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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kumar Builders' KUL Utsav, Kondhwa Budruk
- A Reason to Celebrate!

Good news for those who have booked a flat in Kumar Builders' KUL Ecoloch at Mahalunge, launched on this Akshay Tritiya in 2011!

Kumar Builders' KUL Utsav Kondhwa Budurk, launched on the previous Akshay Tritiya, on 15th May 2010, has received necessary sanctions this month, in June 2011.

In just 12 - 13 months from the launch!

Obviously, all those who had given 15% own contribution to Kumar Builders, a.k.a Kumar Urban Development Ltd. (www.kumarbuilders.com) and were anxiously waiting for more than a year are very happy.

Now, after a year of the launch, construction of KUL Utsav will, soon, begin!

And, soon, in another few years', they hope to get possession of their flats!!

Isn't this reason to celebrate?

KUL Utsav Kondhwa Budruk Launched on 15th May 2010, Akshay Tritiya, an auspicious day!:

KUL Utsav Kondhwa Budruk Launched on Akshay Tritiya 15th May 2010 (Click the Image to Enlarge)

View Kumar Properties' Kumar Palmcrest, 2 BHK Flats at Pisoli, Pune in a larger map

You know what?

The other day, i got down at Khadi Machine Chowk, on Katraj Saswad Road, to visit Kumar Properties' Kumar Palmcrest at Pisoli. I was shocked to see a few people at the site of Kumar Builders' KUL Utsav, walking towards the site office.

Showing huge curiosity and happiness, i asked the security at the gate, "Why did you send these people in that office? Is anybody there at the site office?"

"Yes, Sirji is in the office. These people were 'inquiries'!," the security said.

"Really! Good!! And what's that? JCB! Whats that JCB doing in KUL Utsav?," i asked and went in.

Looking at the condition of the site office of KUL Utsav, first, i felt that Kumar Builders is demolishing it. But, then i realized that - No!, In over a year, Kumar Builders didn't get time to complete it.

Of course, after the launch of KUL Utsav, there was no reason for Kumar Builders to complete it. Anyways, the site office has already played it's role quite well!

A few people, whom i followed, were standing in a circle discussing. "Is this the Kumar Project which is launched today?," one of them asked me.

"Kumar Palmcrest! Yes, i think so!! But there is no one here, no name or picture of the project or anything here!!," I suggested.

"Now a days, there are no visitors on the day of the launch, but builder's people are always there at the site. Let us see if someone is inside," one of them suggested.

We went a little further in and saw a man inside the room talking to someone. One of my new friends asked,"Is this project launched today? We saw the ads in many newspapers!"

"No. This project was launched last year. On 15th of May 2010. This is Kumar Builders' project. Today, Kumar Properties launched Kumar Palmcrest. It is in Pisoli. Further on this road towards Undri Chowk," the man in KUL Utsav told us.

"Are flats available here?," one of my new friends asked.

"Yes, we have 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK Flats. If you wait for a moment, i will give you all information. Till then, you can visit our sample flat," the man in KUL Utsav said.

Another man, took us to the sample flat. With a great effort, this other man in KUL Utsav opened the door of the sample flat. I think it was not opened for months.

All of us went inside the flat.

"Is this sample flat? Are you sure?," one of my new friends asked the other man in KUL Utsav.

"Yes, sir. This is a sample flat. There is one more," the other man in KUL Utsav said.

"Didn't i tell you Kumar Builders and Kumar Properties are 2 different builders?," one of my new friends said.

"Yes! But many people don't know this! You know? Recently, one of my friend even booked in Kumar Properties' project in Hinjewadi - assuming that it was Kumar Builders' project!," i said.

"But, here no one will do that! Let us get out of here and go to Kumar Properties at Pisoli!," one of my new friends said and all of them left.

I decided to wait and meet 'the man' in the site office of Kumar Builders' KUL Utsav - the sales person at KUL Utsav.

For me, he is the bravest real estate salesperson in the entire Pune real estate market. Not waiting to meet him, i felt, would have been disrespect of all salespersons in Pune real estate market.

Look, i was rewarded for being kind!
The salesperson at KUL Utsav gave me the good news about the sanctions!

Kumar Builders, a.k.a. Kumar Urban Development ltd., believe in launching a new project on an auspicious day of Akshay Tritiya.
In 2010, it was KUL Utsav at Kondhwa Budruk.
In 2011, it was KUL Ecoloch at Mahalunge.

Kumar Builders never miss Akshay Tritiya.
No formalities, like sanctions - approvals - permissions from PMC / PCMC / State or Central Government, can stop them from launching a new project on Akshay Tritiya.
They go ahead and launch the project - even if - the sample flat and the site office is not ready!
Like they did in KUL Ecoloch at Mahalunge.

Another important feature of Kumar Builders is - they book a flat by accepting only 20% own contribution!

For the rest of the property price they wait till you register the agreement.
For example, here at KUL Utsav at Kondhwa Budruk, they were waiting for more than 13 months for you to sign and register your agreement!

Obviously, when i went to Kumar Palmcrest in Pisoli, i asked the salesperson about booking amount and sanctions.

Kumar Properties never launch a project without sanctions and approvals, the salesperson at Kumar Palmcrest Pisoli said.

The salesperson at Kumar Plamcrest, also, told me that the booking amount is only Rs. 50,000. But, Kumar Properties is not going to deposit - en-cash - your cheque till you go for the agreement!

And, you get a month's time to give your own contribution.

And you know what? The salesperson at Kumar Plamcrest Pisoli said that after giving your own contribution and stamp duty & registration charges - in the next 8 days - you have to register your agreement.

Isn't it?
The Kumar Properties don't give you a single reason to celebrate!

You, who booked at Kumar Builders' KUL Ecoloch Mahalunge, are lucky!
You, lucky fellows, are going get many reasons to celebrate.
In fact, for sure, your life is going to become a celebration!

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1 comment:

  1. That was good one!
    By any chance do you know the reason behind this delay in getting the sanctions?
    If possible could you please also inform us the rate differene with which Utsav was launched and the currect offering rate?

    BTW its a coincidence that the name 'Utasav' meant for Celebration!!!