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Saturday, May 31, 2014

DSK Dream City Pune Launched!

Mega launch event of DSK Dream City receives huge response!

Venue: Pune Solapur Highway, near National Grape Research Center, Pune 412 308. Contact: 020 3015 7485 / 020 6689 9285 / SMS 'DSK' to 56677 www.dskdreamcity.com:

DSK explains the concept of DSK Dream City Pune

I hate DSK. I have criticized every  recently launched DSK project. Mainly because, I believed, DSK hypnotised the property buyers with advertising and sold average properties at exorbitantly high rates - "DSK Mitti Sone Ke Bhav Bechte Hai"  was my charge.

When the other day, DSK called  to invite me for the launch of DSK Dream City Pune, in  less than 59 seconds, he told me what you have seen in the full page color ads in Sakal & TOI and on www.dskdreamcity.com

Ravi, DSK said, my last wish is to see an Indian winning Olympic Medal. For that I am developing sports academies.

I want to be remembered as someone who changed the life of my countrymen - Deshwasi. For them - I am developing the most beautiful city in the world.

I have brought River, Tram & Smart Cycles to DSK Dream City. I have roped in best professional talent from all over the world.

Do come over.

Certainly! I was eagerly looking forward to it !! I said.

Who was on the phone? Someone with whom I was watching the swearing ceremony of Narendra Modi asked.

One more omnipotent deity of Indian people. I said.

As promised, I visited DSK Dream City on the eve of launch. For the first time, I visited entire DSK Supinfocom International Campus. I was shocked to see the sophisticated facilities in the campus. I was impressed to see the students of DSK-LFC International Football Academy practicing.

At the launch pandal, some foreigners were giving last touches to the model of DSK Dream City. A sales executive, gave me a brief idea about the township. I found the concept awesome. But when the salesman asked my opinion - I refused to say anything. Let me first understand it completely. I said.

Since I have started Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog, I have covered all most all townships in & around Pune. Every new township was certainly better than the previous. Every township had it's own characteristics - personality.

But for the first time, at DSK Dream City, the home buyers -  the residents were the center of all planning. All possible technologies were put to work to create a quality community life for the residents.

What has happened to DSK? Is this the result of self hypnotization? Has DSK come under his own spell? I went on wondering.

But the salesman was not ready to let me go. He insisted. So, I told him - Kulkarni has knocked down Deshpande. And Chordia.

Means what? The salesman asked.

Means, concept of  DSK Dream City is better than Amanora & Panchshil. More sophisticated. More beautiful. More humane.

On the day of launch, I visited  DSK Dream City. I viewed the audio visual presentation. Not once. But twice. Only because, I forgot to blow a whistle - when an Indian won an Olympic medal.

Then DSK took charge of me. He explained to me the concept of DSK Dream City. All he was talking about was creating a quality life. Living a prosperous life. Living in a homogeneous neighbourhood. Where everyone strives to live his potential. And he has done his best to facilitate it. He was still all powerful Almighty. But, Almighty with a kind heart.

By the time, I finished with DSK, it was very late. 9 PM. Promising to come the next day, I requested the salesperson, to let me have a quick look at the floor plans.

You know what? The floor plans of all types of flats - 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK Flats - Garden Flats & 4 BHK Penthouses were really good.

A quick glance, convinced me that DSK would have booked all these 1,000 + flats in 8 days flat - as  is where  is basis. Without creating such a beautiful & so sophisticated a township. Without river, tram, smart cycles, sports academies and all.

In fact, if the developer of DSK Dream City had been some mortal human being, he would have done exactly  that. Even DSK has done the same when he developed DSK Vishwa - at the beginning of this century. But, now, how can an omnipotent deity behave like a human being?

Then, the salesperson told me the approximate all inclusive property prices at DSK Dream City. 1 BHK - 74 lakh onward. 2 BHK - 1.1 crore onward. 3 BHK - 1.5 crore onward.

DSK is selling Gold at the rate of Mitti. I told the salesperson. Good for DSK. Good for Pune home buyers. Good for India.

(To View More Photos - Put Your Cursor Over the Current Photo)

Location Map of DSK Dream City:

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  1. 1.1. crore for 2 BHK. DSK is looting people of pune. I hope they wise enough not to fall in trap.

  2. Mr. DS Kulkarni,

    All the Best.

    Can you please check out how many of your staff member's can afford to buy 1 BHK in your dream city.?

    You are misleading people with so many number of call in one hour. Can you please verify what is the conversion rate of people calling & actual booking.

    You are not a developer but just a exploiter who is exploiting educated upper middle class who don't know anything about "Value for Money"

    Your tag line needs revision: "Gharla Mahagadepan denari Manasa"

  3. if you are truthful, you must mention the rates. Mumbai's people would not spend their valuable time in coming to your project and enquiring about the rates

  4. The 2 BHK apartment in this project worth max. 55 to 60 lakh Not more. If someone is paying more than this, he must have easy earn money with him

  5. DSK=Gharache gharpan hiraun ghenari manse-with such skyscraping costs at PUNE?

  6. Mr Ravi,
    I had visited the site with the hope that the rate would be somewhat manageable as since we live in and around the area me and my friends were speculating the maximum to be not more than Rs 4500 and infact we were of the opinion that even then it would be a good deal though the rate would still be exorbitant. After the walk through and all the drama and the sales representative telling about the swimming pool at length came the rates and it was insanely high and mind you the rate after june 8 would be much higher as per the sales people. Selling dreams is fine but what DSK is doing , he is giving a bracket for other builders around the area to increase their price which means the already struggling middle class would have to shell out more just because of DSK's larger than life and ridiculously over priced project. The government should seriously think of regulating the prices and let the builders comeup with a justification of the prices. Even if someone is buying a flat here the monthly maintenance itself would fetch a new flat outside the dream city

    Best of luck for all the people who are thinking of buying a flat here its not for most of the Indians who live in india but its for NRI's who have enough spare money.

  7. Yeah, looking at the location i really don't think it makes sense to put so much money just for 1 or 2 BHK..unless you have some other source of income..this is really a "looting city" not a dream city..:D

  8. ravida, i am no marketing person but just an engineer who knows how to build! My basic question is does we need river, tram , football ground & so many other things for living in a housing complex? Also 1bhk area is 900sft, is it the need of a common middle class person, which is the major class who wants a simple home for them. All the amenities are fine & obviously they do costs & thats why the rate but wouldnt it have been more social to curtail all such amenities & cut the rates. Also no advertise or website speaks about the maintenance costs post possession per unit along with area of the units. Rivers are not created but maintained in their natural form, thats what my environmental engg study tells me, to create a river & maintain it is like to buy an airplane & keep flying!! Isnt it forcing some person's dream on the masses whose dreams are much simpler!! May be its a future blessing but what about present?? My all wishes to the dream city residents!!

  9. One more thing, the loading on carpet area including terrace is 40%, its too much as well no justification has been given for this & already rate covers the amenities expense then whats explanation of the loading? As presently market trend is 1.30 for residential & 1.35 for commercial & not for terrace area. And its such practices which makes land lords also increase their land rates as they say u are loading anyway on our plot area so give us our share, & entire viability changes! Any comments on this ravida?

  10. I have personally visited the site on the last day i.e.on sunday and found the rate are at higher side, loading factor is 40% means 2BHK flats costing around 1 core plus and out of which 40% i.e. 40 lacs are being recovered to fulfill DSK's Dream. by getting 60 % area of flat. Location almost 20 km from Pune. You ought come out of Dream City for your job and face the Horrible traffic after Manjri till Pune Cantt everday...

  11. dream for dsk; nightmare for whoever falls for the hype. and it looks like mr. karandeekar is already down. tsk, tsk, so much for this being an impartial blog.

  12. Simply put cannot afford such exorbitant rates............even Amanora is cheaper with world class structures and amenities and within city limits.