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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paranjape Schemes opens booking of first 200 bungalows in Forest Trails - 140 acre township at Bhugaon, 10 -15 minutes away from Kothrud and Hinjewadi

For KitKat, you need a break
but what you need for your own bungalow?

Everybody wish to live in a bungalow. Right? But not here. In Paranjape Schemes' Forest Trails at Bhugaon, you need a solid reason to own a bungalow! You must have some unfulfilled wish which you could not fulfill in the flat! And a little budget. Say Rs.1.25 crore (252368 US$) and more! .

Welcome to Forest Trails on 21 and 22 February!

"Ravi, recession is over!," one of my reader send me sms. "Yes, your Obama only talks. Our Shashank Paranjape believes in action," i replied. Yes, Mr. Paranjape has released full page ad in today's Sakal and invited you all to visit Forest Trails on 21ST and 22ND February. He says out of 11 different design options available in Forest Trails, 6 sample bungalows are ready. 3 bungalows are even fully furnished for your viewing. Plus there are lot of surprises for your entertainment. Do come with your family and friends.

Current gloom and doom not justified!

Suresh Tendulkar, chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister says,
"The current crisis is one of confidence. And I have been arguing that this crisis of confidence is an imported one at the psychological level than really based on objective circumstances in the economy."
To revive the economy, Mr. Tendulkar feels, we have to turn around the confidence. Mr. Shashank Paranjape has exactly done that. He must get Padma Shri. Please, have a look at these bungalows, i am sure, you will agree with me!

A type bungalow:

B type bungalow:

C type bungalow:

D type bungalow:

E type bungalow:

F type bungalow:

G type bungalow:

H type bungalow:

I type bungalow:

J type bungalow:

K type bungalow:

Kiss your maid goodbye!

On your way back from Paranjape Schemes' Forest Trails, please, confess your spouse that you are going to fulfill one more wish. You are going to kiss your maid goodbye.

I am sure, your spouse would be on the cloud nine. Engrossed in fantasizing about a bungalow, she will say "why good bye?, in fact we should have more maids to kiss...to work"

Please, do not disturb her. This is not the time to talk about MSRS and how even a ten year-old can build a robot! Or calculate exact distance between Mulshi and Swat Vally.

It's time to think about Mercedes Benz's special offer.

This is the spirit of new India. Isn't it? What say you? Tell me in the comments, please. (Comments Policy)

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  1. How about keeping Blue Ridge township on schedule. While you are facing $$ crunch why launch a new one in these uncertain market condition. I wish them all the best as long as they give me my flat at Blue Ridge in a livable shape and while I am still alive.

    I think this is a mistake to launch a big project in these times. Wish me luck for Blue Ridge.

  2. I cannot believe they are still trying to sell properties worth more than a crore (are they really worth a crore) and that too so far from Pune. Good luck to them, not interested.

  3. Hi Ravi,
    Hope they collect some money from some "confident" users and from that amount they refund some of the money of Blue Ridge people who cancelled their flats.

    Each Bunglow is costing more than a crore. :) I wish tehm best luck in their scheme.

  4. Scheme of houses starting from 1.25 crore during this recession?

    Read "scheme" = "scam"

  5. Ravi,
    hey man...what would it take for you to stop cheap marketing???
    this place is out of nowhere with no infrastructure.
    Also dont try and compare Obama and Paranjape! That way you are only making a complete fool of yourself.

  6. # ref: "this place is out of nowhere with no infrastructure"

    - Really? Looks like that you have been there! Can you tell us more about Forest Trails and what kind of infrastructure you expect?

    - I admire your views and sense of humor.

  7. I live near San Francisco USA as well as have ties with Pune.. This price is really ridiculous as compare to what I can buy here (with the exact same price)..
    for ex: If I invest around $250K I can put it on rent immediately and get around $1700 Do you think any body can rent this b'low in the middle of nowhere for $700 at least.. I doubt that.. Considering the present market..
    This builder also has started recently a FD scheme of 12.5 % interest which is a direct indication of the cash crunch this company has..
    My gut-fill his that current worldwide credit crunch will substantially delay blue ridge almost forever or they have to massively scale back that project..

  8. Ravi: Out of 7 comments here, 2 seem to be from people who have BOUGHT property at Blue Ridge and cursing themselves for the delay.

    This is interesting.

    Are there any threads where there is more available on delay in Blue Ridge? It will be good to know exactly what has happened?

    Paranjape's made their name based on quality and punctuality. Hope Blue Ridge won't ruin their reputation.

    Regarding the pricing and viability of Forest Trails, need anyone say more??

  9. Punctuality my foot. I am stuck with them at Magnolia on Baner-Pashan Link road. Possession has been delayed by 1.25 years and still counting.

    Their Australian style villa where a colleague had booked in Baner near Pan card club was delayed by nearly 2 years.

    Regarding quality they are ok not as good as they were before. There are at least 5-7 good or better builders in pune for quality.
    Delayed possession is a common thing now with every builder including quality builders.

  10. Yes one more thing:
    On their starting the Forest Trail. I am told by one of the guys( Friend's friend) that they had sold this project in NRI group in UK and USA in private placement with profit sharing to them. They sold 1 paise partnership for about 1.5 cr. This was offered to the him also but he did not take it. Those guys were putting lots of pressure on him to start the project as they are all now 1 paise or more partner in that project.
    The location will be worth the value in 5-10 years but not today.

  11. the site is actually pretty good. went there myself on the launch. have a feeling that they are going to do well.
    am a friend of one of the guys on the blue ridge team. have baught a flat myself. i dont think they seem to be in such a cash crunch as a lot of other builders...
    i mean the cash crunch is so bad that a lot of people have stopped many of their projects.
    was afraid of the same thing with BR but none of their projects have stopped....
    and i think that blue ridge is the last project that they would stop.... after all it is their "flagship" project isnt it? (btw no puns intended)

  12. I was recently approached by a Property Brokers to look at Forest Trails seriously, if I want to have a bungalow/row house. The price looked ridiculous, given its location

    Is finding a decent Row house in good locality such a problem in Pune??

  13. To Ravi Nimbalkar:
    Thanks for your input without having picture of ground reality.
    BR Work in progress at a pace my great grandpa would have walked if he was alive today 140 yrs old.
    BR 6 building booking converted to only 3 bldg. Consolidation of all buyers into 3 bldg so only 3 bldg will cost.
    Does this give you an indication of cash crunch?????
    I did not book at many other builder I booked at Paranjpe so stop defending them by saying all others have cash problem and work is stopped at most of their places. NO CAN BUY THIS ARGUMENT.

    ..... so help me God

  14. I'm new to the Pune.
    Please let me know the list of builders in Pune who are the best builders in the current market and can complete the project in both in time with valued quality and the competative rates.

  15. Well I think BR is a big project by itself & first of the Township type Paranjape (or any builder from Pune) is building. I think they should focuss harder on BR to save their name plate. Once they show it with atleast the Phase-I of BR, thenn they can go trailing any of the forests they want :). I know ppl who have invsted in BR & have big chance of having LBW - trapped in between, not too fwd, not on back foot either. What I mean is, if they cancel a flat in BR, they wont get money in hand till there is prospective buyer :) (next to impossible - atleast today). I dont know, whether the BR flats will appreciate even after 7/8 years.

    Anyone here, can he/she give me analysis of BR 7/10 years down the line ? Will it pay back ? Ppl bought at the rates around Rs3200, will they get those rates crossing atleast 4500 mark in next 7/8 yrs ?

    At BR they Opened school first, gr8. But who is gonna send their kids to that school, when other things are still coming up :) ? Isnt that foolish ?

  16. i am interestedin buying a 2bhk apartment in pune.iwould be interested in a property in the baner,baner-pashan road,bavdhan,pimple saudagar...need some help with some good builders and propperty search

  17. Guys, 1.5 crore bungalows are not for everyone but targeted towards NRIs and business leaders. I don’t think the price is that high. I think its a good investment opportunity. Now a days you get 4 bed apartment for around 80 lacks in Baner. I own a property in Vasant Vihar, an Australian style bungalows in Baner by Paranjape. I am impressed with the quality of construction work and overall planning of the society. I have seen many other builders/bungalow projects in Pune but nothing comes close to Vasant Vihar.

    Someone above also commented about buying a property in California and renting it. Good luck. Being there and done that. The amount of appreciation and rent that you get for a bungalow like this in Pune, you will not get that in CA.

    Vasant vihar bungalows are appreciating at the rate of 25% for past three years even in the recession. The reason is these properties are purchased by people who are not affected by recession and there are many of them out there!

    Someone was taking about infrastructure at Forest Trails. If you have been in Baner 8 years back, you wont have any concerns about not having any infrastructure there. I think forest trails a good investment for returns in 10 years.

    BTW I am no way associated with Paranjape builder, I am sharing this cause I have a first hand experience with the builder and his property.

  18. 1.25 corer for a bunglow in bhugaon ??? f**k off paranjape builder.

  19. someone should tell paranjape builder that there is no such tree which makes Money. even at high ridiculous price of 1.25 crore "shit always remains shit"

  20. For all those who are thinking that Forest Trails is still at 1.25 crore, here's a shocker. The latest price is 1.7 crore and someone told me that no one is purchasing it so they may bring prices down!!!!!!

  21. pl.think positively it's a2 flat combo offer.

  22. Intresting to read all the comments in retrospect and looking at the current situation.

    I agree with the guy from SFO, India has already become very expensive to the extend that it sometimes doesn't event make sense. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE TO BUY PROPERTY AND RENT IN INDIA. India is a pure appreciation market.

    The shear 1.2 billion (and growing) population, with a large number of hands working and making money will continue to fuel the demand in the coming several years or decade. A little up-down might happen, but on a wider horizon, Indian real-estate market will remain stable or even bullish to some extend.

    I have a friend from SFO who bought a bungalow in Forest Trails @ 1.24 and now the phase II is selling for more than double of that.

    It doesn't matter if it is worth it, as long as there are people in the line to pay for it. More even when several of them are paying in CASH.