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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What is so good about La Cabana at Sus Gaon?

Sigma One Landmarks Pvt. Ltd. (www.sigmaone.in),
Shrishilp Constructions & Chandere HUF opens booking of
1 BHK Flats - 468 - 504 Carpet + Terrace - for Rs. 41 - 44 Lakhs
2 BHK Flats - 680 - 777 Carpet + Terrace - for Rs. 54 - 64 Lakhs
3 BHK Flats - 981 - 982 Carpet + Terrace - Rs. 76 - 78 Lakhs
(Approximate All Inclusive Property Prices)
in La Cabana, S. No. 279/10+11+12, 284/2, 284/3, Sus Gaon, Baner Annexe,
Taluka Mulshi, District Pune-411 021.
Contact: 8600 001 014 / 015 / sales@sigmaone.in

1) Third Party Audit of Construction Quality:

(To View More Photos - Put Your Cursor Over the Current Photo)

In this review, I am trying to answer the question - Is it worth  booking a flat at La Cabana in Sus Gaon?

Yes, you can book a flat at La Cabana Sus Gaon. Even at the launch stage of the project. Even you are in U S A or China. (!)


Because, Sigma One Landmarks, developers of La Cabana, are going to appoint  third party construction auditors. As they have done in their previous upmarket projects in Kothrud - Sigma One & Grand Stand.

Mr. Kapil Gandhi, Managing Director, Sigma One Landmarks Pvt. Ltd. told me that, the third party construction auditor plays an important role in selection of construction materials, appointing contractors, planning construction process & inspecting construction process from start to finish. Results are:
1) Right type of construction materials are used for the right type of work
2) Contractors are finalized on the basis of ability to work systematically and not on (lowest) rates & credit terms
3) Planning streamlines the process of construction. When things are planned in advance, from purchase officer to labour contractor, everyone can play his role effectively & efficiently. Site engineer, supervisor, contractor and actual worker, everyone is in the know about work flow & his responsibilities.  .
4) The work is considered done only when the team of third party auditors inspects, approves & submits it's report.

It means that, third party audit of construction quality in La Cabana reduces the risk involved in booking a flat and committing to pay as per the progress of work.

At La Cabana, when you  disburse the installment of your home loan you will not only know the stage of construction but the quality of construction too. Mr. Kapil claimed.

2) Exclusive Privileges of Living in Sus Gaothan:

(To View More Photos - Put Your Cursor Over the Current Photo)

Last Sunday afternoon, when I reached the main chowk of Sus Gaon, a hoarding told me to turn right for La Cabana. Still, I called 8600 001 014 / 015 and asked,"How do i  come to your site?"

"Take the  right lane at main chowk. La Cabana is located at the end of the  lane," the lady told me.

"Means, there is a proper road to the site!," I asked.

"Yes sir," the lady said.

"Congratulations, Kapil! For the first time your project has a proper approach road!! At the time of launch, your Grand Stand at Kothrud was suitable only for Superman, Spiderman & Batman. But La Cabana is for anyone who knows how to put on underwear properly," I said to myself and started walking confidently.

After walking a few steps, I stopped at home cum Gotha of Prabhakar Sutar to confirm the address. Yes. La Cabana is actually located in the gaothan of Sus Gaon, Mr. Sutar confirmed. I found it quite amusing.

"What is so amusing about it?," Mr. Sutar asked.

"Your cows & buffaloes are amusing! Do cows & buffaloes really give milk?," I asked.

"Yes! Come in the evening to milk the cow," Mr. Sutar said.

"Are you talking about 'Milk the Cow' Android App on Google Play or you are actually inviting me to milk the cow?," I asked.

"Actually to milk the cow," said Mr. Sutar.

Milk the Cow! What a privilege!! But this privilege was not  mentioned in the launch ad of La Cabana!!!

The launch ad only talked about what is available in the vicinity of 5 to 15 minutes like - Hinjewadi IT Park, Mumbai Bangalore Highway, Oxford Golf Course, D Mart, Vidya Valley School, VIBGYOR High, Symbiosis Knowledge Village & all. The ad didn't mentioned what is available in the vicinity of 1 to 4 minutes!

After crossing a couple of homes with Tulsi Vrindavan in the frontyard, I saw the hoarding telling me - 'Go Portuguese in Pune' - La Cabana - 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK Resort Homes at Sus Gaon - Now, Holiday. Every Day.

The site office of La Cabana was at the far end of the site. But, I didn't realize when I reached, chanting - Now, Milk the Cow Every Day. Now, Milk the Cow Every Day. Now, Milk the Cow Every Day.

As expected, Kapil Gandhi, M D, Sigma One Landmarks, was at the site. He introduced me to his builder friend - "Ravi Karandeekar, famous blogger!"

I don't know why, but I told his friend - "I am very fond of Mr. Kapil Gandhi!"

And you know what? I realized that I have stopped chanting 'Now, Milk the Cow Every Day'!

"Good location...proper approach road...I like the site," turning to Kapil, I said.

"Yes! There are some special privileges of being located in Gaothan of Sus Gaon!," said Kapil.

"Really? Such as...," I asked.

"1) The lane - is actually 9 meter - 30 feet wide road - after we  convert it into a proper cement concrete road - with underground drainage & electrical lines - the work will start soon. This is possible only because we are in the Gaothan. 2) We will get water supply from the same over head tank which is supplying water to Sus Gaon. This is possible only because we are in the Gaothan. For water supply - we are not dependent on the merger of Sus Gaon in PMC! 3) Instead of handing over plot - we are going to develop amenity space - it will house a big gym of professional standard and other urban facilities - like shopping - fulfilling needs of all projects in the vicinity. This is possible only because we are in the center - not in any corner of Sus Gaon!," said Mr. Kapil.

"1) Drainage 2) Power 3) Proper Road 4) Water Supply - You said it all! You know why I am fond of you? You know what I love to hear from a builder!," I said.

"I am always open & truthful with you," Mr. Kapli said.

"Yes! I know!!," I said.

3) A Home Worth Buying:

1 BHK Flat - 504 Carpet + 46 Terrace - B Building, La Cabana, Sus Gaon, Pune

2 BHK Flat - 776 Carpet + 72 Terrace - C Building, La Cabana, Sus Gaon, Pune

3 BHK Flat - 982 Carpet + 72 Terrace - D Building, La Cabana, Sus Gaon, Pune

Then Mr. Kapil Gandhi showed me the 2 BHK show flat at La Cabana and explained the planning.

Reason for calling 'resort homes' is basically because La Cabana is low rise - four story - structure. Which is quite popular among IT professionals in Bangalore.

To make low rise structure aesthetically pleasing, Kapil has used Portuguese style elevation found in Goa. Since Goa stands for holidays & relaxed lifestyle - La Cabana was labeled as 'Resort Homes' & 'Now. Holiday. Every Day' theme was conceived.

While touching your heart with emotional appeal of living relaxed & carefree life, Kapil didn't ignore your preference for convenient location. So, the location is described as - Sus Gaon, Hinjewadi - Sus Road!

However, the main reason for buying a flat in La Cabana is - that this flat is worth buying. I find it worth buying because of it's size - carpet area - & planning.

I believe that carpet area of a flat decides whether a flat is worth buying or renting.

You should buy a 2 BHK  Flat only if the carpet area is above 650  sq.ft. If the carpet area is less than 650 sq.ft. - you should encourage some stupid investor to buy it and give it to you on rent.

If the carpet area of a 2 BHK Flat is less than 650 sq.ft. - I don't see any point in risking your life - becoming a slave of a bank to own it.

The carpet areas of 2 BHK Flats in La Cabana are - 680/681, 739/740/741, 754/755, 768/769, 772/773, 776/777 and the attached terraces are - from 53, 71, 72, 74, 75, 76, 79 & 102 (Flat No. 102, 302, 105, 305 in C Building).

Mostly all flats have entrance lobby with proper width.

Living is of good size - around 10'6" x 15'6".

All flats have dedicated dining space connected to kitchen.

Size of a kitchen is good - from 8' 9" x 8" / 10' x 9' / 10' 6" x 9'. Every kitchen has a dry balcony.

Master Bedroom of a 2 BHK Flat comes in 10' 6" x 13' / 10' 6" x 12' 9" / 12' x 10' 6" / 13' x 10' 9" sizes.

The 2nd bedrooms are around 10' x 11' 6" / 10' x 12' 9" / 10' x 13' / 12' 6" x 10'.

There is a privacy for all bedrooms and no space is wasted in the passages.

Point is - 2 BHK Flats, as well as 1 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, in La Cabana have enough carpet area & efficient planning. Plus, as per Kapil, infrastructural services will be available & construction quality would be monitored by the third party auditors. It means that the flats in La Cabana are worth booking.

Of course, if terms in flat agreement are fair.

Terms of transaction - like possession with occupancy & completion certificate - compensation for delayed possession - schedule for society formation & conveyance - are in black & white.

And, of course, if a flat comes with a 5 year warranty & guarantee.

You can book a flat at La Cabana Sus Gaon. Even at the launch stage of project. Even you are in U S A or China. (!)


I hope, I have answered the question - Is it worth booking  a flat in La Cabana at Sus Gaon?

Please, share your views in the comments.

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  1. Hi Mr Ravi....Greetings !!!

    It was nice reading your observations about the different projects. Hope to meet you some time as we are also in real estate segment. Striving hard to creat a dedicated & transparent sales & marketing co...vivek mahajan, nest navigators pvt ltd.

  2. Hi Ravi Sir,

    I am one of your blog follower since 2009. I am not sure if its good to ask you this ques but "could you please visit some of the projects like Dhanashree Aangan by Atria Constructions, Mantra Senses and other projects nearby Handewadi, Autade Handewadi and let us know your views/suggestions/plus/minues about these projects and areas?"

    If not possible cause your busy schedule, pls let us know your views on the future growth of these areas.

  3. Hello ravi sir,

    Right to buy in la cabana, but what about sus gaon, sus gaon is not developed yet and in future also it will not develope, Dont know the reason.
    Please share your view on development of sus gaon.

    1. @Monika
      I dont think so. Because sus gaon is under corporation now and work of cement road is in progress. I have booked 1 bhk flat in sus. when i recently visited sus, I came to know that in future a road from pirangut to phase 3 is going to connect sus goan also.

    2. It's not under PMC limits but gram panchayat. It's nothing more than typical Indian village.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello Ravi Sir
    I like your blog and all the minute details you explain about each project. I have visited La Cabana site but found it too distant and less developed. Considering your busy schedule can you please review a new site Mount Unique by F5 Realtors on Sus Baner road nearby DSK Vidyanagari. I want to know about the builders and insides about the project.
    Hope to get a reply from you

    1. Mount Unique by F5 Realtors! Yes, I am also curious about the builder.

    2. Hello,
      Anyone has booked flat in La Cabana project ?
      Is it really worth..site is in village and small road entrance to this site.
      Mount Unique flats are very costly..I don't think any such thing to sell 2bhk for 70-74 lakhs.
      Update me on La Cabana or any good project from sus.

  6. Still Development of Sus Gaon has not changed, La cabana seems good but nearby areas won't changed. Could someone tell me the growth prospect nearby to La cabana.

  7. @Ravi : I inquired about this project & found that there no 5 year warranty and guarantee as mentioned in your blog (probably you wrote on the launch of la cabana) . Also it is running behind schedule and there was no compensation scheme for delayed possession ..as per them there is rent guarantee program launched some time before only . should I do booking in la cabana ? please suggest