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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Few Good Words about Dreams Ragini at Manjri

All Inclusive Property Prices at Dreams Ragini at Manjri:

1 BHK Flat - 416 Carpet + 26 Dry Balcony + 46 Terrace - Rs. 31,48,808
1 BHK Flat - 436 Carpet + 26 Dry Balcony + 46 Terrace - Rs. 32,66,168

2 BHK Flat - 614 Carpet + 26 Dry Balcony + 46 Terrace - Rs. 44,21,921
2 BHK Flat - 633 Carpet + 26 Dry Balcony + 46 Terrace - Rs. 45,33,714

Contact: Call 1800 233 1800 - info@dreamsgroup.in
www.dreamsgroup.in - www.dreams-group.com

(To View More Photos - Put Your Cursor Over the Current Photo)

This weekend, Dreams Group launched Dreams Ragini at Manjri.

Headline of a full page English launch ad in Marathi Newspaper Sakal said - "Live a Musical Life" and showed a picture of smiling family gathered around guitar playing husband.

The first sentence of the body copy of the ad said - "Dreams Ragini is designed to put a song in your heart."

Immediately, I called my lawyer friend and asked, "Can I claim a compensation of 1 Crore Rupees from the builder if my life doesn't become musical after I get a possession of a flat in Dreams Ragini? Can I claim a compensation of 2 Crore Rupees from the builder if the Dreams Ragini fails to put a song in my heart?"

"I will let you know after studying the ad, " said my lawyer friend and asked, "Has the project received all sanctions & approvals?"

"The ad claims that State Bank of India, Axis Bank, HDFC Home Loans, Indiabulls Home Loans, LIC Housing Finance Ltd., and some other bank has approved the project. Dreams Ragini is listed as approved project on the website of Axis Bank. HDFC gave telephonic confirmation (020 2550 5000) of approval of A & B wings. But couldn't find Dreams Ragini in the "list of approved projects in Pune" on State Bank of India's website. Can I claim a compensation of 1 crore each from State Bank of India - as well as - from the builder - for giving misleading information?," I asked.

"What is the price of a flat?," my lawyer friend asked.

"I can possibly earn 5 crore rupees by investing only 31,48,808 in a 1 BHK Flat!," I said.

"Good deal - if law permits!," my lawyer friend said.

"You find out fast - I don't have much time. I am on my way to Dreams Ragini!," I said.

When I reached Dream Ragini, I saw two - three families in front of the entrance gate. .

"Ravi Karandeekar, look at them. These guys are smarter than you. Smiles on their faces show that they have already taken an action," I told myself.

"The more the merrier!," I told myself and took their photos - for future reference.

"Why were these people smiling so much?," I asked security guard.

"God knows!," the security guard said.

"Poor fellow!," I said and started walking towards site office.

At the site office, I had to wait. The lady salesperson was busy with a property buyer. I didn't mind. It was worth waiting for.

In a few minutes, the lady salesperson called me. She explained the project and asked me to introduce myself.

"I am Ravi Karandeekar," I said.

"I was always looking forward to meet you. I follow your blog. Sorry to keep you waiting. By the way - did you shoot my photo?," the lady salesperson said.  

"No. I didn't. I am a gentleman. I shoot only if a lady permits," I said.

"I hope you will show the same attitude - while writing about my project! I am Parul Bhat. Sales Head," the lady salesperson said.

"Yes, of course! Can I take your photo?," I asked.

"If you insist - I don't mind," Ms. Parul Bhat said.

While I was shooting Parul, my lawyer friend called. I rejected his call.

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  1. 45 lakh for 650 carpet in manjari is way too much..that too for Dreams group...their construction quality sucks... if they have to remain market they must keep competative prices. I fade up looking up property in manjari as all builders there costing too much for such small carpet area. I ended up booking in Tanish Orchid, Charoli, which is in PCMC with 24 hours water supply and with all sacntions and of course 7 lakh less than this price...after all manjari, wagholi and fursungi area are no match to PCMC...Pune corporation should learn something from PCMC.

    1. very true mate ...I think its better to stay on rent rather than to invest now in property..I think the prices are way too high now to give any returns...

    2. True, but these prices won't drop...even if there is slow down, they will remain as it is for couple of years may be...better look for ready possession to get rid of stamp duty and other charges.. rent is good option for now, but if you are getting good flat in ready possession, even if in pcmc area, go for it.

  2. So what do you recommend? I did not find any conclusive information on this property Ravi.

  3. Ravi,

    What will be effect of election result on Pune property prices?
    Now they have one more reason to increase.


  4. Unrealistic prices of 1000sqft box are irritating me. I am totally confused now and not able to decide whether to pay 50Lacs + just live in Jungle
    Can some one answer my question?

  5. Well, apart from prices, elections have slowed down sanctions and causing delays in constructions.

  6. Dear Mr.Ravi,

    Dreams Sankalp is a 500 flat society being constructed by the same
    group as Dreams Ragini. As of now around 280 flats have been handed

    We have found that the construction group are not keeping their word
    and going back on many of the promises made to us during the sales
    pitch. out of that one best example is Dreams group bound to give water supply to the residents as it is basic need but is not providing.

  7. Hi Ravi,

    I need some information. I had purchase a 2 bhk flat in Dreams Ragini. Can you guide me if i made a right deal or not. What are +ve and -ve points of it