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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pune flat buyers, talk to the press!

War on Builder Mafia Raaj -
Flat buyers of Palladium Grand Dhanori talked to the press!
What about you?

Seema Bhakare & Vijay Sagar of Grahak Panchayat Pune, Dr. Vishwas Chavan, Lallan Singh, & Arun Nair of Palladium Grand Dhanori Ad hoc Committee

Yesterday evening, flat buyers of Palladium Grand at Dhanori told the television & newspaper reporters their story. The perfect story about the builder mafia raaj in Pune real estate market. Saga of Palladium Grand flat buyers 8 long years fight against the nexus of builder, architect, local politicians, Pune Municipal Corporation officials, Co-operative department officials & Pune police.

Blacklist the builder of Palladium Grand. Do not sanction his new housing project. Issue stop order notice to his ongoing projects. Order the builder to complete Palladium Grand as per the development rules & clauses in the commencement letter issued by PMC. Order the builder to complete the infrastructure as per environmental clearance proposal. The flat buyers of Palladium Grand explained their demands to the media.

With the press conference of Palladium Grand war on builder mafia raaj has began. In the next few days, the flat buyers from more than 40 projects will come forward and share their story with the media.

Builder Mafia Raaj Hatao, Pune Flat Buyers Bachao

You know? Yesterday, the print & electronic journalists had a shock of their life. They were hearing the true status of Pune real estate market for the first time. How can this type of a crime take place in Pune Municipal Corporation limits? If this is happening in PMC limits what might be happening in PMRDA? They went on asking.

How can a builder construct, obtain completion & Occupancy certificate, give flat possession when Palladium Grand has no environmental clearance?

How can Pune Municipal Corporation give completion & occupancy certificate when the builder of Palladium Grand has not fulfilled all clauses in the N. A. order & the commencement letter?

How can a builder of Palladium Grand refuse to provide free drinking water when he has give an affidavit to PMC?

How can PMC refuse to take action against the builder for not providing free water to the flat buyers of Palladium Grand?

How can an architect issue completion certificate when the project is not completed as planned by him?

Why did 86 flat buyers file cases in the consumer court against the builder of Palladium Grand?

Why are the police refusing to lodge FRI against the builder of Palladium Grand?

How can you live with your family under the builder's terror & abuse for 8 years?

Is the tanker mafia preventing municipal water supply & extorting lakhs of rupees per month for the last 8 years from the flat buyers of Palladium Grand?

How can a builder demand lakh plus rupees when as per Supreme Court order it's illegal?

How can a builder sell 104 car parkings when PMC has approved only 72 in Palladium Grand?

If all open space is sold & used as car parking - how can a fire engine control the fire?

How to recover money collected by the builder for car parking, MSEB charges, society formation charges, infrastructure & development charges, clubhouse & amenities charges?

How can PMC approve revised plan & allow the builder to demolish amphitheater & swimming pool in Palladium Grand where the flat buyers are living for more than 7 years?

How can the cooperative department prevent the flat buyers from forming a co-operative housing society?

What can Palladium Grand flat buyers do when the entire system is exploiting them?

After hearing the story from the horse's mouth, the media understood why the flat buyers of Palladium Grand are demanding - Blacklist the builder of Palladium Grand. Issue stop order notice to his ongoing project. Order the builder to complete the project as per the development rules & clauses in the commencement letter issued by PMC.

Next time, it's your turn. Open up. Talk to the press. Create awareness. Citizens support is your strength. An ammunition to win a war against builder mafia raaj.

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  1. Very good to see this happening. If builders can use media especially paid media like Times of India, Sakal, the buyers too use the media & hopefully, media who want to work as media & not as agents should show this things openly to public.

    Appreciate the active flat buyers who are showing spine & standing against crook builders (these days even crook or thug seems light word for builders) & hats off to ABGP for it's commendable work.

    And it's not just builder against whom action needs to be taken but even the mentally, physically & morally corrupt PMC/PCMC crooks should also be brought to justice. Maybe some IT raids will do the trick !

    BTW, was this event covered by ToI & Sakal ? If not, people should judge whether these are media or paid agents of crooks & thugs.

    Hope other flat buyers also get inspiration from this & fight against atrocities of crooks & crime syndicate CREDAI.

    This is a very good article. Please do read. Shows how greed has made rich people poor & how real estate hoarders are getting into huge losses.

    Real estate — need, aspiration or megalomania?

    If you are buying real estate, stop to think once – do you need it, is it aspirational or are you just suffering from a need for excesses – of status, power and more.


  2. Hats off PG team! This is one of the crucial step taken to make sure we win our fight against BUILDER RAJ!

  3. Im extremely happy to read about this initiative and fully support. We are Konark Pooram, the first ever town ship in Pune, face the same issue.... it has become a blady mess and builder has given up with no response.

    Hats off to the PG team and wish success so that other, so put in their hard earn money don't face the same and have a place to share their graveness.

  4. It should also be eye opener for some of greed struck people who want to sell the flats at much more higher price then they purchased exploiting the common man.