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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Buy a Flat & Get 1 Water Tanker for Free!

Pate Developers open bookings of West Coast Park,
7 acres - 12 story 6 buildings - 8 flats per floor with 2 lifts & 2 staircases,
1.5 BHK Flat (30 Lakhs), 2 BHK (38 Lakhs) & 2.5 BHK (45 Lakhs) Flats at
Shivane Gram Panchayat, Warje Annex, Pune 411 052:

View Pate Developers' West Coast Park Shivane Warje Annex Pune 411023 in a larger map

On Friday, 27th April 2012, Pate Developers (www.patedevelopers.com) opened booking of 3 buildings in West Coast Park, near Z P School at Shivane Gram Panchayat, Pune 411 052.

The launch ad said - "Buy a home here and get a 1 acre park for free!".

This 1 acre park, the ad claimed, will offer an opportunity to 576 couples in West Coast Park at Shivane Gram Panchayat to spend quality time with their 2 kids - certainly, one boy and one girl.

When i tried to visualize all 576 couples with their 2 kids, means some 2,340 people in 40,000 sq.ft. park in West Coast Park at Shivane Gram Panchayat - it looked like an all out family orgy to me.

However, i couldn't enjoy this family orgy for more than a couple of minutes. Because, suddenly, a foul smell filled my nostrils and I couldn't breathe.

I rushed to the kitchen but the LPG gas stove was off. So, I rushed to my neighbor and started banging on their door.

"Why do you buy milk? To drink or to burn?," i shouted as soon as my neighbor's wife opened the door.

"Yes, what an unbearable smell! I thought, for a change, you burned your milk today!," my neighbor's wife said.

"It's not the milk! It's full page ad of Pate Developers' West Coast Park at Shivane Gram Panchayat! Did you get carried away by an idea of getting 1 acre park for free?," my neighbor's husband said.

"Yes! But i had to stop enjoying 1 acre park because of the bad smell of your burning milk!," I complained.

"We were doing the same!," my neighbor's wife said.

"Did you see me in your visual? You were in mine!," i asked my neighbor's wife.

"Certainly! Look! We always fantasize the same thing. But for the first time we also smelled the same thing! How come?," my neighbor's wife asked.

"Your nose is very sharp!," my neighbor's husband said to his wife.

"And your lips are delicious!," i said to my neighbor's wife.

"Focus on the issue! This is about the nose! I know from where the smell came!," my neighbor's husband said.

"Where?," my neighbor's wife & I asked.

"From 1 acre park in West Coast Park! It was the smell of 576 families in the West Coast Park! They haven't taken a bath for a long long time!!," my neighbor's husband said.

"Why?," i asked.

"Because, there is no water supply in the fringe villages of Pune!," my neighbor's husband said.

"How do you know?," i asked.

"My husband is not like you! He reads news in the paper. He knows everything. Because of him - we are here!," my neighbor's wife said.

"But...you always said because of me!," i said.

"That's true! I mean - we couldn't buy a new flat because of my husband!! General knowledge is not good!," my neighbor's wife said.

"Not this time! I am suggesting to Pate Developers to offer a free water tanker for each booking!!," my neighbor's husband said.

"But you were talking about other offers! Discount in the recently hiked stamp duty - discount in recently hiked service tax - discount in home loan interest rates - assurance about lifts - why suddenly you changed your demands?," my neighbor's wife asked her husband.

"I haven't given up those ideas! I have just added "1 water tanker for free" to my list of demands!!," my neighbor's husband said.

"But - instead of a 1 acre park - why didn't the builder think of these offers?," i asked.

"Because West Coast Park is Pate Developers's first project in a fringe village of Pune! So, we all have to suggest an offer that will sell their flats!," my neighbor's husband said.

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7) THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2012:

West Coast Park Shivane to open booking on 27th April 2012


  1. I liked:
    "And your lips are delicious!," i said to my neighbor's wife.

  2. Dear sir,
    I want to buy 1.5 bhk in west coast park shivane, need you opinion. I looking for my own living purpose.