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Monday, February 29, 2016

There is something awkward about High Mont at Maan Gram Panchayat

Human Resource Tower Storage System for IT Companies in Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park at Hinjewadi, Pune:

Mittal Brothers' High Mont, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, Survey No. 277, Maan Village, Taluka Mulshi, District Pune, 411 057, next to Virgo Engineers, near Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park Phase 2 at Hinjewadi

I visit housing schemes in Pune real estate market. I visit site offices & sample flats. I not only enjoy them - I take them seriously too. That's why I not only think about them - I dream about them too.

For example, recently I visited Mittal Brothers' High Mont - www.highmontpune.com Since it was the weekend, industries on both sides of the road to High Mont were closed. The cement concrete road was completely deserted. Still I walked up to High Mont. I saw the sample flats. I saw the club house. I liked the view of Hinjewadi. I thanked the salesperson for the gift of chocolates. In short, I enjoyed the visit.

However, that night, I felt that my building was moving. As smoothly as my study chair with casters.

"Wake up! Our building is moving. How is it possible?," I shouted.

"Not a big deal...go to sleep," my wife said.

"How can a building move? It's built on a solid foundation. It's not on wheels!," I said.

"The building is not moving. They are just shuffling the flats. They do it all the time," my wife said.

"Shuffling the flat? How is it possible? It's RCC structure!," I said.

"It's not! Look around. We are not in Sumedha in Shivtirth Nagar on Paud Road," my wife said.

"Where are we?," I asked her.

"We are in Maan Village! Have a look," pointing at the window, my wife said.

"Yes! That's Quadrant in the 2nd phase of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park - how is it possible?," I said.

"Because you invested in Hinjewadi," my wife said.

"Hinjewadi! Why?," I said.

"Why does property in Hinjewadi appreciate more?," my wife asked.

"Because of the IT industry. More demand. Less supply. IT guys earn more than other workers," I said.

"Right! And that's why you invested in High Mont at Maan. Remember?," my wife said.

"High Mont? What's it?," I asked.

"It's Human Resource Tower Storage System for IT Companies in Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park at Hinjewadi," my wife said.

"Storage System? Like you see in industries? Like in the distribution centers of Amazon?," I asked.

"Yes! Or like a multi level car park! Open the door and have a look. You will see the crane shuffling the flats - rearranging as programmed by the H R Departments of IT companies," my wife said.

"You know? I always felt that there is something awkward about High Mont. The location, floor plans, layout made me uncomfortable. I felt that something is odd - but I didn't pay much attention to it. Did I make a mistake?," I said.

"Don't worry. They don't touch our flat. Because we are not in IT. We are not human resource!," my wife said.

"Then what are we?," I asked.

"We are just human beings," my wife said.

"Humans! Means we can make love!!," I said.

"Yes, of course!," my wife said.

Next morning, I woke up wondering about the stupid dream. Once again, I looked at all photos, videos, layout plan & floor plans, Environmental Clearance of High Mont at Maan Gram Panchayat. Wondering why did I dream about Human Resource Tower Storage System for IT Companies in Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park at Hinjewadi!

Does anything about High Mont - www.highmontpune.com make you uneasy? Let me know in the comments, please.

Visit Mittal Brothers' High Mont, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, Survey No. 277, Maan Village, Taluka Mulshi, District Pune, 411 057, next to Virgo Engineers, near Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park Phase 2 at Hinjewadi. Contact - 968 979 0101 - sales@highmont.in - www.highmontpune.com:

Mini Theater at the clubhouse of High Mont

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  1. bahut mazze liye hai sir g aapne.. baychare sales man ke..

  2. This builder is notorious for big delays & poor construction quality. One should visit Crosswinds, Balewadi which got delayed by many years & still flats are available for sale. Other projct - One Nation near Pimpale Saudagar where work has almost stopped. The sample flat at one nation was very good when project got launched but now what you see is torn off wallpapers & poorly maintained sample flat. Seems builder has lost his interest in this project.

    Both Mittals, though not relatives (www.mittalbrothers.com in this case or other one which is www.mittalbuilders.com) are known for giving false assurances and providing cheap quality flats.

    Pune builders will only show good sample flats but deliver third class flat at end. So avoid under-construction flat & buy ready one only.

    In today's budget, additional 50k interest towards home loan interest has been given for first time buyer ONLY IF loan amount is upto 35L & flat cost is not more than 50L. Since hardly any flats are there in this budget, Pune builders have nothing to cheer about until they decide to crash the prices. Pune builders are indeed in a soup now.

    Add to it new 0.5% Krishi Kalyan cess while buying flat, which makes buying flat more expensive & non-lucrative.

    However, people who have decided to stay on rent than buy at illogically high prices have indeed something to cheer about :

    The tax deduction limit on the housing rent has been increased to Rs 60,000 per annum from the current Rs 24,000.

    This makes staying on rent even more lucrative now than buy properties at high rates.

  3. hahaha Very good.. Human Resource Tower Storage System for IT Companies.. That remind me of some scifi movie in which people living in these flats lives like robot indeed. Soon builders would launch 1 room washroom flats soon for IT employees.

  4. Thanks Ravi Sir for your efforts on providing such a helpful information all the times.I visited this site 5-6 months back at pre launch stage. These sales department called me continuously 2 months 2-3 times a week. At first i liked the site because all companies are nearby and will always in demand for good rent. Then i review about the builder and found the all projects are facing huge delay. Also as this is surrounded by companies and no residential scope nearby not sure whether for the daily need things can be accessed easily. Again need to fight for kids school and other things.

    The sales department was so in need that they have sent a free cab to and fro from Pimple Nilakh to Hinjewadi just for a visiting the site. This never happened before to me.

    Also just to get an idea of final deal i tried to have a final talk, they said that bring your cheque book to the site and we will talk.In case you need to revert back your decision we will hold the cheque for sometime and will return to you :).

    Don't know what they think of IT people.

  5. i have visited in this project but project is too good for residential and investment ..its challenge to other that if possible then try to give the same specification , then u will be also good na ..the rates of other projects in hinjewadi phase 2 and 3 are same with highmont ,which is not possible in hinjewadi .the rates of other project like tinsel town , ace augasta , melange should be 1000 rupees persqft less than highmont , according to project specification ... if other projects are not providing the same specification as highmont then there is no worth to buy without highmont ....
    beautiful amenities ,awesome view , class one ventilation , superb mini theatre , sahi club house ...
    thats it ...no comment no compromise ,i am going to buy today only ....

  6. Ravi sir ,me kal maja family sobat ya project la visit keli khupach sundar project ahe . maje visit karnyache karan fakt tumhi post kelele actual pics ahet ...Maja 5 varshacha mulane amenities madhe khup enjoy kela .to ghari yayla tayar nhavta ...karan me javal pas 25 projects pahile pan asa project 1st time pahatoy . jo builder 3rd slab cha construction stage la amenities ready deto to builder quality madhe compromise nahi karnar as mala vatt .pratekala ek swapnatale ghar have aste te jar tumhala milat asel tar swapnacha palikade tumhi paishacha vichar ka karta ...anni ya project madhe tumhala purn society madhe available karun det ahe builder ,like all sport indoor and outdoor , mini theatre , 10 fully furnish guest rooms with all services , convenient shopping complex , ankhi kay havay ..70% open space ahe , nature view ahe ...
    atta project cha look asa ahe mag ready jhala tr kay disel project ...mala khup avadla project ..jya buyer la project avadat nasel te kuthech ghar nahi gheu shakat ...

  7. Ravi sir your articles are really fantastic and I like the sarcasm.

    You have rightly nailed today scenario in IT. One of cause of boom in reality sector was IT industry in previous years,but now situation has changed. IT is no longer top paying industry. Hikes are minimal. Freshers are hired at lowest possible packages. Onsite opportunities have nearly diminished, I too is from same industry. I do not think now days people working in this field can afford to buy a flat even of 30L

  8. hello ravi,

    nice article, can you comment on the builders reputation, seen mixed remark about the builder. Will appreciate your valuable comments on builder.


  9. Mittal brothers are famous for cheating people. Visit any project that they have completed before doing any business with mittal. Cheapest quality, poor construction, delay in possession, running out of commitments these are commonly faced issues. So don't regret like me after purchasing with mittal. Stay away. People who posted positive comments are builders people.

  10. Many or almost all of the Mittal projects are delayed by years. Their design and architecture firms are good, whoever it is. So sample flats look good but it get worse from there on. Do not trust single word these sales people tell you. Visit their other sites and you will see the substandard work going on for years. Do not buy from Mittal its the worst deal you will get into.