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Monday, October 12, 2009

Launch of Phase 2 of Mont Vert Seville, Wakad and Pride Platinum, Baner

What did you do this weekend?

This weekend, I was expecting that a couple of residential projects would be launched in Pune real estate market. But, only 2 projects were launched. In fact, only one. Pride Housing's Pride Platinum near Pancard Club in Baner Pune. Mont Vert only launched the 2nd phase of their on going project Seville in Wakad Pune.

Pride Housing and Mont Vert Homes - my favorite builders:

Of course, for me launch of these 2 projects was more than enough to have an exciting weekend. Mr. Arvind and Ms. Nidhi Jain of Pride Housing were my most favorite client in my Pune real estate advertising days. I was more excited about the launch of Pride Platinum because it's totally Pride Housing's project. It's not a joint venture with any builder. So, i was sort of emotionally involved in the launch of Pride Platinum. Whereas, Mont Vert Homes is my current, blogging career favorite.

Current trend in Pune real estate market:

As expected, both the projects, Pride Platinum at Baner and 2nd phase of Mont Vert Seville got good response. I am not saying this because in Pune real estate market only one type of response is available - good. But because, recently home buyers in Pune have, again, become really kind and considerate. They not only visit the site offices but buy properties too. Properties in all budgets. Rs.26 to 30 lakh 2 BHK Flat in Mont Vert Seville. Rs. 40 to 60 lakh 2 BHK / 3 BHK Flats in Pride Platinum. At any location. At Wakad. At Baner. And, yes, even in Balewadi! At this point of time, Mr. Shamkant Kotkar, of Nandan Prospera at Baner, may be one of the happiest builders in Pune real estate market!

Serious Senior Property Buyers:

This weekend, i found an interesting difference in the launch of these two projects. Pride Platinum at Baner is a luxurious up-market project but it's launch was very businesslike. There was no function, celebration or glamour. Serious property buyers were getting information from Narendra and his team of experienced salespersons. Children were enjoying themselves while parents were busy.

Catch 22!

Whereas Mont Vert Seville was glamorously decorated with flowers, food was served and Dr. Deepakji Phene, of Mont Vert Luxurious Homes, was personally receiving the visiting property buyers. For a minute, i thought that it was a wedding reception of Ms. Barbara! What should i do? Should i gather the courage and go in and wish her or not step in Mont Vert Seville at all? It was a catch 22 situation for me!!

Have a look at these photographs, i took at Mont Vert Seville Wakad and Pride Platinum at Baner Pune and in the comments, tell us, "What did you do this weekend?" ( Comments Policy )

Mont Vert Seville at Wakad Pune:

Pride Platinum at Baner, Pune:

Thanks Abhay Firake, of Nucleus Interiors & Construction ( www.nucleusint.com ), architects, interior designers, turn-key project mangers of Bungalows and Weekend Homes in and around Pune and my dear friend & associate for sponsoring me. Because of you, i can shoot and show actual photographs to my readers.

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  1. "Ref: What did you do on this weekend?"

    I slept peacefully this weekend.

    If you expect me to go and visit new launches, sorry, they are far away from my affordability.

  2. All of a sudden we are seeing so many launches.

    Also ToI is claiming that RE Boom time is back.
    Malpanis, Nandeds, Mount Verts, and Prosperas of the world are back in action
    with 30 to 100 lakh price tags.

    Are happy days are here again?

  3. Pride Platinum seem to be repeating the 5 Gardens case. People who have booked a flat in Park Royale are being cheated yet again by not giving fittings and quality as promised

  4. # Ref: "Pride Platinum seem to be repeating ..."

    Thanks for the comment! It shows that you are worried and concerned. To help you need to give facts. So, please, be specific.

    Give specific information when you post a comment like this. It will show that you want to help the new property buyers.
    For example:
    1) Which fittings were not given?
    2) What exactly you mean by "quality"?
    3) You sign an agreement, a legal document, so what do you mean by "promised"?

    You know that i was working in Five Gardens. I know the issues well which are difficult to "repeat".

    And Park Royale is yet not complete!
    So, i wonder, how can you say so about Park Royale?

    However, i am sure, you haven't posted all you want to say! Please, give us the details!

  5. Call up Park Royale and ask them about the issues raised by people regarding the poor quality of tiles and sanitary ware that is being provided. Whatever is being given is different and lower in quality as shown in the sample flat. During booking it was mentioned that the tiles, fittings etc would be exactly as shown in the sample flat. However in reality it is not true. After paying a premium for that project, all they are delivering is an average product.

  6. I really liked the Pride Platinum location and am thinking of wanting to buy a flat there. However, Some comments above are discomforting. Can you help me with some more details to help make a decision. It would be very helpful