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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Blue Ridge Hinjewadi Flat Owners Grievances

Sign the online petition to support the flat owners of Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge Hinjewadi:

Sign the online petition to support the flat owners of Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge Hinjewadi

This petition will be delivered to: MD, Paranjape Schemes (Construction) Ltd. Shashank Paranjape and 1 other:

This year you may have received a bill from accounts department of Blue Ridge Township for the maintenance payable for your apartment.

The billing is for maintenance activities from Oct 2016 to Mar 2017.

The township is asking for this money without any explanation on how the money collected from previously billed maintenance charges was spent.

Also, there is no justification given by the township on the basis of which the recent billing is done.

The buildings B1 to B8 do not have provide same facilities, yet the billing appears to be a flat rate.

The biometric system is not functional in some towers, the swimming pool is not functional in others.

Even the parking spaces have not been allotted in some towers.

Yet, the billing appears to be at a flat rate.

This is unfair to the owners.

The billing must reflect the discrepancy in the facilities provided.

At the least, we expect an explanation from the township in this matter.

There are several issues pertaining to the township and their management practices that also need urgent attention.

These issues directly affect the quality of life of the residents and potentially affect the value of your investment in this township.

Provided below are our key demands which need to be addressed on the priority:

Click to read more & sign the petition

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  1. If these IT Yedas had been there in pre 1947 era, they would have made such online petition even for Quit India movement against the British !! Things won't change by such petitions but by kicking where it hits the most.
    देर आये दुरुस्त आये.

    These petitions work when self interests are not there.
    Here, builder is the one who is reaping benefits by squeezing his existing flat buyers. This Paranjape is same builder who doesn't bother to entertain his flat buyers who visit his office personally, why will he bother about online petition ?
    The entire layout of Blue Ridge has been changed multiple times, now it's made high density area & all open space has gone for golf course which is owned by builder as separate entity. The club which was to be made for sports, leisure activity is still not made. Some people say that golf course can also make way for newer buildings just the way bungalows which were planned earlier were scrapped & buildings/golf course came up over there. See original layout of Blue Ridge on Ravi's blog itself -


    Paranjape builders isn't paying money to his employees properly, has not cleared dues of his vendors for long period & you never know when such builders can go bankrupt on lines of DSK, KUL. Since new flats are not getting sold, squeezing the existing buyers is good option for builders as it is captive market, LoL. Seems builder is busy selling old age flats in Athashree at Forest Trails, Bhugaon with Sunil Gavaskar as brand ambassador. Hope Paranjape buyers don't end up like Amit enterprises flat buyers who had Tendlya as it's brand ambassador.

    Now coming to actual result oriented solution -

    > Form a flat buyers association called Blue Ridge Residents Welfare Association (BR RWA),

    > Appoint office bearers amongst the volunteers who will represent all BR flat buyers with the builder, or any other organisation, Govt body, etc.

    > Inform about the formation of BR RWA to Paranjape by registered post,

    > Send a letter signed by these BR RWA president & secretary mentioning all the issues to Paranjape with a deadline to reply within say 10 days. If no reply comes, send a reminder by registered post with reference of original letter again with another 10 days deadline.

    > Hopefully, builder should act by now as next step is legal step taken by lawyers representing RWA against builder. It can be civil case, in consumer court or both.

    However, as BR is dominated by IT yedas, I doubt how many will proceed in doing what is mentioned above as strong unity is required & since lots of flats belong to hoarders, there may be opposition to even formation of RWA from within. So those who are interested to fight against crook builder injustice, should file case in consumer court against the builder on individual level or as group. In consumer court, builder will have no excuse not to show the details of expenses & lack of services provided.

    Flat buyers here can get in touch with consumer protection organisations like surajya, grahak panchayat etc.

    This is one of the main reasons why it's a ripoff to buy flat in township where you buy flat on paper, but in reality it remains with the builder !
    So Blue Ridge flat buyers, stand up & fight in result oriented path. Lot of efforts needs to be taken for this since you are up against a crook builder. If you fight, your victory is assured, if not, then doing bhajan kirtan is the only option left.

    1. This is what happens when flat buyers show spine for their rights -

      Unitech chairman, 2 MDs get 3-year jail term again -
      The court has also issued non-bailable warrants against Unitech chairman and two MDs, along with charging a fine of Rs 10,000 each


      Btw, as this builder is bankrupt, whether he is outside or in jail, those who have bought flats in under-construction projects are stuck. So, one more example why it's recommended to buy ready for possession flats with all sanctions in place especially when several Pune builders are bankrupt or in to be bankrupt stage.

    2. Blue Ridge flat buyers, stand up & fight - I completely agree with you, TheMonk.

  2. Fully agreed Monk, instead of online petition these guys should understand basic ground rules.

    Because nobody gives heck of what is happening in virtual space with online petitions etc, but those dumb engineers have brains for it or not, don't know.

    1. Guess many owners are based overseas and are unable to participate in street level morchas. Unfortunately, merely remitting $$ at the end of each month to pay EMIs is not sufficient to own RE in India. That's a rude wake up call to those who are used to service level standards/agreements in developed countries. Indian Reak Estate industry just doesn't work that way!