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Friday, October 23, 2009

Now, Nanded City's website www.nandedcitypune.com is up and running!

From Novemebr 2009, Property Rates of Nanded City Pune to go up by Rs. 100 per sq.ft.!

Current property rate at Nanded City Pune: Rs. 2,750 per sq.ft. From November '09: Rs. 2,850 per sq.ft.!

Please, don't misunderstand that Nanded City Pune is increasing property rates because now, their website www.nandedcitypune.com is up and running.

Nanded City Pune is increasing property rates, only because, now, bookings are happening. Pune real estate market is improving.

Like me, if you wonder "Why are you increasing only 100 rupees per sq.ft.?", I would like to share the answer. "At Nanded City Pune, at this point of time, only foundation work is going on. And, you know, the buildings have 11 and more floors!," i was told!

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  1. By the time we at the top floor, the prices would be around 10K/sq.ft., which would mean one-crore for a 1000 sq. ft. 2-bedroom flat.

  2. I think 2750-2850 is kind of overpriced. I think the true price should be 2500 ish. Else the builtup area to carpet area ratio should be lowered. If they sell 3BHK below 28 lakh, then they will find lot of buyers. Else they will face same stagnation as everyone else.

  3. All the best to Nanded City...no issues! In fact they should raise 200 /sq ft instead

  4. Hey Easy money, buy some 25000 Sq and sell in Nov, you can make 25L profit in couple of weeks. wow... steal the money. BTW why is builder doing this charity?

  5. Economical growth dependent on a single industry (In case of India IT) is dangerous. As cost of operation in Pune increases, IT companies will move to the cheaper countries. What will hapen to the real estate mega projects that depended only on IT? Example. NAnded City, Megapolis, Blue Ridge etc. What do you think Ravi?
    Case Study: Detroit, MI USA. Auto Industry hub. As auto industry moved to the cheaper locations this city is going through its worst phase. Unemployment 22% and properties available for sale from 50$ (Rs 2300).

    For auto industry it took years to move. But IT company can move within few days. I think this scenario is possible for the Indian IT industry and this will happen sooner than expected.

  6. Home buyers Its time to share views, try doing Google for indianrealestateforum and check the hot cities section.

    Here we discuss various pros and cons of each city and projects. Alternatively try searching indian real estate

    Its time for the buyers to be aware and organized and not to be foolhardy and go and pick up at any rates.
    Remember its India and unlike US no one will come for your rescue if you do a wrong decision.
    Beware! at this moment
    you are taking a wrong decision.

  7. Rate of 2750 or 2850 is too high for this area. If your time horizon is 10 years "maybe" you will get any value as investment.. if u have to buy for living, this area is atleast 5-6 years away from being a liveable area..
    rates here should not be more than 1600-1800 rs per sq ft.. any amount one pays more than 1600-1800 rs per sq ft would be a really bad decision..

  8. # Ref: "this area is atleast 5-6 years away from being a liveable area.. "

    Thanks for the comment!

    Sorry, i should have shown the location of Nanded City Pune on Google map.

    Nanded City is on Sinhagad road in Pune.

    On the west side of Nanded City across the river is Shivane - Warje.

    On the east side, across the road, over the hill is DSK Vishwa!

    Darode Jog's Crossover County is 800 meters on the north side of Nanded City on the same Sinhagad road.

    Toll Naka of Pune Municipal Corporation is near the main gate of Nanded City.

    Sinhagad road, Ambegaon, Narhe, Dhayari, Shivane, Warje areas are popular residential areas in Pune.

    Above all, Nanded City Pune is an integreted township.

  9. Hi Guys,
    As usual Ravi trying to justify location and prices and sell pune property to buyers. I think Ravi had a good one to one meeting with Mr Satish Magar.

    Now a days he has started giving a lot of news of pune infrastructure.... what happened about pune bubbled RE. Ravi where are your all good news of Diwali RE sales in pune.....i think during this diwali dhamaka a lot of people have bought property with Ravi's favorate builders....Good luck to all the new property buyers.

    Ravi keep on doing your work to inflate the pune RE bubble.

  10. # Ref: "Now a days he has started giving a lot of news of pune infrastructure...."
    Thanks for appreciation!

    # Ref: "Ravi where are your all good news of Diwali RE sales in pune"

    In Diwali, people by "phatake" and sweets!

    # Ref: "Ravi keep on doing your work to inflate the pune RE bubble."

    Pune Real Estate Bubble! Hearing these words after a long time!! If you have missed this post, please, do read:
    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    PRA Realty launches The Lake District, 110 acre township of 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK and 3 BHK flats, at Yeolewadi village, Kondhwa annex

    First 100 plus acre township launched in the last 2 years of recession in Pune real estate market!