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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Available! Ready possession 2 BHK Flats on Baner Pashan Link Road at Meadows Habitat!!

Meadows Habitat Pashan - Co-Operative Housing Society of the heroes, by the heroes, for the heroes!

Ganesh Tikhe, 91 94220 02525 - Meadows Habitat Ready Possession 2 BHK Flats - 871 sq ft. - 1169 sq ft. approx for Rs. 70 - 95 Lakhs approx - on Pashan Baner Link Road Pune Maharashtra India

"Ravi Karandeekar, please, remove those YouTube videos - you have posted in 2012. Whenever someone Googles 'Meadows Habitat Pashan Pune' he sees those videos," Ganesh Tikhe said.

"Good! Then, why do you want to remove those videos?," I asked.

"Those videos are about the problems our society was facing in 2012 - over the years we have solved those problems - now, in 2018 - we are one of the best co-operative housing societies in Baner - Balewadi - Pashan. We have to convince this to everyone who wants to buy a resale flat - or a brand new flat - unused flat - investor's flat - builder's flat - landlord's flat - in our society," Ganesh Tikhe said.

"Yes! I know!! So many buyers have called me and asked - 'Is it safe to buy a flat at Meadows Habitat?," I said.

"Yeah....that's the problem.....those videos are history....delete that history....remove those videos....it will make Meadows Habitat attractive property," Ganesh Tikhe said.

"No. Sorry. I will not remove those videos," I said.

"Why?," Ganesh Tikhe asked.

"There are 3 reasons," I said.

"First - I don't delete a blog or a video - once I publish it. That's my rule. That's why those videos are there - what's your guess - in the last 6 years - from 2012 to 2018 - nobody has ever told me to remove my blog - my video?," I asked.

"What is your second reason?," Ganesh Tikhe asked.

"The second reason is - No! It will not make Meadows Habitat - attractive - best buy!! You know why? Because - when you book a flat - you consider - trustworthiness - reliability - of the builder - whereas, when you buy a ready possession flat - a resale flat - you consider who are the residents in that society - how are they - their social - cultural - financial profile - the quality of life in the society - how is the society managed - how is the society maintained - all those videos prove that you - the flat owners in Meadows Habitat - are the brave people - heroes - who have the guts to fight for their rights - you are heroes - and we love heroes. Everyone wishes to live like a hero. If we remove those videos, how come a new flat buyer will come to know that Meadows Habitat offers an opportunity to live like a hero?," I asked.

"But it takes time to explain - we have to take a lot of efforts to convince the buyers...," Ganesh Tikhe said.

"That's the point.....we have to make a video which tells the story of your heroic fight - we have to make a video which talks about how you are doing today - if we we do that, selling ready possession flats in your society would be easy - because that video will tell the buyers that Meadows Habitat is the best place to raise a family - what say you?," I asked.

"That makes sense - you know? We have some 20 - 25 flats - all spacious 2 BHK Terrace Flats - 871 to 1169 sq ft approximate saleable - in the price range of - say - 67 to 95 lakhs - what is the 3rd reason?," Ganesh Tikhe asked.

"The 3rd reason is - in those videos you talk about the problems you faced at the time of possession in 2012 - those are common problems you face in most of the projects - but very very few flat buyers have guts to open their mouth against injustice - your videos along with videos on Willows Twin Tower at Maan - Hinjewadi and Florista County on Handewadi Road at Hadapsar - not only create awareness about the problems of booking a flat in under construction project - but tells what precautions one should take while booking a flat and while taking a possession of your flat. By asking me to remove your videos - I feel that - you are acting against them - you are putting their life in danger - do you want to do that?," I asked.

"No! In fact, I want to show the way to fight for our rights - I want to help the flat buyers who have become the victims of builders - let us make a video about our fight and teach them how to fight for their rights - how to manage the society - done!," said Ganesh Tikhe.

This is the short report about my meeting with Ganesh Tikhe of Meadows Habitat on Pashan Baner Link Road.

What say you?

Are you interested in knowing what to do when the construction quality is not good
- amenities promised in the brochure are not provided
- completion certificate is obtained but the project is not complete
- approach road is not proper
- basic infrastructure services in the project, like sewage treatment plant, are not working
- society is not formed
- conveyance is not done
- maintenance charges are too high - etc?

Are you interested in knowing what to do when the builder avoids to solve those problems?

By the way, please, tell me in the comments -
if you are working in Hinjewadi

A) instead of booking a flat in some under construction project in a fringe village like Maan, Hinjewadi, Marunji, Sus, Mahalunge
- where basic urban infrastructure services are not available
B) in any under construction project in areas like Tathawade, Punawale, Ravet, Kiwale
- where urbanization has just started

wouldn't you like to buy a resale or a ready possession flat in Meadows Habitat on Baner Pashan Link Road if your budget permits?

I would also like to know -

If you want to buy a flat in Aundh, Pashan, Baner, Balewadi
- in which project would like to buy a resale or a ready possession flat?

A) In Meadows Habitat where the flat owners have not only discussed their problems in the video
but also solved them successfully and are living happily


B) In some society where flat owners are still suffering silently and are living a life of a victim
- who are still not the true owner of their property because the conveyance is not yet done
- who are paying exorbitant maintenance charges
- in a society which is not managed properly
- in a society where their is no unity - no strong bond among the flat owners?

I am sure, you will prefer Meadows Habitat!

In that case, please, contact Ganesh Tikhe on 91 94220 02525.

Ganesh Tikhe, 91 94220 02525 - Meadows Habitat Ready Possession 2 BHK Flats - 871 sq ft. - 1169 sq ft. approx for Rs. 70 - 95 Lakhs approx - on Pashan Baner Link Road Pune Maharashtra India

Meadows Habitat Ready Possession 2 BHK Flats - 871 sq ft. - 1169 sq ft. approx for Rs. 70 - 95 Lakhs approx - on Pashan Baner Link Road Pune Maharashtra India

Clubhouse & approach road - Meadows Habitat Ready Possession 2 BHK Flats - 871 sq ft. - 1169 sq ft. approx for Rs. 70 - 95 Lakhs approx - on Pashan Baner Link Road Pune Maharashtra India

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