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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Case of Suyog Lucky Homes at Wagholi, Pune

The Emperor and The Pauper:

The Case of Suyog Lucky Homes at Wagholi, Pune

Recently, a few of my readers invited me to visit Suyog Lucky Homes at Wagholi. Assuming that they might want to honor me for writing good words about Suyog Group, I accepted the invitation.

After all, at the launch of Suyog Lucky Homes, in 2009, Suyog Group was one of the few builders in Pune real estate market who tried to enlighten the flat buyers about loading, saleable area & carpet area. And proudly announced that Suyog gives more carpet area than any other builder in Wagholi!

"Thanks for the invitation! Bharatbhai Shah of Suyog Development Corporation is my favorite builder!!," was my opening statement.

"That's why we have invited you to Suyog Lucky Homes!!," one flat buyer said.

"Wonderful!," I said.

"Yes! We want to show you what a wonderful builder Suyog is," said the other flat buyer.

"I am curious! You know? Bharatbhai is a self made man. Today, he is the king of a big business conglomerate, but once upon a time, he would give home delivery of cooking oil ka dibba on his shoulders!," I said.

"Yes! We know all this!," one flat buyer said.

"King! For us Bharatbhai is an 'emperor'!!," the other flat buyer said.

"And we are paupers!," one flat buyer said.

"Come on! You are not paupers! You were never poor. At the time of a launch, you must have paid 13 - 14 lakhs for a 1 BHK Flat in Suyog Lucky Homes - the same price IT professionals in Hinjewadi paid for Golden Palms & Sollanaa at Wakad! In 2009, starting price of a bungalow plot in Aditya Nisarg Pirangut was 11 lakhs!!," trying to show off my knowledge, I said.

"Yes! We weren't. But now, we are. The emperor has made us paupers!!," said the other flat buyer.

"Our income may be less but not our IQ. We may not be Jains but we are human beings," one flat buyer said.

"Sorry. I didn't get you," I said.

"Soon you will! First let us have a look at our Suyog Lucky Homes," someone said.

Extremely Wicked and Shockingly Evil:

The Case of Suyog Lucky Homes at Wagholi, Pune

Best thing about Suyog Lucky Homes is I got possession of my flat. And worst thing is also the same. I got a flat. Only flat. Without proper basic operational infrastructure.

Means, I am alive. But my heart, lungs, liver, kidney, eyes, ears, and even my brain is not functioning properly.

Besides suffering with multiple organ dysfunction, keep in mind that, I am physically handicapped too.

Imagine what kind of life I am living.

Now, I have realized that these guys have not invited me to honor, but to share their story. Dark tragic story of Suyog Lucky Homes. So, I went on listening seriously.

Look at this steel stair case. After constructing the building, the builder realized that he forgot to construct the second staircase - fire staircase. So, he welded this steel staircase to the RCC structure of the building. So, now, my one leg is made of iron. For the rest of my life, I will be treated as a deformed person like Johnny Eck & Lakshmi Tatma.

Of course, only I know that I exist in this world. Not Wagholi Gram Panchayat. Because the builder has not registered Suyog Lucky Homes in the records of Gram Panchayat.

Though we live here for 2 - 3 years, we do not pay Ghar Patti - property tax - to Gram Panchayat.

Because of that, though Suyog Lucky Homes is in Gaothan, we do not have a road, no street lights, no water connection, no drainage line & Gram Panchayat doesn't collect our Garbage.

For Wagholi Gram Panchayat Suyog Lucky Homes does not exist in Wagholi Gaon.

Not only that! Even for Suyog Development Corporation - Suyog Lucky Homes does not exist in this world anymore. That's why Bharatbhai & Kalpeshbhai do not reply to our emails. Do not take our phone calls.

In September 2014, Suyog Development Corporation disowned us. Divorced us. Abandoned us.

Unke Liye Hum Mar Gaye!

Aamchya Navane Tyani Shraddh Kele!

Why? What exactly happened? I asked.

In September 2014, Suyog Development Corporation sent an email and announced that they are not going to maintain Suyog Lucky Homes from here after.

But, you have collected one time maintenance - lifetime maintenance - from us! Handover that corpus fund to us. Some of us demanded.

What about our 2 years advance maintenance charges you have collected from us - just 6 months ago - when we took possession of our flats? Some of us asked.

How stupid all of you are! All funds are over! Not only that!! You know? We have spent some 40 lakhs from our own pocket to maintain you filthy creatures!! - was the unofficial response from the builder.

But who will maintain? The Co-operative Society is not formed. Isn't it a duty of the builder to form the society? We asked.

Has Suyog Lucky Homes received Completion & Occupancy Certificate? We started asking.

Mine was funiture possession! I don't know what happened in the last 2 years! Someone said.

Some of the floors or a few flats in my building may be illegal. That's why the builder may not have sold these flats. I am not sure. Some one said.

Does everyone have MSEDCL meter?

Nearly 2 years after the flat possession - I got my meter.

The builder didn't supply you free electricity from his construction meter. He deducted electrical charges at the commercial rate from our maintenance fund.

Let us take charge of our own destiny. Let us contribute and start maintaining our society on our own. All Suyog Lucky Homes Buyers decided.

Why should I contribute? I have already paid to the builder. 1 year's maintenance is balance with him. Collect my contribution from him. I will not pay. Someone argued.

Only one year's? I have given life time maintenance!! Be reasonable. Accept that someone picked your pocket - stole your briefcase - broke in your house. Burglary & fraud happens - but we move on. Right? Arguments went on.

Let us take stock of infrastructure. Someone suggested.

Fire fighting system. No one knew whether it was ever in working condition.

Wagholi has no fire engine. So not operational fire fighting system means our life is in danger.

Lifts. Frequent break downs. No AMC. Frequent power cuts. No generator back up.

We have a generator.

But it's broken. No AMC.

No money for diesel.

Better climb the stairs.

Till we have enough money to repair the generator & buy diesel. Top priority.

Repairing lift is a top priority. Not the Genset. What is the use of genset if the lifts are broken? Commonsense.

Genset is also for pumps on the borewells. One can live without a lift but not without water. Right?

Can we afford to buy water tankers? Builder claimed that more than 70% money went for tanker waters.

But the builder hasn't given accounts of our maintenance money. Wasn't he supposed to act as a custodian of our maintenance fund?

How can he spend it as if it was his Baap Ka Maal?

Let us prove that the builder embezzled our money by maintaining project in minimum contribution. We took the challenge & continue to take stock of infrastructure.

Sewage treatment plant was the big issue. It was processing not only sewage but all types of water - water from kitchen sink, water from the bathroom, even water from terraces. Result is motor was consuming huge power and monthly electricity bill was high.

Changing plumbing was out of question. How to reduce the electricity bill?

Eat less, shit less - drink less, piss less - bath less - run motor less - consume power less - electrical bill will be automatically less!

Good idea! Eat less, shit less - drink less, piss less - bath less - electrical bill will be automatically less!! Tharav pass!!!

Why not completely stop eating, pissing & bathing?

Sure, someday, we may have to do that too. Be ready.

What are we going to do about RO plant? It's not working. In fact, RO plant should be the top priority. Treatment for kidney stone is very expensive.

Our vermiculture pits are not in use. We have to stop paying garbage collectors & process it inhouse.

Electrical cables & panels are out in open in children's play area & garden. It's dangerous for our children.

Where is rain water harvesting system? Without rainwater harvesting how long can we use borewells in Wagholi?

And clubhouse - I feel ashamed to call it a clubhouse. It's nothing but a room with a tin roof....

How can we take charge of this dysfunctional inadequate infrastructure?

Why didn't we pay attention to all these issues before taking possession?

We all are responsible for this tragedy.

No. We have been cheated.

It's impossible to repair or run these things. We are doomed.

Don't say it loudly. Our neighbors are waiting to encroach on our premises.

We went to Loni Kand police chowky to file FIR against the builder. But the police sent us back.

This experience told us that we have only two options. Either we can live as victims of the builder or we can overcome the hurdles like heros.

We chose to become heros.

We are managing Suyog Lucky Homes quite well. We are saving water & power money. We have repaired the lifts & genset.

Now, we want to form the society and get the conveyance done.

Who knows? Someday, we may redevelop Suyog Lucky Homes!

Now, we are free from extremely wicked and shockingly evil rule. United we can achieve anything.

Congratulations! You are inspiring!! Thanks for teaching me how to deal with an incompetent & inhuman builder. I said & took their leave.

No. Bharatbhai of Suyog Development Corporation is no more my favorite builder in Pune real estate market.

Now I warn everyone - most of the builders in Pune are incompetent & inhuman - book a flat at the under construction stage of the project only if you have the guts to deal with them.

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  1. This is shocking. We are indeed living in banana republic.

    1. There is one banana association in this field - CREDAI whose own members are finding it difficult to buy bananas ! One builder offered 12 flats in exchange of 1 dozen bananas but banana vendor was intelligent & refused to buy under-construction flat in lieu of ready bananas.

      Changing banana republic is not easy but certainly not buying under-construction flats will help to keep oneself out from becoming part of banana builders.

  2. lucky homes.. haha.. Its really horrible situation in real estate. Government is not helping the salaried employees in anyway. They are busy ripping of the taxes. Government should take care of such issues.

    1. Government should do everything for you ?
      When will we learn to be more aware of crooks(read as "builders") in the city ? Under construction is big time fraud these days. We only read and read and read. But when it is time to act we stand in the queue for "limited time discount" schemes.

      My friend, why blame government for our foolishness
      Let all of us take a charge and do our duty

  3. Another case of Pune builder cheating buyers. Ridiculous.
    Though it's appreciated that buyers here went to Police station. Since Police are not taking FIR against builder, these buyers should approach Bhujbal builders buyers. Maybe they will help. In parallel, they should file case against builder in consumer court for cheating, poor quality of entire project & duping with maintenance amount.

    This project is not registered with Wagholi gram panchayat & doesn't have basic ka basic infrastructure. Marvel Fria may also go in same boat as one buyer on your blog mentioned that Marvel Fria too is not registered with Wagholi gram panchayat. No completion certificate for Suyog Lucky Homes & neither there is completion certificate for Marvel Fria with Marvel builder asking them to wait for another 4 years ! Shameful this is.

    Don't know when CONgress will allow passage of RE regulator bill in Rajya Sabha. Till then, the buyers should not buy under-construction project & prefer ready for possession flat with all approvals only or even better stay on rent. Not buying flat in Pune till prices fall by atleast 50% is the best punishment buyers can give to greedy & crook builders & also help themselves financially by saving lot of money being wasted in buying worthless flats at current prices.

    Latest news of another bankrupt builder duping buyers :

    Nearly a decade post its glitzy launch, the multi-crore Aliens Space Station-I project has turned into a nightmare for its 400-odd customers. With no house in sight and hefty bank loans against their names, many of these buyers have been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy.


  4. Steel staircase as 2nd staircase as per new fire fighting norms ? Next would be wooden ladder ! Fire fighting system not working. Has this project received fire NOC ? If not, buyers should file case against builder for compromising their safety.

    Doesn't this idiot builder understand that in event of fire, this iron/steel staircase will become so hot that it will be rendered useless ?

  5. Can anyone tell me that how the union budget will affect the real estate sector?
    The provisions like tax holidays on construction of affordable homes,increased IT benefits on interest of the home loan,Tax consessions to REIT & increased infrastructure spending seems to be in the favour of real estate industry providing new set of buyers & fresh capital( by legitimate ways not cash).
    It seems like property rates arw bottomed out now?

  6. Horrible thanks for ahaeing, only consumer can teach these crooks the lesson, don't by under construction site, think before paying for infrastructure charges.

  7. I believe that the buyers themselves also cannot approch the police or court as well.. as they are also leaving in a society which doesnot have an occupation certificate. These people will be held accountable will loose even more in that case...be careful guys and take care..

  8. When we buy we never read document or interact with already living residents in the society or area .Once we get cheated ,we start crying .Keep on shouting wouldn't help .Only way go consumer court ,file case along with pics and hire your Lawyer.Don't take one given by consumer court on a cheap cost .

    Once you win case ,you will get all legal expenses paid along with compensation for issues.

    Except a court case ,no builder will listen you.No one will come and help you to resolve your issues .Unfortunately we only like shouting on whatsapp or facebook for these builder issues but when we ask to come together no one comes. These bloggers give their opinion but we are the one who need to pay money so its our duty to crosscheck all the required things .

    There is only one solution to these builder issues ,don't buy under construction or pre-launch offer's .In all cities there is enough inventory available of ready flats with all document & amenities completed but still we try to save money by investing in pre-launch or under construction projects and finally end up with paying more with lots of issues like mentioned above .

    I am not preaching anyone but I have been with all these cases so finally came to know no one but a consumer court case with our own hired good laywer can get the justice .Once you file case within 1 month 80% problems gets resolved.

    I know everybody in each society wait for someone else will come and do all these things and times goes on finally builder exits from area and we keep on crying .

    Don't think if you will file case it will take years huge money or some criminal activity may happen from builder side ...Nothing happens ,they are just movie clips .These builders are not in situation to handle any bad action ,already market is gone because of there risen rates which maximum salary person can't afford and locals don't need to buy .

    Have a group of 5-10 people and file case and see all drama how things change.

  9. Tax holidays on affordable homes are on those whose area is just 30 sq mt or just about 323 sq ft. No tax holidays for flats being built by Pune builders, so no change.

    In latest union budget, additional 50k interest towards home loan interest has been given for first time buyer ONLY IF loan amount is upto 35L & flat cost is not more than 50L. Since hardly any flats are there in this budget, Pune builders have nothing to cheer about until they decide to crash the prices. Pune builders are indeed in a soup now.

    Add to it new 0.5% Krishi Kalyan cess while buying flat, which makes buying flat more expensive & non-lucrative.

    However, people who have decided to stay on rent than buy at illogically high prices have indeed something to cheer about :

    The tax deduction limit on the housing rent has been increased to Rs 60,000 per annum from the current Rs 24,000.

    This makes staying on rent even more lucrative now than buy properties at high rates. Just hold on & see builders going bankrupt & once prices crash, go ahead & buy ready possession flat.

    1. The provision for tax holidays on affordable housing is for flat size of 30 sqm in Metro cities only.For Tier 2 cities like Pune the limit is maximum 60 sqm i.e. max.650 sqft.Take note.& Tax holidays means the the builders can price the flats below the current prices & there is increased scope for cheap capital for the projects.Now Maharashtra government may announce stamp duty exemption for first time flat buyers.So it would a win win situation for everyone including first time flat buyers except the investors as there would be very few chances for capital appreciation because of huge supply.

    2. Yes, but it too comes with strings attached.

      "Tax benefits on constructing affordable housing of 30 sq m in the four metros and 60 sq m in other cities, approved during the June 2016 to March 2019 period, and completed within three years of construction approval. "

      - This means no benefit on existing projects irrespective of size & location, which means nothing to cheer about for builders.
      Also, 60 sq mt or 645 sq ft area flat can offer only 1BHK in cities like Pune. Which means nothing for builders who are focusing on 2BHK & above.
      Overall, not giving any bailout packages to builders will certainly help in forcing builders & investors to crash prices. Now builders have only 1 option - sell at affordable & logical price or perish.

      Budget 2016-2017 to encourage rental housing :


    3. 645 sqft carpet area is the normal if not less size of the 2 BHK flat.From now onwards they'll build the flat so as to take the the maximum advantage of the new policies.

    4. A 2BHK needs to have atleast 800 sq ft carpet area. Ofcourse, one can have living room of 10x10 & bedrooms of 9x10 & make it 2BHK.
      If some builders can give 2BHK in 545 sq ft of carpet ( http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.in/2016/02/There-is-something-suspicious-about-Navkar-Park-at-Khed-Shivapur-off-Mumbai-Bangalore-Highway-near-Pune-Maharashtra-India.html ), I am sure they can offer even 3 BHK with servant room in 645 sq ft !!

      And builders don't have money to complete existing projects, wonder how they will launch these new ones, especially because RE regulator bill will be a reality before these benefits kick in.

    5. You are right but it would be interesting to see how it goes.

  10. this is all because of greed of the buyers, what was the problem in staying on rent, thiese buyers purchased these properties for capital gains (can anybody ask what was the black money paid by all these people) it is sad but finally greed which is poisonous seed has given back what you sow so you .....

  11. Sir , waiting for your feedback on http://eela.in/ and http://www.siddhashila.com/

  12. Real state bill is passed now. Hopefully things will change soon.


  13. You always bring everyone the most interesting and useful, I like it all, thank you