helpless mind can't think straight!

      So, Manoj, please, be confident. Be assertive. Be selfish. And you will be treated well. And will get the best.

      Dear Manoj, please, don't make me cry for you.

      I want to be happy for you!

    5. Dear XRBIA Buyers,

      Please, not that - I din't call Pune real estate investors who invest for appreciation only "Brainless Monkeys".

      I called Pune real estate investors who invest for appreciation - "Stupid", "Scumbags", "Social-Criminals" too.

      I call them all these and more because I care and write for a home buyer. I wish that a home buyer should get a good home in his budget.

      For me - a home is a basic need of a human being. For me - one who wants to exploit other is not a gentleman.

      Obviously, I don't have any kind of a respect who invest in Xrbia to earn profit by selling it at higher price.

      How much you said? 30 - 35 Lakhs!

      Oh! I didn't know that this builder's business is to make you rich in a short period of time!

      Dear, you may earn money. But, sorry, not my respect.

      Certainly, I am biased. For the home-buyers. And I am proud about it.

    6. Dear XRBIA Buyers, you asked me about the sample flat, an architect, development around Life Republic. But, you did not ask about the site of XRBIA! Why?

      I thought, why not cover one point in one blog. This blog is about investors in XRBIA.

      Please, tell me - Am i wrong? Would have been better if i had covered all points in one blog?

      Anyways, please, come back and share your views on my next blogs on XRBIA. This is just the beginning. We will be talking about XRBIA for the rest of our lives!

    7. Xrbia Phase-1 Flats are SOLD OUT Today ...With to many in queue :( they are accepting booking now on lottery basis .....with no choice for flat ....what can we say now

    8. Hello Mr Ravi,

      My Intention was not to insult you at all any point of my comment, It raised my eyebrows when I read your both blogs about Life Rupulic & Xbria in same area Hinjewadi. For Life Republic you said 100 % YES & for XBRIA the location is main concern for you to not buy it.

      I respect you experience & seniority in this area of real estate.

      I hope to see one more blog on Xbria soon from you to clear many of our concerns.


      Manoj Mali

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Xrbia sold out Mr Ravi ...your blog post Is full of negativity and your not helping a home buyer, instead driving one away. I too agree with Manoj and you should not be so defensive about your post... I am not insulting you in any way but I can only imagine how many people have missed out on buying a house in xrbia after reading your blog post... Try to be unbiased in your next post and give the pros and cons. Peace

    11. Dear Manoj,

      "For Life Republic you said 100 % YES & for XBRIA the location is main concern for you to not buy it."

      I haven't yet talked about the location and the site of XRBIA. It will be covered in the next blog.

      This blog is about the investors.

      So, there is no point in comparing infrastructure for the residents at Life Republic and financial offer of Xrbia to stupid Pune real estate investors.

    12. Dear Llwyd,

      1) Yes, I know that the first phase of Xrbia is sold out. It only proves that "There's a sucker born every minute"

      2) What makes you think that Xrbia is a housing scheme? For me, Xrbia is only "full-on money-sucking operation"

      3) I write for the home buyers. I am going to take their side. I am going to attack social criminals - the Pune real estate investors.

    13. Hi Ravi,

      1. I agree there is a sucker born every minute, I would further go to say there is a sucker born every Second considering our Huge population. Xrbia 1st Phase Sold out proves amongst those so called 'suckers' are genuine Home Buyers who have done intensive research before buying a house in Xrbia and also those who have read your blog post and have gone ahead and bought a house as they have a mind of their own. I only feel sorry for those HOME Buyers who do not have much knowledge of this domain and have got scared reading your Blog Post, as there is only negativity in it.

      2. Every Builder is out to make money, if you really thought this was a social cause you are wrong. Just as for you it is a "full-on money-sucking operation" , for me and all the Home Buyers, feel - YES the builder will make money but so will the genuine Home Buyer benefit, as the facts of the project are all put up. You should read up about MIVAN technology which will be used in Xrbia.This is the future.

      3. I agree you write for Home Buyers - whos side are you going to take the ones you scared off or the Genuine Ones who have Bought Homes in Xrbia the so called 'Social Criminals'.

      Guiding the Home buyer will mean putting up the Pros and Cons and letting the Buyer decide what is good. I am just putting my views front of you and the people reading this post, hope you are open to the other side of the coin.

    14. building 1 BHK in 12 Lakhs in Pune is perfectly possible but not by the means of luring the buyers with hi-fi dreams and committing day time robbery.
      I think the carpet area of slums must be better than this.
      Everyone is looking at the words like "2bhk for 15 lacs or so" but will somebody care to look the room size...
      if only walls could make another room all existing 1bhk apartment of 500-600 sq. feet will be easily created with 3 BHK apartment...how does that sound ?
      we need to revisit our belief on whether we are human or animals...

    15. @Manoj Mali
      why do you bother if the Phase-1 Flats are sold our in no time. If somebody is doing something and if they are 100 in numbers DOES NOT MEAN they should be always right. There is no shortage of brainless people in this world. Dikhawe pe mat jao, Apni akkal lagao, aur fir socho...you have given your individual brain by the nature...respect it before using someone else...

    16. @Ravi,

      is there a way where we could thumps up or down for any comment...I mean like or dislike a comment...
      for your comment to Manoj Mali you will get several likes... :-)

    17. Dear Llwyd, when no information is available about Xrbia, how can a "Home Buyer" do any kind of a research before buying a house?

      Most of the documents displayed on the website are irrelevant. You know? Xrbia has given all documents to RTI Activist Mr. Vijay Kumbhar. So i have seen some more than displayed on the website. Please, wait for my blog on the questions about these documents.

    18. Dear Llwyed,
      To earn appreciation or a home, you need to get a possession of the property.

      To get a possession, builder has to construct.

      To construct, the builder needs sanction & approvals.

      To get sanctions & approvals, only plan on the paper is not enough - the builder must have a buildable land.

      Does Xrbia have it? Please, confirm.

    19. Dear Llwyed,

      In the last couple of days, Xrbia is trying to prove that it can construct. So, please, let the Xrbia prove that it can.

      If Xrbia proves that it can construct, certainly, I will talk about the pros & cons. I am ready to write a blog on Xrbia everyday.

      You know? Mr. Rahul Nahar has agreed to give me info on a regular basis.

    20. Spot on, Amolw!

      For a while every manufacturer is trying to reduce the cost and trying to add more value to the product. Look at the cars and mobile phones!

      Only builders are not taking much efforts to develop a new construction technology for reducing the construction cost. What they are doing is only reducing the size of a property.

      If we accept a small size home, I am afraid, the housing will become more expensive. Look at Xrbia. It's very expensive.

  21. XRBIA Buyers -
    Every coin has two sides & so XRBIA buyers will always be with POSITIVE points with this project as you have invested money & U must like that project.

    My 1 basic question to you == Have you all ZRBIA buyers ever stayed any SLUM area (ZOPAD PATTI in hindi/marathi) in a single room. If not, then you will FEEL the same in this cement jungle of ZRBIA that is also by paying 12Lac.
    ALL THE BEST for your New Generation Stylish ZOPADPATTI CHAWL !!

    1. Rakesh , One need to Think about what he wants and what price he is ready to pay for it.

      Phase 1 of XRBIA is sold out today just after 2 days of market opening. It will take some time for Phase 2 to be launched.

      You guys are talking like those who are buying they do not think before paying for. I fact many we know had asked number of questions to XRBIA before deciding to buy.

    2. @XRBIA buyers
      stop living on fools paradise. why are you stretching on the same point that phase 1 sold out...
      while there are immature buyers like you there is no surprise if the phase 1 get sold out within a hour or 1 minute.
      Don't pat on your back until you see the project AS IT IS SHOWCASE. I will be happy if the builder does even 30% of what glossy picture he has showcase in his brochure

  22. Further to this, I must tell XRBIA is a BRILLIANT INTELLIGENT way of attracting Non-RESIDENT of Pune, to impress & ask to invest in PUNE IT HUB most wanted area.
    But who really know that area, can tell actual market value.
    -- If though working in Hinjewadi IT hub & if you could afford only to buy 220 sq ft 1 BHK Flat, then Can you able to BUY further the FLAT wall mounted TV/ expandable Bed/Electric heater shower for bath/compact IFB washing machine/modular kichen etc furniture which basically suits to such flats.

    -- If you have extra money, then I would suggest to invest as YOU WILL EASILY GET BACHELORS to rent your house. BUT WORD of CAUTION - only for next few years.
    The average age of IT professional in HInjewadi is around 25-30 as of, so when such GREAT projects will complete, 80% public would be married & then then you know what would be DEMANDs for family.

    1. I had been to their Mumbai sales office and found it was crowded of buyers. I could not get satisfactory answers for few points: As per their terms City development charges includes club membership so –can I skip this membership & save my money, -What is the exact value of this membership, - Is it lifetime membership & can it be transferred to other if I want to sell the property after few years?

    2. The average age of IT professional in HInjewadi is around 25-30 as of, so when such GREAT projects will complete, 80% public would be married & then then you know what would be DEMANDs for family. >>>> :) but the new joining people will be there of the age group. So at every stage 25-30yr. age people will be there.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Hello Ravi,
    Foremost , I am truly thankful to you for sharing your guiding thoughts to property buyers on each project.Today my husband and I visited the sales office of Xrbia on SB road. Infact, even booked a 1 BHK (thinking of it to be only an investment of some disposable money), but my upon last moment consultation with my father Col KK Gupta, we withdrew.
    Upon reading your blog and understanding the comprehensive valid points that you make I think I def did myself a favour.. :-)
    We now want to invest ourselves in a 3BHK commitment. Could u please guide.
    Do u think buying a second hand 3 BHK flat is a good option ?

    1. You are lucky to have Col K K Gupta, Shivi! Hope everybody should have a father like him.

  24. Thanks Ravi after visiting their office prelaunch I realised they are fooling around with People and the actual rate of their Property when we club the City development cost is coming to 3300 which is high for that location and Prelaunch.Then came to know its a Nahar and Jain project and I withdrew..

  25. Hi Ravi,
    You were going gaga for Megapolis which was charging around same price 3200 Rs/ sq.ft. all inclusive. And the land is leased only for 95 years. So you suggested people to pay 32 lacs at one go for staying in 2 BHK on rent for 95 years.

    Now you are suggesting not to buy in XRBIA for same rate.
    You said that silicon city project has faced problems. But you did not share which problems.

    Nonethless, you are sharing information. That is good. But I feel that you do not share both pros and cons of project. Either you mention only good things about a project or bad things about project but not both. So it is like telling half truth.

    1. Dear Ajay,

      1) Please, do not only consider the rate. Consider what you get at the rate too!

      2) Consider offer is what and whom. Megapolis is a housing scheme on a leased land. Xrbia is an investment offer for the stupid people with some money.

      3) This is a news blog. On this blog, basically, I share general information about on going residential projects in Pune. Sometimes, i make my point of view. Very rarely, I recommend.

      Dear Ajay, you can't have complete analysys - for free - on my blog. For that - you have to pay for my consulting services.

  26. hi,
    I have already booked a 3bhk flat there.They are going to complete the project in December2015.So thing at that place will completely changed.
    Even u can't think to buy a flat in pune @this price,Off corse u have to compromise with the space but i think its old proverb"Something is better than nothing"

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Congratulation Nihar..I agree rooms sizes are small but now you are owner of 3BHK flat in Pune. Living room size is good 170 sqft. You have to stay there the decision is your’s.

      2BHK is also OK but it is like 1.5 BHK.

  27. Hi Ravi

    Thanks for the internet.. Like so many others I was also thinking of Xrbia as my second home... But got to ur blog which is too good for enlightening some blind people like me. Read all comments and ur replies also... Thank U very much...

    1. You are welcome, Shailendra! Keep on reading. Xrbia is going be an enlightening entertainment. Middle-class mindless madness.

  28. Hi,
    Thanks for your comments Mr.Ravi. We need your advice should we go for xrbia or not? for the investment purpose

    1. No! Dear Jaymala, please, be kind to your distant relatives who don't have a big budget. You can invest in gold, diamonds or platinum. But one can't raise a family in a car.

  29. All the comments I read are trying to prove that only their point of view is correct.I will share how I read the Project 1) XRBIA is a project for people with disposable income only.2)Those who are putting their money are not investors but speculators i.e they are taking disproportional risk for disproportional profits.3)I see that either they will make a killing or loose all the money.4) From what I know of builders in Pune,I don't see the project getting completed before 2018.Even if it gets completed by 2018 I would consider it as a lucky coincidence for speculators who have put the money.
    Having said all this ,those who understand the risk can go ahead only if they have spare money.this is not a project for those looking for their first house from hard earned money.

    And as Ravi always says, go for completed properties ,which in the current market are easily available.Anybody who takes off two days to tour Areas around Wakad & Baner will find many ready to move in properties.
    As for me, I have brought a ready 3bhk in veerbhadranagar (baner) from Runwal Housing (The better Runwal not the scandalous one))

    Even if people learn only one thing from this blog - i.e to go only for completed properties, they would be doing a big favour to themselves and other home seekers in Pune.

    1. I agree with Alok , this Blog post is only trying to prove one point of view .. and the only Good advice it has is, it recommends Home Buyers to avoid risk and go for completed projects.

      A very good assessment Alok.

    2. Yes, Alok, you are right - they are not investors but speculators! I completely agree with you.

  30. Thanks Raviji..I am from Panvel and saw this ad in one of the leading Marathi news paper and felt quite happy that a good project is there where I can invest and buy a nice 2BHK. But your post is a real eye-opener. Now I have to discuss with my family and let them know about this stuff.

    Could you please suggest some other projects which are good and can be trusted?


    1. There are many at Kanhe Phata! Sachin, please, visit the link in the side column of my blog.

  31. Thanks Ravi,

    When I saw your post it was late as I had already booked 3bhk at xrbia. After reading your blog and the supporting posts I thought your comments are biased.
    1.But Yesterday I saw the site and was actually scared to see the spot of my building in the middle of hill. They had actually pasted the building to hill. Buildings will be constructed on slop. Moreover I had chosen 6th floor so I couldn't imagine what will happen in rainy season.
    2. I never liked its layout. Kitchen has only one window which opens in the utility
    3. Utility opens from the toilet.
    4. banks will start charging interest immediately and interest will accrue till possession. I have calculated its around 5 lakh on daily reducing.
    out of that builder will pay 50%. But what about rest of the amount. Hence for next 3 years( assuming the possession will be in 2015)I will be just accumulating interest. Hence at the time of possession naturally either my emi would go high or i will have to keep 2-3 lacs ready in addition to 23 lacs and what I am getting in these 3 years ? Nothing !!
    5. I feel its a tie up between Builder and banks. Builder is taking loan from bank on our name with only 10-11 % interest rate out of that we are paying him 50% interest. Plus why to forget about the 20% down payment.
    6. From the entrance actual buildings which are now sold are 2 km far on the hill.
    7. As I am not going to stay in pune, why should i block my money in such a useless( For buyer) project.
    8. When I can get home loan at 7% interest rate from my office why should I borrow from banks?

    Thinking all these finally I have withdrawn my booking amount as the cheque was not deposited.

    I thank god and all those who wrote in this and other forums !!! Ravi and rest, you guys really helped me.

    1. Great analysis and right decision, Sneha! I am happy for you.

    2. Every coin has two sides, plz be optimistic & try to highlights the positive not the negatives.This was record in pune real estate that a project is sold out in a week .Now the pressure is on builder to develop it as per the commitment & on time,becoz this is not the only project they are going to develop.They are planning to develop the projects all over india in type2 cities, and pune projects will be the reference for all those customers.

    3. Dear Nihar, thanks for being optimistic and highlighting the positive side of the coin.

      When people like you are there to present this side of the coin, you should encourage those who high-lite the other side of the coin. Because as you said every coin has 2 sides.

      I believe that they are many dimensions to any issue. And i encourage all to share their own views. Certainly, i will aggressively try to prove my point. But never try to shut up someone.

      By the way, tell your company to stop giving salary at the end of the month. Paying in advance will motivate you to produce more.

      Tell the security guard of your company to stop frisking you at the entrance & start trusting & believing you.

    4. 1.But Yesterday I saw the site and was actually scared to see the spot of my building in the middle of hill. >>> means you have booked the flat without visiting the site ? HOW this is possible ?

    5. @sachin Oh, it is entirely possible. People like Sneha are the root cause of the problem. Greedy and headless investors who want to make it big even if they are not capable enough to earn that much money. They will wait for some time and sell the flat to a desperate end user at a slightly lower cost than market and appearing to be doing a favour to him. Flat for end user becomes "useless" for them! Either cyber coolies or getting an easy money from selling forefather's businesses!

  32. I had visited the site on Sunday. Here are my view:
    1. They have not created parking space for anybody. I then asked can owners park in common area - the answer was there is no common area for parking. You have to park on roads. With more than 10000 flats, this can be a problem in future.
    2. Water - Xrbia will arrange water from nearby lake.
    3. For market, you will have to travel to Wakad/baner (Valid for Republic as well)
    4. Timing of launch is great - the site looks very good in rainy season. Come October, it will not be as pleasant.
    5. Project might get completed on time and investors may get appreciation but living there will be surely difficult.

    1. Dear Pradeep, thanks for sharing your views about parking, water, essential shopping and the beautiful site of Xrbia.

      Are you one of those Pune real estate investors - "speculators" as Amol says- or a home -buyer? Please tell me.

      If Xrbia is not a right place for the home buyers then from whom you 'Pune real estate investors' means 'speculators' will earn appreciation?

      Anyways, when more than 90 per cent flats at Xrbia are purchased by the investors, possibility of desperate sale at less than the purchase price or trying to recover the invested amount is more. Right?

    2. Dear Ravi,

      I did not like the location and layout so dropped the idea of booking flat. I am not an investor or speculator. But I don't think even as a investor this is a good option. If someone has seen small chawl like homes in Mumbai, he will not book a flat in xrbia. The value of these flats will not increase beyond a certain level.

      While coming back from there, on the way I visited few other projects near Wakad,Chinchwad etc..and none of them was selling 2 BHK for less than 50 lacs. In such environment, if Xrbia launches low cost project, he is bound is get good response.

    3. But, dear Pradeep, like you - investors in Xrbia don't understand the limited scope for the appreciation!

      Certainly, most of the actual home-buyers agree with you on the small sizes of the flats in Xrbia.

      Till there are level headed people like you, Xrbia can succeed in attracting bookings but can't stop cancellations.

  33. Thanks Ravi,

    When I saw the plan, I was taken a back to see the room sizes and a chawl type plan.. (Even Chawls were planned better)!
    BUT seeing the response What if other builders follow the same suit in comming years? Will we have pigeon holes to live in? Thanks for your Blog...!

    1. Dear Niranjan,

      "What if other builders follow the same suit in comming years?"

      By raising this question - you hit the nail!

      I feel that at least the professional builders will not follow the Xrbia.

      1) Because, professional builders are not interested in collecting quick bucks form the stupid investors.

      2) Professional builders construct for the home buyers. At least, that is what the track record says.

      3) These professional builders have developed compact flats only when they were in trouble. Mostly because of the recession. For example look at these projects which were launched in the last real estate slowdown:

      A) Kohinoor Group and Rama Group's Joint Venture nano homes, Ravet, 1 bhk flat for Rs. 11.97 lakhs and 2 bhk flat for Rs. 14.94 lakhs

      B) Tata Shubh Griha, Nano Homes - 283 sq ft, 360 sq ft and 465 sq ft, super built up area for Rs 3.9 to Rs 6.7 lakh at Boisar Mumbai

      C) Celestial City Ravet

      1) 1 BHK Flat - 448 sq.ft. = Rs. 19,85,000

      2) 2 BHK Flat Comfort - 604 sq.ft. = Rs. 25,42,100

      3) 2 BHK Flat Cozy - 567 sq.ft.= Rs. 23,89,100

      4) 3 BHK Flat Cozy - 714 sq.ft. = Rs. 29,00,500

      5) 3 BHK Flat Comfort - 824 sq.ft. = Rs. 32,82,500!

      May be the smallest carpet area of a 2 BHK & a 3 BHK Flat in the entire Pune real estate market! At least, for sure, smaller than Silver Mist and Swiss County Too, Rama Group's most popular projects in Wakad!

      D) Darode-Jog Properties, who launched Greenland-County at Narhe Ambegaon, Sinhagad road, Pune 1 BHK Flat 386 carpet for Rs. 12 Lakhs - never launched the project in this size and property price range.

      As soon as, the real estate market came out of slowdown, these builders increased the sizes and of course, the property prices.

      Not only because no property buyer liked the small size home - but because the construction cost of the budget home project became "un-affordable" for the builder. For example -

      The famous affordable township of the size of Xrbia, Tanaji Malusure City, 100 acre low cost housing scheme near Karjat, to offer 10,000 flats - 300 to 500 sq ft flats in 3 to 7 lakhs - at Rs. 999 per sq.ft. received huge response at the launch, as huge as Xrbia, but was stalled and investors lost their money.

      Only the builders, like Vastushodh Projects, Developers of Anandgram Yavat - satellite township of 1 Room Kitchen, 1 BHK & 2 BHK Flats in the budget range of Rs. 3.25 to 7.25 lakhs who are less greedy than other builders, can successfully run low profit margin affordable housing business are in the market today.

      Point is, track record proves that the small flats are constructed when the builder is in trouble and when the builder comes out of the trouble the real estate investor in budget flat suffer.

      The professional builders who are financially sound know that the actual buyers want big. Big car. Big home. That's why 1 lakh rupee Nano car runs exchange offer!

    2. Dear Ravi,

      I do agree with your comments about Vastushod to certain extent.

      Is Quality affordable housing such a difficult skill to be mastered.?
      I don't think so, If a builder has strong & honest willingness.

      You have praised Vastushod projects a lot in last 12 months.

      Can you write few more things about their Business Model,
      What drives them to build homes at affordable rates.?

      Something more & different that people don't know about Vastushod yet.

    3. Vastushodh Projects's formula is simple. No Greed.

  34. Why to blame Ravi for baised opinion.
    Every one on this earth is baised about something.

    It's his opinion about this project. I may have different opinion.
    Today no one can say whether project will hit or not.

    Just paper out your needs and see if it is ok with your requirment or not, just check what compramise you need to make ...

    1. Don't get fool about 1bhk for 8L and so ...
    check the sq. ft. area of the flat, and check the total amount paybale (including all the charges), then we can clearly get how much it cost per sq. ft.
    Check this sq. ft rate with the near by onther properties and compare.

    2. Check the location (actullly visit the location), surrounding, infrastructure, near by properties.
    for singles and for families there are different needs so check for the same.

    3. Check completed project of the same builder, to get idea of how the builder is ?

    4. Important one -
    Do't buy flat because "Ravi" is saying it is good to buy and
    Do't reject any property because "Ravi" did not like it.
    Take "Ravi"s point as guidance for your though - making process.


  35. Guys, One possibility, Paranjape and Kolte patil are scared due to launch of Xrbia and huge responce by customers to the project and they hire Ravi Karandikar to misguide the people. Just to confuse buyer to stop buying.

    This is just a possibility.

    I am not a buyer at Xrbia neither I am invester, but I praise the launch of low cost housing project, some one is trying to do it in pune and there are lots in need to such projects. Go to Life Rupblic or Paranjape project, nothing less that 45 lakh, these guys are giving a place to live in 10 lakhs, so please dont compare this with the one with 45 lakhs.

    1. I like second part of your comment ...Project like Xbria is the need of time atleast in the metro cities like Pune,Mumbai..We should encourage such projects...I personaly like the thought behind Xbria!!

      By looking to the professional way of presenting the Xbria ,Builder seems to complete all the things in time & If builder completes all the proposed amenities & things on time then It would be the Best buy in this budget & Big Regret for those who have cancelled their bookings.

    2. Dear Saibaba, Ravi Karandeekar is not for hire. So even Sai Baba can't hire Ravi Karandeekar.

      I completely agree with you about the need of low cost housing in Pune. I am writing about low cost housing for the last 4 years.

      However, never forget that to construct a housing project you need a land. Offer without a buildable land is not a housing scheme. It's only a full-on money-sucking operation.

    3. Dear Manoj, to complete the project, one has to start. To start the project, remember, one needs sanctions and approvals. To get sanctions and approvals, one needs a land.

      What do you say?

    4. When you say "Offer without a buildable land is not a housing scheme", do you mean that they DO NOT have enough land to build towers that they have sold?



    5. Hi Ravi,
      I have read your blog for Xrbia Hinjawadi(Marunji).
      I have booked 3bhk in Xrbia Hinjawadi project. I went to there site many times and seen ready to occupy flats. Mine flat is under construction.
      I work in Hinjawadi and was looking for flat in 30 lacs price range.
      Xrbia is the only project where I can buy a flat with 30L budget.

      Xrbia is really fulfilling peoples aspiration of having home in Silicon City of Pune.

    6. Hello Sunil! Glad to know that Xrbia is fulfilling your aspirations. Sure, I would like to know how. Why not visit it together to learn more? Please, call me on 919860044110 to plan a visit.

  36. Sir,

    your commects and analysis of this project is good eye opener. you are requested to give the details of one more such project in taloja ( navi mumbai- kharghar" . the project name is HEX CITY.
    expecting your reply in this regard.
    anil c

    1. Dear Anil, I only know about Pune real estate market. I have worked / associated with Pune real estate market for more than 20 years. Physically & practically, sorry, it's not possible for me to write about Navi Mumbai real estate.

  37. Mr Ravi,

    Can i ask you a personal question??? where is your flat located??? and when you bought it and What was the cost of It.

    Please don't mind if i ask this question.


    1. Dear Manoj, I don't own a single flat. My wife is the owner. I think she bought it some 25 years ago for not more than 4 lakhs in Shivtirthnagar on Paud road, Kothrud.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Some clients approached me to sale the plots in silicon valley what is the future of the plots ? they are appointing agents by taking 5000 registration to sale there flat is it OK to promote the scheme?

    1. I am worried about the present!
      Pay 5,000 and become a broker of Xrbia. Keep on answering the calls of your bookings free for life. Good idea when someone needs to hide.

  39. Courageous post. Thanks a lot, for exposing these greedy people.

  40. Thanks Ravi for the your detail study and analysis on Xrbia....
    Even I visited their Navi Mumbai office to know about the project and invest in it on 6th of August, but the feedback I there was never created lots of doubts in my mind.... first I never felt like I visited a builder office... the staff didnt have answers to any of our queries... no proper info on project... they jus kept on saying its sold out in a day. No brochures were available.. nor they had idea of projects exact locations.... I was feeling sorry for some people who were begging them for flats.. without knowing the real inside story.
    Thanks again for saving me from falling in trap.

  41. Guys visit http://www.facebook.com/Xrbia

    for XRBIA contest....

  42. Rich guys No need to be serious about XRBIA....This project is for them who all cant afford Big homes..

    So get back to work......:-).enjoy..

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. could you suggest if the houses in xrbia are good for pure investor purpose

    1. Yes, Ishan. Xrbia is an ideal investment opportunity for the stupid people.

  45. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for updating about XBERIA Hinjewad.

    I am looking for a flat in or around Pune (where site will start so will get low rate) with cost up to 20 lacs (not interested in 1/2 BHK), but looking for good return from flat till site complete, I am looking for it as invetsor.

    Thanks in Advance.

  46. Please, have a look at this complaint -

    I will finally say that either you give me 15% discount and accept my cheque or else i want to exit from this deal without any loss..i cant bear single rs loss for your mistakes.

    plus i want my whole money back @ 10% interest on amount which you blocked (181758 + 562138+5500) plus additional 1 lakh rs for embarrassing me to this extend..

    I was supposed to tell my other friends to invest in your scheme but now i will not suggest anybody about xrbia...

    As a customer my humble request to you people that please improve lot lot lot on customer service area and don't convey any wrong massage which may leads customer to suffer financially and mentally..otherwise customer have no option but to exit from Xrbia...

    Very disappointed with your services,

    Ashwini Pandit

    Flat with xrbia hinjewadi developers | ConsumerComplaints.in

  47. Some One Said that "EXCELLENCE IS NOT A SKILL.IT IS AN ATTITUDE." its very true when i see person like you.Thanks for this best Blog.PSD

  48. good research , and rightly said , most real estate today is bought by investors and not actual users . pushing prices upwards because they block all real estate to make profits thanks once again thumbs up

  49. i appreciate and admire public crusaders like you who dare to speak and enlighten social victims to these sharks of the real world

  50. hi
    I suppose you are an agent by profession and you are jealous of XRBIA as you have not received any commission from XRBIA.
    do you feel frustrated?

  51. A couple of weeks ago, I had visited Riviera - Hingewadi Estates, which is owned by the same group owning XRBIA.
    I do not know much, but I was told that the possession will be in a couple of months.
    So, it would be interesting to get comments from actual owners who have booked flats around the time this news item was published on the blog.

    That should settle the doubts if any, right?

    1. In a couple of months? Are you sure, s_u_n? It must be - in a couple of hours.

  52. Possession will be given after 18 months as per commitment given to me by Riviera.

  53. @Ravi - spot on mate. If it looks like a dud, smells like a dud, chances are it is a dud!.

    1. Even I was planning to invest in Riviera, surfing for the property and the eden group, came through this eye opener.
      Any idea about how riviera is? does it belong to the same category of developer we are talking here?
      Moreover, this is a agriculure land which is supposed to be turned into NA by sept, is it really possible?

      Kindly elp me on this.

  54. Hi Raviji
    I hav red ur and others' all d blogs on 2012 on xberia.As im planning to buy a flat in Xberia,ur eaelier views werw right like not to buy a flat in a land,but now their construction is 60% ready ,so am staying in my own flat in mira road whosw current value is around 35 lac,and we hav to pay 21 lac rupees of loan.i hav searched all around mira road and pune also...but not getting any flar of rs-25 lac and in mira road prices starts of new ready possessio from 40 lac minimum...so we(me and my hubby) find it abest option to be lone free and live a good life....so as now Xbria 's construction is done 60% so now can i go on this option?should i go???plz suggest...

  55. Hi Raviji,
    I hav red ur and others' all d blogs on 2012 on xberia.As im planning to buy a flat in Xberia,
    My budget is 30 lac and office in hinjewadi so prefering place near by hinjewadi..
    And i don't see any other option with this budget near by hinjewadi place
    so if i am getting 3bhk flat in Xrbea with 4 family members why i should not select this option which is having less stress of EMI as well....
    please guide.

    1. Came across this blog on Xrbia.

      What is the current status of the project?

  56. Hi Ravi Sir,
    What is your opinion now for Xrbia ...earlier you were not even write one good thing about this project .Now almost project is in right track given possession to many customers .

  57. IF Xrbia's Vagni project is worth to buy? please give me reason why not to buy it

  58. Hi my name is Altaf,i want to buy 1bhk flat in vangani,and i got brouchers of XRBIA,please anyone suggest me is worth to buy?if not what is the reason..thanks in advance

  59. Hi Mr Karandeekar,

    It's been a long time since you have given an update on Xrbia Hinjewadi.
    I and I am sure there are others who would be interested in your latest analysis of the project.

  60. Hi Ravi,

    It would be interesting to know your current views about the project.

  61. I Just got flat in Hinjewadi Xerbia, 2bhk, just for investment purpose.
    The flat was okay, but the design could have been really improved by the builder, though a small flat the architect did not think of making straight rooms which could have saved lot of space for him as well as customer, overall okay flats as middle class people cannot buy flats which are no less than 70-75 lacs in pune, need to compromise a bit, even though there is no demand for flat in pune still developers are not decreasing cost as most of projects have black money invested in them.

    1. Hi Alok,

      We have a group on Hike wherein members are all those who have bought flat at Xrbia Hinjewadi, on this forum we discuss the various issues faced.

      You can connect with me for further details - 9833039124

  62. Hi I bought flat in Hinjewadi project 1Bhk Flat B215. I am not happy with the you As i made a full down payment of said flat in 2012. then i was told that i will be getting possession in August 2015.. I went to your office at SenaPati Bapat marg. There no one replied me properly latter a lady at counter called up some manger & he said me to write a complain about my quires to his given mail ID. the man on other side replied possession will be given by next year.I need to know why the false promises are given to costumer .

  63. Lol .
    I am going to rent 2BHK at xrbia. Today I've seen flat and nobody was there, looking quiet scary place lol. Mr Ravi please tell me if it's good for rent.
    Note:I don't have anything to invest
    MaƱana apni Jeb se Garib hair phir bhi yaroo Dil k ham amber hai:) Reply me soon.

  64. Anyone plz reply me asap. I have time till 1st of Dec. Ty