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Friday, February 6, 2009

Farmers of Kesnand village, Wagholi, sign MoU with City Corporation, promoters of Amanora Park Town, to develop a township of affordable housing

240 acres integrated township of 500 to 1,000 sq. ft. flats in the budget of 12 to 20 lakh!

Jogeshwari Township Project, Kesnand:

Enterprising Farmers, who had opposed tooth and nail a special economic zone of Videocon in a joint venture with Maharashtra Industrial Development Corp (MIDC) a year ago, last week, floated their own company.

About 100 farmers of Kesnand village, near Wagholi (Where is Wagholi?), who set up Jogeshwari Township Project, have entered into an understanding with City Corporation, a real estate company, to develop a township at Kesnand, Pune.

Sambhaji Patil, director of Jogeshwari Township Project and Aniruddha Deshpande, managing director, City Corp, signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Jan 26 at Amanora Park Town in the presence of Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar and the farmers.

“Under this agreement Jogeshwari will provide 240 acres of land to develop a township at Kesnand, Pune and it will have 25 per cent stake in selling price after the development of the township,” said J K Bhosale, chief operating officer, City Corp

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On the pattern of Amanora Park Town:

Bhosale said the Rs 2,000 crore project would be developed on the pattern of Amanora town for affordable housing. “We will start the construction in October-November 2009 and the first phase would consist of 2,000 houses,” Bhosale said, adding that the first phase would be completed within two years. The 500 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft area houses would have a price tag of Rs 12,00,000 to Rs 20,00,000. At present, City Corp is also developing Amanora Park Town at Hadapsar.

Aniruddha Deshpande, managing director, City Corp, said this affordable housing project would be a success because of meticulous planning and incorporation of new technology in construction. “The project will be developed under Maharashtra government's Integrated Township Policy, 2005, wherein the developer provides all infrastructure like roads, power supply, water, hospital, solid waste management and the project should cover 100 acres of land,” Deshpande added.

Minimum guarantee amount of Rs 1 crore per acre of barren land to the farmers:

Santosh Hargude, director of Jogeshwari Township, said the township construction will be spread over 10,000,000 sq ft and cost an estimated Rs 2,000 crore. “We have worked out a plan wherein the minimum guarantee amount of Rs 1 crore per acre will go to the farmers over the next five years,” Hargude said.

Hargude said in November 2007, Pawar had organised a public rally in Kesnand village and urged the farmers to come together and utilise the land for constructive projects. “His suggestion charged up the farmers and the barren land is being now used for the affordable housing project after screening many proposals,” Hargude said.

The Jogeshwari Township Project was floated in July 2008 and has 11 farmers as directors on its roll.
- Property Pulse

Sharad Pawar for President:

Sharad Pawar is my leader. I am his staunch follower.

In this government he is Union Agriculture Minister but i always wanted Sharad Pawar to become a Prime Minister of India.

Obviously, when NCP decided to project Sharad Pawar as its prime ministerial candidate in the next Lok Sabha elections, i was very happy.

But not anymore. Not, for sure, after reading the news about Jogeshwari Township Project at Kesnand, Wagholi.

Now, i want him to become a President. No! not a president of India. But the President of United States of America. I am 100 per cent sure, American citizens will not only join me and shout "Jai Ho!!" but they will vote "Sharad Pawar for President", in place of Barack Hussein Obama in the next elections.

It may happen that I do not have to wait for the next Presidential elections. Mostly, there will be a mid-term elections in America. Because, very soon American citizens are going to revolt against President Obama and his rebuilding America activities. Because, President Obama is planning to send all American citizens to work. He wants to create jobs and more jobs. He wants them to work on the roads, bridges and what not. Because of his policies Americans are going to suffer a lot.

At that point, 44% Americans (yes, 44% of the readers of my blog are in USA!) will tell rest of the citizens about Sharad Pawar and how he freed citizens of Pune from the hardships of work by opposing SEZ which would have created jobs. They will tell them, how Sharad Pawar is different from Obama. Not only that, he is not skinny or his name in not funny like Obama. But they will talk about his most important achievement. How, in place of jobs, Sharad Pawar gave us 'sweet homes'!

My leader, Sharad Pawar, will not only impress citizens but American Congress too. Congress (not Sonia's Congress but American Congress) will be happy to give up "Buy American" clause, amend the constitution and import the political leader Sharad Pawar from Pune as 45th President of United States of America!

On that day, i would be happy to say "He Ram!"

What is your take on outsourcing political leadership?

We have prospered a lot because of the outsourcing. In steaded of restricting ourselves to only business process outsourcing sector don't you think we should expand our services and add political leadership to the list?

Don't you think that American citizens also need homes like us to peruse the happiness? All work and no play makes life so dull. Isn't it? Please, share in the comments (Comments Policy) your recent freedom from the jobs in the canceled Wagholi SEZ and joy of staying at home in the upcoming township.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Ravi,

    Whether Mr. Pawar becomes President of U-of-S-of-A or not but the people of Kesnand seems to be left with no choice but to sit at home. It has been over two years since your post about Jogeshwari Township and yet I can't see a single stone turned or a plinth being developed in the name of so called integrated township and the budget homes. On contrary, there are many other builders who have started their projects in the vicinity and many of them have got your attention too resulting nothing but a price hike in the property market. I am still waiting for that budget home ranging between 12-20 Lacs in Jogeshwari Township. Hope the plan of developing this township is not whisked away like the Videocon SEZ, making local people happy :)