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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Amit Enterprises launches Astonia at Balewadi, 2 bhk flat of 900 sq.ft. in 25 lakh, including everything!

Property rate Rs. 2,300 per sq.ft.!

On the adjoining plot of Amit's Sapphire Park, where property rate is Rs.3,600 per sq.ft., near MITCON at Balewadi, Amit Enterprises has opened the bookings of Amit's Astonia!

As of now, there is no information of Astoni on Amit enterprises' website (www.amitenterprises.com) but there was an ad in the local paper and booking has started at site.

Only 2 bhk flats!

At Amit's Astonia at Balewadi, in 4 buildings all 88 flats are of 2 bhk. Area is approximately 900 sq.ft. In Astonia's ad, Amit claims that vitrified flooring, piped gas connection and specious multi-purpose community hall are the special features of the project.

Property rate is approx which i came to know when i called Amit. The 25 lakh is the total budget which includes parking, stamp duty - registration charges.

Call Amit's Astonia:

To know more about Amit's Astonia, you can call:
+91 99229 98817
+91 99229 98819
020 6410 6010

What is your take on Amit Asotnia's property rate?

When Amit Enterprises, which has launched Amit's Bloomfield in the village of Ambegaon at the most irrational property rate of Rs.3,200 per sq.ft., launches Astonia, in Pune Municipal Corporation limits at Balewadi, near Hinjewadi at Rs. 2,300 per sq.ft. only confirms that Pune real estate market has reached it's bottom.

Now, even Amit enterprises may claim that rate doesn't depend only on the location. Specifications and other features play important role in deciding the property rate. But truth is rationalization of the property rate has become very essential to survive. Not only for small projects. But even for big townships. Like Amit's Bloomfield at Ambegaon. Even for an integrated townships like Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi!

What is your take on the rock bottom property rates? Can you discuss the rationalization of property price with your builder? Unlike Santosh Kumar, can you talk to your builder without any fear? Please, share your views in the comments! (Comments Policy),

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  1. It is too premature to conclude that Pune real estate market has reached its bottom. I think the fair price of flats in Balewadi should be around 1800 per sq ft. Anything more than that is expensive given the current economic situation.

  2. I would certainly be interested in knowing how did you conclude that market has reached the bottom? Do you have any logic/assessment or is it just your belief? If this builder has reduced rates from 3200 to 2300; what makes you think that the rates won't be reduced further?

  3. # ref: "I would certainly be interested in knowing how did you conclude that market has reached the bottom? "

    - 1) Because I believe in Amit Enterprises acumen - shrewdness!

    We are not talking "at cost" "no profit no loss" pricing.

    "Rock bottom price" is a sentimental value, which your rational mind accepts.

    "2 BHK in 25 lakh" is what many people were looking for in this area. And Amit has offered it. See the response. Amit knows the pulse of the market!

    Sorry, Amit hasn't reduced the rate. Amit has launched the new product which is suitable for today's market. Suitable in terms of rate, size, rooms and budget. Entry level home, suitable for the first time home buyer.

    When enough bookings happens at a particular rate why any builder will think of pricing less?

    How many buyers we can find who will think: "flat is fitting in my budget, location and size is OK, but i will not book a flat because rate is not as low as i expected it should be."

  4. Area is NOT 900 sq. ft.; NOT even approximately!