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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vascon Nature Springs -
Ghost Town or Housing Solution at Talegaon Dabhade?

Villas, Row Houses, Premium 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at Vascon Nature Springs Varale, on Talegaon - Ambi - Navlakh Umbre Road, in Maval, Pune 410 507:

Visit Vascon Nature Springs Villas Row Houses 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats & Vascon Nature's Nest 1 BHK 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Varale near Talegaon Dabhade Taluka Maval District Pune 410 507 - Bhoomipujan & Inaugural Offer Ad
Vascon Nature Springs Villas Row Houses 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at Varale near Talegaon Dabhade Taluka Maval District Pune 410 507

View Vascon Nature Springs & Nature's Nest Varale near Talegaon Dabhade Maval 410 507 in a larger map

It was easy to hide my admiration about the location of Vascon's Twin Projects - Nature Springs & Nature's Nest. Because, all the salespersons at Vascon were completely convinced that the site was not at all attractive. It will look good only in the monsoon - they said.

But, when the salesperson started explaining the concept of Vascon Nature Springs, suddenly, he became very confident. Now, he was not at the mercy of beautiful nature which plays important role in second home - holiday home segment.

He was explaining the unique concept designed by one of the best architects in Pune real estate market. He was talking about Vascon Engineers ((BOM:533156) which is known for it's ability to build quality constructions all over India. Though there was nothing on the site - except the Regional Plan Road - the salesperson has all essential tools - model of the twin township, model of the villa & floor plans - to explain the concept of Vascon Nature Springs.

And you know what? Vascon (www.vascon.com) has really planned this twin project quite well! After a few minutes, it became difficult for me to pretend that i was not at all impressed. So, i started finding some excuse - not to demoralize the salesperson - but to control my enthusiasm!

For example, looking at 3,950 sq.ft. Royal Palm Row Houses - F Type Connected Villas - at Vascon Nature Springs , i said, "Grow up! No ethical builder talks about saleable area anymore! You must tell the plot size, carpet area of each floor and attached terrace of the villa! When you are not transparent - you don't look respectable professional real estate developer to me!"

I said this to hide my respect for Vascon. While developing 50 acre Nature Springs, Vascon is not destroying the natural topography of the plot. Instead of that, Vascon is using the contours and slopes of the plot to make the project a better living space. In fact, the way Vascon has planned the project, i am sure, after the completion, Nature Springs will look beautiful - not only in the monsoon, but - in all seasons!

"On the banks of Indrayani River" is a big attraction of Vascon Nature Spring at Varale. No doubt, a powerful USP for the second home - holiday home - weekend home buyers.

However, after walking from Talegaon Railway Station - through a well known middle class neighborhoods of Talegaon - Tapodham Colony & Yeshwant Nagar - i was finding it difficult to accept that Vascon Nature Springs is second home - holiday home - weekend home project.

For me, in the growing Talegaon Dabhade - Vascon Nature Springs was a natural option for the first time home buyers working between Lonavala and Pune Railway Station.

In fact, i was almost convinced that by launching Nature Springs, Vascon is offering a workable solution to Pune property buyers who can't afford to buy a property in the well known & familiar areas in PMC & PCMC. That's why - i suggested the salesperson to tell Mr. Vasudevan to take a walk from Talegaon Station to Vascon Nature Springs!

If Mr. Vasudevan takes a walk, for sure, he will realize that there is no pride in creating one more Ghost Town of weekend homes - like nearby Riverdale - and the M D of Vascon will rationalize the property prices of Nature Springs.

Keeping in mind the limited budget of young home buyers in Pune, Vascon will ask less than the current property prices of Nature Springs:
1) C Type 2 BHK Flat - 1215 saleable - Rs. 41.5 lakhs (all inclusive)
2) C Type 3 BHK Flat - 1525 saleable - Rs. 51 Lakh (all inclusive)
3) D Type 3 BHK Flat - Trendy Low Rise - Bangalore Type stylish 3 BHK Flat - which gives a feeling of living in a bungalow - 1620 saleable - Rs. 61.5 Lakhs (all inclusive)
4) F Type Connected Villa - 3950 saleable - Rs. 1.6 to 1.8 Crore (all inclusive)

All this is possible only if Mr. Vasudevan realizes that not only 'budget homes' in Vascon Nature's Nest - 1 BHK Flat for Rs. 21.5 Lakhs - 1.5 BHK Flat for Rs. 23.75 Lakhs - 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 31.5 Lakhs - but medium budget properties are also short of supply in Pune real estate market.

If spacious 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats are available in the budget of Rs. 35 to 45 Lakhs in the well planned Vascon project at Talegaon, young Pune property buyers would be happy to take a train to work! What say you, guys?

Click to View Presentation of Vascon Nature Springs

Click to View Presentation of Vascon Nature's Nest

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  1. It is my honor and privileged to found and read your post. It made me learn a lot of different ideas. Keep up the good work.

    house and lot bulacan

  2. Real estate sector in ICU

    watch this very latest video

  3. Megapolis has launched smart homes 3 at 3500 psqft. What are your thoughts on this project now Ravi.
    Also, would you be doing a feature on smart homes 1 or 2 when they are near to completion
    really curious to know your views on this project now at this rate.

    1. Sorry, saccha. I couldn't visit & write about Megapolis Smart Homes 3 & the updates of 2 & 1. But, soon, for sure, i will do that.

    2. Dear Ravi
      Please also let us know your views on Sangaria towers. Megapolis has launched Sangaria I tower at 4000 psqft. I am really very curious to know your views on this project.

  4. Thanks a lot Ravi. Looking forward to that. Due to your wide and long experiance, your posts are always very comprehensive and address all facets to be considered for property investment. Also if any issue is left unaddressed the posts and replies by readers covers it. So its a very beneficial exercize for a potential investor.
    I am quite bullish about Megapolis (although i was skeptical before). In spite of the low publicity, it seems to be the proverbial "lambi race ka ghoda" among the township projects in Pune.

    1. Yes, saccha! I agree with you. And thankful to you all for adding value with your comments.

      Yes, Megapolis is still value for money.

  5. Megapolis has launched Sangaria I tower at 4000 psqft. I am really curious to know your views on this. Its almost a year there were no new blogs on Sangaria Tower of Megapolis. (Sexy Sangria Towers, Megapolis, Hinjewadi Phase 3, Pune - Photo Visit was last one). Furthermore please also publish your views on the families those are staying in various towers of Sangaria (B,C,...)

    1. Sorry, for no updates. In fact, it's my fault. A few of residents have invited me to Sangria. But because of my health couldn't visit & share their experiences. Trying to write, as soon as i can.

    2. Thanks a lot Ravi. It would be great to hearing from you. take care of your health.

  6. I hope Vascon explores a business idea of building a studio for horror movies during winter in this "ghost town"