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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A visit to Vasudha Etasha - 71 Kothrud - Pune

Who is responsible for criminalization of Pune real estate market?:

A visit to Vasudha Etasha - 71 Kothrud - Pune

Everyone blames the builders for all the criminal practices in Pune real estate market.

Except I - Ravi Karandeekar.

I strongly believe that the flat buyers are the root cause of the criminalisation of Pune real estate market.

If the flat buyers in Pune were a little more aware & assertive - and of course - a little less stupid & greedy - on their own the builders would not have been able to convert the noble real estate business into a criminal enterprise. You know my views - Right?

That's why every builder in Pune loves Ravi Karandeekar.
Every site sales executive admires Ravi Karandeekar.
Whenever, we meet, they share their experiences & issues with me.
Like a sales executive at Vasudha Etasha.

"Do I look unprofessional because of my beard?," He asked.

"If you have a doubt - why are you keeping it?," I asked.

"Only for medical reasons....and you know what? My guess is - beard hides my age - I look mature - experienced - but someone told me that 'a sales executive with a beard' doesn't look professional. Is it so?," he said.

"Beard is only about the looks - what is more important is behavior - ask yourself - 'Does my behavior comply with the technical & ethical standards of my profession?'" I replied.

"No! I don't behave like a typical real estate salesman. You know? I don't lie," he said.

"You are an unprofessional real estate salesman. How come your builder didn't fire you?," I asked.

"Tell the facts - Don't get booking by giving wrong information - are his strict instructions," he said.

"Then you are a 'professional' - a professional real estate salesman with a beard!," I said.

"Being professional is not easy - You know? Last Sunday - one of our flat buyers came to the site & told me that he wants to perform Puja in his flat - on this Gudi Padwa - 28th March. I asked him - 'Why?' - 'What why? Don't you know that Gudi Padwa is an auspicious day? I am inviting some 40 people for Puja - so make necessary arrangements like lift, water and all' the flat buyer said. I said - 'Sir, it's more than a Puja - 40 people means a big function - Can't you do this after flat possession - in May?' - But the flat buyer was adamant - Was I unprofessional or professional? Tell me," the sales executive said.

"You were professional. His demand was wrong. Could you convince him to cancel the Puja?," I asked.

"Not sure. But I tried my best. When he said that completion & occupancy certificate were mere formalities - I took him to the lift & told him about the risks involved in operating it - but he said accidents are accidents - not the rules," the sales executive said.

"Instead of trying to convince him - why didn't you simply refuse? Don't you know that you have a right to say no to the flat buyer? As per company policy - you can perform Puja only after flat possession - was enough," I said.

"Wouldn't that be rude?," the sales executive asked.

"No. Not at all. It would not have been rude even if you had told him - 'Sir, performing Puja before flat possession is like celebrating Suhagraat before Marriage'," I said.

"Really?," the sales executive asked.

"No. Not even a professional real estate sales man with a beard can talk like that," I said and we got up to visit the site.

You know? I can understand when young first time home buyers in Hinjewadi & Kharadi behave irresponsibly. But how can a mature middle aged middle manager from Kothrud refuse to give importance to completion & occupancy certificate?

When the builders learn that flat buyers are not strict - they start giving possession without obtaining CC & OC, do not form Cooperative Housing Society and avoid to do the conveyance.

Result is - the government has to pass the RERA Act to punish the builders who don't fulfil their duties.

After all, for the government it's easy to punish a few builders than to jail lakhs of irresponsible flat buyers in Pune. Right?

Now, tell me - who is really responsible for criminalization of Pune real estate market?

Share your views in the comments.

By the way - I didn't go to Vasudha Etasha. I was curious about a Mumbai Bangalore Highway bridge - opposite Vasudha Etasha. For the last six years - since Gudi Padwa 2011 - the day Sigma One Grand Stand was launched - builders were talking about this bridge.

Once this bridge is ready - Mumbai Bangalore Highway will have an underpass - which will connect Kharde Patil Woods Royale, Sigma One Grand Stand, Vasudha Etasha and other projects to Hill View Residency - Mahatma Society - Yashwantrao Chavan Natyagruha - Karve Putala at Kothrud Stand.

Have a look at the photographs of this mega infrastructure development in Pune real estate market -

Sigma One Grand Stand - Mumbai Bangalore Highway - near Chandni Chowk -  Kothrud - Pune
Vasudha Etasha
Vasudha Etasha & Sigma One Grand Stand - Mumbai Bangalore Highway - near Chandni Chowk -  Kothrud - Pune 
Under construction overpass bridge of Mumbai Bangalore Highway opposite Vasudha Etasha - the underpass road will connect Vasudha Etasha to Mahatma Society - Kothrud

Wonder Funkey - Mumbai Bangalore Highway - Kothrud - Pune
Sigma One Grand Stand - Mumbai Bangalore Highway - near Chandni Chowk -  Kothrud - Pune
Sigma One Grand Stand & Vasudha Etasha - Mumbai Bangalore Highway - near Chandni Chowk -  Kothrud - Pune
40 feet long beam for under construction bridge of Mumbai Bangalore Highway opposite Vasudha Etasha
Kumar Hill View Residency - Mahatma Society & Under construction overpass bridge- Mumbai Bangalore Highway - View from Vasudha Etasha 

View from Vasudha Etasha 
Wonder Funkey - Kharde Patil  Wood Royale - View from Vasudha Etasha
Sigma One Grand Stand - Mumbai Bangalore Highway - near Chandni Chowk -  Kothrud - Pune 
Darode Jog Q Homes Kothrud - near Ved Vihar 
Ved Vihar - Chandni Chowk - Kothrud - Pune 

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1 comment:

  1. It is only due to such buyers that builders don't give importance to OC. But when yedas/yedis can book flat which doesn't even have commencement certificate, this is far better case !
    If a flat buyer wants to take possession of flat without OC, why bother ? Let him go & perform pooja even if project is in pre-launch stage. Only thing is he should not complain later that he did pooja but screwed dooja !!

    The salesman of builder can use these links so that illegal possession can be avoided. Flat buyer can also file case against builder & claim damages if possession without OC is given. So this is double edged sword for builders. (builders must be happy for a moment with my post for a change this time :p )

    Allotment of flat without OC is illegal -
    The Commission observed the builder was statutorily obliged to obtain the OC before delivering possession. Under Section 3(2)(i) of the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, there is an express prohibition on handing over possession of a flat in the absence of the OC, and a flat purchaser is also forbidden from occupying it. So, handing over possession of the purpose of fit-outs does not make it fit for occupation, defeating the purpose of having bought the flat. The Commission ruled that possession for fit-outs without the OC would constitute a breach of contractual and legal obligations.


    Bombay HC: Illegal to move into property without occupation certificate -

    What is an OC?
    To construct a building a developer needs commence certificate (CC) and Intimation of Disapproval (IOD). Once the building is complete, the builder has to obtain an Occupation Certificate, which certifies that the building has complied with the approved plans.

    Why is an OC important?
    Only once the OC is issued can flat owners occupy the apartments as per law, as otherwise the building is considered illegal. A new flat owner should insist on an OC from the builder before moving in.


    And I really wonder how can anyone buy a flat at such locations - zero infra & bang on highway, that too national highway. The noise of this NH4 bypass is deafening when you stay so close & it will only increase once 6 lane work gets completed. The audio of traffic in your video should make things clear. And at night, the headlights of vehicles also hit the flat windows.
    You took pic of Wonder Funkey. This building complete frontage including commercial area which housed bowling alley & like games was completed demolished in road widening. People are neither able to sell flat, nor put it on rent. Same is the case with Zinnea.
    The underpass which you showed is there from 2011 but what about approach roads, water ? It's certainly not worth buying on other side of highway. Plus underpass like one between Balewadi & Wakad gets filled with rain water in monsoons & rendered useless & even if precaution is taken for rain water, these are notorious for drunkards & likes after 10 PM. If you take a walk near Rohan Leher, 52 Green Woods etc. it will make things clear. The only crossing which has been implemented properly is at Balewadi opp hotel VITS/Sadanand hotel where there is proper under-pass which doesn't feel like typical underpass on this road.

    Btw, Grand Stand was launched in 2011 & next month, it will be exact 6 years & yet the project is not completed. Even on builders' official website, the last construction update is of 2013. Any idea for the delay of this project despite getting over-whelming response for bookings during launch ?