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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pride Platinum, near Pancard Club at Baner Pune, launched

2 BHK Flat - 903 Carpet + 74 Terrace = 1220 Super Built-up

3 BHK Flat - 1223 Carpet + 74 Terrace = 1620 Super Built-up

10 acre township of spacious 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats with an easy access to Kothrud and Hinjewadi!

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Click to visit E Brochure of Pride Platinum Baner

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  1. Quite some articles about this Project. But no mention of the rates quoted by the builder? :)

  2. I would imagine the rates are 3,200 to 3,500?

  3. Wow!

    What a site!

    What a site!

    What a project as well!

    I am very thrilled and excited...

    I am sure I would want to book here.

    What are the prices?

  4. Both the North-East as well as the South-West corner of the Plot is cut off/missing which is a no-no from a vastu standpoint. otherwise this was good from mostly all aspects..

  5. The builder is quoting 3600 and 3800 (for garden side) now. Anybody any experience with negotiating the price...

  6. We spent around 4 hours in the builder's office in November and he only reduced about 50 rupees per sq feet for the garden side. It was really tough to bring down the price.


  8. Now the rates are 3850 & 4050 for garden facing. New building booking not yet started. Expected to start at Rs 4200. Very good location.

  9. I have a friend who has a house in Pride Platinum and here are the shortfalls according to him:

    1) They use sewage treatment for flush tank water. Most of the times their plant goes bad and you get Black brackish water in your flush. It stinks like a gutter.

    2) They gave possession to the residents since November 2011 and the place is still not complete. They haven't provided the following amenities as yet:
    - Piped gas.
    - Working elevators (Only one is functional while the second is powered off for life).
    - Corporation water line.
    - They get water from tankers and mix it with bore well water for drinking purposes. They say that they are getting tankers from PMC which is a lie.
    - Their amenities have changed and their layout has changed for the 3rd time. They promised a lot of things and delivered half of it.
    3) They forcefully installed Videocon D2h common antenna without consulting the residents and then asked every one to remove their personal antennas. That includes connections for which people had paid in advance for a year.

    4) Garbage chutes have been installed but are not operational.

    5) The so called club house is still grey in colour without any walls and floor.

    6) And they still have the guts to ask for Rs. 5800/- per square feet.

    7) The water in bathrooms doesn't go through any treatment and you get ultra solid hard water that stains all the bathroom fittings and tiles. They say it is excellent water!

    8) The work will take another year or two to complete.

    9) And without any amenities they are charging maintenance from November. Wonder what maintenance they are doing when their lifts are failing every 4-5 hours.

  10. Another few details about Pride Platinum. Last week, flat owners go their PMC property tax bills and everyone has a different amount to pay.

    The prices are as follows:

    - 3bhk - 30,000/- (1620 sq.ft)
    - 3bhk - 14,000/- (Same size flat 1620 sq.ft)
    - 3bhk - 16,000/- (Same size flat 1620 sq.ft)
    - 2.5 bhk - 24,000/- (1450 sq.ft)
    - 2.5 bhk - 12,500/- (Same size flat 1450 sq.ft)
    - 2.5 bhk - 18,000/- (Same size flat 1450 sq.ft)
    - 2 bhk - 12,000/- (1250(sq.ft)

    Builder has washed off his hands by saying they are not responsible for this. Just to give you a comparison, prime bungalows in Kothrud which are about 5000 sq.ft plot size pay about Rs. 7,500/- for property tax. And they have all PMC facilities.