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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Goodwill Nirmiti Lohegaon Launched!

Meet Rohit Goyal, Nikhil Goyal, Navin Agarwal, Sumit Tayal of Unique Group, Developers of Goodwill Nirmiti - 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK Flats at Survey No. 284, D. Y. Patil Knowledge City Road, off Porwal Road, opposite Sahara City, Lohegaon, Pune 411 047:

Rohit Goyal, Nikhil Goyal, Navin Agarwal, Sumit Tayal of Unique Group, Developers of Goodwill Nirmiti Lohegaon Pune

All those who can afford to own a property in Pune real estate market have already become homeowners. Now, the builder's target is the customer who can not afford to own a flat.

This target customer has not saved money for paying 20% down payment. So, the housing finance companies have launched 0% down payment offer.

Even if he is ready to pay 50% of his monthly income as an EMI - for the next 20 - 25 years - the home loan eligibility of this target customer is small. He can afford to own a 1 BHK - 2 BHK Flat in the price range of 30 - 40 Lakhs. Obviously, the flat sizes are compact - carpet areas are small. 1 BHK 425 for 32.83 Lakhs, 1.5 BHK 523 for 37.71 Lakhs, 2 BHK 654 for 45.45 - 46.28 Lakhs.

Mr. Navin Agarwal of Unique Group was talking about Goodwill Nirmiti at Lohegaon. His joint venture with Choice Group.

Goodwill Nirmiti Lohegaon Launched!

Mr. Rakeysh Mishraa of Viable Resource Marcom took me to Navin on the day of the launch. "You will enjoy meeting them. All are young & dynamic," Rakeysh had told me.

I didn't take Rakeysh seriously. Because he is their media & branding consultant. You know? When I was in Pune real estate advertising - even I used to admire my builder clients. Only when I joined my builder clients as a real estate salesman - I realized that they don't treat their clients the way I used to treat them when they were my clients. And I started Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog!

However, I was curious to meet these guys because you always ask me - How is the builder - good? And you refuse to accept my answer - Be a good flat buyer - don't look for a good builder! Ultimately, I have decided to meet & write about the builders.

Porwal Road, Lohegaon Gram Panchayat

My first impression about Navin Agarwal was positive. When we entered his office - Navin was attending a flat buyer. I liked that! When we were leaving, I noticed - all sales staff had left for the day - but all the directors were at the show flat entertaining the walk in flat buyers! Now, flat buyers, it's your responsibility - never let them become inaccessible - unapproachable!

"You know? Sometimes our sales staff can't communicate the concept - the thought - behind the planning. Since we have conceived it - we are in a better position to explain it to the flat buyer," Sumit Tayal said.

"Do the buyers give importance to the planning? Isn't 0% down payment - discounted launched property rate - 3897 instead of 4200 - not enough?," I asked.

"Competition - options - in Lohegaon compels you to be unique - the concept is the only way to win the property buyers. For the last 5 years - I am developing projects in Lohegaon. 5 years ago there were only 5 options - today there are more than 50 on Porwal Road!," Navin said.

"What is the concept of Goodwill Nirmiti? Love? Our home is the celebration of our love - your ad says!," I asked.

"Love - Happiness - Success is the theme of Goodwill Nirmiti," Summit said.

"See, we are selling to young couples who have come to Pune for a job. Not to those who are born & brought up in Pune. For the migrated people buying a home is more than settling down in life - for them it's a big success - assurance of a happy family life - loving relationship between husband & wife," referring to A3 size colorful brochure of Goodwill Nirmiti, Navin said.

"How does this reflect in the flat - project?," I asked.

"For that you have to see the show flat," Navin said and took me to the show flat.

It's a 2 BHK Flat. It has entrance lobby - for privacy. Kitchen is open with L shape platform & breakfast counter - housewife is the king of a home. Dry balcony is big enough for washing machine as well as dishwasher. Living & dining of a 2 BHK Flat has enough space for the dining table & sofa set. (1.5 BHK & 1 BHK Flat buyers are supposed to enjoy TV lunch & dinner - no space for a dining table). Between living cum dining and 2 bedrooms - there is a minimum size passage - privacy for the bedrooms. In this passage - there is wash basin - no one likes washbasin in the common toilet. (1.5 BHK & 1 BHK Flats have separate WC & Bath. Washbasin is in the bathroom - not outside.) All Bedrooms in all types of flats have a niche for a wardrobe - space saving - efficient use of space. Only one terrace per flat. In a 2 BHK Flat attached to a living or a dining. Navin went on explaining.

"Specification - Modular Kitchen, Water Purifier, Video Door Phone, Fans & Tube Lights, Tata Sky Connection - Amenities like Swimming Pool, Clubhouse, Gym with AC, Security CCTV cameras - reflects success," Summit said.

"Of course, on the rational level - construction has begun & the project is approved by HDFC, LIC, SBI, IDBI, ICICI, AXIS & INDIABULLS - gives confidence to book a flat," said Navin.

"Looks like you enjoy marketing & selling, Navin! Is real estate all about selling - booking flats? How come you became a builder?," I said.

"How can you ask? Don't you know that our community owns real estate business? Of course, since I am pharmacist - my first business was of distribution of pharmaceutical products. But within no time - I became a builder and I am enjoying every aspect of it - from planning to construction," Navin said.

"Your community?," I asked.

"Agarwal community! We dominate Pune real estate market," Navin said.

(Recently - someone told me that CREDAI is not a 'C Company' - It's 'A Company'! No. Builders itself is a community. There is not only one Sachin in this community. There are others who are equally capable of doing what Sachin Agarwal of Maple Shelters did. The builder community has no connection with any social community.)

"Agarwal community dominates many businesses - including ecommerce. Why did you choose real estate? Why did you prefer Lohegaon?," I asked.

"Joined because of a close relative - continued in real estate because - like any Agarwal - I enjoy taking risks - would remain in real estate because it's transforming from unorganized to organized - regulated - business - which is good for my generation," Navin said.

"Oh! You think RERA is good!! Tell me - how can you speak Marathi so fluently?," I asked.

"I am born & brought up in Pune - all my life I am speaking Marathi. In fact, Pune is more dear to me than our native place," Navin said.

I took a photo of Rohit Goyal, Nikhil Goyal, Navin Agarwal, Sumit Tayal and took their leave.

"Did you enjoy the meeting?," on the way, Rakeysh asked.

"Yes! Very much!! Tell me - which is your community?," I asked.

"I am from Mithilanchal!," said Rakeysh.

"Means you are from Bihar," I said.

"I am from Mithilanchal!," Rakeysh said.

P. S. - This blog is about meeting the developers of Goodwill Nirmiti Lohegaon. Because of lack of basic civic urban infrastructure, I don't recommend Goodwill Nirmiti or any project in Lohegaon Gram Panchayat. I am against 0% down payment offer. It's nothing but a trap set by the bank to make you a slave for life.

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  1. Ravi Sir, It was a fortunate moment that we got connected again. The builder team and project both has a very excellent scope of growing. Project is going to be an obvious choice for many prospective buyers... because of hot location and lifestyle loaded amenities. 1.5 BHK product seems to be an easy moving product for this location.

  2. Good work Rakesh and developer team .
    Wish U a brilliant future.

  3. haha community !!
    Look who all are commenting ...then why shouldn't some agarwal or dagarwal have control on certain business

  4. These dolts are posing like the guys on flex.People spend their lives gaining experience in construction industry while the only qualification of these guys is probably easy access to money.Good product n companies do not need advertising -be it direct or indirect.Let's hope Ravi doesn't regret this post of his,in spite of his disclaimer

  5. Hi Ravisir,

    Adding some inputs as I have good idea about this area.

    Can u please ask all these young,dynamic builders to drive car from dhanori road to project only after first monsoon rain ?

    Just imagine, even in this hot season , the condition of porwal road is so worst then what will happen after rain?

    In last monsoon,with small rain only , same road is blocked & many societies are cut from rest of world.

    1. Agree Prashant.
      And 1 BHK of 425 sq ft for 33L is not 3897/sq ft but almost 7800/sq ft. Plus there may be additional extortion charges like parking, PLC, MSEB, infra charges etc.
      A tiny 2BHK in this project will cost atleast 50L. A simple interest earned on 25-30% of this amount is enough to cover the rent of better sized 2BHK at much, much, much superior location than this junk crap location. Also since your interest covers the rent, the principal amount remains with you, virtually making your stay free of cost. And how can one justify the price of 7800/sq ft in this area which is comparable with some Somalian city ?

  6. Hello...gud discussion it is.
    I would like to know that as of today should we buy flat in lohegaon or not?
    Bit confused now...would like to know other affordable areas also

    1. Don't buy a home in Lohegaon Gram Panchayat. In fact, do not buy a home in any fringe village. Do not buy a home in any Gram Panchayat. Better buy in PCMC, PMC & integrated townships.
      Basic Urban Infrastructural Services are not available in Gram Panchayats.